Healthy 4 Life Press Conference Video

Dear Weston A. Price Member:

Our Healthy 4 Life Press Conference, held on February 14, 2011 was a big success.

The video of our press conference is now on our new Weston A. Price account, along with Sally, Pam and Adele’s presentations as separate files! Nearly 11,500 people have already seen this newsmaking video! We also put the whole press conference, divided into mini-segments on a newly created The Weston A. Price YouTube channel:

YouTube users can subscribe to our channel and will be notified of any future videos we upload!

Here’s the link to the full presentation (including PowerPoint), which is just under two hours long. This can also be downloaded as an MP3 file (audio only) or as an M4v video for mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone 4:

The channel is for longer format videos, as YouTube only takes 15 minutes or less.

The WAPF site now has a page where all these materials will be posted, and you can access the YOUTube mini segments here:

Here is a link to a recap of the event our publicist, Kimberly Hartke, wrote for Dr. Su’s blog:

Download a Powerpoint of the presentation – Part1 and Part2

We have been approached by a documentary film maker who plans to use footage of the press conference in his movie about his quest to discover the perfect human diet!

Here is the Time Magazine health bloggers report:

On another note, we are excited about our upcoming conference in November in Dallas.  There is information on our website at:


Sally Fallon Morell, President
Weston A. Price Foundation

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