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In Search of the Perfect Human Diet by CJ Hunt

In Search of the Perfect Human Diet by CJ Hunt

In Search of the Perfect Human Diet Written and directed by CJ Hunt Hunt Thompson Media, LLC We are inundated with contradictory information about nutrition. The cacophony of claptrap is occasionally clarified with insightful newsflashes like this one from ABC News: Americans are fat. David Getoff, vice president of Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, is one of the first experts to appear in this film. He explains that the facts aren’t ch…Continue Reading

WAPF Updates

…g/blog/ GOODSEARCH.COM If you pick the Weston A. Price Foundation as your ‘cause,’ we get a penny every time you search the Internet using You can earn money for your ‘cause’ through searching the Internet, shopping online and dining out. Goodsearch: Search the Internet with our patent-protected, Yahoo!-powered search engine (just like you’d search on any other search engine), and we’ll donate about a penny for nearly all sear…Continue Reading

Update for WAPF Members- Jan 2009

…ce Foundation has begun to receive funds earned when our members use rather than the more popular search engines. WAPF receives about 1.3 cents per search on the Yahoo-powered search engine and about three percent of purchases made through their online retail partners, from Amazon to Zappos. You can help support the Foundation with every internet search or purchase. Just go to to register and select your charity, and…Continue Reading

Letters, Winter 2002

Fine Filly Thank you for publishing “Clouds of Death in Western Montana” in the Fall 2002 issue of your magazine. You have some great topics of importance to our world. My filly was featured on page 17 and I can confirm the great success we had in treating her jaw with homeopathic cell salts. My (yep, her owners didn’t want this filly, so she was given to me) filly is still looking great, with a perfect bite! Kezia Coon Hamilto…Continue Reading

Second Annual International Raw Milk Symposium Updates

…Inc. leaves off. Kristin’s son, Charlie, had asthma, unsuccessfully treated by conventional medicine. Her search for a solution led her to discover raw milk.  She saw dramatic changes in Charlie’s health after drinking raw milk, and noticed remarkable changes in her entire family. Her search for even more fresh farm foods was interrupted when she discovered small farmers were in peril.  Subjected to heavy regulation, lengthy and expe…Continue Reading

Pesticides and Polio: A Critique of Scientific Literature

The following statement appeared in the Handbook of Pesticide Toxicology, 1991, edited by Wayland J. Hayes and Edward R. Laws: “It has been alleged that DDT causes or contributes to a wide variety of diseases of humans and animals not previously recognized as associated with any chemical. Such diseases included. . . poliomyelitis, . . . such irresponsible claims could produce great harm and, if taken seriously, even interfere with scientif…Continue Reading

Smart Meters—not so Smart

How Dangerous and Expensive Became “Smart” An Exposé of the “Smart Grid” Electric “smart” meters were installed in Cindy deBac’s Scottsdale, Arizona, neighborhood in 2012. She recalls the day a new meter was mounted on her home as a sort of digital Pearl Harbor attack. “I’ve never been so sick in my life,” she says. “Nausea, a crushing migraine headache, and painful heart palpitations laid me low right away.” Healthy and exuberant be…Continue Reading

Update on Codex Alimentarius

What It Is; How It Works Significant controversy and a lot of questions surround “Codex,” the shorthand name for both “Codex Alimentarius” and “The Codex Alimentarius Commission.” This commentary provides information to help clarify the meaning and significance of Codex and provide an update on the current situation. The Codex Alimentarius (Latin for “food code,” or “food book”) is a collection of internationally recognized standards, codes of…Continue Reading

WAPF Calendar Archive 2011

…ll-day seminar on the 24nd will have a line up of exhibitors well worth the price of admission. If you have been searching for the truth about nutrition, your search is over. Be sure to attend this life-changing events. In her seminar she will stimulate you to revisit the importance of traditional foods and proper preparation techniques in human diets and to reexamine the many myths about saturated fats and cholesterol.  Her work is based upon Dr…Continue Reading

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