Do Parents Have An Immunization Option?

In the emotional fray of divisive name-calling and shaming, all parents actually have the same goals regardless of the label pro- or anti-vaccine. The health and safety of their own children and the right to make informed choices are the main focus of loving parents the world over. As a homeopath, my intent is also to empower parents by providing them education about how the immune system functions and current information about what’s available for them. Critical information that most parents do not know about is something called homeoprophylaxis, also known as “HP.”

HP is a natural, non-toxic method of educating the immune system in order to reduce susceptibility to disease and to manage illness more effectively in the event it’s contracted. It’s been around for two hundred years and well utilized in India, Brazil, Australia, Europe, Africa, Cuba and elsewhere. The use of HP can prevent diseases such as malaria,1 Japanese encephalitis,2 cholera,3 dengue fever,4 leptospirosis,5 diphtheria,6 polio,7 scarlet fever,8 meningitis, 9 pertussis10 and smallpox.11,12 In the United States, pharmaceutical-based medical practice provides very little support for homeoprophylaxis, and it receives virtually no coverage from the U.S. media. Knowledge about HP spreads from parent to parent and amongst my clinic clients.

The definition of “immunization” is the process whereby a person is made immune or resistant to an infectious disease. To do so in a natural and biologically supportive way is indeed an accomplishment. This is the goal of HP.

By weakening or “attenuating” a disease pathogen and introducing it into the body, the immune system is familiarized with the particular disease and becomes better equipped to mount an immune response when encountering the disease in nature. The practice of conventional vaccines began with this theory, but some distinct differences have emerged over time.

• Vaccines are injected directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the body’s natural route of infection, namely, the mucous membranes, where initial immune cells reside.
• Vaccines are grown on foreign materials such as monkey kidneys, eggs, porcine cells or human diploid (fetal) cells. This introduces foreign DNA into the recipient of the vaccine along with unknown foreign viruses.
• Doctors give multiple vaccines at once in the erroneous belief that inundating the developing immune system with eight or nine disease antigens at one time is safe and effective. This causes confusion in the system and requires natural detoxification, which may be possible if the recipient has mitochondrial disorders.
• Vaccines are loaded with additives: antibiotics to reduce bacterial load; preservatives; chemicals intended to cross the blood-brain barrier; surfactants; adjuvants intended to boost antibody production and inflammatory response; and also in certain vaccines such as the flu vaccine, thimerosal, which is 50 percent methylmercury.


By contrast, HP is given orally. Production of HP requires no foreign materials, but only the original disease pathogen, which is diluted beyond any remaining molecules. One disease is introduced at a time, allowing the body to mount a natural immune response. And there are no additives in HP; no preservatives, no adjuvants, no antibiotics, no surfactants; nothing but the pure original antigen reduced to a harmless form. In other words, HP provides all the benefits of the disease with none of the risks.

Not only do conventional vaccinations pose considerable dangers, but for many diseases that exist in epidemic proportion, no vaccines are available. When natural disasters strike causing flooding, earthquakes or landslides, stressors upon natural and human resources cause people to become more susceptible to disease, and in these situations, HP is a wise choice. Additionally, poor health infrastructures and strained material resources create a suitable environment for the very rapid spread of disease.

While conventional vaccines have been the preferred method of protection, serious drawbacks exist to reaching those in need. Due to lengthy development times, complex regulations and exorbitant production costs, vaccines cannot keep up with rapidly evolving epidemics. Once administered, protection can take one to two months to develop. Considering the two-to-six-month production time, possible adverse effects for some members of the population and the fact that certain vaccines can only be given to narrow segments of the population (such as those over eighteen years old) it is clear that vaccines cannot fill the growing need. Moreover, the incidence of chronic disease as a result of excessive environmental toxicity is something we cannot ignore. Predictive graphs showing us estimates of cancers, cardiac disease and respiratory illnesses by 2030 illustrate shocking pictures. Medical science is in agreement that many diseases are the results of toxic overload.13


Most recently, emerging studies from Brazil, Australia and Cuba point to the easy administration and effectiveness of homeoprophylaxis.

