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Announcing Lazy-Lady Living: A new course in sustainable sustainability 
You dream of being a farmer! You want to get connected to your food, it’s production, preparation and its sharing. You dream of village harmony, rhythm and connection without being in denial. You crave traditional wisdom and simple living. You want the real thing: shared goat herding and milking, backyard eggs and poultry, community and connection, shared meals and an end to the isolation of parenting – for REAL.
Our intention in creating Lazy-Lady Living is to create THE premier sustainability course for modern times, the one you’ve been waiting for, the comprehensive, community based, virtual and fun course to get you started and seasoned on the path to sustainability without compromising your leisure and pursuit of the Good Life.
Lazy Lady Living is a 100% virtual course in Sustainability. The course combines our knowledge of Permaculture, Value-Added Farming and Nutrient Density with a focus on social and cultural resilience/creativity.
The 16 Topics in Lazy-Lady Living:
  1. Permaculture Philosophy & Ethics
  2. Weston A. Price & Nutrient Density, Value added farming
  3. Anthroposophy & Biodynamic Agriculture
  4. Trauma, Initiation & Myth Mending
  5. Patterns & Design Elements
  6. Cultivated Ecology & Wildlife
  7. Urban Ambrosia, Backyard Milk, Meat, Eggs and Honey
  8. Urban Apothecary, Lazy-lady soap, salve, tincture and tonic
  9. Sacred Slaughter & the Vegetarian Myth
10.  Soil & Trees
11.  Water & Aquaculture, ponds, dams & bridges, Water catchment, Grey water & composting toilets
12.  Recycling, waste streams & DIY pitfalls, Diverse climate solutions
13.  Earth Rhythms & Seasonal Celebrations, Advanced Simplicity
14.  Undisturbed Birth & Home-Funerals, Sacred Union & Family Harmony
15.  Ethical Business & Investing, Licensure vs. Free Marketplace, Personal Abundance & Giving Back
16.  Energy, Climate & Catastrophe
Lazy Lady Living is taught by Krista & David Arias of Tierra Soul Urban Farm & Guesthouse in Portland, Oregon. Tierra Soul was recently featured on the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods Portland with Andrew Zimmern. We are also featured in the new book, Backyard Roots by Lori Eanes. In 2006 our pioneering Food Cart, Fold Creperie, was written up in Bon Appetit magazine and praised by food critic Karen Brooks. Krista was the force behind La Palabra Café-Press, a collaborative publishing studio and community event and art space. As a result, Krista was invited to meet with representatives from the City Club and the Oregon Council for the Humanities as well as attend a special Oregonian event for notable entrepreneurs.
Enrollment begins on May 15th and runs for 2 weeks only, so enroll today to get started on the path to sustainability! Learn More:
Make this your year of living lazily….

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