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President’s Message

by Sally Fallon Morell

In this issue we tackle some of the prevailing dietary myths with three outstanding presentations from our November conference. First, we hear from Chris Masterjohn, who shows the lack of evidence for the claim that saturated fats cause heart disease and other health problems. He also demolishes the myth that arachidonic acid, found in butter and meat fats, causes inflammation.

Denise Minger stole the show at Wise Traditions 2011 with her presentation debunking the China Study and the work of Colin Campbell, widely referenced as justification for a vegan diet. Her presentation is included in this issue, along with that of Dr. Morton Satin of the Salt Institute, who takes issue with claims that we should reduce our salt intake. A healthy level of salt intake is about one and one-half teaspoons per day; yet government officials are urging no more than half a teaspoon.

We also present the testimony of David Gumpert, who participated in a raw milk debate at Harvard University; Gumpert presents government data showing that the number of illnesses from raw milk is low, given the large number of consumers; such data in no way confirms the myth that raw milk is “inherently dangerous.” You can access the debate from the home page of

January and February are planning months at the Weston A. Price Foundation. We have posted our speaker schedule for Wise Traditions 2012 at—with many popular former speakers and a host of new voices. The theme is “Nutrition and Behavior” and the location is Santa Clara, California.

In addition to our main conference, we are pleased to announce two regional conferences this year. The regionals will be two-day events with one track on Saturday and two tracks on Sunday. Two lunches will be included in the ticket price, with an additional Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund fundraiser dinner available on Saturday evening.

The first of these regionals will be held in St. Louis, May 19-20. Then we will hit the northeast with a conference accessible to our Canadian members, in Buffalo, NY in September.

Those of you in the Pacific Northwest will not be left out this year. The fourth annual Raw Milk Symposium, featuring a star-studded speaker lineup, originally scheduled for May 4-5, will now be held in Vancouver, BC in the fall.

So mark your calendars, and we look forward to seeing many of our members at these events!

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