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As a WAPF member, you will receive:

  • Our quarterly journal: Wise Traditions in Food, Farming, and the Healing Arts,
    a lively journal with cutting-edge articles on current scientific research, human diets, pasture-based agriculture, holistic therapies, legislative updates, legal issues, as well as sources of nutrient-dense foods.
  • Our annual Shopping Guide,
    a thoroughly researched booklet that fits into your pocket or purse and ranks products in three categories: best, good and avoid. It includes meat, seafood, dairy, nuts, grains, fats and oils, sweeteners, soups, fruits and vegetables, snacks, bread and beverages.
  • Our informative brochures
    One copy each of our dietary guidelines booklet and our seven trifold brochures covering the topics butter, cholesterol, cancer, cod liver oil, soy, real milk and trans fats.
  • Discount tuition to our regional conferences and the Wise Traditions International Conference
    The nation’s premier conference on diet and health.
  • Timely email information and action alerts.

As a WAPF member, you will support our many projects including:

  • Nearly 600 local chapters to help health-conscious consumers obtain nutrient-dense foods locally.
  • The Campaign for Real Milk and to help you locate raw milk and support the growing raw milk movement.
  • Soy Alert! a campaign to eliminate this toxic food from our diet.
  • Public outreach and education at over 100 events each year.
  • Laboratory research on fat-soluble vitamins and other nutrition topics.

Annual membership fee: $40/year U.S. or $50/international, $25/year for seniors and students

Message from our president Sally Fallon Morell