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75 Responses to Health Topics

  1. larry fugman says:

    I am interested in getting some information about the relationship between carbonated drinks and leaching of calcium from bones. Can you give me some references for this hypothesis.
    Paula Fugman

  2. Angel Pennington says:

    confused mom
    I am trying to tackle systemic candida. I don’t know if the fermented veggies are good to eat or not. With all the info out there, I am really at a loss as of what I can eat. Please let me know where I can find some info on this problem I am facing. Thanks, Angel Pennington

  3. madeline says:

    re;confused mom
    Dear confused mom,
    eating fermented veggies are the perfect remedy for candidta, good bacteria are the natural enemy against candida, please see Donna Gates book “the body ecology diet” or look up her website for more information

  4. Stacey Smith says:

    Flu Shot & Pregnancy
    Hello, I’m currently 6 months pregnant and my doctor has recommended that I get the flu shot. I am not in a high risk sitatuation but, I would like more information as to the safety of the flu shot to my unborn baby. Can you help?

    Thank you!

  5. Misty says:

    Search phosphorus calcium balance and you’ll find your answer. Phosphoric acid in soda is the culprit.

  6. Misty says:

    @Stacey/Pregnancy and flu shots
    Stacey, I would not if it were me. I’m going to refer you to a fabulous advocate and well educated Dr. in Ohio. Her name is Shirley Tenpenny and she has a great deal of information on her site. There is no safety guarantee on these vaccines and the live H1N1 last year is responsible for more than 3500 miscarriages, many in the 3rd trimester.

  7. john moreira says:

    re: blood sugar
    try daikon, turnips, burdock, and japanese sweet potatoes. some winter squashes too like acorn.

  8. john moreira says:

    house wife /mother
    nuts and seeds should be somewhat limited, and soaking and sprouting is better. For grains and legumes soak at least 24 hrs, with vinegar, or better yet… whey for fermentation. Never cook with oils like flax, very unstable. Im not so sure about nut oils Im guessing low to medium heat would be okay. olive oil med heat or water sautee only.

    The best fats to cook with are butter, coconut oil, and lard.

  9. dual basket deep fryer says:

    Interesting articles
    I found an article by search google and now I have been here for close to an hour reading. smilies/smiley.gif. Love the great info

  10. Peggy rickard says:

    I need help in improving my health. i have no thyroid and since its been out my health has gone haywire. i have 2 sons i care for. one is 14 and the other 19. the youngest started getting seizures 2 years ago after a vaccination. Both have extreme allergies. one has weight issues. i need help in learning what is healthy eating and what will improve our health.

  11. snappir says:

    carbonated drinks – poison!
    I’ve read so much about carbonated drinks being extremely bad for the health.
    It’s one of the basic top things to avoid. Sure it damages the bones. Go to,…every website on natural health has this info. I’ve been known this fact for years, since I started to follow dr.mercola, mike adams from natural news, and many others. Don’t look’s proven hundreds of times. Just stop drinking this garbage.It’s one of the top poisons for your body. The other poison related to water is your tap water. FLUORIDE as a matter of fact.
    This deadly poison is added in every municipality under an excuse that it protects the teeths. Total B..T. It’s a LIE. So…to avoid tap water use SPRING water for everything. Except washing dishes of course. Another poison in tap water is CHLORINE. So, again, SPRING WATER is the best choice. And make sure it’s SPRING WATER and from some underground source.

  12. gentlehandsdoula says:

    Doula Info. / stomach troubles
    I have two comments/questions. I would like to know if there are handouts or links that would be good for my childbirth coach/doula clients.

    I am also experiencing a LOT of digestive troubles. It feels like I’ve swallowed a huge rock after meals…sometimes for hours and hours after a meal. This is a VERY new developement and I’m a little concerned about it. THANKS.

  13. Chris Gunders says:

    Hi from Australia, I was given your site details from a friend and I am looking for what ever products you may have to lower sugar levels for Diabetics, this is one of the Worlds worst diseases with close to 500 million suffers and growing yearly at an alarming rate. Please advise what you have to assist this ,
    Regards, Chris Gunders

  14. edson ribeiro says:

    qual a verdade sobre os hormonios de soja vendidos pela herbarium eoutros bomou ruim?
    que tem voces pa informar sobre os hormonios que se otem da soja =ISOFLAVONAS ,pois está ditao que bloqueiam as proteinas e outros males causados por soja que não seja fermentada ea GLICINE Max não é pois é vendida como extrato seco em 150mg=60mg isoflavonas ou 75mg=30mg isoflavonas semdizer os outros maleficios qual é a sua opinião medica =verdade ou mentiras????

