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The Weston A. Price Foundation receives two or three books per week, all of course seeking a Thumbs Up review. What are the criteria we use for choosing a book to review, and for giving a Thumbs Up review?
• First and foremost, we are looking for books that add to the WAPF message. Dietary advice should incorporate the WAPF guidelines while adding new insights, new discoveries and/or new therapies.
• We are especially interested in books on the fat-soluble vitamins, traditional food preparation methods and healing protocols based on the WAPF dietary principles.
• We look for consistency. If you talk about toxins in vaccines in one part of your book, but say you are not against vaccines in another part of your book, we are unlikely to review it.
• We do not like to give Thumbs Down reviews. If we do not agree with the major tenets expounded in a book that is sent to us, we will just not review it. However, we feel that we have an obligation to point out the problems in influential or bestselling books that are peddling misinformation, and for these we will give a negative review. We also will give a negative review to a book that misrepresents the findings of Weston A. Price.
• Please do not send us a book as an email attachment. Have the courtesy to send us a hard copy book or a print-out of your ebook or manuscript in a coil binding.

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