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One Woman's Story of Treating Heavy Bleeding and Fibroids PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ricki Nuñez   
Saturday, 10 January 2004 02:25

Until recently I have suffered from a condition called "menorrhagia." The symptoms are basically extremely heavy menstrual bleeding accompanied by the passing of tissue, (it looks like a large blood clot, but is actually the lining of the uterus), and sometimes heavy abdominal, back, or leg cramping. It was, for me, a never-ending period. Sometimes I would stop bleeding for maybe only 2 or 3 days, before the next episode would begin. This had been going on for the past 3 or 4 years, gradually getting worse.

I really loathe the average doctor, and am not keen on pharmaceuticals, so I began my search for answers online. I came across a site which explained that fibroid tumors and menorraghia, almost exclusively, go hand in hand. Then I began looking at natural remedies for fibroids, and learned that fibroids are caused by an imbalance of the hormones testosterone & estrogen. The estrogen being the dominant hormone, with the fibroids feeding off of excess estrogen. The most effective natural hormone balancer to be found is Vitex, (chaste tree berry). The site also said that women suffering from menorraghia were prone to having a vitamin A deficiency. The site didn't recommend any particular source of vitamin A, or recommend an amount. So, I began taking Vitex, in the amounts listed as being the most effective (1200mg per day, all at once), and what I thought to be a normal dose of cod liver oil (about 12,000 IU per day).

My symptoms improved somewhat, and I thought that it might just take some time to get back to normal. Apparently, every time I would get stressed-out, the symptoms would get really bad. One night I had to prepare dinner for twelve at an event with some guests who were very important to me. Even though it all worked out in the end, I was so stressed out after cleaning up the kitchen, that the menorraghia hit me full force, and I could barely walk. With the cramping and edema that goes along with all of that, I had to go home early.

Through the Weston A. Price Foundation, I learned that much higher doses of cod liver oil might help—as high as 90,000 IU. I thought, "I don’t know if I can get that down!" (I have a problem with gag reflex, when it comes to swallowing oil.) The next day, we got a couple of bottles of high vitamin cod liver oil, and I took three full tablespoons, (60,000IU), and continued to take this much for the next three days. After the first day, the bleeding was cut in half! By the third day, it was gone, and has not returned since! I take a maintenance amount of cod liver oil in doses of 30,000 IU everyday, and have noticed that my sleep has improved, and there's much less edema as well. Even though I didn’t take the full 90,000 IU, the large dose worked incredibly well. I'm thinking that with the help of cod liver oil, I could try cooking for Jacques Pépin next!

Thank you for your help,
Ricki Nuñez
Gainesville, FL


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Bleeding Submocus Fibroids At Regular Intervals Approximately Ten Years
written by Hyacinth Reid, Mar 24 2014

Over the past year, I made some lifetime changes to my diet. I stopped eating red meat and dairy produce. I mostly have vegetarian meals but still include a small portions of fish and chicken occasionally. Each day, I have one meal replacement made of green vegetable and herb juices including an inch of fresh ginger, small piece of chili pepper, one lemon or lime, sweetened with either carrot, pear, beetroot or apple. I also make my own fresh fruit juices and drink plenty of mineral water.

I started by adding one teaspoonful of turmeric powder to fresh green juices for one meal replacement each day. I take 2x1000ml cod liver oil capsules three times a day. At bedtime, I make a cup of tea with one teaspoon of turmeric powder, add two desert spoonful of natural coconut milk powder, a small piece of grated ginger and manuka honey 10+ or above for taste.

The turmeric used to stain my tongue and teeth, but it's worth it. For maintenance, I continue to take the tea at bedtime. cod liver capsules reduce to twice a day and continued with the green juice.

I gradually lost 35 pounds; my skin is glowing; I feels healthier and not experiencing frequent or heavy vaginal bleeding.

I wish every woman on the planet could find natural cures to rid their womb from this type of bleeding plague and regain peace and happiness.

Try CLO it works
written by Imelda, Mar 05 2014
From December 29, 2013 to February 23, 2014 I'm bleeding heavy. When ever the prescribed medicines are finished, bleeding starts again. The OB suggest surgery to stop bleeding. Due to financial situation I search on the net for alternative medicine and came across about CLO. On the second day I take CLO bleeding stop until today. I hope no side effects and will cure my fibroid.
Amazing results from CLO
written by Robin Hansen, Mar 01 2014
Hello and hugs to all fellow sufferers of uterine fybroids/ heavy bleeding. I will keep this short as I have to leave for work soon. I came across this site approx 1&1/2 months Argos when I was online and desperate searching for an end to my misery from bleeding. After a solid month of heavy bleeding, the worst of all being on New Years Eve at a wedding (most embarrassing), I found this site while convalescing in bed the next day and I felt encouraged for the very first time, after numerous apps with fibroid specialists here in Chicago; all of which said hysterectomy was my only option. Well, I am of strong Norwegian descent and my father always thought that Norwegian-Americans grossly neglected taking CLO, and that our systems were more prone to breakdown without it. I started taking 3600 IU of CLO on the 14th of January 14, and have only had ONE incident of light spottinng since. After THREE years of pain and suffering. I am incredulous everyday and can't believe I am one of the lucky women this has helped. It was a Godsend I found this site!!
written by Ruqa, Feb 26 2014
I thank my God. He wanted to heal me and directed me to this site when I was weak on admission in a hospital having bled for six weeks and still bleeding with heavy clots and large watery flow. My doctor threatened surgery if the bleeding didn't stop. While on that hospital bed on the 16/2/2014 I browsed on alternative remedy to stopping heavy bleeding and that led me here. I immediately sent for six bottles of clo. I took six 5ml tp and same in the evening. I immediately noticed a change. The following day I was discharged from the hospital because the bleeding had stopped. Thank you for this site and I am grateful to my God my creator the Knower of all things who led me to this site. You are all blessed.
Clo works
written by Valencia, Feb 22 2014
Hello everyone.
My cycle has always been normal three days and regular flow. Well I had my fifth child in Dec 2013 via my first c section which I also tied my tubes. Once my cycle started back in Jan it was very very heavy and 7 days long. My sister told me my body has to adjust from the tubal procedure so I toughted it out. But this month I got the same thing. Tied of messing up my clothes and everything else I searched for help. I searched the web and found this blog 3 days ago. Yesterday I went to Wal-Mart purchased clo for $3.00 took 3 tabs as I walked out the door within 5 hours my cycle was very very light this morning almost gone.I will take one a day till my cycle stops. Thank all forbyoyr testimony and sharing this product.
written by Liz, Feb 11 2014
Women can use Shark Cartilage capsules along with vitex, red raspberry, red clover and diet will help a lot
written by Adina Middleman, Feb 01 2014
I found out that I had fibroids several months ago following nearly a year of very heavy bleeding and clotting. I am someone who likes the natural route to healing but in my frustration and exhaustion (I wound up getting mono likely due to decreased immunity from the bleeding) I gave into a Dr's recommendation and had fibroid surgery. I was told that the uterine type of fibroid I had was mostly in the uterine cavity and would be easily removed. They told me 90% of it would be removed and would very likely decrease my bleeding significantly. I as also told that if I didn't have the surgery soon, the fibroid would likely grow too big to be removed and a hysterectomy was in my future.

