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Policy Update, Winter 2016

As 2017 nears, advocates are gearing up for the new session in Congress and state legislatures nationwide. At the state level, work continues on bills to expand access to raw milk, foods produced in home kitchens and more. At the federal level, I anticipate the return of the PRIME Act, to improve access to small-scaleContinue Reading

Vaccine Legislative Update

This year has proven to be a busy one regarding vaccine advocacy at the Weston A. Price Foundation. We work hard to bring you information about the many bills that continue to threaten vaccine exemptions for children and infringe upon the rights of health care workers. We also work to defeat bills that support vaccineContinue Reading

Letters, Winter 2016

BRAINWASHING Tim Boyd’s thumbs down review of My Beef with Meat by Rip Esselstyn (Fall 2016) touched on the most important aspect of Rip’s storytelling: his lack of direct long-term experience in the field of nutrition. Even the nutrition-related work of his father, Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., is very limited, misleading and overrated byContinue Reading

Policy Update

Changing the U.S. food and agriculture system is a complex process. There are issues with local health department permitting, state regulations on raw milk and other healthy foods, federal meat regulations, federal subsidy programs that distort the market, even international trade agreements. The problem is compounded by different levels of government, with literally thousands ofContinue Reading

Letters, Fall 2016

ON THE WISE TRADITIONS JOURNEY IN KENYA “I know and I promise that there will be a very huge u-turn for my community. We will be turning to where we came from.” Dickson Gisa, a leader in his Maasai village, spoke these words to me in a conversation in his home this past May. Dickson,Continue Reading

Policy Update

GMO Labeling For over a year, Big Agribusiness and Big Food companies have been urging Congress to overturn Vermont’s law for mandatory labeling of GMOs before it goes into effect on July 1. Last summer, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that would have overturned all state laws on labeling of GMOs inContinue Reading

Letters, Summer 2016

WISE TRADITIONS 2016 IN ALABAMA What a great place for a conference! We are now seeing a major growth of sustainable farming in such states as Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana, especially with grassfed and pasture-based livestock. This is because weather and climate conditions dictate the best-use practices of all farm ground. It’s asContinue Reading

New Regulations on Produce Growers

At the end of last year, the FDA released the third major final rule under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA): the Produce Safety Rule. This rule governs how farmers raise and harvest fruits, vegetables, nuts, mushrooms and sprouts. It covers an incredibly wide range of issues, including building and equipment standards, employee training, waterContinue Reading

Letters, Spring 2016

SPRING WATER Norm LeMoine’s feature on filthy water and filtration options really hit home. Especially the dizzying number of filtration options. Over the past eight years I’ve tried many with varying success. While spring water was mentioned as being one of healthiest waters you can consume, little information was given on how and where toContinue Reading

The Ups and Downs in the Fight Against GMOs

FARMERS SUE SYNGENTA OVER GMO CONTAMINATION AND LOSS OF EXPORTS Syngenta Corp., one of the largest biotech and chemical companies, is facing multiple court challenges over its genetically engineered MIR 162 corn, including a class action suit from farmers. Syngenta began selling this GMO corn seed (brand name Viptera) to U.S. farmers in 2011. PriorContinue Reading

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