Cruel and Unusual Punishment: Soy Diet for Illinois Prisoners


SOY PRISON LAWSUIT: On February 25, 2015, Judge Baker of the United States District Court for the central district of Illinois cited conflicting scientific evidence when he dismissed the claim of Harris and others that the feeding of too much soy constituted a violation of their Eighth Amendment Constitutional rights. With the backing of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Harris and the other plaintiffs will appeal to the Seventh Circuit United States Court of Appeals, located in Chicago.
SOY LABELING PETITION: In 2008, WAPF sent a citizen petition to the FDA urging regulators to withdraw the claim that soy could prevent heart disease. After more than six years and no response from FDA, WAPF is suing the agency to address the petition. After meetings with FDA officials and James Turner, Esq, the Foundation’s general counsel, the FDA promised a reply within six months.



WASHINGTON, DC. October 21, 2011.  Honorable Judge Harold Baker of the United States District Court for the central district of Illinois has ruled that litigation challenging the use of soy foods in Illinois prisons will go forward. Full Story



The Foundation has been funding litigation involving a challenge to the Illinois Department of Correction’s use of soy laden foods in the diet it provides to inmates incarcerated in Illinois.  The Foundation has been involved in this suit since June 2009.  First and foremost, the Foundation is seeking an injunction against serving soy-laden meals to Illinois prisoners. The fund is also helping eight inmates challenge their being fed soy-laden food by claiming that the feeding of soy-laden food constitutes cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the eighth amendment to the Constitution, and that it is a denial of their liberty in violation of their due process rights under the fourteenth amendment to the Constitution.  The lawsuit also alleges that the private corporation and its private doctors, Wexford health services, inc., have been negligent in failing to provide adequate medical care to each of the plaintiffs who are suffering bodily injury and adverse health effects from being fed too much soy.

The case is pending in the United States District Court for the central district of Illinois before the Honorable Judge Baker.

Both the state of Illinois and Wexford have filed summary judgment motions arguing that they should receive a pre-trial judgment in the case because none of the inmates has “exhausted” his administrative remedies.  In other words, the State and Wexford are arguing that none of the inmates, before they filed their complaint, properly complained to prison officials about the effects that the soy diet is having on their body.  The inmates have opposed these motions for summary judgment and have presented a plethora of evidence that they have indeed, for several years, complained to prison officials about the harmful effects of soy on their bodies, but that the prison officials have ignored these complaints and have done nothing about it.  The inmates have also presented a plethora of evidence to the court to show that they have also, for several years, complained to Wexford and its subsidiary doctors about the harmful effects of soy on their bodies and that the Wexford doctors have ignored these complaints.

The matter is pending before Judge Baker on the State’s and Wexford’s motions to dismiss.  we expect a ruling from the court sometime before the end of 2010.  If the motions are denied then the case will go forward to a trial on the merits, which likely will go forward sometime late next year.


When Rod Blagojevich was elected governor of Illinois in 2002, he immediately made a change in the prison diets. Beginning in January 2003, inmates began receiving a diet largely based on processed soy protein, with very little meat. In most meals, small amounts of meat or meat by-products are mixed with 60-70 percent soy protein; fake soy cheese has replaced real cheese; and soy flour or soy protein is now added to most of the baked goods.

The governor’s justification for replacing nutritious meat and cheese with toxic soy protein was financial-to lower the enormous costs of running the Illinois Department of Corrections. However, the likely reason is payback for campaign contributions from Archer Daniels Midland, the main supplier of soy products to the Illinois prisons.

Suffering of Inmates

Early in 2007, the Weston A. Price Foundation began hearing from inmates who were suffering from myriad serious health problems due to the large amounts of soy in the diet. These prisoners had found us through the Soy Alert! section of our website. Complaints include chronic and painful constipation alternating with debilitating diarrhea, vomiting after eating, sharp pains in the digestive tract, especially after consuming soy, passing out, heart palpitations, rashes, acne, insomnia, panic attacks, depression and symptoms of hypothyroidism, such as low body temperature (feeling cold all the time), brain fog, fatigue, weight gain, frequent infections and enlarged thyroid gland. Since soy contains anti-fertility compounds, many young prisoners may be unable to father children after their release.

The suffering of these men is intense and medical care is palliative at best. Many have had sections of their digestive tract removed, but all requests for a soy-free diet are denied. The men are told, “If you don’t like the food, don’t eat it.” That means that unless they can afford to purchase commissary food, they must eat the soy food or starve.


The Weston A. Price Foundation has hired an attorney to represent several inmates incarcerated in the Illinois Department of Corrections system. The Foundation’s attorney has entered his appearance on behalf of three inmates, has had contacts with several other inmates, has served several subpoenas upon the wardens of several facilities for documents and other information, and has informed the Court that additional inmates will soon be named in an amended complaint.

The lead case is captioned Harris et al. v. Brown, et al., Case No. 3:07-cv-03225, and is currently pending before the Honorable Harold Baker in the United States District Court for the Central District of Illinois. The Foundation has until May 30th to file its amended complaint and the Defendants have 30 days after the complaint is filed to file their respective answers. The suit seeks an injunction putting a halt to the use of a soy-laden diet in the prison system.

How You Can Help

  • Donations to the Weston A. Price Foundation (Soy Alert! Campaign) can help with the high cost of legal representation.
  • Letters to the press, Illinois elected officials (including the governor and attorney general of Illinois) and even U.S. Congressional representatives can alert others to this serious situation-which threatens not only the health of inmates but the future of fiscal solvency in the state of Illinois-because personal injury lawsuits are bound to follow.
  • Write to the U.S. Department of Justice and request that they initiate an investigation and enforcement action under the Prison Litigation Reform Act, 42 United States Code Section 1997a, also known as the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CRIPA). A sample letter is given below.

