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I found a write up online through westonaprice about eczema while searching for something help my 2 year old daughter. She has Sevwre food intolerance. I literally can't feed her anything without her flaring. She is miserable. I started her on Gaps about 2 mos ago after she started showing autism symptoms and lost her speech. Her sensory issues have improved but I've had to go so slowly with diet because she is so severe. In the meantime her eczema is worse than ever and we are up the entire night with her scratching and crying. I am desperate for help. Dr Natasha said she recommends evening primrose oil with fish oil but didn't say how much of the EPO to use. She just said "a little". If you have any advice I would appreciate ANYthing. Drkangs sophora was recommended in the online article but I thinn it is discontinued. I couldn't find it. Is there anything else that you recommend? ... See MoreSee Less

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