HPV Vaccines – Why, oh why, are they on the market at all?

Merck’s Gardasil, the first vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV) was introduced in 2006 in the USA. Not long thereafter, GlaxoSmithKline introduced Cervarix. HPV is a virus that causes genital warts and HPV infections are hypothesized to progress into cervical cancer but there is evidence that cervical cancer can develop without HPV infection or a genetic predisposition, which casts doubt on a causal connection.1  One needs to have other risk factors such as smoking, oral contraceptive use, a weakened immune system, other infections or high-risk behaviors in order to develop an HPV-related cancer.2

HPV infection occurs in most sexually active adults and is cleared from the body with no interventions by over 90% of people within 2 years of infection. Since the 1960’s when Pap tests became a routine part of healthcare, cervical cancer rates have fallen by about 75% and now affect an estimated 12,000 women in 2013 resulting in an estimated 4,000 deaths. Importantly most of these women had not had  a Pap test or not had one in 5 years. Less than 3% of the estimated 1.6 million cancer cases and 550,000 cancer deaths are related to HPV infection

When it comes to HPV vaccines, the news gets worse and worse. These vaccines are linked to primary ovarian failure (aka premature menopause), Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS), death and reports of many more serious adverse reactions and ER visits than other vaccines. Yet public health officials continue to proclaim their safety. As the evidence of danger mounts, it is becoming increasingly clear that these vaccines are not about public health but rather about wealth – for the vaccine makers.

In recent years, scientists have examined the brain tissue of young women who died not long after receiving Merck’s Gardasil vaccine.3  Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic examined the brain tissue of a 14 year-old girl who died two weeks after her second HPV booster and a 19 year-old woman who died 6 months after her third booster.  Dr. Tomljenovic found evidence of inflammation and an autoimmune reaction in the brain. Dr. Tomljenovic and her team reported that the vaccine triggered an inflammatory and autoimmune response wherein the body attacked its own brain tissues, resulting in death.

It is worth noting that these patients sustained a variety of adverse reactions to the first shot such as headaches, dizziness, vomiting, confusion, memory lapses, speech problems, weakness, fatigue, chest pains, tachycardia and more and that these systems worsened following the subsequent shots. In medicine, one of the generally accepted means of testing adverse reactions to drugs is to give the drug, monitor any reactions, wait, then give the drug again. If the same adverse reactions appear or worsen, it is accepted that the medicine caused the adverse reactions. In the scientific world, this is known as challenge and re-challenge and, together with the brain tissue samples, suggests quite strongly that the vaccine caused these young women’s deaths.

Here is what the researcher’s found in the brain tissues: “strong evidence of an autoimmune vasculitis triggered by the cross-reactive HPV-16L1 antibodies binding to the wall of cerebral blood vessels. In addition, there was clear evidence of the presence of HPV-16L1 particles within the cerebral vasculature with some HPV-16L1 particles adhering to the blood vessel walls.” In layman’s terms, they found antibodies to viral strains in the Gardasil vaccine in the patients’ brains and evidence of an autoimmune reaction. In addition, they found particles of the vaccine in the brains as well. Both of these females were previously healthy patients, but they died.

While it is widely believed that the blood brain barrier cannot be breached, these results suggest otherwise. Even more concerning is that these tragic events occurred in healthy females, one a fully mature 19 year-old. Imagine what is happening in newborn babies, whose blood-brain barriers won’t be fully developed for several years.

Health authorities insist this is nothing to worry about.

Other researchers have reported on the risk of developing GBS after HPV vaccines.4  In particular they reported the following: “there was a nearly 2.5‑10 times greater risk of acquiring GBS within 6 weeks after quadrivalent [Gardasil] vaccination when compared with general population. In addition, quadrivalent [Gardasil] vaccination was associated with approximately 8.5 times more emergency department visits, 12.5 times more hospitalizations, 10 times more life‑threatening events and 26.5 times more disability than meningococcal C vaccination.”

But perhaps their most illuminating remark is this conclusion:

“We remain of the considered opinion that health policy planners in India would be well advised to carefully assimilate independent opinion on this subject that is not influenced by vaccine manufacturers, who stand to gain enormously from implementation of this intervention in vast populations.”

