Journal, Summer 2010, Holistic Treatment for Allergies

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  • Activator Update, Chris Masterjohn provides the latest information on vitamins A and D
  • Food Allergies, Natasha Campbell-McBride describes the path to true healing
  • Acid Reflux, Kathryne Pirtle fills us in on the condition and the solutions
  • Root Canal Dangers, Hal Huggins shows us the connection with ALS and other neurological disorders



President’s Message

by Sally Fallon Morell

A New Era of Activism

“All truth passes through three phases: first it is ignored; second it is violently opposed; third it is accepted as self-evident.” The words of philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer describe the traditional nutrition movement in general and the raw milk movement in particular. Today the best gauge of our progress in the raw milk campaign is the fact that we have moved from the first to the second stage. The recent raids on raw milk producers in Wisconsin and Minnesota, unfounded allegations distributed to the media, the Wisconsin governor’s rejection of raw milk legislation passed with overwhelming support—actions all aimed at sending conscientious farmers into bankruptcy and denying nature’s perfect food to those who need it—indeed, the phase of violent opposition has begun.
Over the last ten years, the Weston A. Price Foundation has provided the knowledge about food and nutrition that people need to ensure their most basic right: good health. Knowledge creates responsibility for those who have compassion and who understand the world in which we live. In addition, through our membership and chapter system, we have created a critical mass of citizens on whose shoulders rests the responsibility for bringing fundamental change to our world—change that moves from the “me” to the “we.”
For this change to happen, we need to enter a new era of activism. To understand the basics of food and nutrition, to become connected with the source of our food, to secure healthy food for ourselves and families—this was the first step. The next step is to protect these fledgling food systems, and to do this in ways that build communities rather than destroy them. If we care about our future and our planet, every one of us has a moral obligation to get involved in protecting our food and our farms. It has become clear that the most powerful weapon for controlling people is diet. Will we have food that dumbs us down and saps our will, or food that supports clear thinking and effective action? We must take the lead in defending our right for the right food—first and foremost by supporting those on the front lines, our farmers.
A plan of action: first we must never cease contacting our elected representatives, government employees and the media, always appealing to their better instincts, always in the spirit of education. We must create an atmosphere in which it is shameful to oppose access to life-giving food. And second, we must create farm- and food-centered communities, centers of food creation, independent of the mainstream. These islands of hope can become teaching models for the future—the goal is not to impose change on the majority, but to be there when individuals make the decision to come out from among them and take personal responsibility for their health and their lives. Let us heed Dr. Price’s dying words, “You teach, you teach, you teach,” as we look ahead to stage three.

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