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Journal, Fall 2006, Vitamins A and D: Necessary Partnership

Wise Traditions, Volume 7, Number 2


  • ABC’s of Nutrition: Is Vitamin D Toxic?, Chris Masterjohn addresses all your concerns
  • Modern Diseases: Sunlight and Melanoma, Dr. William Campbell Douglass comments on recent surprising findings
  • Modern Foods: Heart of Darkness, Dr. Catey Shanahan pilots a voyage on a toxic river of vegetable oil
  • Know Your Fats: Saturated Fat Attack, Chris Masterjohn debunks the latest accusations against healthy fats


President’s Message: Fighting the Fires of Misinformation

by Sally Fallon

The highlight of this issue is an article on vitamin D by our nutrition sleuth Chris Masterjohn, which we are delighted to present to our members as it answers the numerous questions we have received on vitamin D: is vitamin D toxic? should we test for vitamin D levels? is cod liver oil safe?

It bears repeating that the crux of our message at the Weston A. Price Foundation lies in the importance of the fat-soluble activators, vitamins A, D and the X Factor (UPDATE: now believed to be vitamin K2!). The fact that warnings about the “dangers” of vitamins A and D have become more frequent and more shrill is a sign that our message is being heard. Of course, we need to provide a science-based rebuttal to claims of toxicity, which we have done for vitamin A in earlier issues (See Vitamin A Saga and Does Vitamin A Cause Osteoporosis?), and which we now accomplish for vitamin D in these pages.

Follow-on articles include a look at the relationship between sunlight and melanoma–sunlight is protective, and an article on cooking with blood, one of the richest dietary sources of vitamin D.

Sometimes it seems that we have to put all our efforts into putting out the fires of misinformation. Recent media attention to a study blaming damage to the arteries on a single meal of saturated fat generated dozens of emails and queries. So, we put Chris Masterjohn to work on this subject as well, and he has produced an excellent rebuttal to the recent saturated fat attack.

Meanwhile, we are busily preparing for our best conference ever. Our roster of speakers includes several who are tops in their fields, including Dr. Hiro Watanabe from Japan, an expert on the benefits of fermented foods, Dr. Mae Wan Ho from the UK, an expert on the hazards of genetically modified food, Dr. Gearld Frye, tops in the field of animal genetics, and Dr. Arden Andersen, who has devoted his career to the relationship of soil and health. There will be something for everybody–from practical cooking lessons to the latest scientific discoveries… plus the delicious food for which we are famous. We look forward to seeing many of you there.

Finally, a big thanks to those who donated so generously to our Campaign for Real Milk. Your contributions have allowed us to provide legal support in Ohio, Maryland, Wisconsin and other states. Our efforts are paying off, with clean raw milk becoming more and more available to children and adults. The raw milk movement today stands where organics did two decades ago. Twenty years from now, no one will question its benefits or put up any roadblocks. You can all be proud of your participation in this grass roots movement to regain our health and save the family farm.

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