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Aloha fellow WAPF members,

This letter is to briefly introduce you to myself, Diga, to Dragon’s Eye Farm and Learning Center in Hawai`i, and to ask you to consider several personnel and living opportunities we have to offer.  I am an organic farmer, an educator, a parent, and an intentional community member, and will be attending the Wise Traditions Conference the second week of November.  Dragon’s Eye Farm (37 ac.) includes an aquaponic system, mature tropical orchards, pasture-raised beef and milk, Korean Natural farming chicken eggs, sheep, feral pig, and soil gardens.  The 501c(3) learning center (est. 2003) administers ecological agriculture programs such as food preparation/farming workshops (Sandor Katz gave a here in January), internships, tours, and a 4-H Club.

1.   Volunteer experienced manager positions.  We are three partners who currently manage to keep all of these systems afloat, but we have a serious need to bring on qualified help.  Five  volunteer experienced manager positions are currently open, including a  “traditional foods kitchen manager”, which involves fermenting veggies/grains and handling/culturing raw dairy for a 3 cow herd share operation and the appetites of 7 residents, and an ” enthusiastic garden manager” who takes on all aspects of soil gardening, from seed cracking to harvest.  Both posts require a minimum 6 month commitment and the ability to work closely with and direct others.  We cannot afford any monetary compensation at the moment, but all meals, accommodations, and utilities are covered.  Other positions are for a mural painter, a web curator, and an appropriate techie.

2.   Expanding community membership.  We are looking for members to join our intentional community,  Aorista, described at the Intentional Communities website.  These individuals or families would probably have already clocked some significant experiences working professionally and successfully at cooperative ventures within the alternative/sustainable domain (organic farming, food, naturopathy, progressive charities, etc.).  We are not religious, value home schooling and home birthing, nonviolence, open and honest communication, and strive to make the world a better place for the coming generations.  If the prospective member comes with a child or children in the 7-13 yr. range to match our own, all the better!  Know of anyone?

3.   Seeking interns and guests.  We offer year-round, on-farm immersion education through our   internship and  guest programs.  These are described fully in detailed narrative and photograph online, where an application form is also embedded.  Interns pay $600/mo. and guests pay $400/wk. for full accommodations, 3 nutrient dense meals a day (80% of the food is raised on the farm), and a variety of cultural and field trip extras related to our Hawai`i location.  A good place to go for a quick browse of current farm meals and activities is this October, 2012, meal  weblog.

If you are interested in any of these positions, don’t hesitate to apply.  If you have questions, email  info@dragonseyecenter.org or telephone (808) 965-9371 and ask for Diga or Kaika.  If you are attending the Wise Traditions Conference, by all means email me at  23.diga@gmail.com so that we can arrange to meet there.

And if you can think of anyone else who might be interested in any of these opportunities, feel free to forward this letter of introduction.

Diga Kern
Dragon’s Eye Learning Center
(808) 965-9371

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