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An email I sent to Aldi Australia.

I greatly admire your company for its socially progressive decisions. As margarine sales have been declining for a number of years now, would it make good sense for a number of reasons to discontinue the sales of margarine and replace with coconut oil? Such a decision would create positive publicity for the company. Coconut oil is now the new health food. If you were to stock it, you might increase general grocery sales as some people will go into an Aldi supermarket to buy coconut oil and end up doing some impulse buying. The only people who buy retail margarine are those who do not know or care about nutrition. It is only a matter of time before there are redundancies' at margarine factories and their eventual closure.
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Ready to make fish broth? Body's good and so are brains and bones. For fish broth tips, read "Nourishing Broth" Why wait? Get your copy now! (affiliate link) The New Yorker Cartoons

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