  15. mickie says:

    Trying to fond recipe for sourdough ,using sprouted flour.

  16. Sonia Woods says:

    please pray for my 19 year old daughter who has cancer I left her when she was 7 because i had to run form abuse and when i tried to get her they would not give her to me. i have tried for many yearas. but to no avail. when she was 18 she developed cancer. but still they would not give her to me recently i went to get her because she is unabe to walk. she is mlnurished and the doctors here wanted to help her but she refused to stay and returned to them because she feels loyal. one of the women have taken her as her child having lost her own baby at birth.

    God gave me this child and I cannot let go. please help me to pray for healing and dilseveranc from the enemy’s strong hodld God is able to diliver. I beleive he will do it. because He is able.

  17. Lauren Rayfield says:

    Milk website
    @Monica Demian-I have been doing a lot of online research about various topics and dairy is on that list. I came across and article on Mercola’s website ( called The Devil in the Milk. In brief, it explains how even raw milk from different breeds of cows can affect the allergenic properties of the mile, even if it is raw. Its something to consider. Another option for infant formula is to mix 1/3 raw goats milk, 1/3 fresh carrot juice, and 1/3 water to palatable temperature. Hope this helps 🙂

  18. Kathryn says:

    Response to Monica re: raw milk formula
    Monica, do you know about the yahoo group “newwaphb” (New Weston A. Price Healthy Babies)? There are lots of parents on there who use the raw milk formula and they are very helpful.

  19. Lyle says:

    Is there a general list of quality foods that can be eaten that are not genetically modified?

  20. Anita says:

    help for healing from intestinal bug
    I have had some kind of intestinal bug for the past 5 days. Nausea (no vomitting), extreme abdominal pain & intestinal cramping, and severe diarrhea. Today is the first day that I have been able keep any fluids in. Two days ago, I started eating small amounts of yogurt and it has stayed in also. I am now starting to feel very hungry but, am not sure what would be best to eat. Do you have any recommendations? (I have been on the WAPF diet for 2.5 years.) Thank you.

  21. philip goldman says:

    need to know about vitamin k 2

  22. Arrington Fraser says:

    Egyptian Study article – would like a Weston A Price response
    I was recently sent this article by a vegetarian friend.…yptian.htm
    In the article, there are many points that conflict with my understanding of history and traditional diets. In responding to my friend as well as to address the issue on my own website, I wanted to get some feedback by an expert in the area of traditional diets. As you know, debunking the myths out there is very important! Hopefully you see some value in this too?


  23. carmen spence says:



    I live in Queensland, Australia, and I have had 3 resectional surgeries for Crohns disease.

    I have suffered with this tortuous illness for 48 years.

    I have tried many, things to help me with this disease, however nothing so far has helped me.

    I have been reading articles on Ray Milk, so I have been ingesting it now for 2 weeks, however I suppose it is too early as yet.

    I am hopeing you will answer my email,and advise me further, if the raw milk will help m,e, and if the answer is in the positive, how long before I will notice any difference?


    Kind regards,

    Carmen Spence

  24. Debbie says:

    My 24 year old daughter suffers from endometriosis and has had a laperoscopy. Currently the doctor has her on a birth control pill that prevents periods. Do you approve of this method or have better suggestions?

  25. Debbie says:

    I have been suffering from this disease for 20 years. My doctor has prescribed Lyrica which I would like to wean myself off of. What would you suggest for an holistic healing approach?

    I also suffer from osteoarthritis which is crippling me, both knees have already been replaced. I would love to hear your suggestions regarding this disease as well.

  26. Vania Farrow says:

    I’m interested to know wether organic Wheat/Barley Grass Powders are helpful, (along with the Weston Price recommended diet) for alkalizing stomach acid, especially while healing tooth infection? Perhaps we come across the problem of breaking down cellulose, as seems the case with a predominantly raw food diet? I haven’t found an answer to this in my copy of ‘Cure Tooth Decay.’ Please confirm? Thank you kindly.

  27. Scott Hornsby says:

    I have worked with a few people with this condition. Four products are needed, ParaCleanse to kill parasites, one convenience packet per day for 20 days, Proactazyme digestive enzyme supplement to pull you out of an acidic pH environment, Milk Thistle Combination to rebuild the detoxifying capacity of the liver and Magnesium Complex. I only use Natures Sunshine since they are doing 600 tests or procedures to make a Pharmaceutical Grade pure product.

