Journal, Winter 2000, Women’s Health

Wise Traditions, Volume 1, Number 4



President’s Message: Misogyny and Misinformation

by Sally Fallon

Women’s health is an important issue these days, with shelves of bookstore space devoted to the subject. Women can certainly count it as a victory that factual discussion of reproductive disorders is now available and that the medical monolith has backed off from such inhumane measures as radical mastectomy and routine hysterectomy for minor female problems. Access to information and freedom to choose are the watchwords of American feminism. Unfortunately, with the spotlight illuminating the razzle-dazzle of vegetarianism, lifesaving facts remain in the shadows, and without those facts, women’s options remain limited.

This issue is devoted to providing dietary information women need to nourish the particular requirements of their biochemistry. It will come as no surprise to our readers that our emphasis is on the nutrients provided by fats and proteins from healthy, pasture-fed animals. We will show that current research completely vindicates the findings of Weston Price, findings which stress the vital need for fat-soluble vitamins to nourish the endocrine system and the reproductive organs. We will also discuss the hidden dangers in current gynecological practices–from mammography to hormone replacement therapy.

However much the authors of women’s books may profess sympathy for women’s issues, and however much the media may trumpet alternatives to drugs and surgery, lack of accurate information continues to entrap thousands of women in the vicious cycle of ineffective treatment and disease. Let’s not mince words. Misinformation on nutrition and women’s health is misogyny, however nicely that misogyny may be wrapped in New Age phraseology.

As we come to the end of our first year, let me take this opportunity to thank our members for all the support–financial and philosophical–they have given us during this time. Our influence is growing and the name of Weston Price is becoming known. Our website receives thousands of visitors each month and our informational pamphlet has been distributed to tens of thousands of individuals and families hungry for the truth. We now have almost forty chapters to help people find nutritious local foods. Real milk is becoming more available and butter consumption is on the rise. I know that this movement will continue to grow and I count it a privilege and pleasure to work with all of you who have come forward to help.

I am joined by the entire Board of Directors in wishing you all a healthy and prosperous new year!

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