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December 2012 Information Alert

SHOPPING GUIDE We are pleased to announce that our Shopping Guide 2013 is now available.  Carolyn Graff, who does careful research all year to determine entries for the Shopping Guide, has made many updates for this new edition.  We hope you will benefit from the extensive information provided and share it with others.  It makesContinue Reading

The Fourfold Path to Healing Conference

February 8-10, 2013 The Queen Mary – Long Beach, CA Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear three of today’s most dynamic health speakers: TOM COWAN, MD holistic physician, principal author of The Fourfold Path to Healing SALLY FALLON MORELL author of Nourishing Traditions JAIMEN MCMILLAN creator of Spacial Dynamics Friday, February 8 – Sunday,Continue Reading

Shopping Guide 2013

SHOPPING GUIDE 2013 AND YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO SUPPORT THE WESTON A. PRICE  FOUNDATION Dear Members, We are pleased to announce that our Shopping Guide for 2013 is in the mail! This is our way of saying thank you for your valued support during the last year. Included with the Shopping Guide is a short reportContinue Reading

Special DVD Offer for All WAPF Members

Do We Have A Stocking Stuffer for You! As you may recall, our Foundation is featured in 12 segments in the new season of the Healing Quest half-hour series currently airing on PBS stations across the country. Healing Quest’s producers – Lightbridge Media LLC – have compiled all 12 segments onto a special hour-long DVD. Continue Reading

Tell Congress to Dump the Monsanto Rider

Congress is back in session, and it has to address how to fund the government in the coming year.  The dangerous “Monsanto” rider is still on the table for the 2013 Appropriations bill, and we need to stop it! Though cloaked in “farmer-friendly” language, this” farmer assurance provision” is simply a biotech industry ploy toContinue Reading

Have You Reversed the Trend With Your Children

Have you followed the dietary principles outlined by The Weston A. Price Foundation? Do your children have a wider face than yours?  Did you need braces and/or have cavities and they do not? We want to hear how you reversed the trend! Send your testimonial and several high quality photos for Nourishing Our Children toContinue Reading

Support Bay Area Oysters

Support Bay Area-consumers’ ability to purchase Drakes Bay Farm Oysters Please support this farm by going to and sign the petition to be sent to Secretary Salazar’s office. Also, two different filmmakers have told the story about the controversy between Drakes Bay Oyster Company and the National Park Service. Please take a moment toContinue Reading

HealThy Mouth World Summit

This event is not sponsored by the Weston A Price Foundation; we are sending this to our members as a courtesy. HealThy Mouth World Summit Have you have come across the news about our upcoming FREE online event, the HealThy Mouth World Summit?  We went on a quest to interview the world’s leading experts onContinue Reading

Dragon’s Eye Learning Center

Aloha fellow WAPF members, This letter is to briefly introduce you to myself, Diga, to Dragon’s Eye Farm and Learning Center in Hawai`i, and to ask you to consider several personnel and living opportunities we have to offer.  I am an organic farmer, an educator, a parent, and an intentional community member, and will beContinue Reading

Defend your right to know what’s in your food

In just over a week, Californians will go to the polls on an issue that will affect every American — the right to know what’s in our food.  Wherever you live, we need YOUR help to get genetically engineered foods labeled! For too many years, millions of Americans have been unknowingly eating genetically engineered foods,Continue Reading

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