For Relatives of Inmates

  • The soy diet, especially when consumed in large amounts for a lengthy period of time, will destroy the health of your loved one in prison. The most important way you can help is to send your incarcerated relative money to purchase commissary food.
  • Write or visit your elected officials about this situation. This contact can be especially effective from those who know on a first-hand basis the suffering the soy diet has caused.
  • Write to the U. S. Department of Justice and request that they initiate an investigation and enforcement action under the Prison Litigation Reform Act, 42 United States Code Section 1997a, also known as the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CRIPA). A sample letter is given below.

For Inmates

  • Follow procedure and submit grievance reports, delineating your health problems and requesting a soy-free diet.
  • Be sure to keep copies of all grievance reports and medical records.
  • If you are suffering from a swollen thryoid gland, low body temperature, fatigue, trouble concentrating and/or weight gain, request that you be given a blood test for thyroid hormones. If your TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) is above 4.5 mU/L and you also suffer from one or more of these symptoms, you likely suffer from thryoid disease (such as Hashimoto’s disease). The doctors should prescribe thryoid replacement therapy and give you a soy-free diet.
  • Use your commissary money wisely to purchase healthy foods. Good choices include sardines, tuna and salmon, cheese, summer sausage (Editor’s Note: summer sausage now has soy), Spam (for vitamin D and healthy fats), pork cracklings and plain rice. Avoid sweets, chips, sodas, etc. as these make you more vulnerable to the harmful effects of soy.

For Further Information

Sample Letter Sent By A Relative Of An Inmate


Honorable Eric Holder, Attorney General
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20530

Copy to:
Patrick J. Fitzgerald, Special Counsel
U.S. Department of Justice
Northern District of Illinois
Federal Building
219 South Dearborn Street, 5th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60604

Dear Sirs:

I am writing to request that you initiate an investigation and enforcement action under the Prison Litigation Reform Act, 42 United States Code Section 1997a, also known as the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CRIPA).

I have a relative, [first name, last name, identification number], who is presently incarcerated in [name of facility]. He has been incarcerated there since [date of incarceration]. He has become ill with the following symptoms since the Illinois Department of Corrections began feeding a soy-based diet in January 2003: [List symptoms].

He has not been able to get appropriate medical care from the prison staff and I am concerned about the long-term effects of this soy diet on his health. According to information posted in the FDA’s Poisonous Plant Database and from research published in medical journals over the past sixty years, soy has the potential to cause serious health problems, especially if consumed in large amounts. This diet may make it impossible for [name of inmate] to engage in necessary activities to earn his living after his release and may even cause him to have medical problems that will be very costly to the state of Illinois.

According to law, prisoners are entitled to “nutritionally adequate food” (Ramos v Lamm, 639.2d 559, 1980). According to Illinois law, “Infliction of unnecessary suffering on prisoner by failure to treat his medical needs is inconsistent with contemporary standards of decency and violates the Eighth Amendment” (Key Note 7. Criminal Law 1213).

The justification for the switch from beef to soy is to save money, but according to one court case, “A lack of financing is not a defense to a failure to satisfy minimum constitutional standards in prisons” (Duran v. Anaya, 642, Supp. 510 (DNM 1986), page 525, paragraph 6).

I urge you to look into this situation and take action to reinstate a nutritious diet for the inmates in Illinois prisons, before the soy diet irreparably destroys their health.

Sincerely yours,


[Name] [Address] [City, State, Zip]

Sample Letter Sent By A Concerned Citizen


Honorable Eric Holder, Attorney General
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20530

Copy to:
Patrick J. Fitzgerald, Special Counsel
U.S. Department of Justice
Northern District of Illinois
Federal Building
219 South Dearborn Street, 5th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60604

Dear Sirs:

I am writing to request that you initiate an investigation and enforcement action under the Prison Litigation Reform Act, 42 United States Code Section 1997a, also known as the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CRIPA).

I am concerned about the practice of feeding a soy-based diet to inmates in the Illinois prisons, which was initiated in January of 2003. According to information posted in the FDA’s Poisonous Plant Database and from research published in medical journals over the past sixty years, soy has the potential to cause serious health problems, especially if consumed in large amounts.. This diet may make it impossible for those incarcerated in Illinois to engage in necessary activities to earn their living after their release and may even cause them to have medical problems that will be very costly to the state of Illinois.

According to law, prisoners are entitled to “nutritionally adequate food” (Ramos v Lamm, 639.2d 559, 1980). According to Illinois law, “Infliction of unnecessary suffering on prisoner by failure to treat his medical needs is inconsistent with contemporary standards of decency and violates the Eighth Amendment” (Key Note 7. Criminal Law 1213).

The justification for the switch from beef to soy is to save money, but according to one court case, “A lack of financing is not a defense to a failure to satisfy minimum constitutional standards in prisons” (Duran v. Anaya, 642, Supp. 510 (DNM 1986), page 525, paragraph 6).

I urge you to look into this situation and take action to reinstate a nutritious diet for the inmates in Illinois prisons, before the soy diet irreparably destroys their health.

Sincerely yours,


[Name] [Address] [City, State, Zip]


Lawsuit Also Alleges Price-Gouging in Commissary Services

WASHINGTON, DC, October 31, 2011:  Honorable Judge James O. Shelfer of the Second Judicial Circuit in Tallahassee, Florida has ruled that defendants will be given a twenty-five-day extension in which to respond to the plaintiff’s multi-count complaint challenging the soy-laden diet in Florida prisons and a commissary price-gouging scheme. Full Story


More on this situation here: Soy in Illinois Prisons Case

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Tim Boyd was born and raised in Ohio, graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a degree in computer engineering, and worked in the defense industry in Northern Virginia for over 20 years. During that time, a slight case of arthritis led him to discover that nutrition makes a difference and nutrition became a serious hobby. After a pleasant and satisfying run in the electronics field, he decided he wanted to do something more important. He is now arthritis free and enjoying his dream job working for the Weston A. Price Foundation.