When the surgery was performed (this was my first experience with any type of surgery as I have never had any type of anesthesia and had two natural childbirths)they could only remove 20% of the fibroid. Apparently the two ulterasounds I had were very inaccurate (70% inaccurate) and I have been bleeding ever since. The bleeding has varied from light spotting to a very heavy and clot filled flow. I am on the tail end of my first actual period after the procedure (that was almost 2 months ago) and it was nearly as heavy with more clots than I have ever had before. So..the surgery was invasive, expensive, didn't work and now I'm bleeding constantly. I left that male practitioner who recommended and performed the surgery and went to a female to discuss options. She was much more empathetic and didn't push hysterectomy like the male Dr. did continuously, but neither of them could offer natural solutions. She also informed me that the bleeding could possibly never stop b/c the surgery had "stirred things up". She recommending a serious of the same type of surgery to slowly cut out this fibroid that she hopes is "pushing" out of the uterine wall into the cavity and will then be more easily removed. I obviously am not jumping at that option before trying something natural and non-invasive.

I am going to get CLO today as well as Vitamin A. I so wish I didn't allow the fear tactic that involved being told a hysterectomy was looming if I didn't have the less invasive fibroid removal surgery first make me go against my better judgement. I should have done this search 3 months ago an avoided the pain and suffering (and cost) of the surgery. I hope this natural route is as successful for me as it has been for others on this site. Thanks for all your input! Please, if you're considering surgery, reconsider and try this first!
Fibroid tumor
written by Mezzi , Jan 26 2014
Thank you to everyone for writing in this blog. Just found out i have a fibroid tumor when I went to my Gyn after bleeding for over 30 days and i was also doubled over in pain he gave me the typical diagnosis: hysterectomy! A week later, went back was still bleeding and had alot of pain, basically he said we have to do that surgery. I went home thought about it some more by the next morning I was in so much pain that I went to the ER, thinking there had to be something other than the fibroid. After a bunch of test and a very large bill I came home depressed because I got the same diagnosis. I came home and thought no, I'm going to look for an alternative. So my husband and I spent hours researching on the Internet ways to stop the bleeding and try to stop the estrogen dominance through diet. I came across this blog and read ALL the testimony about COD LIVER OIL. we ran up to GNC health store and bought some, Nordic Naturals is the brand, Arctic Cod Liver Oil soft gels 1000 mg. Started taking it right away. I took three yesterday and by this morning the bleeding has almost stopped. I went from a super tampon and a large pad every HOUR to a regular tampon that I haven't had to change in 6 hours!!! I just had to tell everyone it works!!!!! And I have no pain. Now we are just going to work on shrinking the fibroid, total diet makeover so that I don't eat anything that might produce estrogen and I bough some Progesterone cream also to balance the hormones Diet is a big factor.
written by Jane, Jan 21 2014
Thank you Ricki and everyone else who shared their experience with using C.L.O. to stop heavy bleeding, and thank you Weston A. Price Foundation for making this information available. I had dealt with this for years and like many of the women who contributed, was at my wits end. As soon as I read Ricki's entry I got some WholeFoods brand CLO and started taking about 66,000 units a day. Bleeding decreased significantly right away and stopped completely by the third day. Over the following few days, I reduced the dosage to about 40,000 . Right now, when I take less than 40,000 some bleeding starts, but I am about to begin a treatment regimen to shrink and eliminate the fibroids and assume that as that improves, less and less CLO will be required to counteract the bleeding.

Again, thankyou thank you thank you to everyone who helped me access this information. Great health to everyone!
FCLO works to stop Menorrhagia
written by Jenny, Dec 30 2014
After reading this blog I tried Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil with High Vitamin Butter Oil. It worked straight away. I had been bleeding for 2 months, very heavy with no sign of stopping. The first day after taking the FCLO (3 Tab) the bleeding reduced dramatically and stopped all together 2 days after that. I found an article about women with Menorrhagia being Vitamin A deficient at Pub Med back in 1977. Article follows;
S Afr Med J. 1977 Feb 12;51(7):191-3.
Vitamin A in the treatment of menorrhagia.
Lithgow DM, Politzer WM.
Hypovitaminosis A was found to be an important cause of menorrhagia, and a statistically significant difference between the fasting serum vitamin A values of healthy controls and patients with menorrhagia was noted. Vitamin A is a co-factor of 3 beta-dehydrogenase in steroidogenesis and deficiencies of this vitamin may result in impaired enzyme activity. The level of endogenous 17 beta-oestradiol appears to be elevated with vitamin A therapy, and menorrhagia was alleviated in more than 92% of patients.
PMID: 847567 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE
Any one please help me
written by Aileen , Nov 26 2013
I have had heavy periods since i could remember,someone recommended i take vitex but i cannot afford it,please help me.
written by joanan, Nov 20 2013
i have severe pain with my fibroids, serious swollen belly and severe clots now too..i have the implant for 6 months which my doc said shoudl help with it making the blleding worse? Any ideas..I already take vitex and red clover for the fibroids..dont seem to make any difference...not sure if I should take implant out or not?
written by llmei, Nov 20 2013
Just want to share my experience.
Last Friday, I was really sad about the big blots and heavy bleeding. I needed to go to bathroom whenever the large blot came out, even the largest pad cannot hold the big blot. So I searched online and very happy found this article. I went to Walmart after dinner and bought the cold liver oil. But the cold liver oil has only 4400 IU of vitamin A. Fortunately I have some soft gel vitamin A (10,000 IU) and D left in refrigerator (I bought it for my son two years ago, already expired this February). I took 3 soft gels and one table spoon cod liver oil before I went to bed. Saturday morning I took another 3 A and D soft gels, another 3 at night. The big clots disappeared on Saturday, but the bleeding was still very heavy. I continued to take A and D soft gels at morning and night for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. The bleeding almost end on Tuesday. So this morning I only took one soft gel and are going to take 2 gels at night.
very distressed woman in need
written by miss unique, Nov 12 2013
Hi there im also in desperate need I have been bleeding like crazy for over a year please help what brand of cod liver oil do I take is it safe would it stop automatically for good if I take it for a few months then stop please help smilies/shocked.gif
herbal and vitamin supplements are powerful
written by drdrum, Nov 03 2013
I have read most of the posts responding to this article and information. Thanks tto everyone for sharing experiences and knowledge.

