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WEST AUSTRALIA-NEW ZEALAND TOUR (Click here for pictures)

  • Jan 20-22
    Shepparton, Victoria, Australia: EastBank Centre
    Australian Dairy Conference, sponsored by the Victoria Dairy Association

    • Jan 20. The Oiling of America: How the false cholesterol theory ushered in the era of imitation foods.
    • Jan 21. Why Butter is Better. . . and Other Surprising Facts about Nourishing Traditional Diets.
    • Jan 22. How to Change your Diet for the Better
  • Jan 24-25
    Sydney, Australia: Guthrie Hall UTS
    Sponsored by the Sydney Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation

    • Jan 24. Cholesterol Myths – Big Fat Lies?
    • Jan 25. Nourishing Traditional Diets – The Key to Vibrant Health
  • Jan 28
    Nambour, Australia
    : Big Pineapple Convention Hall, 6-10pm
    The Ploy of Soy and Cholesterol Myths – Big Fat Lies? by Sally Fallon.
  • Jan 29-Feb 1
    Queensland, Australia
    Sponsored by Biological Farm Tours

    • Jan 29, Brisbane, St. Bridget’s Hall. Dirty Secrets of the Food Processing Industry.
    • Jan 29, Gold Coast, Robina Cultural Centre. Cholesterol Myths – Big Fat Lies?
    • Jan 30, Toowoomba, University of S Queensland Auditorium. Why Pasture-Fed is Best and Cholesterol Myths – Big Fat Lies?
    • Jan 31, Boonah, Church of Christ Convention Center. Why Pasture-Fed is Best and Dirty Secrets of the Food Processing Industry.
    • Feb 1, Brisbane, Clunies Ross Centre for Science and Industry, Brisbane Technology Park. Nourishing Traditional Diets – The Key to Vibrant Health.
  • Feb 3-4
    Auckland, New Zealand: Carlton Hotel
    Sponsored by Lifestyle Magazine

    • Feb 3, Cholesterol Myths – Big Fat Lies?
    • Feb 4, Nourishing Traditional Diets – The Key to Vibrant Health

Jan 18
Enosburg Falls, VT:
Farming, Nutrition and Traditional Diets: Seminar & Food Tasting at the Flack Family Farm.

Jan 23
Allentown, PA:
Traditional Native American Approaches To Food, a presentation by Joe Wilfinger, Cultural Educator for the Lenni Lenape Historical Society and a Tribal Elder for the local clan, Thursday, 7pm, at the Lehigh County Senior Citizens Center, 1633 Elm Street, Allentown, PA. On-site parking. Free (donations welcome). Sponsored by the Eastern PA Chapter of The Weston A. Price Foundation (EPAC/WAPF), c/o Alan Stangl, DC, 933 N. 4 St., Allentown, PA 18102. For more information call Dr. Stangl at (610) 434-7562 or email Martin Boksenbaum at .

Feb 3
Santa Monica, CA: The Dangers of SOY! Free talk by Victoria Bloch of the Los Angeles West chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation. 7-9:30pm, Wild Oats, 5th & Wilshire, upstairs meeting room in SE corner.

Feb 18
Shepardstown, WV:
Traditional Food and Nutrition by Sally Fallon.

Feb 20
Keeseville, NY: Organizational meeting of the Au Sable Valley Grange’s Champlain Valley Food-shed Coalition. 7:00 PM at the Grange. Beth Spaugh will present a topical presentation. Any individual interested in local food systems and sustainable food issues is encouraged to attend.

Champlain Valley Sustainable Farmers and Organic Gardeners are collaborating with local consumers and small scale food processors to establish a coalition of individuals interested in building and supporting a local food system that promotes healthy food choices and a healthy local economy. The organization will support more formal organizations such a Essex County’s Adirondack Harvest by building a grassroots network of local consumers, gardeners, small scale alternative farmers, farmers transitioning to organics and sustainable methods, interested consumers and small scale processors. The group plans to meet monthly to discuss related topics, share information, present lectures, and build community ties.

Adirondack Harvest has offered technical and financial support for speakers, and the Au Sable Valley Grange will provide support for the group’s efforts by hosting the meeting site and organizing the events and event publicity. Even though Grange membership is open to rural people from all walks of life the Grange has supported farm groups as part of its historical mission. The Coalition’s goals are also consistent with the Au Sable Valley Grange mission, which is to rebuild the integrity of rural places by building strong community ties.

The public is invited and the Grange especially encourages those individuals who feel they are under informed on this subject, but are interested in finding out more, to attend, listen, and if willing take part in the conversation. The Grange welcomes anyone who wishes to attend these meetings.

March 13
Allantown, PA:
(Rescheduled from March 20) Seminar on Traditional Diets by Sally Fallon.