69 Responses to Cruel and Unusual Punishment: Soy Diet for Illinois Prisoners

  1. Holocaust Gaza says:

    America’s backyard concentration camps…
    …the US menace has to be dealt with sooner or later. We can’t allow another 3. Reich!

  2. andy says:

    Meat and cheese is not healthy. The food these inmates are eating is the food my family eats. There is something else making these inmates sick. Saying Meat and cheese is good for you is ridiculous. I actually burst out laughing when i read this. What a joke. LOL

  3. Christine says:

    Re: Andy
    Andy must work for one of the poisoners of the US food system (ADM, Monsanto…..)

  4. mezzo says:

    Meat and cheese ARE not healthy? Maybe you can be a bit more specific and explain your reasons for this rather apodictic statement. Just calling something ridiculous is not really an argument for or against anything. As for your family: Feed them soy and watch their health degrade over the years.

  5. Auburn says:

    Andy said: “Saying Meat and cheese is good for you is ridiculous.”

    I’ll tell you what’s ridiculous: Your attitude.

    Keep eating a soy based diet, Andy, but be sure to save a lot of money because you’ll need it in the years to come with all the health problems you’ll certainly will have.

  6. Ken says:

    Soy Clarification – Fermented vs. Unfermented
    The soy debate can be quite confusing for so many of us just as the milk debate is for others.

    Raw milk, with its beneficial live enzymes and bioavailable nutrients, should never be classified together with denatured, pasteurized or homogenized milk that kills the majority of enzymes and makes some, if not all of the nutrients bio-unavailable (as with ultra pasteurization).

    So we should never classify fermented soy products with its beneficial live enzymes, probiotic bacteria and bioavailable nutrients together with the bad reputation of unfermented soy and its enzyme inhibiting, poor bio-unavailable counterpart.

    By fermented soy products, I specifically mean traditionally made natto, temph, miso and soy sauce rather than the commerically adultrated versions that have penetrated the marketplace at reduced prices.

    For example, the anti-cancer effects of miso soup have been documented profusely by the very scientists and medical personnel who assisted the survivors of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. There are similar documentation for natto, tempeh and traditionally made fermented soy products from any simple internet seach.

    Let’s be clear that the unfermented soy products such as soy milk, soy burgers, sausage and meat substitutes, tofu, edamame, aburage (deep fried tofu) will require your body to supply or produce the enzymes to process these foods that may be further compromised if the natural enzyme inhibitors are not deactivated. A caution and warning to all those who use unfermented soy products on a daily or regular basis! Some may not be harmful in moderation but please be responsible in researching what you’re eating BEFORE a health problem occurs!

    Blessings to everyone who seeks the truth with all their heart, soul, mind and strength!

    Much Aloha,

    W. Ken Koike
    Hawaii Chapter Leader
    Oahu Isle/Honolulu County

  7. Tricia Ross says:

    Kudos to WAPF
    I am so happy that the WAPF is doing this. Many people do not understand that The prison model will be used in schools, hospitals and other institutions. Now is the time to stop it. Prisoners deserve rights as well they are not all murderers and rapists if they were I would have no problem feeding them soy myself.

  8. diane cullett says:

    iowa inmate
    My husband is an Iowa inmate and has been complaining as well about all the soy they are fed. Is there any way he can join in on the lawsuit?

  9. Lava says:

    I really don’t think pork cracklings are in any commissary. Depending on the rules, inmates’ families might be able to mail them some. But the commissary will probably have the other items.

  10. Kay says:

    Something I’ve observed in vegetarian men who eat large amounts of soy is that they become feminized in both appearance and behavior — perhaps from the phytoestrogens in the soy? They gain weight and the fat distribution pattern is female, not male. This feminizes the appearance of both face and body. Their behavior — how they walk, talk, laugh, and gesture — also becomes feminized. From what I’ve observed, most people (particularly men) are uncomfortable being around these feminized men, so they become socially isolated. I hope this bizarre and unfortunate effect of a high-soy diet is investigated and addressed by the attorney(s) for the inmates.

  11. Michael says:

    some scientist needs to study this group of men to see if it is in fact soy or in fact geneticly engineered soy. Most soy beans are now genetically engineered and according to this study GE foods can be detrimental to a prsons health.

  12. jayde says:

    i am with some of you on this. i think that this needs to stop here befor it goes any farther than the prisons. my other half is in the illinois prison and he is suffering really bad to to this diet they say is better for them.. it is not that it is better it is that it is cheapper.

  13. Andre Brooks says:

    Please keep me updated with regards to this matter of the illinois prisons feeding of soy to imates…

  14. sam2 says:

    they should force rod blagojevich to eat an all soy diet, see how he likes it

  15. Gwen says:

    My husband is in the Florida system and has been complaining of the very same symptoms mentioned in the article. Prison doctors just look at him and say “There is nothing wrong with you.” He told me that he thought he was dying.(seriously) I send him as much money as I can each month and he has started eating most of his meals from commassary, and a miracle…. his fatigue,always feeling cold (In Florida…),passing out and the intense abdominal pains all disappeared. We did not know what it was that was making him sick. I am afraid that this is not just a problem in Illinois, Iowa and Florida but probably the majority of the USA. How can we stop them from hurting our loved ones. Isn’t it enough that they are serving their time.
    By the way, in Florida they do sell pork crackling on commissary.