Many people either don't know or forget how much all foods, herbs, and supplements react in our bodies. Also what works for one may not for another. With any herb as with any medicine it's important to know how all things concerning our bodies react in us. Too much vitamin A is toxic because we don't secrete/eliminate the excess. Some herbs may work great but have side effects such as raising your blood pressure or other issues. If you are on medication of any kind -- including over the counter --it's also important to check to see if what you're thinking of taking will interact negatively. A lot of reading and research is needed.

It is important with Vitex to also know when and how long during your cycle to take it. As with supplements and drugs too.

I'm a firm believer in more natural ways of working with our bodies to heal. Unfortunately the western medical community is still back in the dark ages. I agree with the picture of most drs male and female think the only way to cure any female issues by hysterectomy. And if you're over 30 it's a complete hysterectomy. Here's what I was told: "you don't need any of that. You're not going to use any of it anymore -- you're not having any more children." Like that is the only reason you have female organs. It's funny to me that no one suggests that men lose theirs when they get older.
Thank You To All Of You
written by AJLind, Nov 01 2013
THANK YOU for all of the women who have contributed to this thread. I came across this site and though apparently it's been a while since y'all posted, I thought I'd tell all of you thank you for taking the time to share your experiences. I am going to try some of the tips given here including the cod liver oil and see if it helps because it surely cannot hurt. One of the other symptoms of excessive bleeding is an invisible one: Anxiety. Anxiety is one of the worst problems with bleeding problems I've found. I hope everyone is in good health reading this and that you have found relief. God bless all of you who contributed and everyone who has managed to find this thread through good luck.
written by tonya, Oct 12 2013
Thanks I will try this right away I've been dealing with this problem for years I'm 26 married no kids hopefully this works for me God bless you dear.
Update from July
written by Jameela, Sep 24 2013
Update: I wrote back in July about lessened periods. I noticed that when I am stressed or if I am on the go a lot like in August I had two back to back trips, it can get heavy again. I am now on two fish oil capsules and two vitex (chaste berry) capsules a day. I am bleeding just a little, sometimes spotting, and nothing at night when I am lying down, a far cry from the heavy bleeding and clotting I had in early summer before I started on the fish oil regimen. I take the Nature Made Fish Oil (Costco) and the Nature Way Vitex (Amazon) and I am extremely pleased with the results. I am hoping in time I can shrink the fibroids away. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I take one Vitex in the morning, one at night along with the two fish oil tablets, for me, the fish oil works better at nights as it helps me sleep sounder. I hope you too can find some relief like I did thanks to this site! Don’t give up, it takes a few months to regulate your system.
Wellness Practitioner
written by Mr. J.N.C.Umenyiora, Sep 22 2013
Kindly let me have the contacts of those who manufacture high contents of vitamin A cod liver oils to be used against heavy menstruation.
written by EJ, Sep 18 2013
I was do glad I can across this site. Over a year ago I found out that I have a lot of fibroids and its increasing in size. My period flow is so heavy and painful. I made up my mind to have the surgery after my second test results when I found this site. I decided to start taking the Cod Liver Oil before my period start on the 16th. I am two days late and don't feel no period pain. And no am not pregnant not at! I will keep taking the CLO if it helps stop the bleeding or reduced the bleeding that's fine with me.
advise please.
written by yeyeye, Sep 14 2013
I am grateful for the information. I am 32 years old. I have been bleeding for about 2 weeks now with very painful cramps. My doctor gave me Naproxen tab (500mg 2ce a day for 5 days) the pain has stopped but the bleeding is still heavy. I just got married and I would like to have kids. I am thinking of trying the cod liver oil but if it stops the bleeding permanently, won't that affect my chances of having a baby. Please advise. Thank you.
uterine fibroids
written by annmarie clarke, Sep 14 2013
i have been suffering with heavy bleeding for the pass years recently it has gotten worst i have take every medication there is an nothing seem to be helping am so tired an frustrated i use to take cod liver oil but when i was much younger i would anything to stop this bleeding i start taking it back today pray for me that it helps my situation
an stop this bleeding thanks for sharing your experience annmarie
Fibroids, clots and bleeding
written by Tiffany, Sep 03 2013
Sorry but this will be explicit and TMI.... I've always had a severe period until last year around late September. First came the severe cramps then came the blood that never stopped. For Thanksgiving, I spent three days in the bed and every time I got up it was like a gush of blood. When I finally would make it to the bathroom nothing but clots. Some fit the palm of my hand. Went to the gyn, w/ no tests and just basic questions I was put on birth control. That helped with the pain and somewhat slowed the bleeding back to a somewhat normal period. However, that stopped working and instead of running tests again I was prescribed another prescription of birth control and told to just wait. Three months later went back because I bled literally for 2 months. Once again no tests were ran and he just said that "oh you can't stop bleeding, well we'll just take it out". I was so bothered by his nonchalant attitude, I stormed out crying. In one year and one test that I begged for, I found out that I have 4 fibroid and 1 sits intracavity right behind my cervix.

I went to the web to search for some non invasive way to ease my symptoms and found this blessing of a sight. Went to Walmart and bough some CLO and began taking it on Sunday night. Today is Tuesday and I've only bled for maybe 15 mins since Sunday. Hopefully this will work until I can find another gyn... and they will check my estrogen levels and such.
written by Laura M, Aug 31 2013
Hello Everyone, I must say that me stumbling across this website was a blessing!!! I discover 2011 that I had several fibroids during my pregnancy with my daughter that I had 9 fibroids. I gave birth 8/12 to a healthy beautiful baby girl! I am currently breastfeeding and just started back menstruating a few months ago, I was constantly experiencing heavy bleeding until I stumbled across this site. Since using cod liver oil 3x a day the bleeding has reduced significantly. I am not taking the vitamin A as of yet due to me breastfeeding and do not want to load my daughter with too many vitamins. I can't waittill I'm done breastfeeding so I can take it as stated!!!
written by Charlotte, Aug 30 2013
Thanks you ladies for sharing your various bleeding issues. Just when I thought my 2 weeks bleeding issue was horrible I read yours. I am 53 years old and am told that my heavy bleeding and clots are an on set of the end of my menstrating. Woohoo, but I as I know that all bodies are different so I decided I do research and will try the cod liver oil. Good luck to you all and me.
Question for the forum
written by Biah Buchongo, Aug 27 2013
Hello, I've been reading the responses in this forum. I'm having challenges with heavy bleeding as well due to uterine fibroids. I purchased the Cod Liver Oil tablets which are 1000 mg per tablet. I checked with a pharmacist to find out how many I would need to take for it to equal 60,000 iu's. He said the Cod Liver Oil is not measured like that. Does anyone know how I will know that I'm getting 60,000 iu's of Cod Liver Oil whether it's from the tablets or the actual oil.

