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The Fall, 2015 journal is now online (http://www.westonaprice.org/journal/journal-fall-2015-scandal-of-commercial-infant-formula/) with some great feature articles:

The Scandal of Infant Formula by Sylvia Onusic, PhD

Vitamin D in Cod Liver Oil by Chris Masterjohn, PhD

Constant Controversy over Cod Liver Oil by Sally Fallon Morell

Traditional Fermented Fish Products by Alison Birks, MS, AHG, CNS

Please forward these articles to your discussion groups and Facebook friends.

The Winter 2015 issue was mailed recently and will soon be posted on our website. This is our long-awaited water issue with articles featuring The Fourth Phase of Water by Gerald Pollack, PhD, Sewage in a Glass and Water Stressors, WAPF in Kenya, raw milk in Humboldt County and the WHO on read meat.

All our journals are found at www.westonaprice.org/journal.  We believe that the information we publish should be available free to the public, so there is no charge for access to them online.  But we can’t do this without your membership support. If you have received a renewal notice lately, please renew without delay!


Featuring Sally Fallon Morell on nutrient-dense food and and Sayer Ji on vaccination dangers, February 1-17th at fertilitypregnancybirthsummit.com/optin/experts/.

Naturopath Tracey Gartner has teamed up with experts around the world to bring to you the Fertility, Pregnancy & Birth Summit with the mission to empower couples to have a healthy and more enjoyable experience during this journey.

This is a FREE online event
Whether you are trying to conceive, you are pregnant, or about to give birth, this online interview series will give you all the information you need to enjoy these stages and have the healthiest baby possible.


Sandrine Love of Nourishing Our Children has co-created a limited edition children’s book called The Adventures of Andrew Price. The fictitious great-great-nephew of Dr. Weston A. Price follows in his footsteps and discovers how traditional societies nourished themselves for optimal health.

Green Pasture Products is giving away 10 hard copy books, as well as the e-book, online flip book and a coloring page to the Weston A. Price Foundation community!

Respondents will be chosen February 7, 2016. Click on this link to learn more about the book and enter the giveaway: http://bit.ly/adventuresofandrewpricefree10

No purchase is necessary to enter!


Mother Nature Obeyed Blog, by Chris Masterjohn, PhD

“Vitamin A Plays an Essential Role in Setting the Circadian Rhythm and Allowing Good Sleep”

“Although I have long been aware of vitamin A’s essential role in creating vision, I only recently discovered that vitamin A plays an analogous role in setting our circadian rhythm. When blue light from sunshine enters our eyes, vitamin A translates it into a signal that tells our brain it is daytime.” Read the rest of the article at:  http://www.westonaprice.org/our-blogs/cmasterjohn/vitamin-plays-essential-role-setting-circadian-rhythm-allowing-good-sleep/


Have you started listening to the Wise Traditions podcast yet? It is entertaining and a wonderful source of valuable health information! You can enjoy each 30-minute episode via Stitcher, iTunes, RSS, or at http://www.westonaprice.org/uncategorized/wise-traditions-podcast/.

And it’s so easy to share! If you have friends or family members that have health concerns or are curious about WAPF principles, send them a link. People are often too busy to read these days, but they just might listen to an episode…and then it just might change their lives!

I never wonder why people are ill; I only ever wonder why people are still well. With our environment, with our food, with all of the challenges we have, it’s incredible how well people are, considering all those things. ~ Philip Weeks

Diet is THE most important treatment. We have to change what we eat, how we cook our food, in order not to challenge [our] already damaged digestive system, already struggling digestive system, but to nourish it, support it, and to protect it, to restore the gut flora and to restore the integrity of the gut wall. ~ Natasha Campbell-McBride

You want to be able to shake the hand of the person that raised it. That’s what’s called ‘local.’ That’s my definition of local. Do you know who raised those carrots you’re eating? Really? You don’t, huh? Okay, well, then it’s a crapshoot. You don’t really know if you have nutrient density or not. ~Will Winter

The above quotes are excerpts from interviews on our Wise Traditions podcast! A new one is posted every week.


Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt is a Canadian raw milk and farm freedom hero. He is facing up to 10 years in prison and needs your help to raise funds for his legal defense. Please donate what you can. Thank you! http://bit.ly/farmers-face-prison


WAPF is a sponsor of Whole Healthy Living, hosted by Sharon Brennan, LSHC, CNHC, NTP. Hear Sally Fallon Morell, Stephanie Seneff and others at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/whole-healthy-living/id1066367636?mt=2

Sharon is a licensed and board certified holistic Health Coach and Nutritionist with a focus on detoxification and repair.


WAP SWISS TOUR with Swiss Native Judith Mudrak

Thursday, July 21 – Thursday, August 4 2016 (15 days)
Join and make new friends with 12-16 like-minded, healthy WAP members!

Do you enjoy learning, walking and good company with like-minded WAP folks?
Then this is the tour for YOU! Many WAPFers age 7 to 84 have already toured!

Program (subject to unforeseen changes)

·         Watch modern and old-fashioned alpine cheese making – meet the farmers!

·         Learn about raw meat, blood and sausage preservation – question the butchers.  Enjoy a variety of cured local raw meat!

·         Visit a unique dairy farm where milk is not allowed to shake – learn about honey bees!

·         Worm farming? Listen and question a worm farmer – see his money making operation!

·         Walk with an herbalist on a guided alpine plant adventure and learn basic ‘hands on’ salve making. Take your salve home!

·         Use your elbow grease to make ‘ancient sourdough rye bread’ using the old wooden dough troth – in a historical mountain village! Guided walk to the heirloom rye fields!

·         Visit the Alimentarium (historical food museum) and take a steamboat ride to the famous Medieval Castle Chillon on the beautiful lake of Geneva!

·         Ride the breathtaking gondola (or walk the path through the cliffs of the mountains) to the 1000 sheep festival on the Gemmi Mountain!

·         Visit a museum and a research institute

·         Enjoy the route of the Glacier Express with spectacular mountain views!

·         Walk the Lötschental where Dr. Price walked and find the brand new plaque in his honor!

You must obtain own flight and Swiss Rail Pass. More details on inland fee ($2055.00) by February 2016.

For more info please e-mail: reversemydisease@gmail.com  Subject: WAPCH16. Or slow mail: Send self addressed, stamped envelope to: Judith Mudrak,

58 Cranberry Run, Southampton, NJ 08088 USA. Phone: (609) 859-3828 Eastern Standard Time.


Mark your calendar!

International Conference – Montgomery, Alabama; November 11-14, 2016


More details will be posted soon.


Sally Fallon Morell will present at three-one day seminars in June:  Traditional Diets, The Oiling of America and My Own Health Secrets.

June 2-4   Shelburne, VT: Nourish Vermont Traditional Foods and Health Gathering.  Presenters include Sally Fallon Morell, Drs. Wolfson, Jeff Leach, Beth Lambert and more!  shelburnefarms.org for details.

June 4      Lake Clear, NY: Nourishing Traditional Diets and the Oiling of America Seminars with Sally Fallon Morell at Lake Clear Lodge, lodgeonlakeclear.com.  Details to follow.

Sept 17     South Shore, Nova Scotia: Nourishing Traditional Diets and the Oiling of America Seminars with Sally Fallon Morell.  Details to follow.

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