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Chapter Resources, Exhibiting



Sally asks all exhibitors to pay special attention to these important reminders:

  • Please use ONLY handouts, signs or printed materials provided by WAPF. The content of these materials has been approved by the Board of Directors and may not be changed in any way without the Board’s approval.  Likewise, the look and colors of our materials were developed by talented graphic artists and provide a uniform and clearly recognizable impression of WAPF and its work.
  • Do NOT alter the content, layout or appearance of Sally Fallon Morell’s copyrighted materials.
  • Avoid discussion of politics or endorsement of candidates
  • Avoid promotion of other businesses or non-profits, but you may have your chapter’s Food Resource List at the booth
  • Avoid selling or providing samples of any food or beverage
  • Provide the WAPF office contact information on all registration forms (not local chapter info)
  • Make sure to emphasize that WAPF is a membership organization, and members receive four quarterly journals
  • Conduct a chapter fundraiser if you like in conjunction with the booth, but give priority to the WAPF materials we’ll send (see approved items for fundraisers in the guidelines)
  • Return all collected funds, unsold inventory and loaned exhibit items to the WAPF office in a timely manner

WAPF Exhibit Guidelines (PDF 607 KB): This PDF includes guidelines for planning for the exhibit, talking to people, handling money, tracking orders, and more.

Key Messages to Communicate At Exhibits (PDF 136 KB)

Contact: If you want to create a WAPF exhibit at a public conference, farmers’ market, wellness or sustainability fair, you can request support from the WAPF exhibit coordinator, Celia Gossin at

Exhibit Merchandise: WAPF will provide supplies (for free distribution and for sale) for exhibits at no charge, with all proceeds and unsold items returning to WAPF. Depending on the size of the event, one or several exhibit packs will be provided.

Banners: Horizontal banners (Logo), and vertical standing or hanging banners (Butter/Faces) are available on loan, when available, and if the event size warrants the expense of shipment. If you’d prefer to make your own logo banner, please use this approved artwork, since both the name and logo now bear a registration mark. Send the file to a Kinko’s or another sign maker near you.  Add grommets if you plan to hang the banners (4 across the top for horizontal, 2 across the top for vertical).


Exhibit Aids: The following items can be ordered for your use.  Please keep and reuse them for future exhibits.


Benefits of Membership Poster : Please help Sally enroll 3,000 new members in 2013! Use this sign to display the benefits of membership. Please keep and reuse it for future exhibits.

Special Membership Promotion During Exhibits: You’ll be sent 5 – 10 Healthy For Life Booklets for your exhibit. You can give a FREE copy to anyone who joins DURING the exhibit, while your supplies last. The promotion ends when your supply of H4L is gone or the exhibit is over, which ever comes first. Print and mount as you wish (11″ x 14″).

Earth Day PosterPrint and mount as you wish for an Earth Day exhibit

Table Top Posters : These tabletop posters are mounted on foam core, with easels on the back and are provided free of charge for exhibits. Please keep and reuse them for future exhibits.

Signs : These cardstock signs will be included in your exhibit pack. Please keep and reuse them for future exhibits.

  • ShoppingGuideSignShopping Guide
  • Bumper Stickers $2  – Black & White (PDF)
  • Buttons $1 (for use for FTCLDF buttons) – Black & White (PDF)
  • Brochure Cup Signs – Free Brochures, Take One Each – Red & White (for use in the top cups of the 4-brochure racks) (PDF)

WAPF Benefits of Membership Slide (PPT)

Example of Exhibit Table Layouts
Check out these four pictures illustrating suggested layouts for 6′ and 8′ tables, whether WAPF is exhibiting solo, or sharing the exhibit with the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

Wonder what to do with tabletop posters, plastic stands, extra brochures and flyers after an exhibit?

Here’s a suggestion by Chapter Leader Mary Walkes – Create a WAPF Library within a Library
The Yankton SD Local Chapter of the WAPF has followed Dr. Price’s admonition “To Teach..” by initiating a library within a library. Shown in this picture is Mount Marty College librarian Sandra Brown displaying the WAPF library shelf within the Mount Marty College Library. The table top posters, plastic stands, flyers and brochures were leftover from an exhibit, and the books/videos were donated by chapter members.


 diazexhibit2  diazexhibit







Shared FTC – WAPF Layout examples:


6 Foot Table:




8 Foot Table


wapf8ftsharedtableWAPF Only Layout examples:


6 Foot Table:


wapf6fttable8 Foot Table:


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