Michael Schmidt in Canada Needs Help

Dear Members of WAPF:

Biodynamic farmer, Michael Schmidt in Canada, needs help now!

For over 22 years, Michael has been valiantly working to bring fresh, clean raw milk to Canadians. Through years of government harassment, Michael has persevered. Now, the Canadian government is attempting to shut down his farm by their continued criminalization of the herd share at Glencolton farms—this time by targeting the consumer community. Michael, Elisa and the herdshare members have mounted a legal defense but it is costly and the Glencolton community needs help from the external community of those who support organic farming, biodynamic farming, GMO free foods and other community-based food initiatives. We are hoping that we will have a favourable outcome that brings a precedent that creates more food freedom across the US and Canada. Please see letter from Michael and Elisa below.

For additional information and background on the case, this site has comprehensive coverage of the cases and actions against food freedom related to Glencolton Farms. https://thebovine.wordpress.com/the-michael-schmidt-story/

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1. Please donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/foodrights

2. Share and spread this article and ask friends and family to donate http://www.realmilk.com/urgent-update-glencolton-farms/

Letter from Michael Schmidt and Elisa Vander Hout

June 2016

Dear Supporters,

By now you must know that Government is very serious to shut down any attempts of people to make an informed choice about their milk, their food and their individual relationship to their farmer and farmer to their shareholders.

This battle is going on for me now over 22 years. I have been in and out of court so many times that it is impossible to even count. Endless nights are spent on formulating defence, filing papers, responding to new threats.

Our farm has been the focus of at least 3 major raids with up to 25 armed officers.

I have fines of over 100 000 dollars hanging over my head, got a jail sentence in BC for helping a raw milk farm there.

We are now in our last round. There is so much at stake that we at Glencolton Farms might as well pack it in unless supporters of food freedom understand that we cannot do it alone.

We are willing to fight. But we are not willing to worry 24 hours a day how to pay the lawyer to defend that last action.

We keep shelving out money, some money comes in from some members and a trickle here and there from other farmers.  That is NOT enough.

We are not able to continue this fight unless we know that everyone will do ALL you can to raise legal funds.

We don’t have the money either, but we have to keep paying and paying and paying out of our last resources.

We are asking all our supporters and all those who want food freedom to please step up:

10 dollars a week, or 50 dollars a month or 500 dollars in one shot.

Unless we raise these funds we will have absolutely no chance of succeeding.

So we might as well pack it in now put a for sale sign up and look back in 10 years how we have miserably failed to bring about positive change.

Thank you for your support. It is through a true community and through our efforts together that we will succeed. https://www.gofundme.com/foodrights

The time is now

Elisa and Michael

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