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In Search of the Perfect Human Diet by CJ Hunt

In Search of the Perfect Human Diet by CJ Hunt

In Search of the Perfect Human Diet Written and directed by CJ Hunt Hunt Thompson Media, LLC We are inundated with contradictory information about nutrition. The cacophony of claptrap is occasionally clarified with insightful newsflashes like this one from ABC News: Americans are fat. David Getoff, vice president of Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, is one of the first experts to appear in this film. He explains that the facts aren’t changin…Continue Reading

Update for WAPF Members- Jan 2009

…ll be sent to you by mail in about a week. We’d like as many members as possible to participate in some research on vitamin D, which we will be able to use in our upcoming article on cod liver oil. Please take the ZRT test and send us the results along with the brand and amount of cod liver oil you are taking, as well as any other vitamin D supplements. Please let us know how long you have been taking these products. We’d like to comp…Continue Reading

WAPF Updates

…on and mailing of 100+ page quarterly journal, brochures and Healthy 4 Life booklets ·         Shopping Guide research and publication ·         Research on traditional foods ·         Raw milk project for education and access ·         Legislative work and updates by Judith McGeary ·         A registered nurse on call to answer baby questions ·         Maintaining the WAPF office and four paid employees ·         Phone and email correspondence t…Continue Reading

Letters, Winter 2002

…perfect bite! Kezia Coon Hamilton, MT Soy and the Brain Thanks for your website! I found it by doing a Netscape search on isoflavones which took me to which took me to you. Until 2 years ago I was a regular consumer of homemade soymilk. I have a PhD in plant physiology and over the years I systematically worked to optimize the process I used at home so that I could make a soymilk much more palatable than any on the market….Continue Reading

Second Annual International Raw Milk Symposium Updates

…Inc. leaves off. Kristin’s son, Charlie, had asthma, unsuccessfully treated by conventional medicine. Her search for a solution led her to discover raw milk.  She saw dramatic changes in Charlie’s health after drinking raw milk, and noticed remarkable changes in her entire family. Her search for even more fresh farm foods was interrupted when she discovered small farmers were in peril.  Subjected to heavy regulation, lengthy and expen…Continue Reading

Pesticides and Polio: A Critique of Scientific Literature

…. . such irresponsible claims could produce great harm and, if taken seriously, even interfere with scientific search for true causes. . .”1 Hayes and Laws were informing their readers about the heretic, Dr. Morton S. Biskind. In 1953, when Biskind’s writings were published, the United States had just endured its greatest polio epidemic. The entire public was steeped in dramatic images–a predatory poliovirus, nearly a million d…Continue Reading

Smart Meters—not so Smart

…” grid network inflicts an incalculable increase in hazardous EMR at a time when the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has designated all RF/microwave electromagnetic frequencies as a Group 2B carcinogen (possibly cancer-causing).10 CANARY SICKNESS AND MEDIA FALLOUT A group of concerned medical doctors in Eugene, Oregon, reports: “PG&E’s approach to the AMI rollout didn’t involve a lot of public education. They just switched…Continue Reading

Update on Codex Alimentarius

…a positive relationship between sound dietary practice and good health, and that, although further scientific research is needed, there may be a connection between dietary supplement use, reduced health care expenses, and disease prevention. The provisions of DSHEA define dietary supplements and dietary ingredients; establish a new framework for assuring safety; outline guidelines for literature displayed where supplements are sold; provide for u…Continue Reading

WAPF Calendar Archive 2011

…– with Weston Price products and services will be available on 15th. For more information or to register search or Contact: (803) 649-4362. Jan 15 Worcester, MA: NOFA-MASS Annual Winter Conference – Circles of Connection featuring Joel Salatin. Contact:,, (978) 928-5646. Jan 21-23 Saratoga Springs, NY: NOFA-NY Diggin’ Divers…Continue Reading

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