Journal, Spring 2005, Vitamin B12

Wise Traditions, Volume 6, Number 1


  • The ABC’s of Nutrition: Vitamin B12, Sally Fallon and Mary Enig discuss this vital nutrient
  • Food Feature: The Liver Files, Lynn Razaitis gives us the lowdown on Nature’s most nutrient-dense food
  • Health Issues: Codex Alimentarius, Jim Turner provides us with the facts


President’s Message: Changes

by Sally Fallon

This is a year for big changes at the Weston A. Price Foundation as we move from a small, home-office type of organization to a fully staffed and professional force to be reckoned with. On February 1 of this year, Bill Sanda became our Executive Director, adding responsibility for all day-to-day operations of the Foundation to his other public affairs duties.

Then, on April 1, the Foundation rented a small house to serve as headquarters. We are now moved into our new offices, which provide us with ample space for our growing organization–main offices and a kitchen on the first floor, offices for Bill and a small library on the second floor, and a fully finished basement to house all our boxes and boxes of teaching materials. The house is sunny and bright, with a huge maple tree in the back yard to provide shade; it sits on a quiet street, yet close to the post office and shops.

Another change: a new location for our conference, Wise Traditions 2005, which will be held at the Westfields Mariott Hotel in Chantilly, Virginia, close to Dulles Airport. You are going to love this hotel, which is in a wooded setting and provides every possible amenity. We will be able to have three concurrent sessions in different halls with no noise interference, much more space for exhibitors, several buffet lines and childcare close to the lecture rooms. Best of all, their chef understands our kind of food, and is working with Chef John Umlauf to provide delicious meals throughout the conference. See page 37 for details.

The best change of all is one we detect occurring throughout the land, a waking up to the principles of good nutrition, a movement away from processed food and back to real food again–in spite of the senseless new official dietary guidelines. Demand for raw milk is growing, interest in our principles is taking hold and a healthy skepticism of government dictates is emerging.

Our local chapter leaders deserve much of the credit for spreading the word, helping to educate consumers about the principles of good nutrition and forging connections between consumers and grass-based farms. Over three hundred strong, our local chapters have a critical role to play in turning back the trend to physical degeneration that Dr. Weston A. Price observed many years ago.

Our efforts this year continue to remain focused on limiting soy foods and making raw milk more available. We are petitioning the FDA to require warning labels for soyfoods and will be looking into a challenge on regulations that prohibit the transport of raw milk for human consumption across state lines. We’ll keep you informed of our efforts via our Action Alerts and through mailings, as well as in these pages.

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