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Wise Traditions, Volume 9, Number 2

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President’s Message: The Demise of Heroic Medicine

by Sally Fallon Morell

In this issue, we focus on the past, specifically on the use of mercury in the practice of “heroic” medicine, that is, medicine predicated on the assumption that only aggressive and toxic methods can heal disease. Even though it was obvious to many observers for hundreds of years that strong mercury-based medicines like calomel did not alleviate suffering, and in fact caused long-term harm, physicians continued to prescribe “heroic” doses of calomel well into the 1920s.

Physicians no longer use calomel, but the paradigm of “heroic” medicine is still with us in the form of radiation and chemotherapy for cancer patients (doctors go aggressively after tumors and hope the patient manages to live), multiple vaccinations for children and antibiotics for almost everything (on the conviction that the only good germ is a dead germ). But perhaps the greatest evil of modern medicine is the aggressive campaign against cholesterol, in which the entire adult population, and even many young people, are targets for cholesterollowering drugs and everyone, including growing children, is subject to “heroic” lowfat diets to save them from the evils of high cholesterol. Even though the adverse effects of cholesterol-lowering measures are obvious to anyone who cares to look and who possesses an ounce of common sense—growth problems and learning disorders in children to depression, nervous disorders, weakness and infertility in adults—doctors continue to push cholesterol levels as low as they can go, the patient be damned. Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs will eventually go the way of calomel, but if history is any guide, it will take many years for them to disappear completely.

Many natural and nontoxic schools of medicine emerged as a reaction to heroic medicine, including homeopathy; so, too, the Weston A. Price Foundation was founded as a reaction to the lowfat and anticholesterol agenda. Our philosophy is based on the assumption of a cooperative and sustaining natural world, one that supports the fullness of life for those who live within her laws, rather than the hostile environment of heroic medicine, one that must be distrusted, guarded against, fought against, outsmarted, poisoned, suppressed and overcome.

The generation of children now growing up on a nourishing traditional diet will be the generation that ushers the Weston A. Price philosophy into the main stream. Nothing gives me more hope for the future than our ongoing Healthy Baby Gallery. Thanks to their pioneering parents, who are wise enough to recognize the sustaining principles of the natural world and the fallacies of modern materialistic scientism, these children will possess the strength, intelligence and will to sweep away the last vestiges of “heroic” medicine—radiation, chemotherapy, vaccinations, antibiotics, lowfat diets and statin drugs—and replace them with therapies based on nutrient-dense food.

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