In 1974, during an epidemic of meningitis in Brazil, Dr. Francisco Eizayaga gave over eighteen thousand children the homeoprophylactic remedy called Meningococcinum. An untreated group of over six thousand children served as a control. In the group treated with HP only four cases of meningitis occurred. In the untreated group there were thirty-two cases. The study was repeated in 1988 with individuals between the ages of zero and twenty, with almost sixty-six thousand in the treated group and over twenty-five thousand in the untreated group. During the following six months, one case of meningitis occurred in the treated group and seven in the control group. The rate of illness in the control group was eighteen times greater than in the treated group. Statistical analysis demonstrated homeoprophylaxis displayed 95 percent protection from meningitis in children under six months old and 91 percent protection in children over twelve months old.14


Dr. Isaac Golden of Australia is a pioneer in the use of HP for children. In 1985 there were no published homeoprophylaxis programs that could be used in place of the recommended childhood vaccine schedule, and no one was systematically collecting evidence to support the use of such programs. Golden’s work stands as the keystone to future applications of homeoprophylaxis for infectious childhood diseases.

A very interesting finding of Dr. Golden’s work is the improved long-term health outcomes of children using homeoprophylaxis instead of conventional vaccination. HP also provided improved long-term outcomes when compared with unvaccinated children whose parents used a general “make-the-child-as-healthy-as-possible” approach to infectious disease prevention. He states, “The explanation of this result remains open, but I would suggest that HP remedies stimulate the energetic immune response and this must lead to a maturing of the response in an analogous way that infection with simple diseases can help to mature the physical immune response.”15


Leptospirosis, a bacterial disease, is endemic to Cuba, where the government annually vaccinates the entire population to protect against it. Dr. Gustavo Bracho is an immunologist who works for the Carlos J. Finlay Institute, a world renowned center for vaccine research and production in Havana, Cuba. He is advisor to the president and general director of Finlay Institute, and head of the Homeopathy and Biotherapic Projects at the Institute. He is an experienced researcher in molecular and cellular biology, and has headed the Adjuvant Group within the Immunology Department of Finlay.

The existing leptospirosis vaccine can only be stockpiled to cover 0.1 percent of the population. It takes three months from the first dose for immune levels to reach adequate protection, and it can only be given to individuals fifteen years and older. Additionally, it covers only three of the four circulating strains of leptospirosis, reducing competition for the fourth strain, resulting in its possible increase over time.

In 2008 when three hurricanes (Gustav, Ike and Paloma) ravished the island, Dr. Bracho developed HP for leptospirosis since there was not enough production time to create the conventional vaccine. After immunizing 2.3 million residents with HP, Dr. Bracho published his findings, which are available through PubMed.

According to his report, “After the homeoprophylactic intervention a significant decrease of the disease incidence was observed in the intervention regions. No such modifications were observed in non-intervention regions. In the intervention region the incidence of leptospirosis fell below the historic median. This observation was independent of rainfall.”

He concluded: “The homeoprophylactic approach was associated with a large reduction of disease incidence and control of the epidemic. The results suggest the use of HP as a feasible tool for epidemic control. Further research is warranted.”16

Dr. Bracho went on to study the effects of HP with hepatitis A, dengue fever, acute respiratory infections and acute diarrheal diseases. Significant reductions in all of these diseases resulted from use of HP.17


Using homeopathic intervention in the form of homeoprophylaxis for epidemics makes sense for a number of reasons. HP is easily produced. Production time is brief and the cost very low compared to conventional vaccines, making it easily available to developing countries. It remains stable at room temperature, requiring no refrigeration during transport. Many individuals can be treated in a short period of time at a very low cost. Since it’s administered orally, it requires no needles and no licensed medical personnel to distribute. This flexibility allows adaptation of HP to most local conditions and to the poorest of populations.

