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Your Donations Can Help Defend Michael Schmidt

Michael is a renowned North American raw milk advocate. He has spearheaded the soaring awareness of the cultural importance of biodynamic principles in farming and the raw milk food freedom battle in North America. His fight for raw milk freedom is documented in the film Milk War.

What’s happening
Michael was charged with 19 offences under Ontario’s mandatory pasteurization laws for his raw milk cow-share program.

Michael, along with farmer Montana Jones and others who all profess their innocence, was also charged with regulatory and Criminal Code offences related to the disappearance of a flock of heritage sheep, subject to quarantine by the Canadian government under suspicion of them having scrapie. After the they were found and euthanized by the government, the sheep tested negative for scrapie. The government is offering no compensation.

If ultimately found guilty of distributing raw milk through the “cow share” program he helped establish or on the separate charges related to the “kidnapped” sheep, Michael faces fines and jail time.

Why we need your help
If Michael is convicted, North America could lose its celebrated raw milk and biodynamic farming advocate and pioneer. Michael has worked tirelessly on behalf of the cause for decades and he needs your help now!

How you can help
The CCF, “Freedoms Defence Team”, is a group of lawyers dedicated to defending the constitutional rights and freedoms of farmers like Michael Schmidt.

The CCF is financed entirely through donations and grants from individuals, foundations, and companies. Charitable contributions to the CCF are tax-deductible in Canada and the United States. The CCF does not accept government funding.

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