Thank you. smilies/smiley.gif
Ricki's Article
written by Dewayna Darrett, Aug 02 2013
Great Article!~ Very helpful.
written by Searchingforknowledgeandtruth, Aug 01 2013
I beg to differ about ashwaghanda being better than vitex. After taking ashwaghanda is when I started with all the bleeding for 6 months. I found out that overtaking vitamin b12 can also make you bleed heavier. Every woman's body is different I guess and the best thing to do is to see what works best for you. I discovered that tumeric will slow the bleeding down tremendously. I guess I will try the cod liver oil and see what happens. I will report back!
written by Ginger Lowrance, Jul 22 2013
I am crying with relief because this website saved my life. I had been bleeding for three years and had to quit my job. Although I took iron to keep my strength up, my life was completely disrupted and I was so embarrassed to go out in public for fear of all that blood pouring out. The discussions about cod liver oil and vitamin A on this blog cured my condition and I have my life back whereas my doctor's solution was a hysterectomy. I am so happy and I thank all of the women who shared their experiences here. God bless all of you and I'm not even a religious person.
written by ck, Jul 20 2013
In my case it has been 5 years of hell and bad health, irritability and infertility.Doctors are clueless and keep blaming my fibroids - 3 all under 3 cm for the heavy bleeding and clotting. I developed anemia that will just not go away however long i take iron supplements my body will not just catch up. Some months are worse than others.I have missed out on so much in these 5 years, disrupted my studies and job progressions,without mentioning infertility and always feeling cold and uncomfortable, sad etc. Have been on progesterone last year November and though it helped to sleep better and some energy I was quite not right plus the bleeding did not reduce significantly and even the clotting was still there atimes even worse. Anyway my naturopath increased the dose in June. May and June 2013 were bad, had to leave work to go change in May due to flooding- very watery clotty( huge) period. I thought it was one -off bad cycle and that the next would be better, wrong I had to stay home in June and found out I am anemic again. Now after my period in June I was just fed-up and wanted to get this thing under control, I came across this page and other research that showed that Vitamin A had been used to stop heavy bleeding and that heavy bleeding in the presence of fibroids was not always due to fibroids. Some heavy bleeding can be due to vitamin K deficiency.Anyway I have not had CLO since I was a child and hated the fishy aftertaste. Anyway that weekend after I missed work i went out and bought a bottle of CLO and for the next week I cleared it taking huge doses. I ordered another bottle online less expensive and higher strength and have continued with it. I did spot for sometime through out the cycle and more last Saturday at 25 CD with one small clot but I was late to apply my progesterone cream. Now I am 4 days late in my cycle and I do not know what to make of it. I am waiting for it to see if will get better. Just the fact that I reached my full 28 days before bleeding is great , hope I have found my answer. I also take vitamin K and D3.
Fish Oil helped me tremendously!
written by Jameela, Jul 18 2013
I came across this blog in early May. I am 50 years old. For years I have had very heavy periods with much clotting, earlier this year had an ultrasound - confirmed what I guessed – I have many fibroids, one 5cm. Over the past year I have had to resort to wearing Poise pads (for bladder incontinence) the bleeding was so bad. I would get little sleep at night and constantly changing my pajamas and the bed sheets every night. Suffice to say all this was very disruptive for my husband, who never complained I could not leave the house for days when it was very heavy and often lasted for about 10 days. Periods/bleeding came every three weeks or so. I was not prepared to have invasive surgical treatments, take hormones or medication. FSH test revealed that I was menopausal, yet I had regular bleeding every 3 to 3 ½ weeks. After reading this blog, I went to Costco on my usual shopping trip, and bought Nature Made Fish Oil 1200 mg. I started taking these daily, I had a period/bleeding as expected but came about 4 weeks rather than 3, but no clotting at the end of May, since then no bleeding, some occasional minor spotting, no period, it’s been 6 weeks. I have to assume that it’s the Fish Oil. I am so elated, and I can finally wear white. If any of you are skeptical, I say give it a try, you too will be surprised by the results.
written by Sonja, Jul 11 2013
To all my new friends whom I am so thankful to discover on this website. I found out last year I had developed fibroid tumors.
I really had no issues until this past weekend. I started bleeding so heavy , and it wasn't even my menstrual cycle. I was so frightened. I went to my gynecologist and was told it was most likely my fibroid tumors and to take progesterone 12 days out of every month. I found this website and read all of your stories, especially you, Yvette. I waited until last night to pick up cod liver oil and Sabina 30c.
I took it last night, went to bed and said my prayers. This morning is and new day! No bleeding! Thank you guys for sharing your stories!!! My only issue is, why wouldn't our Doctors inform us of these options? I talked to mine on the phone and told her about these products. She just said she hasn't researched it. Why not??? Disturbing! Thanks again to all of you! SO THANKFUL!
Nana with fibroids
written by Elaine Stansell, Jun 28 2013
So grateful to have found this site. I thought I was alone with the problem of heavy menstral cycle with fibroids at age 54. My dr took me off my hormone pills yesterday, hoping the lining of my uterus will shrink. I prefer a natural cure for this and so thankful to see the use of cod liver oil and Vitamin A should help.
written by lexi, Jun 25 2013
has anyone been able to get pregnant after treating their heavy bleeding and fibroids? I want to have a baby....but am dealing with heavy bleeding and fibroids...
written by PublicEducators dot com, Jun 09 2013
In my experience, surgery only provides temporary (14 mos) relief (myomectomy). Women must change their daily diets by eliminating all dairy and animal protein. No exception. That's the first step. Next, you must stabilize your eating habits by eating clean foods (3 clean meals) and enzyme rich foods on an empty stomach throughout the day -- organic bean sprouts, alfalfa spouts, any sprouts in your area or do it yourself in your kitchen. You should also eat clean, fresh fruit (all of the "berries", pineapple, etc.) on an empty stomach. I recommend eating either organic sprouts or fresh fruit (always alternate) the moment you wake up. Drink a few ounces of water, use the ladies room, eat your enzyme rich sprouts or fruit, then get ready to start your day (shower, hair, etc.). Eat either sprouts (a big giant handful) or fresh fruit (1-2 cups or as much as you want) right before bed. Your last meal of the day should be 3 or more hours before bed. Drink plenty of clean water, eat greens and uncooked foods (big salads will help you heal w/sprouted chickpeas, onions, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, bitter greens such as dandelions & mustard greens, beet greens, etc. with a simple dressing that pleases your palate like honey mustard or a vinegar you like such as aged apple cider vinegar). Go big on the salad because uncooked, clean food = enzymes = healing / dissolving the fibroids. Eat all the clean, brown rice, potatoes, multi-grain pastas & breads, veggies and fruits you desire. A good manufacturer is Eden Foods for your pasta and other items. They also have a list of macrobiotic recipes that will help you diversify your meals. Find your local farmers market via the USDA's website and explore all the wonderful, seasonal foods your area has to offer.

