One Woman’s Story of Treating Heavy Bleeding and Fibroids

Until recently I have suffered from a condition called “menorrhagia.” The symptoms are basically extremely heavy menstrual bleeding accompanied by the passing of tissue, (it looks like a large blood clot, but is actually the lining of the uterus), and sometimes heavy abdominal, back, or leg cramping. It was, for me, a never-ending period. Sometimes I would stop bleeding for maybe only 2 or 3 days, before the next episode would begin. This had been going on for the past 3 or 4 years, gradually getting worse.

I really loathe the average doctor, and am not keen on pharmaceuticals, so I began my search for answers online. I came across a site which explained that fibroid tumors and menorraghia, almost exclusively, go hand in hand. Then I began looking at natural remedies for fibroids, and learned that fibroids are caused by an imbalance of the hormones testosterone & estrogen. The estrogen being the dominant hormone, with the fibroids feeding off of excess estrogen. The most effective natural hormone balancer to be found is Vitex, (chaste tree berry). The site also said that women suffering from menorraghia were prone to having a vitamin A deficiency. The site didn’t recommend any particular source of vitamin A, or recommend an amount. So, I began taking Vitex, in the amounts listed as being the most effective (1200mg per day, all at once), and what I thought to be a normal dose of cod liver oil (about 12,000 IU per day).

My symptoms improved somewhat, and I thought that it might just take some time to get back to normal. Apparently, every time I would get stressed-out, the symptoms would get really bad. One night I had to prepare dinner for twelve at an event with some guests who were very important to me. Even though it all worked out in the end, I was so stressed out after cleaning up the kitchen, that the menorraghia hit me full force, and I could barely walk. With the cramping and edema that goes along with all of that, I had to go home early.

Through the Weston A. Price Foundation, I learned that much higher doses of cod liver oil might help—as high as 90,000 IU. I thought, “I don’t know if I can get that down!” (I have a problem with gag reflex, when it comes to swallowing oil.) The next day, we got a couple of bottles of high vitamin cod liver oil, and I took three full tablespoons, (60,000IU), and continued to take this much for the next three days. After the first day, the bleeding was cut in half! By the third day, it was gone, and has not returned since! I take a maintenance amount of cod liver oil in doses of 30,000 IU everyday, and have noticed that my sleep has improved, and there’s much less edema as well. Even though I didn’t take the full 90,000 IU, the large dose worked incredibly well. I’m thinking that with the help of cod liver oil, I could try cooking for Jacques Pépin next!

Thank you for your help,
Ricki Nuñez
Gainesville, FL


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  1. nancy says:

    Thanks, Ricki. Thought I was alone. Did what you recommended and finally got relief.

  2. Mimi says:

    I get bleeding like this if I eat Truvia Stevia. Stevia is known to cause miscarriages and hormonal imbalances, so maybe that is why!

  3. Julia Simons says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I had one very large fibroid that kept growing and I had similar symptoms – edema, painful back and leg cramping and I was also severely anemic after three years of this. My life basically didn’t exist. In those 3 years I resisted 4 gynecologists who recommended a hysterectomy but I didn’t see this website and your letter until recently. I tried different kinds of holistic therapy and working with an alternative practitioner but nothing worked to reduce the ever-growing fibroid. In my research I found out that a myomectomy would take out the fibroid, leaving my organs intact. Why didn’t the gynecologists mention this surgery? To this day I am mystified that they only recommended a hysterectomy and never mentioned the possibility of a myomectomy. It may be because a hysterectomy is just easier for the doctors to do- or maybe because it is more lucrative. I really couldn’t get an answer to that. I looked for a dr to do a myomectomy but couldn’t find one that seemed willing and happy to do this procedure. I was actually scared that I’d go into surgery expecting just the fibroid removed and come out without my uterus, etc. – I read online accounts of this happening. Finally I came across the HERS Foundation and they recommended a wonderful dr. to do a myomectomy. So I want to put it out there for women who might want to consider something less invasive than a hysterectomy. I wish I had read this letter and tried the mega dosing before having to do surgery – the surgery was similar to a c-section in my case, although it depends on the location of the fibroid. So it is major surgery, but still one more option for those considering hysterectomy.

  4. Cinthia says:

    Thank you for sharing.
    I had heavy periods all of my life, I’m 35. I was using iron supplements since I was 18, I had seen many specialist doctors, doing a lot of tests to find out what was the problem. When I was 25 an hematologist put me on birth control pills. He said even if I had a perfect diet, I’d still have anemia due to heavy period. I took the birth control pills for 2 years, it helped with my period, but I got psoriasis. I started doing research and find out that birth control pills cause cancer, too, so I stopped taking them.

    I have been taking fermented cod liver oil as a supplement for a year, and its amazing. I have a normal period now, thank God. I feel stronger and with much more energy.