  28. Scott Hornsby says:

    I am an Iridologist and Master Herbalist. Endometriosis is a condition where the uterine lining is growing due to a lower bowel (sigmoid flexure) pocketing with feces buildup. I have many a time alleviated this condition with a product called LBS II by Natures Sunshine Products. 2 caps per day for one bottle should do it!

  29. SELVA KUMAR says:

    PLEASE REPLY TO NEXERA OIL ,the new omega 9 oil
    Dear Prof Mary Enig,

    recently,the latest cooking oil promotion is nexera,modified canola oil.

  30. Christine Fish says:

    Nourishing Traditions CURED my FIBROMYALGIA!!!!
    I just want to let everyone with fibromyalgia know that you are on the right path with Weston A Price and Nourishing Traditions. I cured myself from debilitating fibromyalgia by using Mary Enig and Sally Fallon’s health recovery diet in their book Eat Fat Lose Fat. I used to have pain from head to toe, knees, hips, back, arms, even my ears hurt laying on the pillow in bed! I had severe acid reflux with vomiting and many other strange symptoms, rashes, weight gain, stomach pain, so much pain everywhere! I was about to quit everything and go on disability. All of these symptoms are gone now! I am working full time again and even exercising, camping, five hour hikes with no knee or hip pain! If I can get better even after 5 car accidents, you can too! Just do it! Make the kombucha, make chicken soup with the chicken bones, eat Bubbies sourkrout, take the cod liver oil, coconut oil, liver powder. Eat butter. Don’t eat anything that comes in a package with chemicals in it. It does take some effort, but do you really want to be disabled the rest of your life? This is so simple and it works! We all need real food that we can digest and that will nourish our bodies.

  31. Agni Raud says:

    It was rather terrible to read an above comment where a mother kept giving a small baby nutritional yeast when it was obvious that it caused rashes. Keep it simple, mothers and please breastfeed if you are able to. Why torture your child with yeast and irritating herb mixes ?!

  32. jay says:

    i have been reading some of the articles on your website and I have some questions. I ave been suffering with UTI’s for ab out 6months. The urinary tract infections have turned into urethritis. I was wondering if the friendly bacteria in raw milk could permanently eliminate this condition? how long might this take? how much raw milk would i need to drink a day? are there any medical studies proving how raw milk kills bacteria associated with urethritis? I have a friend that has as farm and he is willing to give me some raw milk from his grain and grass fed organic, non hormone, non antibioitic, non pesticide exposed cows. I also heard that whole foods now has some raw milk products? Are they any good? I would appreciate any help you could give me, thanks.

  33. Lindi Mosher says:

    Could someone please tell me the difference between regular vaccines and ‘free vaccines’. I clean at a clinic and I’ve noticed they are marked that way. I don’t believe in vaccinating but it troubles me that there is a difference. Sure would love an answer!! Thanks

  34. peggy r. says:

    fibro-no thyroid-oain-sleep issues-panic.
    I had tacchicardia for 15 years and no meds helped. My thyroid was removed for cancer and I now cannot lose weight-sleep or be pain free. Help. Where can I start–certainly not my doctor!

  35. Monica says:

    My 15 month old daughter had a very painful experience 2 nights ago. She pooped and while doing it cried as if someone would skin her alive…The stool seemed normal, not too hard, not too soft and the color was also ok. Last night the story repeated and this time, after she had her stool, she started crying and she passed a very small amount of stool with some pinkish tinged mucus inside of it. She also cried in pain and was covered in cold sweat. This morning she had a runny stool and I noticed the pinkish tinge n it wrapped around some mucous. I am not normally running to the doctor for anything, but I have called up our GP who is a family friend and of course, she scared the life out of me, saying that if it is not intussusception, than it might be protein intolerance from the cow milk. She knows that my daughter is on the raw milk formula and that she is not vaccinated, so at this point I am certain that she will find either one a culprit also. Can someone please contact me and tell me if they have any idea what this could be???? She has no fever, no vomiting, but she has the painful crying bouts out of the blue. Today is October 24’th, 2011. I am impatiently waiting for a reply as soon as possible. Thank you!

  36. CARRIE G says:

    Sounds like a fissure to me. Many babies get them. From experience, I know they are excruciating and painful. Take her to a doctor!

