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Your right to privacy is important. The Weston A. Price Foundation believes that the personal information you choose to furnish online should only be used to help us provide you with the highest quality products, information, services, and support. With the exception (for membership applications) of supplying your name and address to your local chapter leader so that he or she may contact you by mail, we will not share this information with any other party.

Social Network: Members of the public can create accounts on and access our social network, Butter Buddies. When using the social network, please use common sense and appropriate caution to share only information that you are comfortable sharing with the general public. This includes contact information posted in your profile, photos you upload, emails sent to other Butter Buddies members, comments posted on your “wall” or others’ walls, etc. You also have the ability within your account to adjust your privacy settings to restrict access to all or parts of your profile to site members only, or only those connected to you as “friends.”

Commenting on Articles and Blog Posts: All website visitors may leave comments at the ends of articles or blog posts, but you must provide your name and a valid email address. Comments are reviewed for relevancy and tone (irrelevant posts or those with vulgarity/obscenity, libel, etc. will not be posted).

For futher information: Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the privacy of your information.

Jill Nienhiser has been a Weston A. Price Foundation member since 2001, and has provided web maintenance, editing, and proofreading support for and for many years. She also helped launched the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund in 2007.

3 Responses to Privacy Policy

  1. Jim Triplett says:

    i can’t get into butter buddies when i click on members login and click on members. an error comes up.
    i’m putting in my correct login information.

  2. Tim Boyd says:

    Reply to Jim T.
    Our apologies for the problems with butter buddies. We recently discovered that members are put in that system whether they like it or not and some of our members have a problem with that. We are researching solutions now.

  3. Julie Luna says:

    how do i access butter buddies?!
    can’t figure out how i’m supposed to get into this “butter buddies” – don’t see anything about it anywhere on the site!

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