  5. Pam Walck says:

    I had large amounts of bleeding in 2007 due to uterine fibroids. At the time I was 41. The doctors recommended a myomectomy, but I knew I would be in the hospital for five days and have much scar tissue. I still hoped to marry and have a baby someday. So after seeing three OB/GYN’s in Buffalo, New Yor who said the same thing, I kept praying and asking God if there was another way. One night, in the middle of the night, I couldn’t sleep. I got up and saw a magazine on the table, flipped it open and there it was an article on robotic surgery. I ended up having robotic surgery one city away (because they didn’t do it Buffalo then) to take the uterine fibroids out, outpatient, with tiny scars! Now, years later they do it all over the county. The doctors said the fibroids might grow back and now, seven years later, I have some. I’m trying a natural cure–Turmeric, apple cider vinegar, changing diet, and cod liver oil and of course, prayer. If that doesn’t work, I may need robotic surgery again. Ask the Lord to help you!

  6. vergis harris says:

    Hello everybody all problems sounds like my problem. My doctor stated that they think that the fibrods are pressing down on nerves which is causing me severe pain in my pelvis and legs. What I’m trying to fine out from someone does the cod liver oil help fibrods get smaller.

  7. Deb Earnest says:

    My best girlfriend had bleeding fibroids and took 3 TB of Blue Ice CLO for 3 days straight. Not only did her bleeding stop, but it never returned and she avoided a hysterectomy which her doctor recommended. She also took it with a high quality butter. High vitamin CLO is truly a superfood and God sent.

  8. Jennifer Johannsen says:

    Thanks for the tip. It worked for me! I am 63 and I went back on HRT because of hot flashes. My fibroid started bleeding again. I took the 90k of cod liver oil in capsules and in 3 days it quit!

    Thank you so much !!!!!

    • Julie says:

      How many capsules is that or how many mg of CLO is that?

    • Julie says:

      I do hope you will help me- can you please tell me exactly which brand of CLO you took and how many tablespoons or capsules you took? I’m desperate but finally feel hopeful after reading this.

  9. winnie says:

    whats the brand od cod liver oil you used?

  10. Sae says:

    It worked for me too! I’m 36 had been bleeding for 6 months straight with huge clots. Started taking 30000 IU of blue ice CLO for 3 days and the large clots just melted away but I still had heavy flow. After increasing the dosage to 60,000 IU, the bleeding stopped completely after 3 days. Also did a concurrent 3 day water fast (along with 60,000 IU CLO in the morning + cups of green tea). Couldn’t be happier. Thanks for the advice. Not even high doses of the progesterone only pill could control the bleeding. CLO works! All thanks and praises to the most high!

    • Jo says:

      Can you please tell us what brand? My Blue Ice Royal doesn’t mention IUs anywhere on the label so I don’t know how much to take to make it effective.

      • Sae says:

        I used Green Pasture Blue Ice fermented cod liver oil (cinnamon tingle). I didn’t use the royal blend. And I took 30 ml or 6 teaspoons which equates approximately to 60 000 IU. I only took this dosage for 3 days until the bleeding stopped after which I reduced the dosage to 15 ml or 3 teaspoons. At some point, after my cycles stabilise, I will probably reduce it to the recommended adult dosage.

  11. Sharon says:

    Hi my name is Sharon and I am a 52 year old African American woman and I also have bleeding fibroids it just started January 28th 2017 but today is February 9th 2017 and I’m still bleeding some days I get heavy I’m not having any pains but I will try the capsule of the cod liver oil to see how it works for me someone can please reply I would truly appreciate it on how their life is going having intercourse is not painful other. The bleeding stops will it just started and I want it to stop yes I had doctors that recommended I get a hysterectomy or get my fibroids remove I said they’re not bothering me so why should I get my fibroids removed with the reading the different comments and I feel that I receive some help and praying each day that I did not need surgery I have to just learn to change my diet eat less Seafood drink less cocktails drink try more soy milk

  12. Michelle Holston says:

    I am going down to the store right now to find some . thanks for the tips. i have a bleeding fibroid and cant see a doctor until the end of the month, and this is the forteenth of February. I think it would be a good idea to use this natural solution rather than just wait and bleed out. thanks

  13. odusanya adesewa omolara says:

    does the COd Liver Oil tablet too work for it

    because i did not get the liquid one here in Nigeria

    is only the table they are selling.

  14. NT says:

    Take any cod liver oil. It works.

  15. Darraugh Collins says:

    Here are recommendations for sourcing quality Cod Liver Oil and Fermented High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil:

    It looks like 2-3 tablespoons per day of the Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil from Green Pastures equals close to the 60,000IU-90,000IU per day dose that others in this post found helpful. From there a dose of 2 teaspoons- 1 Tablespoon per day as a maintenance dose was helpful.

  16. Jacinta says:

    I have found burdock tea to help. 2-3 cups a day. I have had heavy bleeding for 10-12 weeks st a time and nothing worked until I did the burdock and within a few days to a week it stopped completely.

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