  16. Garbage King says:

    Fmr State Centraal Planning Chairman Rod may get to eat soy unless he saved some of that graft money he got for selling the now National Planning Czar’s old House of Lords seat.

    In this case, soy is more than he deserves.

  17. Polli Minnell says:

    deliberate malnutrition of prisoners
    This has got to be against the Geneva convention on human rights. Perhaps it might have a greater impact if it was taken to an international court. I’d be making sure the worldwide media knew all about too.

  18. Cody says:

    soy is an abomination unless its 100% properly fermented but i only know of japan that does that but even so i will never touch soy ever again

    for the first 18 years of my life i was diseased from bad types of carbohydrates and little bits of soy here and there that they commonly add into junk food but for only 1 of them years did i eat large amounts of soy i drank soy milk for 1 year and thats all it took to grow horrible ugly man boobs that completely destroyed my social life

    however i am healthy now thanks to the atkins diet with exercise i have lost 150 pounds of fat and gained 60 pounds of muscle i have also had breast reduction sugery so i no longer look like a freak

    but the poor prisoners who eat such a high soy diet for many years the pain they go through must be unbearable this is one of the worst acts of human abuse i have ever seen

    God bless you Weston a price foundation for being a voice for them

  19. Barbara Whirl says:

    I Love My Husband and i will be damned if the soy takes him from me!
    My Husband has been suffering the ill effects of soy in the illinois prison system…He has intestinal problems and painful constipation, He goes to health care and all they will do for him is give him m.o.m and laxatives and send him on his way, he asked for a soy free diet and that was denied, I hold onto all my husbands grievances…My husband has had gallbladder disease which resulted in having his gallbladder removed which im sure was caused by the soy also. I Love my husband very much and i refuse to lose my husband because Illinois wants to save money. I will make sure justice is being served for all of our loved ones who dont have a voice…well i do and i will use it!!!

  20. Debrah says:

    I have to say that I while can sympathize with those who have loved ones who were wrongly convicted or convicted of a non-violent crime–I really can think of better ways to spend your organizations money then defending criminals. My daughter was a victim of years of violent abuse–her ex is now in prison and if a soy diet “feminizes” him or makes him sick–well then maybe he will have less energy to bother her or their kids when he gets out of prison.

  21. Jill says:

    @Debrah re: Defending Prisoners
    Debrah, I can understand your bitterness toward the person who hurt your daughter. However, I believe it is a very worthy cause to stand up for the rights of prisoners, even of violent crimes. They do have a number of rights, even if some of their other rights are suspended. They are a fairly powerless population, and they are essentially being used as guinea pigs in a medical experiment against their will that is demonstrably damaging the health of many of them. If we stand by and do nothing, our own humanity is eroded. No one would argue that prisoners should be fed the finest of everything, but they do deserve nutritionally complete food that does not do them physical harm.

    Most of them will be released at some point. A nutrient-dense diet while they are incarcerated could actually help many of them improve their lot and become productive citizens after they have paid their debt to society. We know that not only physical health but mental and emotional health suffer when the diet is deficient, including things like productive goal
    setting, self control, and good judgment (see Mental/Emotional Health articles on this site).

    See the Foundation’s press release regarding how this prison diet sets a precedent…our schools are next. That’s another powerless, vulnerable population.

  22. Debrah says:

    Of course, I feel the schools should be the first place to start–maybe help to prevent some of the violent behavior in the first place! Children should be the priority. It does seem to be a difficult battle as not only do we have to convince the schools to even get rid of the junk food –trying to go against the modern dietary advice is even harder: low fat etc

  23. Charlotte Bue says:

    I do find the debate about soy to be a little confusing. How are the Asians who have some of the most enviable health statistics on record able to consume soy without health repercussions?

  24. RONICA PARKER says:

    RE: SOY

  25. MS says:

    Charlotte, I agree, it is confusing. What the inmates are being fed is isolated soy protein not traditionally cultured or fermented soy foods such as miso, tempeh, and fermented tofu that has been in Asian cuisine for thousands of years. The fermentation/culturing process breaks down the difficult to digest sugars and the high amount of protein enzyme inhibitors present in un-fermented soy.

  26. Papai says:

    Why are Asians able to eat higher soy diets?
    Im a tech guy so I’m really talking out of my pie hole insofar as authority on the topic but….
    My bet about this is that the Asian diet is higher in FERMENTED soy products primarily and not as high in “processed” soy products like what our market is flooded with. They have had soy in the market waaaay longe than we and it wasn’t.isn’t like what we have at all.
    (Consider, perhaps, who’s growing the vast majority of soy AND whose seed is being grown. That spells LOBBY. OK, I put my WiFi remote controlled soapbox away. :p)
    Anyway.. our market has more processed vs. fermented soy products.

    Miso soup, tempe, soy sauce, tamirin are all examples of fermented soy products which I believe have shown to have significantly different profile.

    Again, i’m a nerd schmuck so chem/foodie/nutritionists check me.

  27. Cortarian says:

    Soy and “Feminizing” Behavior
    I don’t think it’s good to give “soy” to make them more “feminine.”

    Some people have claimed that vegetarian men exhibit “feminine” behavior and body language. But it’s too early to conclude that soy actually causes their supposedly feminine behavior.

    These men may become vegetarian because they’re feminine to began with. They already care a lot about animal suffering, and that may be a feminine trait. So they become vegetarian because they are feminine.

    Another explanation is that it may due to a placebo effect. Did you know that they are vegetarian before you observed their feminine effects? If you did, that may be some form of “confirmation bias”.

