Organic Pastures Signs Raw Dairy Products Internet Sales Agreement w/

Organic Pastures Dairy Company ( OPDC ) and have joined forces to form an exclusive internet promotion and sales agreement for raw milk products. The FDA met with OPDC earlier this year and completed an extensive audit and inspection of their internet sale and production facilities. At the conclusion of the intensive (and sometimes tense… we had our attorney present ) three-day on-site creamery inspection, FDA inspectors and investigators could find no human pathogens in any products or the plant facilities. The FDA even returned for a surprise comprehensive resample inspection several days later with the same results. In addition, the FDA could find no illegal activity associated with the shipping methods that OPDC uses to ship products across state lines or internationally.

By shipping products frozen, OPDC can meet the letter of the FDA raw dairy products shipping regulations. These regulations specifically state that ” raw dairy products shall not be shipped across state lines for direct human consumption in final product form.” Frozen is not final consumable form. The OPDC Truly Raw Cheddar Cheese is aged over 60 days and is already in compliance with FDA regulations. The Raw Colostrum products produced at OPDC include: Raw Colostrum, Superleche TM Raw Colostrum, and Chocoleche TM Raw Colostrum. These products are not regulated as dairy products and can be sold anywhere in the USA as a legal retail product.

This joint effort opens up a new frontier for raw milk access and ” consumer choice”. The best choice for dairy products has always been your local grass-fed organic dairyman. Today that kind of access is a rare opportunity, for those not so fortunate, grass-fed raw organic dairy products are now just a mouse click away.

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