Apr 24
Jupiter, FL:
Seminar on Traditional Diets by Sally Fallon at Independence Middle School.

Apr 25
Jupiter, FL:
The Oiling of America by Sally Fallon at Independence Middle School.

Apr 30
Rubicon, WI:
The Oiling of America by Sally Fallon

May 1
Rubicon, WI:
Seminar on Traditional Diets by Sally Fallon.

May 3-5
Washington, DC: Mark your calendars for Wise Traditions 2003, the 4th Annual Conference of the Weston A. Price Foundation. The theme will be “Heart Disease in the 21st Century: Beyond the Lipid Hypothesis”. The conference will be held in the beautiful Sheraton National Hotel, Washington, DC. Shuttle service from Washington National Airport and Pentagon City Metro. Special conference room rates of $125 double occupancy. Triple and Quadruple rates also available.

May 15
Allentown, PA:
“Food For Thought”. A Berks County farmer whose family has farmed in this region for nearly 300 years will be speaking about “Food For Thought”, Thursday, May 15, 2003, 7pm, at the Lehigh County Senior Center, 1633 Elm Street, Allentown.

Brian Moyer, who with wife Holley is owner and operator of Green Haven Farm, is working in hopes of breaking through the invisible wall that has been erected between farmers and consumers over the last 50 years. In his presentation, Brian will address many of the myths and misunderstandings that have been created as a barrier between farmers and other residents. He will also identify issues and concerns that we share to help break down the barriers and begin to build the kind of food system that benefits our community; a local food system.

Brian’s goal is to begin a dialogue with producers and consumers so we can make informed choices when purchasing food. Some topics in his talk will address:

  • Why consumers should be concerned.
  • Consolidation of food stores and processors.
  • How does this affect farmers?
  • What are the alternatives?
  • Advantages of a local food system.

Brian and Holley Moyer own and operate Green Haven Farm in Berks County where they raise pastured poultry, sheep and dairy goats. They market their chickens, eggs, lamb and goat cheese through 2 CSA’s, 2 farmers markets, restaurants and direct on-the-farm sales. They are the founders of the Skippack Farmers’ Market where Brian is also market manager. Brian also helped start up the Indian Valley Farmers’ Market in Telford. Recently, Brian was elected to the board of the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association (APPPA) and for the past year has been working on organizing a state chapter of APPPA to address the specific needs of Pennsylvania pastured poultry producers.

From the start, Brian and Holley have made it their mission to share their farming and marketing success and failures with others to help create a network of successful, sustainable farms. Now, their future goals include a way to have more marketing options for farmers and more accessibility for consumers so neither will have to work so hard to find one another. Brian and Holley’s motivation for this is the simple belief that good communities start with good food.

This event is being sponsored by the Eastern PA Chapter [EPAC] of The Weston A. Price Foundation (EPAC/WAPF).

June 7
Lancaster, PA: The Cholesterol Myths-Big Fat Lies? and Seminar on Traditional Diets by Sally Fallon.

June 7
Gettysburg, PA:
3rd Annual Sustainable Hog Farming Summit.

June 16
Santa Monica CA: June meeting of the local WAPF Chapter. Topic is “Eating for Health & Beauty.” Wild Oats Community Room, 5th & Wilshire, Santa Monica.

July 12
Wedmore, Somerset, UK:
Seminar on Traditional Diets by Sally Fallon.

July 30
Nevada City, CA: Madelyn Helling Library. “Grass Roots” Campaign for Grass-fed Meat, Eggs and Dairy Products video showing followed by questions, answers and discussion. Free showing of The Polyface Farm video (Joel Salatin’s farm), a 110-minute video of a successful, integrated farm that builds soil and produces large quantities of eggs, rabbits, turkeys, chickens and beef. This environmentally friendly family farm provides living wages, inspiration and so much more. See and learn how it can happen in our local communities.

Aug 4
Santa Monica, CA: Wild Oats (5th & Wilshire). “Understanding Fats.” Victoria Bloch takes a closer look at this much maligned nutrient, so that you can walk away with a basic understanding of what it is, what it isn’t, and what you need to know!

Aug 7-9
Amherst, MA:
National Organic Farming Association Annual Conference at Hampshire College. Seminar on Traditional Diets, the Economics of Food and the Ploy of Soy by Sally Fallon.

Aug 18
Santa Monica, CA: Wild Oats (5th & Wilshire). “Spirituality and Meat-eating AND Diet and Vision.” Weston A. Price discovered the modern carbohydrate-rich diet was the cause of rampant tooth decay and degenerative diseases. In this lecture, a noted vision expert will describe the role animal protein plays in retaining perfect eyesight and healthy eyes all your life.

Sept 7
High Falls, NY: Family Farm Festival at Epworth Camp & Retreat Center. Featuring Celebrity Chef Cook-off w/grass fed meats, educational talks, demos & workshops on pasture raised animal products, heritage breeds, fermented foods. Meet & support local farmers. Children’s activities and more!

