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  • Synergies Chris Masterjohn, PhD, explains how nutrients work together
  • California’s Ancient Cornucopia M. Kat Anderson and Jennifer House describe the fascinating dietary habits of California Indians
  • Save Your Bacon Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD, gives us the inside scoop on this gateway meat


President’s Message

by Sally Fallon Morell

Science looks at the individual nutrients and components of food, with little or no appreciation for the whole, for the complexities of nature. In fact, the reductionist view of mainstream scientists today holds that imitation foods can be created out of commodity ingredients―soy, corn, seed oils, sugar, milk powders―and then “enriched” with synthetic vitamins to produce something that is as healthy as the real thing. Such foods will in fact save mankind, they assert, because there is not enough real food to nourish our growing population, and even if there were, such foods cause heart disease, cancer and many other ills.

This view becomes more and more untenable the more we learn about the synergies of life systems. Chris Masterjohn’s article in this issue (page 15) provides just a few examples of how nutrients work together in complex ways to support good health.

We are a civilization in decline, due mostly to the view that industrial foods are cleaner, more efficient, more convenient and even healthier than real food. Nature is viewed as something to be feared, so science tries to protect us from threats like germs, sunlight, cholesterol and saturated fat. Until we realize that we are embedded in nature, that natural processes support and protect us, we will continue down the smooth, wide highway of industrialism in food and agriculture, looking to modern medicine for easy cures, but sliding inexorably into infertility and disease nevertheless. There will be survivors, of course; those who return to the wise culinary traditions of our ancestors―a process I call the Natural Selection of the Wise.

There will be plenty of delicious real food at Wise Traditions 2012, our 13th annual conference―we now refer to it as an international conference―to be held November 8-12 in Santa Clara, California. The menus will feature wild seafood, grass-fed meats and dairy products and delicious local produce. And since we will be in California, raw dairy products will be on sale in the exhibit hall.

We have a wonderful slate of over forty-five speakers, many of them new, plus tried-and-true old favorites. This year’s conference will feature tracks on Nutrition and Behavior on both Saturday and Sunday, plus tracks on Local Farmers, Native Ways, Wise Entrepreneurs and the Frontiers of Science. We always have one track on nutrition, and this year is no exception, featuring a fantastic lineup of speakers on vitamins and minerals.

Registrations are selling fast and there is the possibility that we might sell out, so if you are planning to attend, don’t delay in signing up. For details, see pages 27-29. We look forward to another wonderful conference and to seeing many of you there!

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