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Dietary Dangers

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  1. Do not eat commercially processed foods such as cookies, cakes, crackers, TV dinners, soft drinks, packaged sauce mixes, etc. Read labels!
  2. Avoid all refined sweeteners such as sugar, dextrose, glucose, high fructose corn syrup and fruit juices.
  3. Avoid white flour, white flour products and white rice.
  4. Avoid all hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats and oils.
  5. Avoid all industrial polyunsaturated vegetable oils made from soy, corn, safflower, canola or cottonseed.
  6. Avoid foods cooked or fried in polyunsaturated oils or partially hydrogenated vegetable oils.
  7. Do not practice veganism. Animal products provide vital nutrients not found in plant foods.
  8. Avoid products containing protein powders as they usually contain carcinogens or damaged proteins formed during processing. Likewise, avoid lean meat, skinless poultry, reduced-fat milk and egg whites without the yolks. Consumption of protein without the cofactors occurring in animal fats can lead to deficiencies, especially of vitamin A.
  9. Avoid processed, pasteurized milk; do not consume ultrapasteurized milk products, lowfat milk, skim milk, powdered milk or imitation milk products.
  10. Avoid factory-farmed eggs, meats and fish.
  11. Avoid highly processed lunch meats and sausage.
  12. Avoid rancid and improperly prepared seeds, nuts and grains found in granolas, quick rise breads and extruded breakfast cereals, as they block mineral absorption and cause intestinal distress.
  13. Avoid canned, sprayed, waxed and irradiated fruits and vegetables. Avoid genetically modified foods (found in most soy, canola and corn products).
  14. Avoid artificial food additives, especially MSG, hydrolyzed vegetable protein and aspartame, which are neurotoxins. Most soups, sauce and broth mixes and most commercial condiments contain MSG, even if not indicated on the label.
  15. Minimize caffeine and related substances in coffee, tea and chocolate.
  16. Avoid aluminum-containing foods such as commercial salt, baking powder and antacids. Do not use aluminum cookware or deodorants containing aluminum.
  17. Do not drink fluoridated water.
  18. Avoid synthetic vitamins and foods containing them.
  19. Avoid distilled liquors.
  20. Do not use a microwave oven.

Jill Nienhiser has been a Weston A. Price Foundation member since 2001, and has provided web maintenance, editing, and proofreading support for and for many years. She also helped launched the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund in 2007.

33 Responses to Dietary Dangers

  1. Larry Silverstein says:

    I have reached old age consuming ALL those Dietry Dangers!
    Its amazing how stupid lists like this are, when they are directed blindly at everyone. You should have prefaced your article: For Those Who Are Young & Starting Out in Life – If it is possible & you have the means to do them, here is a list of things you should consider:

    Dietary Dangers

    • janet says:

      wow larry, maybe your dietry dangers are making you grouchy, since I switched I have never felt better. that is worth it to me. you probably don’t notice it. I didn’t until I switched. I will never go back.

  2. I agree with most of the items on this list, but I am baffled by a few. What is behind your prejudice against microwave cooking? It does less damage to food than other forms of cooking such as grilling or frying, and uses less energy. What do you have against caffeine, in moderate amounts? It helps me get through the morning. “Avoid pasteurized milk.” This is the only kind I can find where I live. Should I avoid all milk products? What’s wrong with synthetic vitamins? If it’s bioidentical, a vitamin is a vitamin. Most of the WP guidelines make perfect sense, but some of these rules seem arbitrary.

    • Daniel says:

      Microwave Cooking promotes hot spots within the food that destroys the enzyme content of the food. Food without enzymes is lifeless and difficult to digest.

    • Dawn Lancaster, DC says:

      There is really no such thing as a bioidentical vitamin. Synthetic vitamins are made in a laboratory chemically. The vitamins derived from food are actually complexes. Derived from once-living plants and animals, real food gives off photons of light which our bodies recognize. Because of this, very tiny amounts of genuine nutrients accomplish what chemicals cannot–even in high potency formulas.