Sept 8
Santa Monica, CA:
Wild Oats (5th & Wilshire). Niall Wogan, B.Comm, MBS, will speak on “Freedom from the Food Trap.” Most people eat foods which they know they shouldn’t, often feeling powerless to resist. This talk doesn’t focus on what we should eat, but addresses the important issue of why we eat the foods we do. I will uncover the cons that are used to hook us mentally and physically — on products that make us fat, tired, miserable and unwell. I will show people how they will no longer need to use will power to avoid unhealthy foods.

Sept 17
Huntington (Long Island), NY:
The Oiling of America by Sally Fallon.

Sept 18
Huntington (Long Island), NY:
Seminar on Traditional Diets by Sally Fallon.

Sept 18
Denver, CO:
The Oiling of America by Sally Fallon, sponsored by the Vitamin Cottage.

Sept 20
Denver, CO:
Seminar on Traditional Diets by Sally Fallon.

Sept 20
Milford, Michigan: Growing Connections Organic Harvest Festival sponsored by the Detroit Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Lectures, workshops, farmers market, exhibitors and children’s programs.

Sept 20-21
Harmony, NJ: NNJ-WAPF exhibit at Northeast Small Farm and Rural Living Expo & Garden State Sheep Breeders Sheep and Fiber Festival. Warren County Farmers’ Fairgrounds, Route 519, Harmony, NJ.

Sept 22
Santa Monica, CA
: Wild Oats, 5th and Wilshire. Paul Chek, Jr. will speak on “The Wheel of Life.” This wonderful slide show and discussion is a reminder of how the seemingly different aspects of our lives are actually exquisitely integrated with the world around us. Paul will demonstrate how the food we eat is just one part of the circle of relationship with body, mind and spirit, and provide a fresh point of view for approaching the choices we make every day.

Sept 27
Silver Spring, MD: Dirty Secrets of the Food Processing Industry by Sally Fallon. Silver Spring Food Co-op, 8309 Grubb Road.

Oct 6
Santa Monica, CA: Wild Oats (5th and Wilshire). Victoria Block will speak on “Fermentation: Why & How.” One of the key principles of the Nourishing Traditions diet is the inclusion of lacto-fermented foods in the diet. Such foods have been produced in virtually every culture around the world for centuries. They’re delicious, they provide even more nutrients than the fresh food, and they’re great for our digestive health! In this talk, you’ll learn more about the history of these tasty foods, and then we’ll talk about making them yourself at home with easy, delicious, healthful results!

Oct 12
Washington, DC:
The Oiling of America and Seminar on Traditional Diets by Sally Fallon.

Oct 14
Tulsa, OK: Bimonthly meeting of the Tulsa Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Topic: Healthy Honey and Beekeeping in Oklahoma, Speaker: Joe Esposito, Frames of Honey. Nathan Hale Library, Tulsa OK.

Oct 17
Fryeburg, ME:
The Cholesterol Myths – Big Fat Lies? by Sally Fallon.

Oct 18
Fryeburg, ME:
Seminar on Traditional Diets by Sally Fallon.

Oct 30
Salem, IN:
The Cholesterol Myths – Big Fat Lies? by Sally Fallon.

Nov 1
Salem, IN:
Seminar on Traditional Diets by Sally Fallon.

Nov 3
Santa Monica, CA: Wild Oats (5th and Wilshire). James Stewart on “How Food Gets from the Farm to the Store” AND “Raw Dairy Products: Facts & Benefits “(This talk was rescheduled from the original date, October 20.)

James Stewart is responsible for the distribution of Organic Pastures raw dairy products to stores from Ventura to San Diego. When sales of raw dairy products in Los Angeles County were threatened, he was one of the key figures in the battle to ensure our ongoing access to this high-quality food group.

So when it comes to understanding how markets are created and how foods get from farmers to market, James has a wealth of fascinating information! From years of dealing with small dairies that produce raw milk, he is also extremely knowledgeable about how raw dairy products are produced, how they differ from conventionally produced dairy products — even organic, but pasteurized, dairy products. And finally, James has done extensive research on when “raw” on the label really means “raw”, and will let you know what to look for. This informal talk will have lots of time for Q&A!

Nov 7
Chapel Hill, NC:
The Oiling of America by Sally Fallon

Nov 8
Chapel Hill, NC:
Seminar on Traditional Diets by Sally Fallon.

Nov 14-16
Ames, IA:
Place-Based Agriculture, 2003 Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association Conference.