    In fact, studies have shown that men who are testosterone deficient are more violent, not less.

    So soy products probably feminine men only prenatally.

  28. Antonio says:

    Health Educator.
    Thank you Ken for your balanced message on soy products. In my practice I focus on getting people off transformed foods. You cannot compare TVP to tempeh or miso any more than you can compare grass fed animals to grain and ‘animal protein’ fed; they are in a different planet.
    It’s not hard to get this. Those of you who take articles at face value because you follow a particular dogma should not make the same mistake I made when I started on my path to wellness. Read ALL the studies if you really want the truth, not just the ones that support your belief system.


  29. Linda says:

    Not good for humans
    GM soy is basically a toxic poison to humans. Do not eat this. I love roasted soy beans and ate them and got ill. Stopped eating them and health returned to normal. Farmers who grow soy don’t eat it as they KNOW it’s poison for humans and only fit for animal food. This is a great way to get rid of prisoners legally – kill them with food. Who would have thought this up? Only some diabolical group who wants to rid this planet of more people starting with those who are “captive audiences” who must be forced to eat this or else. Comissary food is very expensive in jail.

  30. Miller says:

    What about lecithin. It proudly states 100% soy based, and 97% soy phosphatides. Please help.

  31. Ruth says:

    What has happened with the law suit? it’s been almost a year since the article was written. My husband is an inmate in Fl. as well

  32. Michelle Fleck says:

    I know that most people will have some digestive difficulty on soy. The main problem with feeding it to inmates, or to anyone else for that matter, is that about 90% of all soy on the market today is genetically modified. They have tested Gm soy in rats and it led to widespread miscarriages in the animals in these trials, but they put it thousands of consumer products anyway.
    I don’t think that soy was ever meant to be consumed as much as we have. Even soy protein in the starter formula of calves frequently causes them severe digestive upset. But there are lots of other things that can be done with soy, like engineering biodegradable materials to replace plastic and foam.

  33. Jack says:

    It’s not that confusing.
    The article mentions campaign contributions! A soy based diet is also linked to lower fertility and demasculinization of men. It seems like everything is going according to plan!

  34. Cas says:

    Things of Soy, of Joy, & of Incarcerations….
    Asian Diets:- Only used Flesh Meat, Fish, Chicken as Flavourings mostly in addition to their Staples of Vegetables (Mostly Preserved) & Rice. The “Meat” (Whether Analogue Soy or otherwise) was NEVER the main staple of their diet.

    An over abundance of ANY food-stuff…especially protein…will lead to ketosis & cause a hardship on the Kidneys % Digestive System…a Human Digestive System that is VERY LONG Compared to any carnivore for a reason:- The substance of such a alimentary system is to be vegetative in nature & in as close to a natural condition to retain the digestive enzymes.

    While Soy does in fact estrogenecize & emasculate, strictly meat based diets also tend to convey the characteristic’s of Carnivores:- Aggressive Beastly thinkings & actions.

  35. Tom says:

    It was interesting to watch the Great (Dr.) Oz on Soddom & Gomorrah TV (Portland, OR) showing how to grocery shop. He stopped at the Silk soy milk and told how he drank a lot of it. Silk is the bottom of the quality barrel, if there is such a thing as quality in soy milk. Dr. Oz should be avoided, he is entertainment for those who don’t know any better.

  36. Brandon Lashbrook says:

    Hunger Strike
    If all the prisoners would go on a hunger strike they could demand healthy food. The capitalists cannot make no money off of a starving to death prison population.

  37. Relle says:

    GMO as birth control?
    One of the comments stated infertility from GMO soy. Having spent some time in Western Africa, many say Soy products are treated with birth control to cut down the populations. Many of the people won’t touch soy. Is it possible that Soy is given to prisoners for that reason as well as feminizing to limit masculine aggressive traits?

  38. Lou says:

    A largely soy based diet is a slow death sentence. If the “dietitians” in the Illinois Penal System do not know this they should be fired.

    IMO this is a planned experiment for the vast penal state planned for the formerly free USA. Many political “crimes” such as MJ use will be “de-criminalized” to make way for the new political crimes such as “anti-state hate speech”. Many of us will soon be in prison or silent slaves.

    Speak up people we do not have much time.

  39. vickie says:

    Florida Prisoners soy products
    How can we in Florida help our inmates out from getting this soy product my son is getting sick from it he’s lost about 30 lbs from 150 to 130 lbs in a matter of months please help.

  40. Matt says:

    No one, not prisoners or anyone else should be forced to be subjects in scientific (food) experiments such as this one. Whatever the penal system’s underlying motive may be (reform or punishment) the loss of liberty is what is accepted, nothing beyond that. Evidently, though, government contracts are always subject to influence from donors, and that is another issue that should be part of this discussion since prisons are big sources of never-ending contracts. Did you know that in some Brazilian schools, they already did this experiment of mixing soy with meat to cheapen lunch and please the mega-million dollar corporations that control their local factory soy farm industry? So, I agree with an earlier commenter, that they will attempt to bring this into all sorts of other institutions as well without letting us know, nursing homes, fast food restaurants, airplanes food, etc. hoping that we’ll all just get used to it. Beware!!!

  41. Rebekkah says:

    It’s cheap
    Soy is super cheap, and that’s why they are getting it. It’s inexpensive to feed it to them, they can cut down on their food budget, and it’s “healthy” right?

    This is so wrong.

    I was reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand (written in the 1940s), and in one part of the book a woman (a villainous character) is going to plant soy to feed the country because its inexpensive. The main character in the book seems to know pretty obviously that soy is cheap and bad for you. How did they know it then, and we can’t seem to see it today?