  37. tjboyd says:

    Reply to Monica
    This is a case for a doctor to see, for sure. I would contact your nearest chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation (…al-chapter) to see if you can find a WAPF-friendly physician. The other possibility is to have a phone consultation with Dr. Tom Cowan in San Francisco 415-334-1010.

  38. Anna says:

    I didn’t know what a fissure was, regarding your comment, so I looked it up. It is simply a common tear that often happens with constipation especially in babies. Not to worry about it, it will heal. If it continues, see a Dr. Also what has she been eating? Acidic foods can cause painful stools.

  39. Glenn Carter says:

    chicken fat
    I’ve been reducing chicken fat and am wondering if is as good as lard when it comes to frying foods–healthwise?

  40. What Is Paleo says:

    Health Topics
    I appreciate this site so much. Many people think fat=bad but forget or don’t know that fat contains antioxidants that calm inflammation that causes arthritis and other disabling conditions.

  41. tjboyd says:

    Reply to Kim
    Raw milk powerpoint would be here:

  42. tjboyd says:

    Reply to Glen Carter from Sally
    Chicken fat would carry a greater range of vitamins than lard–more vitamins A and K, in addition to vitamin D, whereas lard contains a lot of D but not much A and K. The downside of chicken fat is that it contains more polyunsaturates and less saturated fat than lard, so is less stable. You need to be careful not to heat it too hot.

  43. Kim says:

    I am trying to find the power point presentation on raw milk

  44. Kathleen says:

    Senior health
    I would sincerely appreciate a focus on meeting the nutritional needs of seniors. Focus is given to children’s health, and men and women’s health, but with the aging baby boomers and a longer life span particular attention needs to be given to the health of seniors.

    Quite a bit of research details the gradual changes in body mass, bone density, immune system, digestive secretions, glucose tolerance, and decline in kidney, liver, and bowel functions. Research on this topic on the Internet results in typical admonitions and solutions that run contrary to the information that I have learned from WAPF.

    PLEASE give some attention to this important sector of our society. Thank you very much for the great work you do.

  45. Terry Wexler says:

    Grains and Extrusion
    I was quite appalled to learn about the process that makes grain into flakes, etc. I realized that I have an organic cereal in my pantry that is in the form of flakes. I contacted the company to ask how the grain became a flake and was told that the process was ‘proprietary’ information. What do you know about the various ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ producers and their techniques? Knowing that the grains no longer provide their natural nutrition after being put through the extrusion process, I wonder whether it matters how the grain was grown.

  46. Will Quesnel says:

    Drug-resistant TB

    Now that there are drug-resistant forms of TB, will we returned to the tried and true method of using raw milk to cure it? Incidentally, was it fresh, raw milk or fermented raw milk that cured TB? Does anyone know?

  47. D. says:

    To Jay:
    Aloe gel or juice works very well for UTI’s and related problems. Also, a good acidophilus capsule (opened and sprinkled on foods or added to yogurt as an “extra”) works very well to balance bad bacteria.

  48. D. says:

    To peggy r.
    Sounds to me like you would benefit from some magnesium or magnesium oil. Also, do you use a good quality sea salt? That stuff provides good trace minerals for our body. Turmeric would be good for the fibro/arthritis stuff, but magnesium would definitely help all of the other conditions you describe (insomnia, racing heart, panic, anxiety, etc.) Also learn some breathing exercises (there’s lots of them online). In through the nose, out through the nose worked the best for me. If I breathe in and/or out through my mouth I tend to hyperventilate.

  49. Jeanne says:

    modern wheat
    I’ve been reading William Davis’s WHEAT BELLY book. The hybridization of modern wheat with grasses is so Frankenstein-ishly frightening. I eat sourdough bread from my own starter that is about 5 years old now, but I’ve been using all purpose or white whole wheat to make bread. What do you think of modern wheat? Should I switch to rye or something else? Or is rye as hybridized?

  50. Jan says:

    Hi, Any help on vaginal dryness and lack of lubrication after menopause.

    • Jean says:

      Vagifem vaginal estrogen is natural and wonderful results in two weeks thing back the way they should be see a doc for script it will also help with urinary problems linked to menopause and thinning tissue often resulting in frequent urination or difficulty

  51. Sue says:

    a causative factor
    Another causative factor in most diseases is microwave radiation. People are exposing themselves to high levels of radiation from their own cordless landlines and WiFi, as well as cell phone antennas. Numerous research papers show that the radiation at these levels causes many autoimmune diseases as well as cancers, heart attacks and strokes in about 10 years of exosure. Best to remain wired not wireless.

