Journal, Winter 2012, Adjuncts to Fat Soluble Vitamins

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  • Vitamin A Synergies Chris Masterjohn, PhD, explains how nutrients work together with vitamin A
  • The Story of Zinc Ananda S. Prasad, MD, PhD, tells the fascinating discovery of zinc in human nutrition
  • Natural Skin Cream Andrew J. Gardner reveals the secret to healthy skin care cream: tallow


President’s Message

by Sally Fallon Morell

Wow! It’s been a wonderful year for the Weston A. Price Foundation. We have seen our membership grow, our influence expand, our message reach more and more people hungry for the truth.

Wise Traditions 2012 was our best conference ever, with a capacity crowd of sixteen hundred, over forty highly qualified speakers and delicious food at every meal. A big thanks to all our volunteers and staff, and especially to Paul and Misty Frank, for pulling off such a complicated event.

And what about those wonderful chapter leaders? Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leaders and members contributed an estimated three thousand volunteer hours at a record one hundred ninety-three exhibits in 2012. We only have room to report on a few of them in the Local Chapter section of Wise Traditions.

Exhibits helped to expand membership in the U.S. with a recordbreaking twenty-five new memberships from the Integrative Healthcare Conference in New York, twenty-two from the Nourishing Women Through Life, Stress, and Hormones hosted by the Southern Middle Tennessee chapter, and twenty from the National Association of Nutrition Professionals Conference.

Outreach went down under with the seven-city New Zealand tour my husband Geoffrey and I carried out this spring. New Zealand has the highest membership and chapter leader count per person of all the countries of the world.

This year WAPF partnered with new organizations by sponsoring the WAPF Real Food Stage at the popular Mother Earth News Fair, delivering fifteen hours of WAPF content, cooking demonstrations and tastings to over one-third of the fifteen thousand fair participants.

WAPF spread its message into many audiences: sustainable ag, autism, cancer, gluten-free, herbal, holistic health, chiropractic, integrative medicine and dental audiences. WAPF exhibited at two Paleo-oriented conferences this year, even recruiting key leaders to membership! WAPF chapter leaders were involved in GMO labeling efforts in several states, as well as vaccination awareness and improvement of school lunches.

In addition, WAPF was able to launch its research efforts this year by sponsoring Chris Masterjohn, PhD, for his post-doctorate at the University of Illinois. Thanks to WAPF funding, Chris will be working on the interactions of vitamins A, D and K2 as they influence or prevent soft tissue calcification―Weston Price would be so proud to know that we were carrying on his research in the laboratory.

There’s still a lot to be fixed in our world; nevertheless, we have much progress to be thankful for. We wish you many blessings for the holidays and in the new year.

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