      For example, a tablet of synthetic thiamine (B1) will not “cure” beriberi. Yet a quarter teaspoon of rice polishings would. The reason this is of note is that it would take 10 pounds of rice polishings to equal the milligrams of so-called thiamine in a typical high potency synthetic thiamine tablet. The body recognizes food-derived vitamin complexes as useful. The thiamine tablet is seen as a chemical to be eliminated. That’s why high amounts of synthetic vitamins are used (labeled as high potency on the label) in synthetic vitamin products. Huge amounts are needed to overcome the liver’s ability to clear them. It may also explain why synthetic high potency B vitamins may initially appear to rev up the body, but later seem to lose their energizing effects. High potency synthetic B vitamins act essentially in a pharmaceutical manner. The body goes on high alert to clear them as it would to clear toxins. Alternatively, the body must look for the missing elements from somewhere in the body to utilize them. In time, this creates imbalances as reserves decline. It also requires the liver and other organs to perform functions that they would not have to if only complete, food-derived nutrient complexes were present.

      I enjoy the occasional cup of organic coffee for the antioxidants. However, if you “require” caffeine to get you through the morning, it generally indicates that your body is not producing energy optimally. If you switch to natural food-derived vitamins (including food-derived B vitamins and food-derived minerals), you will likely find that caffeine stimulation is no longer necessary. While you didn’t mention minerals, there is a difference in those used in conjunction with synthetic vitamin products and those in food-derived products. Food sources are naturally chelated, ie, body-ready, which also saves body energy reserves.

      • grayce says:

        You must be talking about biophotons (photons from the sun absorbed by plants) which are low-level light waves emitted by cells of most living things. Our DNA is a major emitter (healthier people have higher emissions than the sick) as are truly wild grown plants. If you can’t get wild-grown, go organic. If you are looking to increase your biophoton intake, don’t cook your plant materials (leaves, roots, seeds…). Cooked and irradiated plant materials have virtually no measurable biophoton emissions.

      • Jasmin Gilliam says:

        I drink coffee daily to get going and to keep going and I have been on a nutrient dense diet for many years, however, it didn’t change my energy levels. I don’t think it is black and white like that. People have other issues such as energy leaks that could be emotional or thought related. They might have a sedentary job or lifestyle in general. That will drain energy too. They might not like their job and can’t change it or something else for that matter. There is a whole list of stuff that will drain energy other than “the wrong foods.”

    • alienflowerx says:

      microwave makes you a woman because the waves literally kills your esperm and your strogene sensors
      this makes your testosterone goes down thats why you´ll become more female like
      same goes with pasteurized milk or animal milk
      synthetic vitamins are inserted in a syntethic proteins and your body
      doesn`t recognize them.
      make the remedy be your food
      and make your food a remedy .

      hipocrates 400 years before crist

  3. kiki boubay says:

    I went to the dentist last week and my regular dentist I found out has gone to another town to practice .. she was superb.
    They give me this guy last min who said he needed to fill a small cavity in front tooth .. I said ok . thinkng its a small job and I will allow him to do it then go to my real dentist next time cause she is awsome.
    He drilled away on the small cavity long story short I am two weeks now sice he did his horrible job on my Front tooth and I am seeing stars every min of the day. I AM SO SORRY THAT I LET AN UNKNOWN DENTIST DO MY TOOTH. now I am stuck
    he filled it and I would never go back to him … in pain every day so I ddid some reading on weston price and I am going to try to deaden the pain caused by this lunatic dentist . I hope it works and after only one day on the price program I feel a bit less pain so it looks to be a very great thing next week I am going to travel to get some raw milk to re enamel my teeth !