  52. Morgan says:

    We’ve found fantastic results from Candida Clear from Now.
    Also, coconut oil, caprylic acid (which is great, b/c it has no discernable taste), grapefruit oil complex from Now and Echinacea and goldenseal drops.

    I just take the candida cleanse and also probiotics are good. I’ve heard BodyBiotics are great and allergen free.
    You have to be careful w/ supps (including probiotics) if you’re sensitive to gluten or dairy, because all those preservatives you see (maltodextrin, dextrin, lactose, inulin, etc etc etc.. pretty much all of them – even citric acid is something that some who are gluten sensitive react to) .. these are all in the supplements.
    that’s why I had mentioned the above brands..

  53. Theresa Abood says:

    Love this website
    Guys and Gals. It is time to take back our health. A quick story about me is. I use to take 1,200 pills per month from 4 different doctors for 14 yrs of my life. almost 3 yrs ago I stopped everything cold turkey. I had the following wrong with me… so the doctors said.
    Cancer, diabetes, raynauds disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, neuropathy, asthma, arthritis, stomach issues, severe nerve root damage, fibroyalgia, extreme pain, a heart disease after my heart attack in 2007. I have nothing wrong with me anymore. Only eat organic and take a couple natural products from my company. I feel like I am 18 and I am 50. Not long ago I felt 90 and ready to die! Have a great day everybody. Terry

  54. JJ says:

    Teeth help!
    I have put two new cars in my mouth…money wise. I am 32 years old and fed up with getting so much work done and then it failing. The more I see my dentist, the worse I feel. I went in for some fillings a few weeks ago, now 6 teeth hurt and they did not before. Asked dentist what the problem was, he said I needed 3 root canals. One of the root canal would be on it’s 3rd retreat. Now I brush and floss 3xs a day and if you look at my teeth, they look great…just hurt like hell. I can’t afford anymore work nor do I want anymore root canals or drilling. Would you suggest I just get all of my teeth pulled? Inevitably its going to happen. If I get these 6 aching teeth pulled, id have one front tooth and no back teeth. I am seriously tired of being in pain and it has also lead to other nagging health issues. What do you think?? Leave the teeth and be in pain or just get the suckers out of my mouth?? Btw I also have baaaad sinus troubles. I’ve even had endoscopic sinus surgery. And no, I am not drinking soda…lol.

  55. Elissssabeth says:

    How to find a doctor?
    Anyone have information on how to find a local family doctor who believes in local, nutrient-dense foods and WAPF nutrition teachings for health?

  56. Laura says:

    colonic hydrotherapy?
    Does anyone know about colonic hydrotherapy and if it is safe and effective. Are there specific questions one would want to ask when if and when looking to try colonic hydrotherapy?

  57. Samantha says:

    Soy formula
    My almost 5 month old is on similac soy and I’ve recently been reading up on the affects of it. I can’t afford to buy organic because right now I go through WIC. Are there recipes on here to make lactose free formula that are cost friendly? I just heard about this wedsite and I’d like to learn more. Thanks!

    • Jean says:

      Babies should not have soy milk… Check the iodine levels they might be too high also the estrogen effect may disturb their sex hormone profile…

  58. Nancy in Idaho says:

    dry vagina suggestion
    I have been struggling with this for years. The tissue salt Nat Mur (for moisture issues in the body) is really helping me.

  59. Martha says:

    Reply to Samantha about soy formula
    Samantha, I don’t know why your baby is drinking soy formula but if it’s for digestive problems, you might find help for your baby like I did for mine. You can read my blog to learn more. My story is called, “My Journey in Fining Answers to my Children’s Digestive Problems”

    Digestive problems are often caused from a lack of probiotics and enzymes. I am so happy that I found a company that sells a probiotic/enzyme supplement that contains only organic whole food ingredients! The name of the company is Core Health Products.