Next, you must commit to a daily exercise routine that is enjoyable/motivating/stimulating/works for you. I chose a combo of kick boxing, pilates, yoga and dancing to my favorite music. Exercise should make you smile and feel great. A 5-10 minute routine daily will make a huge difference in your life. Go online and find some videos and make time and space in your home to exercise (facilitates lymphatic drainage & detox as part of the healing process). Lastly, to stay on schedule with eating organic sprouts or a fresh fruit salad on an empty stomach, your stomach should be empty the moment you wake up (sprouts or fruit salad), 2-3 hours after your first meal of the day (sprouts or fruit salad), 2-3 hours after your second meal of the day (sprouts or fruit salad) and right before bed. I use the alarm on my phone to stay on schedule because it's critically important to eat uncooked, enzyme rich foods on an empty stomach. I do not recommend enzymes in any other form other than organic sprouts, fresh fruit and salads (all ingredients must be uncooked). This will help you heal. You can also read 2 books -- Healing Fibroids by Dr. Allan Warshowsky and Fibroid Tumors Healed Naturally: A Personal Journey Shared with Specific How-To's
by Faye Hardaway. I did not read them, but I believe that both authors share my philosophy around natural healing. We have everything we need to encourage the body to heal itself, however, must get back to basics by eating the foods intended for the human body -- clean veggies, starches, fruits and water. If you live in a cold climate, be sure to harvest and freeze seasonal fruit and green leafy veggies during the spring/summer so you can stay on the path of progress in the winter months. You can also plan winter instead of summer vacations (western U.S.) to get the foods you need that way as well. I went from being partially disabled (couldn't leave the house during my cycle, midsection distended) to seeing the line of a "6 pack" forming on my abs. You can do it with nutrition, exercise and positive thinking/affirmations. Trust. I hope this helps.
HEALED!!! - love always win, my divine answer!
written by Yvette, May 22 2013
I've had bouts with "female issues" on and off since I was 15. At 15 I was diagnosed with hyperplasia of my cervix and uterus, they did a D&C and cleared me out, put me on hormones and sent me on my way. Within 3 months I gained 80lbs but not knowing what I know now, I stayed on them until I was 18.

My body seemed to regulate and I went on with life, but whenever I was mad or stressed I would begin to bleed, I never understood and doctor's couldn't explain it, so I just figured it was part of my life I would need to deal with, along with crazy heavy, super long periods I would get every few months, as I got older it turned into what I was told was "Bloody ovulation" so I was basically having 2 periods per month.

Then last month on the 18th I had one of the stress bleeds, that ran into "bloody ovulation", that ran into my actual period, then when I realized a couple days ago after waking up in a puddle (literally a puddle of blood) I had been bleeding for a month and it seemed to be getting worse. What I thought was just a long period, had now gone beyond the point where I no longer felt safe and could handle it on my own.

Knowing that if I went to the ER or a DR they would just send me how with "Sorry, there's not much we could do." or "Here take these hormones" I just did what I know to do, pray. I asked God to get involved and heal me of it..I received very clear instructions which were:

Sabina 30c (5 tablets 3 times) - available at most natural food stores/whole foods/sprouts/etc.. for around $7

2 tablespoons of Cod Liver Oil Liquid - I got Spring Valley Norwegian Cod Liver Oil from walmart for around $7 as well.

2 pre-natal vitamins - Spring Valley brand from walmart as well for around $4.

