Journal, Summer 2011, Salt and Sulfur

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  • Sulfur Deficiency Stephanie Seneff, PhD, explores the consequences of lowfat diets
  • Salt of the Earth Sally Fallon Morell sets the record straight on this vital nutrient
  • Senomyx Scandal Lee Burdett reveals the business of high-tech flavor enhancers
  • Why We Crave Janice Curtin shares her experience in conquering food cravings


President’s Message

by Sally Fallon Morell

Salt and sulfur comprise two parts of the medieval triumvirate, mercury, salt and sulfur. Wrote Paracelsus: “. . . all things created by Nature consist of three primal elements, namely, natural Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt in combination. . . ”

Such musings make no sense to modern man, who is focused on what he can observe in the physical world. So, in this issue, we take a look at what science tells us about the roles of sulfur and salt in the human physiology. Both constitute critical parts of our diet, necessary for overall physical health, as well as mental and emotional health. Yet, the scientific community pays little attention to sulfur, and subjects salt to systematic demonization.

Salt, like fat, can be eliminated from the diet, even for long periods of time by those with lots of will power. The result is slow degeneration, fodder for the medical machine grown on the soil of misinformation. Millions of people struggle to eliminate these two essential elements of the diet, all because of relentless propaganda that harps on the evils of fat and salt.

Why does conventional medicine ignore sulfur? Because the foods that provide sulfur by and large lack political correctness—egg yolks and liver. In her article on page 17, Stephanie Seneff explains how sulfur from these foods protects us against heart disease, chronic fatigue, obesity and Alzheimer’s. What good news, that a two-egg breakfast provides the solution to these conditions.

Stephanie will give an all-day workshop on Friday at Wise Traditions 2011, our twelfth annual conference. And Morton Satin of the Salt Institute will deliver a talk on the need for salt on Saturday, as part of our Mythbusters series. Joe Mercola will deliver the Saturday banquet keynote address, and there will be dozens of other speakers, both old favorites like Natasha Campbell-McBride and Tom Cowan, and new voices, such as Russ Bianchi, Lola and Peter Hilgartner, Denise Minger and Alan Yegerlehner.

Please see pages 14-16 for all the conference details. We will not be sending out mailers this year, to save on costs. Use the information on these pages to plan your activities and then visit our website or phone (304) 724-3006 to register. Please don’t delay—space is very limited and we may have to cut off registration before the conference date.

We look forward to seeing you all there. The Wise Traditions conference has become the world’s premier nutrition conference, where attendees can take in cutting edge information on diet and health, and enjoy delicious, nutritious meals in the company of like-minded health-seekers.

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