Foundation Update

December 19, 2005

1. The fall edition of the Wise Traditions journal will be mailed to you by the end of this week, according to our printer. As I mentioned in a previous e-mail to you, our printing company had made numerous mistakes in its original print of the fall edition some three weeks ago. They agreed to do a reprint. They are in the final stages of that reprint. So, our aplogizes for the delay of the fall edition. You will be receiving it within two weeks.

2. 2006 Shopping Guide was mailed to you late last week. If you do not receive the Guide by December 31, please let us know.

3. Please consider giving a Weston A. Price Foundation gift membership as a holiday gift. What better way to start the new year.

Thank you for the fabulous year 2005 has been for the Foundation and its members. You make it happen!

Sally, the staff and myself extent to you a joyful holiday and prosperous new year.

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