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OPPOSE PHARMA-DRIVEN BILL H. R. 34, THE 21st CENTURY CURES ACT, WHICH GIVES BILLIONS OF TAX PAYER DOLLARS TO RECKLESSLY DEVELOP AND EXPIDITE NEW DRUGS AND VACCINES All citizens need to mobilize to OPPOSE H.R. 34, the 21st Century Cures Act that seriously compromises the integrity of the Federal Drug and Food Administration (FDA) drugContinue Reading

Journal, Fall 2016, Carbs

Fall Journal as Digital Talking Book for the visually impaired. Also great for iPods or listening in the car. Many thanks to Amy Adams (,LLC) for this service! Journal in PDF Format (4.3MB) FEATURES Why We Need Carbs  Chris Masterjohn provides the science for including carbs in our diets Recovery from a Low-Carb Diet  KimContinue Reading

Could Your Clothes be Damaging Your Health?

Susan is five; she is sick with a high temperature and snuggled tightly in her fleece pajamas under a warm fleece blanket. Her curls are stuck to her temples from sweat. Her mom sits at her bedside reading her a book and giving her broth alongside hot yarrow tea out of glass mason jars. She’sContinue Reading

Good News: TTP Trade Agreement Defeated for Now

Dear Members: A broad range of family farm and local food proponents, progressive groups and tea partiers, advocates for labor, the environment, and national sovereignty, and more, had planned a massive call-in effort this week to fight against the Obama Administration’s last-ditch effort to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership during the lame duck session — andContinue Reading

CDC Refuses to Let Vaccine Whistleblower Testify in Autism Court Case

URGENT ACTION ALERT All citizens need to mobilize to send a message to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requesting they allow one of their employees to testify in a court of law. Attorneys Bryan Smith and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., of Morgan & Morgan, have sought to have CDC senior scientist Dr.Continue Reading

Oppose Congressional Bill that Threatens Religious Vaccine Exemptions

URGENT ACTION ALERT All states need to mobilize to OPPOSE House Resolution H.R.5272 to protect religious vaccine exemption rights. On May 18, 2016 Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy (D-MA-4) sponsored a bill to Congress called the Do No Harm Act. The bill seeks to limit The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) of 1993, purportedly to protectContinue Reading


URGENT ACTION ALERT PROPOSED VIRGINIA LEGISLATION WOULD REMOVE RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS TO VACCINATION AND SEVERELY RESTRICT MEDICAL EXEMPTIONS Virginia needs to mobilize to OPPOSE any new legislation that would take away religious exemptions and impose strict regulations on medical exemptions. This is the last chance to let the Joint Health Care Commission (JCHC) know you expectContinue Reading

Letters, Fall 2016

ON THE WISE TRADITIONS JOURNEY IN KENYA “I know and I promise that there will be a very huge u-turn for my community. We will be turning to where we came from.” Dickson Gisa, a leader in his Maasai village, spoke these words to me in a conversation in his home this past May. Dickson,Continue Reading

Campaign for Real Milk – Portuguese

Uma Campanha pelo Leite de Verdade Powerpoint presentationContinue Reading


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