A prayer, obedience to the answer I received, $18 and less 12 hours later the massive bleeding I was experiencing (soaking through an overnight pad is 5-20 mins) has STOPPED. To be honest it slowed from soaking through within minutes after taking it. I took it around midnight, changed my pad and stayed up for a little while to see how I would feel or if I felt anything. An hour went by and I felt clots coming, so I went to the restroom, after that I changed my pad and went to bed at three. I woke up 5 hours later, to barely any blood. Now here it is 16 hours later and the blood flow has STOPPED. The pads I picked up while I was at walmart last night get the meds, didn't even need to be opened.. the bleeding has just STOPPED. Praise God.. I am the HEALED of Jesus. I got my life back, and my energy! This is AWESOME, God is AWESOME!
To bleed or not to bleed
written by Tracey Johnson, May 03 2013
Hello everyone. I hope this message finds you well. I thank God on high for the bleeding has stopped. I am 46 years old and have been suffering from fibroids 6 years now. My doctors have done absolutely nothing for me. God led me to the site and other helpful sites. I found that by drinking three glasses of raspberry tea a day as well as Ocean Spray raspberry juice and adding sage herb to my diet slowed the bleeding down. However, just yesterday, I took Geritol complete tonic early in the day and Geritol complete vitamin later in the day as well as triple strength fish oil vitamin and the bleeding stopped in one day. I am now only taking one Geritol complete vitamin and one fish oil vitamin a day. I do also jusuggest adding liver to your diet. These higher levels of vitamin A worked for me to stop the bleeding. I pray this helps somebody God bless amen.
written by Jenny, Apr 28 2013
I was so happy to read this story! I refused a hysterectomy as treatment, wanting to deal with the hormonal imbalance and other causes. I was horrified to feel so much blood pouring out of me and so I was relieved to read that a few of you experienced the same thing. Thank you for posting.
written by Leslie, Apr 22 2013
I appreciate all the comments. I am 53 and have been diagnosed with a 5 mm fibroid but up until now, heavy bleeding was not an issue. For the past 4 weeks I have been alternating from spotting constantly, to heavy bleeding. I will saturate an overnight pad in less than 2 hours continually and feel gushing whenever I move. It's scary. I have been taking Green Pastures FCLO (fermented cod liver oil butter high vitamin butter oil) now for one year but regular dose. So that was a bit disappointing reading how CLO helps everyone but since I've already been on it, why the heavy bleeding? Also terrible cramps that don't seem to diminish. This forum has been more help to me than any doctor and I appreciate all your comments. It helps SO very much to know you're not alone.
CLO + A??
written by Justina, Apr 10 2013
I am having a very hard time finding what brand CLO to buy (besides Blue Ice, which is extremely pricey for my lack of a budget right now). If I take basic CLO capsules and high dose vitamin A, would that be the same idea as high-vitamin CLO? I have found 10,000 IU vitamin A capsules... just curious if anyone's tried taking both instead of a combination in oil form, and if so, did it work?
written by Caligula, Mar 30 2013
I was wondering what vitex or vitamin a brand r u guys taking?
written by Ivone, Mar 24 2013
Thank you so much for your story. I'm only 16, turning 17 in July and my periods have always been irregular. My last regular period was Oct. 24th and it was normal, lasted about a week with cramping and all. Then I didn't get my period for nearly three months. I had light spotting the first week of January, then, two weeks later, my period came full force for two weeks. I only got one week's rest and it came back again, same as last time. I'm passing clots and have been on it for a good 3 weeks now. I started taking Vitex about 2 and a half weeks ago. I know results aren't immediate so I'm still hoping it will work in the future. I'm totally going to look into the cod liver oil. I don't want to go to the doctor because all they would do is put me on birth control which would mess my hormones up even more. I've never been one for traditional medicine. Again, thank you smilies/smiley.gif
written by a grateful lady, Feb 19 2013
YES! Try the Vitex and vitamin A for the fibroid tumors.
I had extreme bleeding for a few years when I thought I should actually be slowing up and entering menopause. At times it would build and then just pour out, quarts at a time.
I came across the article and started taking the maximum recommended. There was immediate results. As each month I felt the healing and less and less bleeding I began to reduce the dosage. Now 3 years later, with the last year period free, and a mild menopause, I continue with a "maintenance dosage". Daily I take 1 vitex capsule and a 10,000 unit vitamin A. I have never had any side affects such as depression or weight gain.
People are all created by God to be special. We need to try and see what works for us.
Ricki, thanks for sharing your story!
thank you
written by sue, Feb 15 2013
I am so grateful that I came across your site.I have been suffering with severe bleeding for a while now and I ,like the others have been to many doctors who to me seemed to just want to cut me open. When ever I asked if there were holistic solutions, I was practically laughed out of the hospital. I knew there had to be other treatments out there and I am so excited to try the suggestions on this page. The thought of trying CLO and vitamin A sounds much more appealing than the options the doctors gave me!
written by Andrea, Feb 11 2013
Please check out the University of British Columbia's Center for Menstrual Cycle and Ovulatory Research (CEMCOR) site. They have many papers posted with regards to flooding, perimenopause, etc. According to their research, fibroids are often blamed for heavy bleeding, heavy clots, etc. However - the real culprit can be unopposed estrogen, like when a women stops ovulating. The unopposed estrogen leads to a very thickened endometrium(lining of the uterus), and a condition called endometrial hyperplasia, which can lead to very heavy periods, heavy clotting, anemia, etc. The treatment is oral progesterone, which is available as an inexpensive generic(taken by itself - no other estrogen as estrogen is causing this condition). Endometrial hyperplasia can be a precursor to endometrial/uterine cancer, as the condition can mutate over time, and seems to be triggered by excess estrogen/deficient progesterone, as well as other cancer like ovarian cancer, and breast cancer. Women who have completed menopause should also know that vaginal bleeding is often the SYMPTOM of uterine cancer and should see their GP/gynecologist ASAP .

Ablation is a procedure which burns the endometrium to create scar tissue, so it stops the shedding of the endometrium (ie period). However, it does not treat the CAUSE of the symptom(ie unopposed estrogen excess), and it is possible for cancerous changes to occur under the scar tissue, which are undetectable until the cancer is more advanced.