  42. Tim says:

    This is really unfortunate. If they really wanted to save money they could easily feed them a diet based on corn, rice and beans. They could, and should also provide them with a variety of other inexpensive vegetables such as tomatoes, spinach, onions, carrots, potatoes, cabbage etc.

    Unprocessed soybeans are not consumed by any indigenous culture anywhere in the world as far as I know. One possible exception is edamame, but edamame are young green soybeans that are very different from the type of soy being fed to these prisoners. Besides, edamame is not a dietary staple anyway, it is consumed in relatively small quantities.

  43. PAANO BAITO says:


  44. Diana says:

    My son is in the Florida prison system and is deathly sick since they have have subsituted soy for meat.
    Something has to be done.

  45. Guy Nevill says:

    also concerning soy
    A very high percentage of Soy products are made from Genetically Modified Soya Beans in the U.S.A., this does rather put the people on a diet of them into the position of Human Guinea Pigs, as extensive testing of the effects of G.E. food on people has not been done or required by the American Govt.

  46. whisperingsage says:

    Someday we will be there
    For all the thinking that all prisoners deserve to be there, remember, the Bible warns that we will someday all be there if we refuse the Mark of the Beast (the microchip), at least before we are beheaded, Rev 20.

  47. Gladys Pearson says:

    Ex Correction Officer florida
    I use to work at the prison in Sneads Florida ACI west unit. I can attest to the food that they serve there at that facility. It is strickly soy. they do get veggies mostly greens all chopped up, but at ACI the rats run all over the kitchen and there are rat droppings and urine all over the kitchen, food included. This one time the health department came and gave us one day to clean up the rat droppings or they would have red flagged the kitchen. Which they would never do. I would like to know what to do to help with the soy problems along with the rat problems. You loved ones, are not being taken care of in a humaine way trust me on that.

  48. Shirley says:

    Re: What Ken said: Soy fermented/unfermented
    Is soy cheese and soy yogurt fermented, I wonder? Would these foods be harmful? Thanks…

  49. martha says:

    this is also going on in the Indiana prisons. What is going on with the lawsuit and can anyone get in on it? They also discontinue giving the men their medicine that they have been on for years. A man was biopsied for cancer and it was positive. he was not told until he had less than 6 months to live. He has no treatment. Another man collapsed in the yard and died. Coroners report lack of proper medical care. What can be done to get them better medical care. The head doctor has been quilty of substance abuse himself.

  50. Laura says:

    Moderation in all things, and other things to consider.
    I don’t believe that soy, meat, cheese,… are unhealthy – in moderation. So maybe a mix.

    Did anyone research the number of food complaints, digestion related problems (diarrhea, vomiting, constipation…) BEFORE they switched to the soy diet? My personal opinion (with no research) wonders how close the numbers were – “before” vs. “after” soy.

    Also, in some prisons there are ways to earn a few bucks. What do they spend those few bucks on? Is it still more likely that they will buy cigarettes or is it more likely that they will buy food? Have their cigarette sales dropped as they start buying food? That could be easily studied. What are they spending money on when they do get some money? Is is important enough to the prisoners to make the changes that they can make.

    (I am not assuming that all prison inmates smoke but that is one measurable thing when we are talking about money. Maybe some prisons don’t sell them because of the bad proven health problems from cigarettes, I don’t know.)

  51. Sunny says:

    R & D !!! vitamin c and SOLAR!!!
    Can your group help us in CANADA!!!???

  52. Douglas Simmons says:

    US Citizen
    Clearly, in the US and throughout the markets of the WTO, when soy is discussed in the food system, what is being discussed is a genetically modified, commoditized, de-natured product. I agree that this form of soy, the dominant form, is an inferior food. As are many of the manufactured foods in our industrial food system, the list is nearly endless. Factory farmed meat and poultry, most corn products, most grain products, most of the food consumed by the majority of our population is of poor nutritional quality and potentially damaging to health. Many of these problems stem from the progressive damage done to farm soils throughout this country by mechanized, petrochemical driven factory farming.

    The work of Weston Price brought these issues to a wider audience and the educational efforts and conferences of the foundation bearing his name admirably continue his work. I part ways with the current leadership of the foundation, however, in their overzealous, one size-fits-all condemnation of soy as food. I have since 1976 eaten no beef, pork, poultry and very little fish (perhaps a pound a year). I have eaten what I like to call an international 3rd world diet. It is a varied diet, including eggs, cheeses, every imaginable dried bean, pea and lentil, traditional live fermented foods, sea vegetables (our Atlantic dulse being a favorite) and yes,lots of whole grains, and a significant amount of traditional food soy. Over the past 10 years very little of the food eaten in our household contains any of the wide variety of unhealthy soy isolates or hyper-processed “soy products”. Clearly, I am aware of the dangers of soy consumption in a way that perhaps only an American “vegetarian”, surrounded by the “fruits” of multinational agribusiness, can be. But modest amounts of soy foods; tempeh, tofu, miso, edame are a part of my healthy diet.
    In my humble opinion, the wise use of God’s many gifts includes the prudent use of traditionally grown and cultured soybeans by educated consumers. The wise use of God’s gifts does not describe what is being done with GMO soy as “feedstock” for animals much less prison inmates, nor does it describe the cynical overproduction/processing and export of soy and other genetically modified and factory farmed products by Monsanto, ADM, Cargill and others.
    My message to the leadership and activists in the Weston Price Foundations: Please continue to call to account the unsafe and unscrupulous practices of agribusiness and food industry multinationals, please continue your unstinting support of local, sustainable agricultural practices, and don’t be quite so myopically focused on soy.


