Journal, Spring 2002, Toxins in the Food Supply

Wise Traditions, Volume 3, Number 1


  • Farm & Ranch: Educating RIDA, Mark Purdey unravels the mystery of human and animal spongiform disease
  • Modern Foods: Toxins on Your Toast, Valerie James exposes a new use for wood pulp effluent
  • ABCs of Nutrition: Dietary Supplements, Dr. Ron Schmid discusses the little pills, powders, and elixirs we hear so much about


President’s Message: The Mixed Bag Issue

by Sally Fallon

Looking back over the past three years, we can feel satisfied with our progress so far–two successful conferences, a growing membership, almost 100 local chapters helping people find healthy food, the growing availability of raw milk and the public’s expanding awareness of the dangers of modern soy products.

Our yearly conference is an opportunity to celebrate these accomplishments, meet new friends and expand our knowledge. And we have a star-studded cast to present this time. Mark Purdey, coming from the UK, will tell the amazing story of his struggle against the British mandate to spray his cattle with toxic organophosphate pesticides–the disinformation campaign, the dirty tricks and his ultimate victory. In spite of a seemingly intractable government and media mindset that mad cow disease is a passed on by infected meat, Mark has been able to air his alternative theories on national TV in several documentaries. He has published in prestigious journals and met with Prince Charles–a real modern hero whose story you won’t want to miss.

Nor will you want to miss the infectious enthusiasm of Joel Salatin for the new wave holistic farming techniques he has developed–his eggmobile that takes his chickens to new pasture every day, his brilliant use of pigs on the farm to help him create compost and his salad bar beef management system that results in a healthy product for consumers and improved pasture quality on the farm.

Mike Callicrate’s struggle against the mafia-controlled beef industry is another modern legend. You may have read about his efforts to circumvent monopoly control in the bestselling Fast Food Nation. Now is the time to hear his story first hand.

Then our own Tom Cowan will talk about the place of red meat in a healthy diet, dispelling the myth that we should avoid this delicious traditional food.

For Sunday, we’ve brought back Julia Ross to talk about amino acid therapy and Krispin Sullivan to present her latest findings on vitamin D. Julia has the honor of being the only mainstream author whose books provide accurate dietary advice and Krispin’s research into vitamin D has uncovered information that completely validates the work of Weston Price.

Mary Enig, an expert of world renown, will be there to answer all your questions about fats and I will be presenting my traditional diets workshop for neophytes. All this and a delicious lunch with a selection of lacto-fermented beverages for you to taste for the first time. . . don’t miss Wise Traditions 2002. See page 24 for details and do take advantage of the advance registration discount. See you there!

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