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Dietary Guidelines from the USDA: Disastrous dietary advice

Every five years, the United States Department of Agriculture issues updated guidelines for Americans; however, scratch the surface and these guidelines reveal the same ole’, same ole’ disastrous dietary advice—low-fat, high-fiber, high-carb, low-salt, lean-meat, skim-milk diets. In other words, an unsatisfying, nutrient-deficient puritanical diet, that is bound to lead to cravings and indulgence in pornographic processed foods. The USDA dietary advice—imposed on innocent children at the age of two—has led to widespread nutritional deficiencies, growth and behavior problems, and disease.

WAPF advocates a diet that is neither puritanical nor pornographic, but one based on delicious, satisfying whole foods including fatty meats, eggs, cream, whole milk, butter, organ meats (delicious as pate), seafood, broth-based sauces, unrefined salt, sourdough bread, lacto-fermented foods and the occasional dessert made with natural sweeteners. This diet calls for wise choices, but no renunciation.

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