    Doug in Stratham, NH

  53. LLM says:

    Experimenting on humans without consent is still legal in the USA
    Here’s something most people still do not know.

    Doing experiments on human beings without their consent is still legal in the USA!

    This amazing disclosure, a bombshell to those who read it, was carried about a year ago by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.

    The news was uncovered by a courageous California researcher called Cheryl Welsh. She is one of America’s most remarkable women today. After graduating from university in law, she started studying the situation that allows a few people to be horribly victimised.

    She has become a UN-cited authority on subjects like (undisclosed) non-lethal weapons. As they apply to ordinary
    people, these can create a form of torture.

    The bioethical discoveries she has made are astounding.

    Cheryl Welsh has for years been writing learned papers helping others to see how this sort of terrible situation came about. She has been trying to encourage a better set of legal protections for human subjects of experiments.

    She has found that the Clinton recommendations about banning unconsented experiments on humans were THOUGHT to be in law, but were never formalised.

    All the work arising from the big public scandals about nuclear experiments, including the work of a high-level investigating committee called ACHRE, failed to provide such protection for future people.

    The current situation in the USA is that some interests can bypass the usual ethical guidelines.

    This means an experiment can be done on you, harming your health greatly, without you ever being told about it. It is still legal, if it is done in the right way by the right people.

    Cheryl Welsh has managed to publicise several injustices, including the possibility of conducting experiments on human beings without their consent.

    Many books and authorities cite her work.

    Good luck to prisoners suffering from any possible experiments.

    My advice: Just get out of there as soon as you can. If good behaviour and co-operation is what it takes, if that is what gets you out of there, do it. Just get yourself back into mainstream society.

    Individuals should NOT contact Cheryl Welsh direct, as she needs every bit of her energy and time to continue her work. But if interested you can go to the www internet site, which features a lot of her work.

    My advice: tell people about it! Tell them, America doesn’t have any law banning experiments on human beings!

  54. carol j says:

    cruel and unusual soy for prisoners
    The begining of “SOY” LENT GREEN?

  55. A.-G.: Cooper says:

    The prisoners should charge the Governor and Attorney General, et al. with criminal negligence, conspiracy to commit criminal negligence and malfeasance of office, just to mention a few charges; but they cannot use an attorney, when they use an attorney they are not presented they are re-presented as what? An attorney is a fiction of law and cannot present anyone or anything. So they have to re-present you and make you a fiction as well, meaning you have no natural rights, only contractual rights such as the contract of being a prisoner.
    The prisoners and family can write an Affidavit of the Facts (use facts not conjecture or conclusions) and a criminal and civil complaint as a second document. Include a Bill of Debt in the complaint. The following “crimes” are commercial, see TITLE 27 CFR § 72.11 Meaning of terms. “Commercial crimes. Any of the following types of crimes (Federal of State): Offenses against the revenue laws; burglary; counterfeiting; forgery; kidnapping; larceny; robbery; illegal sale or possession of deadly weapons; prostitution (including soliciting, procuring, pandering, white slaving, keeping house of ill fame, and the like offenses); extortion; swindling and confidence games; and attempting to commit, conspiring to commit, or compounding any of the foregoing crimes. Addiction to narcotic drugs and use of marihuana will be treated as if such were commercial crime.” This means they are alleged crimes to bring revenue into the corporate governments coffers. I am not declaring that some should not be crimes of law, but this is how they are defined. So being, they should be treated as such.

  56. Laughing says:

    I find ironic that the health food advocates were big fans of soy when I was in college in the 1970s, and now are portraying it as a menace. Get your stories straight, will ya?

  57. Paul ODaniel says:

    I was there (33 yrs.) in illinois prisons
    Let me begin by saying that the food,just since “Former Governor Rod”got elected in 2002 actually went from not the greatest ,but edible to unfit to give to a animal!You had guards commenting all the time about “how long are you guy’s gonna put up with that garbage ?”Soy this and soy that ,tastes terrible and gives you a aray of health problems from just plain stomach aches to real live stomach cramps,etc.etc. What really makes this a shame is that “real meat” comes into the warehouse at most every prison I spent time in(6-7 right off the top of my head),but the ‘inmates” never see it ! Well some do,those that are in the area when it’s unloaded smilies/smiley.gif as with all thing’s in prison there are always loses of product due to ‘shrinkage” I saw a bill of lading in the warehouse in 2006,laying on a clerks desk.It was for 3,000 lbs. of bacon(real bacon)we hadn’t had real bacon in any prison I’d been in since early 2000 ,late 1990’s.I asked the clerk,that real ?He told me yep,I asked who it was for -he just smiled and said”You know it’s not for us !” I won’t even mention the “The Real Meat Industry”at Galesburg Prison.You might start asking where all the “real meat” they proccess daily goes ?Well,if I’ve given you some food for thought good and it isn’t soy based,so my information is safe to consume. P.S. available for futher information if requested.

    Let just stick a small footnote here and say,alot of inmates ,including myself have done wrong and the “People of the State of Illinois”through the judical system choose to punish us by taking away our “freedom” for X number of years,nothing was ever mentioned,nor is it provided for under current or past law , to punish us by torture – it happens daily !The measure of a society can be determined by stepping inside it’s prison’s – how do you think we measure up ?

  58. Melody says:

    Soy is Bad but Meat is Diseased!
    I am a 42 yr. old woman that has used a high percentage of soy products most of my life. I am a relatively new believer in the idea that soy is bad for you. I am coming to believe it more and more. I know that although I am pretty healthy, my health has suffered from the use of to much soy. But I have a question, I have never eaten meat in my life. Do you know what it is like to tell someone like that to start eating meat? It’s like telling them that they have to start eating some kind of manure to be healthy! What about all the diseases in animals as well? Doesn’t that make meat dangerous for causing cancer and etc?