Why do I know this stuff ? I had my own severe bleeding, etc., a GP who was not much help, and old school gynecologist who suggested a hysterectomy at age 44. Oral progesterone stopped my bleeding, and my endometrium returned to a normal thickness after two cycles of progesterone only.
Spontaneous Healing - is a divine cure No human created by God is willing to believe
written by D.Parameswaran, Feb 10 2013
I am a naturopath. Three yrs bk a woman underwent
this scary feature of the humanbody. She went around
doc to doc, hosp to hosp and went on for methods of trials and errors
and finally flabbergasted she rushed to me ; verifying
her reality i told her convincingly Just one more
day It will stop!!
Told her to do fasting and some specifics and it
stopped; then she remembered gods divine
body and nature is least understood by man!
and medicine!
my facebook page has all health tips regularly.
Thanks to Weston for their faithful integrity in health
of mankind!!
-param ofsunflowerdance
Bleeding Fibroid Tumors
written by Great Grand Mother age 67, Feb 09 2013
I have been to several doctors at my age, one said I should have my uterus removed. the other doctor said an operation could kill me, due to the fact I have a heart pacemaker. This doctor said I do not have cancer and that my fibroid was shrinking and that I would be a bad risk for an Uterus Removal, that my weak heart could not deal with the Operation. I can live with a bleeding fibroid tumor and wear kotex pads at my age 67, being widow now of 2 years. I have been bleeding daily for 4 years every single day, some days are slow bleeding some days have been very heavy. I have had big mega blood clots come out of me like it was a big piece of giant beef liver. Big blood fibrod tumors of dark blood. I am not afraid or scare now, knowing surgery to remove my uterus could kill me. I am getting my money together to go to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota to get the new laser operation to get rid of my fibroid tumor condition. The best Health does cost money. Currently I am still bleeding, but alive and I do not feel pain, only when some the Fibroid tumors are ready to come out and it goes away. I am going to try the cures of castor oil and cod liver oil. I have been under a lot of severe and extreme stress with a sick husband,now dead, and a hateful relatives and the stress of his sickness and sudden death. Life is hard, but I am doing better than most knowing that an operation of complete removal of my uterus could be the cause of my death, due to my congestive heart failure and the weak heart with a pacemaker I have been wearing for 2 year now. I can give this message of comfort. Enjoy life and do not let the stress of death of anyone burden you to severe heartbreak. DEATH COME TO US ALL, the clue is not to have it too fast or too quick. I am age 67 and I want to be here for age 100, is not impossible . Death is not my friend and I do not Welcome it to have a risk of surgery ! I will survive with Kotex until the bleeding stops on schedule ! I do not like it, but I am not weak, I am doing fine to be age 67 and use kotex every day. It is a Horror in a way, but I am alive doing regular things. Cooking, sewings, cleaning and travel, walking and watching my weight. I hope this message can comfort
someone to love and embrace life to live with their bleeding fibroid tumors.
I have been living with bleeding fibroid tumors everyday for the past 4 years and still counting !
lycopene and nattokinase
written by Kristina, Feb 07 2013
I have had VERY heavy bleeding and lots of clots with bad stomach pains/cramps for a very long time. Sometimes when I think I was going to be off I would just suddenly GUSH blood and clots. It was aweful!!! Last year I would guess I had only about two week off of my period the whole year. My husband and I have been ttc for 7 years with nothing. I tried to go to the doctor but it's just so much money... even with insurance... that I couldn't afford it. That's when I started to do research on anything and everything natural to help with my situation.....also something I could afford because most of our money was going toward the adoption of our son. (Yeah!!!) smilies/smiley.gif I found something called Lycopene and something else called Nattokinase. Lycopene is found in red ripe tomatoes and provides superior antioxidant benefits. It aids in the healing process of your uterus. Nattokinase is an enzyme isolated from Natto which is a traditional Japanese fermented soy food. This enzyme helps to discard of "bad" fibrin. It is also a slight blood thinner so you are not going to want to take this if you are already taking a blood thinner. It suggest you take fish oil with this and be sure to take it all on an empty stomach or else it will just pretty much aid in digestion. I took the max dose at first because my symptoms were really extreme. You have to find whats right for you. Here is what worked for me.... I ordered Nattokinase 100mg foods brand from amazon because it was the cheapest at around $20.00 per month) Lycopene 25mg capsules.... I took two Natto caps and one Lycopen cap three times a day on an empty stomach before breakfast, lunch and dinner. At night before bed I would take a good multivitamin (I used geretal complete or a good prenatal)and a fish oil pill. The Nattokinase also helped me to naturally lower my blood pressure. I also tried to stay away from red meats because I hear they have more estrogen in them and tried to exercise for at least thirty min a day for good measure. I have been doing this for three months and so far I have had regular periods and no cramping for two months! MUCH less cramps and stomach pain.....I now have high hopes of getting pregnant! Eventually you can go to two capsules a day of Nattokinase and one of Lycopen. I hope this helps someone! I know each body is different and we all have to see what works for us! God bless!!
written by KatZ, Jan 14 2013
I have had fibroids for years, and they have never given me any trouble until recently. I too thought I couldn't bleed this much without dying!! I am going to my local health food store today to find all the supplies I need, and I hope for a good outcome. Thanks for all the info. KZsmilies/smiley.gif
written by Another Woman in need, Dec 11 2012
I never thought it was possible to bleed for over 2 months without bleeding to death, although I am very weak now. I went to my gyn because of heavy bleeding, and I found out I have a fibroid the size of a baseball. He suggested for me to take progesteron, and I did. That didn't help me, so he suggested birth control, but it didn't help either. I have had clots and heavy bleeding. Yes, the progestron and birthcontrol slowed it down, but did not stop the bleeding at all. I am so tired of this. I went to the store and took my first dose of cod liver oil today, then I came home and started reading about cod liver oil affects. One site said it would thin my blood. Thay is kinda scarey to me. Thinning the blood would make me bleed more and harder wouldn't it? I do not know what to do about this really. smilies/sad.gif
clo for heavy bleeding worked for me
written by Becky Monroe, Sep 25 2012
When I was going through the change of life, I started having bouts of heavy bleeding. I never went to the doctor so don't know the cause. I bled extremely heavily for weeks, month after month. After taking high vitamin cod liver for two days the bleeding stopped. When I ran out of clo the next year, the bleeding started again. I got more clo and it stopped again after two days. I took 2 Tablespoons of Quantum High Vitamin clo daily. You can't get it anymore so I don't know how the dose translates into other brands. I no longer cycle and now just take a daily dose of clo and have had no problems.
written by Anjum Arah, Jul 24 2012
Actually one of my friend who has a problem that her monthly bleeding is being 1 and half day in a month means very less bleeding is coming so what should prescribed for her.pls tell me as soon as possible
written by Anjum Arah, Jul 24 2012
this is the nice to know how to help ourself with this types of decease which can critical in future
written by anonymous, May 27 2012
I have a fibroid which is 12.5cms in size and still growing. I do not have children but am worried that if I do not have it removed, it may become cancerous. I do not experience heavy periods, but there is now pressure on the bladder.I would be grateful for any advice that you can give. I really want to avoid a hysterectomy, if possible. Thank you.
written by Nellie, Mar 22 2012
I have a large fibroid that can cause more symptoms and can ache and throb if overactive. When it gets like this I use castor oil packs over my abdomen. It shrinks them very quickly. Basically, you pour some castor oil on a face washer and place it on your skin over your uterus area. Then cover it with some cling film to stop the oil going everywhere and place a hot pack in a towel over it. Relax with this over your abdomen for an hour and let the oil absorb into the skin. Do daily for a couple of weeks. It really does work. I will try the cod liver oil as lately my period had condensed into a couple of very heavy days since I had children.
VItex, not for me
written by Jeanette , Mar 05 2012
I would like to echo the sentiments of one the posts above. I started to take vitex to shorten my cycle. Almost immediately I noticed water weight gain in my thighs and hips area. I also noticed a weird malaise while taking it too. I didn't have any motivation to do anything which bothered me quite a bit. My awareness of my "apathy" really disturbed me and made my symptoms worse. I could tell myself that it was just a feeling, but I just didn't want to clean my house, exercise, interact with people, etc. I also craved chocolate, but didn't really want to eat it. I was driven to eat it, but did not enjoy it. Very odd feeling.When I got my first period on vitex, it was one of the heaviest and full of clots that I could remember. I did get my period 2 days earlier, but I am not willing to go on it again at the expense of the other things. I found my cycle regulating doing FCLO, eating a Paleo diet with no grains, and exercise. Very important to keep your immune system healthy as it seems to affect all hormonal cycles! I hope this post helps some women out there. So many people had great responses to it, but I did not!
Ricki Nunez Article
written by Laura, Sep 21 2011
I have a problem with fibroids as well, which I attribute to being estrogen-dominant, which I found out as a consequence of a saliva test, as well as the biometric indicators used by the Genotype Diet. I had ablation using the Novasure(TM) procedure and didn't experience any cramping. What also might help is to take DIM, D-calucium glucarate and Indole-3-Carbinol to help metabolize any excess estrogen. That, with some progesterone cream have helped keep mine from getting any larger.
Make Sure You Take the Right Type of CLO
written by Deb, Jun 18 2011
My friend who was staying with us said she had the bleeding fibroids problem. Her doctor said that if her bleeding did't stop, she would need a hysterectomy. I wish to thank Riki for her letter. She took the high vitamin Quantum(which is what I had)and her bleeding stopped as well after 3 days of taking 3 TB STRAIGHT. She dropped the dose to 2 tsps and her bleeding never came back! You want to take BLUE ICE or Quantum HIGH VITAMIN OIL, and take it with organic butter. Stay away from all soy products too and seek whole foods from sustainable farms.
Vitamin A works wonders for heavy bleeding!
written by Lahoma Howard, Feb 27 2011
I have had heavy menstrual bleeding for about 10 years now (I am 40 and have 3 children), and I have been on several types of birth control pills, nuvaring, so many iron supplements to try to combat the anemia that I suffered from terrible disturbance of my gut flora and IBS. I have celiac disease and so was already gluten free, but more recently went grain free and started feeling better, however my ferritin levels kept going down despite supplements and I live at high altitude, this becoming more serious a problem as time went by. I found this article and I cannot thank you enough! I took 30,000 IU of vitamin A a day for 15 days and now my periods are only 3 days, only 1-2 days of any significant amount of bleeding and I am starting to get my wind back a little bit. Thank you SO MUCH! 50 cents worth of vitamin A fixed a 10 year problem that I had spent a fortune on. I am now taking fermented cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
written by Ntianu Ossai, Nov 23 2010
Hi Susan,
Where are you. Do you know where I can try out ceragerm in the UK?Thanks in advance
cold liver oil dosage questions
written by Sasha, Oct 20 2010
Hi everybody, I am suffering fro heavy bleedings that got worse after i was on a raw vegan diet for about 6 months. I want to take CLO as Ricki did but all I found was 2,500 in a single dose as 1 teaspoon. The woman at natural store cautioned me not to take more than 4 tspns a day or it will be toxic. I am not sure what to do. Should I ignore her warnings and just swallow half of a bottle? Please anyone who had an experience with this, tell me how it worked for them. Or point me to some website like Ricki used. Thanks a lot for any information.
Fibroids and heavy bleeding
written by Diane Belanger, Jul 01 2010
I had a large fibroid, the size of a grapefruit, and it was causing LONG periods with HEAVY bleeding. The Dr. had me try progesterone which slowed down the bleeding and gave me more normal periods but I did not like the side effects. Eventually I decided to have the ablation surgery - in the hospital for a day. That was 7 years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. I had no periods after that (although this is not the case for everyone), no pain, no problems. The ablation worked wonders for me. Thank you.
warnings about Vitex
written by Christine S., May 03 2010
I just wanted to say that I beg to differ on the use of VITEX. This herb for some people is detrimental. I know and have read about so many women who have suffered MAJOR depressive episodes after it's use. Yes, it might lengthen the days of the cycle, but as for it's side effects. All I can say is WATCH OUT. My daughter and I both suffered with problems of cycles being too short. She stopped taking it back in Feb and is still suffering from depression. She said it made her feel exactly the way BC pills made her feel. No emotions and apathy, then depression. It is horrible and I think this herb should be used very very sparingly. I do holistic counseling on the side and don't even recommend it to anyone after this and many other people's stories. Ashwagandha is a much safer option and addresses alot of other problems. However I do agree that the cod liver oil is good. And magnesium also. I hope someone can read this and hopefully help them before they have to suffer like we did and still are getting over it's use. Also I NEVER have passed all these blood clots and things. My period got very wacky after the vitex.
written by Yoli Ace, Apr 12 2010
Hi Elizabeth,