  60. Norman Ang says:

    Baby contracted UTI
    My 5-month old baby had contracted UTI due to E.Coli. Doctors gave a course of antibiotics to get rid of the infection and the fever subsided. In order to determine the cause of infection, my baby undergone ultrasound to scan his kidney and the result is ok but still unable to determine the cause. Now the doctor recommend to do a nuclear scan, which need to inject a radioactive dye into the blood stream. Although the dose is lesser than the X-ray but i still have reservations. Since ultrasound scan is ok, is there really a need to go for the nuclear scan?


    smilies/shocked.gif both of my kid,(son @ 2yrs old & daughter@ 3 yrs old),faced,obesity.They fond to drink a milk(1 ltr/day or more )than to take food…Can you give me some info on this prob.i am facing.thanks

  62. KJ says:

    Baby contracted UTI written by Norman Ang, Jun 11 2012 My 5-month old baby had contracted UTI due to E.Coli.
    Reply to Norman

    Please look into using D-mannose. It is amazing how it works. It is a natural sugar which e-coli loves. The e-coli jumps on the sugar; however, when it tries to attach back to bladder walls it is too slippery. You simply “pee” it out.
    There is no die-off reaction like when antibiotics are used. Doctors wanted to put our child on antibiotics for LIFE! This really works. Please google it.

  63. Rachel says:

    Which do you consider my healthful/nutritious, raw goat milk or raw cow’s milk?

  64. Gretchen says:

    I am looking for a high quality probiotic for my 3 month old son. I was on a round of antibiotics when I was pregnant with him and he is experiencing eczema and seems to have an intolerance to wheat (when I eat it) and coconut oil (applied topically). I think a probiotic may be beneficial to him but do not know exactly what to look for.

  65. Паничище says:

    Really interesting articles
    I read most of the articles and found them so helpful. Please write something about sports like jogging especially log-distance running and accepted food. Thanks

  66. Chuck Amber says:

    Have you guys considered acupunture practice? believe me, this method doesn’t hurt you as it looks and it can be really effective for anyone who looks for a cure without using so many chemical products.
    I once visit a acupunture center in Plano, TX, my experience there is quite good. If anyone wants to check out a place for acupunture, I recommend this one.
    Here is its website:

  67. Martha says:

    In reply to Gretchen about probiotics
    PROBIOTICS Look for a high-quality stabilized probiotic. Probiotics are live microbial food supplements that provide health benefits by improving the intestinal balance of microflora (gut bacteria). They should:

    Exert a beneficial effect on immunity and digestion. To have the most beneficial effect on health a probiotic supplement should contain at least eight different strains of bacteria (the ideal is twelve or more).

    Be nonpathogenic and nontoxic. To ensure that the bacteria are truly beneficial and not harmful look for the following bacteria listed on the label Lactobacillus acidophilus, L bulgaricus, L brevis, L lactis, L reuteri and Bifodobacterium longum . (This list is not all inclusive)

    Contain a large number of viable cells. One way to help ensure that a supplement contains a large number of viable cells is to look for whole food fructooligosaccharides (FOS), such as Jerusalem Artichoke. Fructooligosaccharides, more commonly known as FOS, are a class of simple carbohydrates found naturally in certain plants (Jerusalem artichokes, onions, and bananas) and act as “food” for the bacteria in the probiotic supplement. Be sure that the FOS (Jerusalem artichokes, onions, and bananas) listed on the label is a whole food and not a chemically produced FOS (Fructooligosaccharides), which may have toxic effects.

    Be capable of surviving metabolism in the gut. The probiotic should be in capsule form to help ensure that the bacteria survive the trip through the digestive tract to the colon.

    For myself and my children we use “Digestive Health” sold by They contain 13 strains of probiotics, digestive enzymes, prebiotics, digestive herbs, and other nutrients essential for healthy digestion.

  68. sandie erskine says:

    What about Charlotte Gerson??
    I enjoyed reading the various book reviews – both thumbs up and thumbs down. However, I would really appreciate Sally’s thoughts on Charlotte Gerson’s dietary books on healing. ( The Gerson Therapy sounds to be a healing process worthy of consideration. But it would be valuable to hear a WAPF viewpoint.

  69. maggie russell says:

    Searching for releif
    I had a polyp removed last summer & have a complication the doctors refuse to verbally identify ….after 8 months I aloud a second surgeon to look & he removed scar tissue & a fistula….But my rectum does not open or work appropriately any longer…its a nightmare that ends with screaming & great emotional distress.

  70. sandi Griffith says:

    Great website; I want to be included!

  71. PJ says:

    Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) – Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, Diverticulitis
    Carmen, for Crohn’s (or any form of IBD) try the treatment regimen from Jini Patel Thompson at Jini cured her own Crohn’s. Same treatment cured my ulcerative colitis.

  72. Jim Matthews says:

    What works best for naturally lowering High Blood sugar?

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