Nov 15
Norton, OH: Brainstorming meeting for creating a statewide distribution system for Real Food, Winery at Wolfe Creek in Norton, OH (exit North off I-76 East), between Wadsworth and Akron exits. Anyone interested in contributing their thoughts is welcome to attend. This is the very first meeting of this group which includes WAPF, OEFFA & OFFC members, along with individuals familiar with farm market/co-op organization. The goal is to develop a working model that will not trigger regulatory/legal problems in the State of Ohio. We will be looking at the Athens Farmers Market as a model that sells frozen meats along with produce year-round. To begin our meeting, we ask that you have a brief introduction of your interests/background ready to share. Ralph Schlatter from Defiance has been active with farmers groups and is an advocate of Raw Milk sales. Donita Anderson of the Union Market in Shaker Hts. belongs to a new national group of farmers markets. Marlene Beggs of Canton has much background in the structure of cooperative markets. Their experience will guide us. This design is intended to bridge the distribution gap between farmer and consumer, so both can benefit. “Real Food” should not be difficult to conveniently find or sell in a state that claims farming as its largest industry.

Nov 17
Santa Monica, CA: Wild Oats (5th & Wilshire). Alfredo Urso, DCN, PhD will speak on “The Physical, Mental & Spiritual Aspects of Health.” Alfredo Urso is a board-certified natural health consultant specializing in Corrective Exercise and Natural Living Perspectives. For the past 23 years, Alfredo has explored numerous Eastern and Western healing modalities. He realized that illness is ultimately what the body does when it is disconnected from nature, and that true regeneration of body / mind / spirit only occurs when we reconnect with nature. Nature provides us with the most powerful, effective and safest healing tools available. Alfredo teaches how to use these tools to regenerate the body. As always, there will be time for Q&A!

Nov 19
Tallahasee, FL:
Talks by Sally Fallon.

Nov 20
Allentown, PA:
Jerry Brunetti: “Food As Medicine,” Lehigh County Senior Citizens Center, 1633 Elm Street, Allentown (south of Hamilton, between 16th & 17th street). Jerry has been treating his own lymphoma for five years, not with drugs, but with foods. He will talk about: his own self-treatment, the nutriceuticals found in foods, the dire necessity of fats, enzymes: catalysts of longevity, trace elements: keys to immune precursors, acid/alkaline balance: the terrain of foods. Sponsored by the Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of The Weston A. Price Foundation, a nonprofit group dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense food to the American diet. Pastured, organic produce from local producers will be available at the meeting. Free (donations accepted). On-site parking.

Nov 20
Deland, FL:
Dirty Secrets of the Food Processing Industry and The Ploy of Soy by Sally Fallon.

Nov 21
Gainesville, FL:
Dirty Secrets of the Food Processing Industry and The Ploy of Soy by Sally Fallon.

Nov 22
Winter Haven, FL:
Seminar on Traditional Diets by Sally Fallon.

Nov 23
West Palm Beach, FL:
Seminar on Traditional Diets by Sally Fallon.

Dec 1
Santa Monica, CA: Wild Oats (5th & Wilshire). Hilla Futterman will speak on “Wild Edible Plants in an Urban Setting.” Some of you may have heard of Hilla, who takes groups on walks around Los Angeles to identify and harvest wild, edible plants. As you draw on Hilla’s in-depth knowledge of wild plants and their benefits, you will add a whole new range of flavors to your culinary repertoire, along with a host of health benefits!

Dec 6
North San Diego County, CA: Tierra Miguel CSA Farm in Pauma Valley. A Farm Tour and various Workshops on landscaping, soil-building, biodynamic composting, herbal healing applications, native plants and healthy cooking.

Dec 9
Tulsa, OK: Bimonthly meeting of the Tulsa Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Topic: Mercury Fillings and Your Health, Speaker: Dr. Jim Maxey, D.D.S. Nathan Hale Library, Tulsa, OK.

Dec 15, 7-9pm
Los Angeles, CA (Santa Monica):
Meeting of Santa Monica Chapter of WAPF
SPEAKER: James Hopson, LAc
TOPIC: East and West: A Holistic Approach to Health Care
SUMMARY: James is a pioneering practitioner who draws on a broad range of tools to assist in tailoring individual care. In addition to Chinese medicine, James incorporates medical astrology, iridology, dietary counseling, and a variety of diagnostic tools — high-tech and low-tech — in his practice. As a bonus, if you bring your birth chart, he will provide a brief health analysis.
LOCATION: Wild Oats, Santa Monica (5th & Wilshire) Community Room (upstairs behind the produce section).

Tim Boyd was born and raised in Ohio, graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a degree in computer engineering, and worked in the defense industry in Northern Virginia for over 20 years. During that time, a slight case of arthritis led him to discover that nutrition makes a difference and nutrition became a serious hobby. After a pleasant and satisfying run in the electronics field, he decided he wanted to do something more important. He is now arthritis free and enjoying his dream job working for the Weston A. Price Foundation.

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