  59. gayle says:

    My husband has been home 4 months after a 4 year incarceration. He was fed the soy ‘diet’ in AZ and CO, as well as in AK. (Alaska sends a good many of their prisoners out of state to ‘private prisons.)
    He has most of the symptoms listed due to eating soy. Feeding prisoners soy products is a hideous form of torture. In some prisons, men (or women) can buy other foods from the commissary, or have a quarterly box of foods sent by their families, but a great many prisoners have no one who sends them money, no one who sends them food boxes, no one who cares or even remembers that they are alive. Even with the food that can be purchased, with a highly inflated price tag, those foods can only go so far to get the prisoners thru their time in prison.
    I am thankful that there is some challenge to the lack of dietary needs being done. I hope there will be more, and that the lack of very necessary medical care will be brought into the mix.
    I love my husband, and his illness due to his incarceration is heartbreaking to me. I pray for all who are in such pain.

  60. FF/NREMT Michael R. says:

    I love my seven year old daughter with all my heart. I can’t help but wonder though if somehow she wound up in prison for just a short time, do to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe even just an ever growing society who may say she has the wrong belief system in her God so she must change or else go to jail. WHATEVER the reason. Would I want her fed or treated in such a way?
    What of people whom most all there life have proven to be a productive, caring and law abiding person just making one mistake to land them in the system for but a year or two? Many such cases exist.
    So do I just wait until such a time as I know someone personally to take action? Am I not now this very moment at just as much fault as anyone if I don’t take action to help?
    Do I say it’s just too big a problem for me? NO! I say just as I’m on here reading and typing now I can be looking up the issues, checking on the FACTS and then getting together with others to contact my local, semi-local and federal officials. Spending time helping others that may one day be me or my loved ones.
    Welllll on second thought. Maybe I could just sit here playing World of Warcraft all day. I wonder witch one would better serve society? In this day of give me this or give me that, or it’s not my problem, (though most often it is). It seems so hard to get others to take action!
    What will you do today? Living for others is often living for yourself and those you love. Those who understand my words please act. What if I didn’t show up to the next person who was in a serious car accident or was trapped in a building? What if during the next serious heart attack I get a call for I say it’s not my problem?
    I’m NOT a hero. Those of you who act on such issues as this ARE!

  61. Linda Vellucci says:

    co moderator G6PD anemia forum (soy can kill some of us)
    This issue is huge and should definately be noted in this instance. Approximately 10% of the world population suffers from a lack of an enzyme that keeps blood “clean”. This is an inherited disorder. This enzyme is called G-6-PD deficiency (glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency). Certain chemicals make our blood literally burst and die. One of these chemicals is in soy beans. I am a sufferer of this ailment and I can provide further details if necessary; however, a quick search of the blood disorder should suffice.

  62. Linda Vellucci says:

    10% population can die from soy
    I have glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency; so does 10% of the world’s population. Many, if not most, CANNOT consume legumes (soy) as it prompts hemolytic anemia (bursting, dying red blood cells). Take a look, it can give you lots of leverage in this endeavor.

  63. arthur brogard says:

    Is This Still Going On? March 2011?
    Is this horrible/terrible/disgusting thing still going on? That name seemed to ring a bell and I googled it – yes, it is the same blagojevich – that smarmy criminal that was removed from office in 2009 – so has his evil been undone?

  64. Dee Ami says:

    Mother of a victum of “the war on drugs in the USA”

    If you know of an inmate in the Florida Corrections system, please request a form to send them to fill out to join the lawsuit.

    I have done some searching for the form to send to my son and I cannot locate it. Could someone please email a link for me please?

  65. marianne bullock says:

    co director
    Hi, I would love information on how to get involved in starting something like this is MASS. I work with incarcerated pregnant and postpartum women, many have had to fight to gain access to soy free diets. This is a serious issue. please feel free to contact me with any info, I just stumbled apon this and will keep researching ways to connect the women I work with.

  66. Lou says:

    This is OBVIOUSLY a “trial” to see just how injurious a diet HEAVY in GMO soy can be. Just as we have feared it is VERY injurious and IMO genocidal. Soon many poor people under “government” control are going to be poisoned with this same GMO crap.

    Please pass the word, the bell is tolling for US.

  67. Vincent says:

    Vegans missleading the buplic on Christianty and Jesus.
    Do you know how much that farmer destroy rivers and streams because of growing Veges have you takenthat in acoount as all the wash of as theyuse pestercides , fertlisers and so on that washs into the rivers start to kill fish and other native animals , yet you herd of blue green algy what do you think thats from, and not only that if everyone became a vegetarian how do you think that we can water all the veges do you have any clue how much water you just need to grow patoes for instance , do reserch , Vegans are the ones who are destroying the PLanet , if we all ate meat and veges everyone would be balanced and healthy .

    AND THOSE WHO BELIVE IN CHRISTIANTY , Yeshua (Jesus) He ate Fish and he Ate Lamb for the Passover as a law you must Eat LAMB or Goat . And Yeashua (Jesus) Fed 5000 people on fish and barly bread and not only that he was a Fisher man as a trade .

  68. Kristine Tagtmeir says:

    Soy Diet
    My brother is in the dept of Flordia Corrections…Ever since they started this diet he has tyroid problems..they wont change his diet he was told to eat the beans are you kidding me..I understand they put themselves there but they are not dogs or a wild animal..SOOOOOO WHAT CAN HE EAT???????

  69. says:

    I appreciatе, cause I found exactly wһat I was haging а loook foг.
    Yоu’ve ended my fouг dɑү lonng hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice dаy.

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