  4. Suzanne says:

    One thing you promote that is contrary to many of the alternative/functional health practitioners I follow is eating grains and pulses/legumes. They say that even after proper preparation, they are far in-superior to meat or other more nutrient dense comparatives being relatively low in bio-available nutrients – as the anti-nutirients they contain can only be partially reduced with soaking and cooking and also they contain toxic lectins which are harmful to gut lining? Why these 2 different perspectives?

  5. i eat some of the things we shouldnt but now that i know that we dont have to im gonna stop because it my cause lot of dangerous things

  6. Alesa says:

    I have recently began to folow,a more paleo oriented eating habit and just found your website, so far I love it. What is wrong with protien powder? Also, what do you suggest for calcium for someone that detests cows milk? I still consider uding milk for cslcium, but now switched to almond/coconut sparingly. Thank You…

    • Emily says:

      You can also get some calcium from bone broth. Also, work yourself up to drinking milk. Maybe start with just a tablespoon a day. Or if that’s too much start with a teaspoon! Make sure it’s grass fed raw milk.

    • Lionel says:

      Good for you, Alesa! Based on my research, eating like (or something like) our primitive ancestors proves to be the superior diet. Grains and sugar (along with their pernicious derivatives) are not only destroying our bodies, but the way they are grown and harvested is also destroying our planet.

      But, to your questions, if you consume green and leafy veggies on a regular basis, you will get all of calcium the body needs. And watch out for the alternative milk products as they contain sugar and too much of the fruit/nut in liquid form. Imagine eating 100 almonds or 10 coconuts in one setting!! That’s what happens when these milks are consumed. And anything processed, including protein powders, are highly processed food products which have numerous subtle and adverse effects on the body over time so if you stick to unprocessed, grass-fed, and wild meats, fruits, veggies, and unprocessed nuts, you’ll do fine. Happy eating!

    • Jesse says:

      Grass fed bone broth for calcium

    • alienflowerx says:

      were did the cows get the calcium from?

      everything in nature with green dark color as plenty of calcium
      and you need VIT.D3,B12,K2,COLESTEROL,IODINE,K2,AND MAGNESIUM in order to absorve the calcium
      in the bones otherwise it goes to the arteries kidneys heart etc…
      thats why we can not only take calcium alone.

  7. Dave says:

    Actually the so-called ‘antinutrients'(phytic acid and tannins) found in Whole grains and legumes can be considered BENEFICIAL to most people’s health in modern society! These ‘antinutrients’ block the absorbtion of some minerals like iron (copper and manganese too, I believe). And yes, these minerals are essential, but MOST people in industrialized nations get WAY too much of these certain minerals in their diet. Excess iron is EXTREMELY harmful to the body, causing oxidative damage among many other detrimental things. Minerals are essential, but overconsumption can be extremely harmful. That’s just one reason why giving blood is so beneficial to most people (except maybe an anemic individual). And I’m not saying all grains are healthy.. refined grains will wreak havoc on your blood glucose/sugar levels and such.. but (as long as you are not gluten intolerant or have Celiac disease) then whole grains (with the FIBER!) are NOT unhealthy! There’s a reason why legumes and grains have such a HIGH iron content, it’s to compensate for the amount of iron that is blocked when they are ingested. Its amazing how nature works!!

    • Mfon says:

      Sorry but like grains have non heme iron so its absorption is chicken soup compared to the iron in say beef. People get so many minerals because they take it as a supplement which is likely to exasperate a toxicity. Plant foods have these tannins and anti-nutrients because that is their defense mechanism to survive. These people have said that grains are not unhealthy but you are only going to receive its available nutrients by proper preparation.

  8. stef says:

    I’m sure avoiding all these dangerous foods is ideal, but what about the lack of joy and fun that comes from eating delicious food? Doesn’t the stress of depriving yourself of some of your favorite things in life harm your body as well??

    • Elena says:

      This is an idea that I struggle with as well! I stress myself out by trying to avoid common foods like white flour and pasteurized dairy and sugar. I often wonder if the stress is worse than the foods… Maybe it’s about mostly avoiding problematic foods but eating them when they will TRULY bring joy. If we eat mainly wholesome foods then that could be ok. Maybe!