Their meaning is clear: health officials, the vaccine makers and their minions are pushing vaccines and influencing science – for the benefit of the vaccine makers.

GBS is a very serious dysfunction of the immune system in which the immune system attacks part of the nervous system resulting in a wide range of debilitating symptoms including weakness, tingling, and ultimately paralysis and even death. It is a known side effect of other vaccines but US health officials say it is a coincidence following HPV vaccines.5

One of the most tragic conditions reported following HPV vaccines is that of primary ovarian failure, or in common language, premature menopause. Sadly, this has been reported in several young women, even in two sisters whose sexual development had been totally normal – until Gardasil.6  Treatment with hormone replacement therapies had no impact and these young women will never have children. They had no genetic abnormalities that could explain the condition but some of the patients have evidence of auto-antibodies suggesting the origin is an autoimmune condition triggered by the HPV vaccine.  The patients also experienced nausea, headaches, sleep disturbances, pain, and a cognitive and other “psychiatric disturbances”. Of course these are frequently reported side-effects of vaccines in general and HPV vaccines in particular but again health officials dismiss them as coincidental.

A new study out of Canada clearly shows just how dangerous HPV vaccines are.7  The study looked at 195,270 girls who received HPV vaccination. Of the vaccinated girls, there were 958 hospitalizations and 19,351 ED (emergency room visits). Interestingly, the authors state that only 198 adverse events were reported.

This is baffling as most parents don’t take their children to the ER unless there is a reason. Perhaps this shows how vaccine reactions are downplayed by hospitals. One ER nurse has even reported that hospitals systematically under-report vaccine reactions.8

The study reported on 195,000 girls vaccinated with HPV vaccines and found 958 hospitalizations and 19,351 visits to the ER.  Considering these numbers, there were 20,309 serious adverse events within 42 days (the study period) following HPV vaccination.

This means that 10% of HPV vaccine recipients in this study suffered a reaction that required a visit to the ER or hospitalization – and that only includes the first 42 days after vaccination.

And what did the study authors conclude?

“Rates of AEFI [adverse reactions] after HPV immunization in Alberta are low and consistent with types of events seen elsewhere.”

On what planet does 10% of recipients of a medical procedure requiring a visit to the ER or hospitalization mean “low rates of adverse reactions?” Only on the pseudo-scientific medical planet of big pharma.

There are several important conclusions to draw from all these studies. HPV vaccines are capable of causing serious adverse reactions including catastrophic disability and death. Vaccine reactions are often not reported by hospitals. Vaccine makers and the health authorities who promote, mandate, and monitor the safety of these vaccines downplay adverse reactions to vaccines. As the saying goes, buyer beware, perhaps with HPV vaccines more than any other product.


The Weston A. Price Foundation has received emails or letters from about one dozen individuals objecting to the strong stance we have taken against vaccines. We respectfully request that these individuals use the same lens through which they view mainstream nutritional advice, watch the films we recommend and read the research we present. Moreover, please understand that no vaccinated-versus-unvaccinated study has ever been conducted, that federal law recognizes that vaccines injure and kill, that a federal program has paid out over three billion dollars to vaccine victims, and that those who manufacture and administer vaccines bear zero liability for them. Vaccines injure and kill far more people than governments and health authorities openly admit, but no one can tell you in advance what kind of injury you or your child might suffer.

Your children are depending on you to make the right decisions for them and to do your research on any medical procedure before giving your consent. Of course you need to protect them from illness, but the best way to do this is with our dietary principles, not with vaccines containing a host of harmful ingredients. Once these ingredients go into the bloodstream of your child, you cannot take them out.

We encourage you to watch The Greater Good as well as the new movie Vaxxed: From Cover Up to Catastrophe, which documents fraud and cover-up at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding the vaccine-autism link. Parents of vaccine-injured children—who will be taking care of these children throughout adulthood—will tell you that no vaccine is worth the risk.

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This article appeared in Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts, the quarterly journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Summer 2016

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