Did the cod liver oil work for you? I am having the same problems & my doctor recommends an ablation as well. I would rather drink the cod liver oil than have this procedure done. I've read that a lot of women have severe cramping after the ablation procedure.
written by Holly , Apr 06 2010
This is fantastic information. I have had similar experiences and I want to stress that, in addition to cod liver oil( which is so important!) Cereal grass juice powder with spirulina (green drink), sunshine, and digestive enzymes, and most importantly, STRESS REDUCTION were key in reducing my symptoms. And my loving God, the God of the bible, is my healer. Nothing ever really went away until I went to Him. Throw everyone who won't stop stressing you out out of your life, or at least hold them at arms length, and surround yourself with kind, loving people. I think all the health food in the world will never work if you are always an angry, stressed, nervous wreck.
written by Anonymous, Mar 21 2010
I experienced similar bleeding. The doctors (yes, more than one) were of little help, but some wonderful women from the internet, who had the same experiences, clued me into Promensil and progesterone cream. I rub the cream on my hands or feet daily, and I take promensil (red clover pill) daily, and all symptoms are removed. My doctor assures me that it's not possible, but since I was nearly bleeding to death, and now I'm not, I guess I'll happily live with the impossible. I had not heard of the Vitamin A connection, or Vitex before, but I think I'll check into that, and Cod liver oil (!) as well. Thanks!
Fibroids, heavy bleeding and multiple periods in one month
written by Susan, Mar 13 2010
Hi Ricki,

Thank you for the information. I thought those were large clots. I had heavy bleeding that I was anemic and was referred to a Hematologist. I was in so much pain that I had laproscopic surgery and my gyno found 'scar tissue' and took most of it out. He said if this does not stop, he will take out my uterus. I will start taking the cod liver oil. I heard of ceragerm. It is a machine that dries up the fibroids using heat and the dried matter is expelled out of the body as stool. Have you heard of it. It is apparently free treatment and popular all over the world.Is it safe?smilies/smiley.gif
Ricki Nunez article
written by elisabeth Penner, Feb 12 2010
I have been suffering from heavy bleeding for 2 years now, and the gynecologist wants to do the ablation of the lining of the uterus and if that doesn't help, remove the uterus.
My period last 12 to 15 days with 3 days of very heavy bleeding. I don't have any fibroids.
I have been working with alternative medecine for 15 months with no result.
Never heard about the Cod liver oil as a remedy for it. I am stating on it today and hope it works for me as well. Thanks for sharing your experience Nicki. Elisabeth

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