      • GRH says:

        I agree. It is often said that a LITTLE of what you fancy does you good. I eat a good diet and grow what I can but I like the odd cream cake. We can become overly ‘righteous’ regarding food and drink to the point where it becomes an arduous religion with rules we cannot break – when we do we feel guilty and do some sort of penance. Such people are a bore to be with and are seldom happy, constantly saying their catechism, evangelising and condemning.

        In my opinion, life is to be enjoyed and appreciated and the way to do this is with balance.

        A balanced wheel spins with no vibration; an unbalanced one with vibration that has a knock-on effect to the bearings, the gears, the structure it is housed in until it shakes it down.

      • Renee Katz says:

        You’re worried about the lack of joy and fun from eating in a diet that promotes the unlimited consumption of cream, butter, and egg yolks?

    • alienflowerx says:

      if you don’t have time for your health
      one day you will have to get time for diseases
      if you change your health just for fun and tung pleasures its up to you im sorry.

    • alienflower says:

      fake fun and fake joy

  9. Michael Wars says:

    Hi all,
    Anytime I read these articles, they are about what foods to avoid and not eat.
    This is great although I’m left thinking what the heck am I suppose to eat?
    I notice 9 times out of 10 a list of foods you should eat is never provided or is very vague.

  10. Nancy P. says:

    There is mounting scientific evidence of the enormous benefits of a vegan diet. The ONLY nutrient rarely found in plants is B-12, made by bacteria in soil. B-12 should be able to be acquired, but modern, industrialized societies have changed the soil and availability of it. Even farmed animals are given B-12 supplementation. More recently, B-12 is known to be in banana peels, which are perfectly edible:

    For science-based nutrition visit the Physician’s Committee on Responsible Medicine at and also Dr. Greger’s research-based videos with links to the research articles:

    While. for nutritional reasons only (not environmental or ethical) it’s fine to promote a balanced diet with some animal products, it is literally dangerous (based upon science, see above links) to promote being on a diet so heavily-laden with animal products.

  11. Willow says:

    I have a PHD degree in Natural Hygiene, and Natural Holistic Nutrition/Natural Health and Healing

    B12 is manufactered in the intestine , animal fleshes and animal products or not meant for human consumption, humans are not true carnivores. All humans are naturally designed to eat foods in their natural environment, which are fresh, whole organic raw vegan fruits and tender vegetables only and this does include soaked seeds and nuts(which are fruits).
    Humans were never given a stove tied to there back when they were born. . heat from cooking food kills all of the enzymes and up to 70 % of the vitamins and minerals. Cooking and microwave ovens changes the molecular structure of the food.

    • Fornitora says:

      Not true. I don’t know if an accredited school can actually give a PHD in natural hygiene but whatever… I have a PHD in Organic chemistry. Cooking does not kill enzymes, this is an urban myth. Cooking actually releases enzymes, breaks down tough cellular walls so we can better absorb and digest food, and creates synergy between vitamins and minerals. A raw plant diet is very detrimental to anyone’s health. Cooking is what makes us human, as we have developed our brains by leaps and bounds since man discovered fire and used it to cook.

      Also, microwave cooking changes the molecular structure of food the same way boiling, frying, baking, and every other style of cooking. Cook an egg on the stove top and guess what? You have changed the molecular structure of the protein, cholesterol, fats and vitamins. Boil water and it goes from a liquid to a gas. See how that works? This microwave myth has been debunked over and over but people love to spread disinformation.

  12. Victor Turks says:

    I wonder if Dr. Weston Price followed the primitive man’s diet.
    The diet of modern man has created heart disease, heart attacks,
    high blood pressure, and cancer. It’s up to us, the present and
    future generations of people to enjoy a diet that promotes good
    health, joy, and a zest for people and living – not suffering and dying

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