Unlike vaccines, which are often targeted to specific age groups, HP can be safely taken by people at any age, leaving no uncovered population at risk. The clinical effects develop quickly, not requiring months to produce effectiveness. And lastly, HP can be combined with other interventions and strategies.

According to Dr. Bracho, low cost, easy and swift production, combined with easy storage and simple administration makes HP an excellent choice for increasing global impact on epidemics.

Homeoprophylaxis has provided two hundred years of clinical evidence showing us that it is safe, devoid of any toxic components, and also yields positive long term health effects.18 Additionally, homeoprophylaxis appears from documented evidence to provide a level of protection that is comparable to or better than vaccines, meaning that parents have genuine choices available when it comes to preventing potentially serious infectious diseases.



Since we know that artificial immunity from vaccination wanes over time, homeoprophylaxis (HP) may be a wise alternative for protecting naturally. Educating the immune system by giving an energetic dose of Morbillinum (measles) can provide a safe, non-toxic form of the disease.
The American Journal of Epidemiology (1985 Dec;122(6):1017-31) even suggests a protective effect from later, more debilitating diseases such as Parkinson’s for those contracting measles during childhood. Mother Nature knew what she was doing when she designed measles as a benign childhood disease.

Morbillinum can be administered by any homeopath with an understanding of homeoprophylaxis. It can only be purchased at homeopathic pharmacies in the form of small pellets taken by mouth and can be taken as a single disease for just a few doses, or in conjunction with an entire program that covers all the childhood diseases. While no studies have been conducted on Morbillinum singularly, it was included in the fifteen-year study by Dr. Golden using HP in place of all the recommended vaccines.



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This article appeared in Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts, the quarterly journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Summer 2015

Cilla Whatcott, HD RHom, CCH is a practicing homeopath and mother of children from China, Taiwan, the Marshall Islands, and Russia. She is actively engaged in research, education, and application of homeoprophylaxis and is the author of The Solution and There Is a Choice. She can be reached at: Cilla will be speaking at the first international conference about homeoprophylaxis for parents, practitioners and health providers.

4 Responses to Do Parents Have An Immunization Option?

  1. Ellen says:

    Of course, the elephant in the room is that vaccine manufacturers, those that inject the poisons, and those who mandate such crimes assume absolutely no responsibility for the results of their crimes. We now have a nation of children with an exorbitant number of allergies, asthma, nervous system issues, autism……and yet we’re told by these same criminals that there is no connection. I find it astounding that it has become absolutely acceptable to inject pregnant women with these horrific poisons–something that was absolutely verboten when I was bearing children in the early 70s.

    Truly, we are living in an insane asylum run by the insane.

  2. Homeopathy supporter says:

    While smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol on daily basis, people here in Australia adversely comment on Vaccinations. Medical science is evolving. They embrace the technological advancements to help the mankind as much as possible. 25 years ago heart surgery is risky and now a days, doctors perform heart surgeries through key hole. Same way, not far from now, nano robots will carry medicines or vaccine into the body and do the needful without any adverse effects.

    HP, Less than the national average and better than vaccinated population, etc. are baseless statements. I would be interested to know what happened to those 8 meningitis cases, rather than how effective HP was. Whether Homeopathic treatment could cure those people.

    People think that allergies, asthma, nervous system issues, autism, etc are due to vaccinations. What a joke!!!

  3. Adele says:

    Homeopathic philosophy has a strong base and it has many followers who got benefited by it. But flat earth society members infiltrated into it and coming up with baseless theories. Homeopaths (especially writers of homeopathic literature) lacks knowledge of science and propose new theories on daily basis. Surprisingly, they contradict with each other and also go against the well proven science.
    One Homeopath says that vaccinations are waste. Because all those diseases are eradicated. Some other says, HP is as effective as vaccinations (or more effective than the conventional vaccinations).

    Why HP is available only for the diseases for which conventional medical science has developed Vaccines? Why not HP for all diseases? Eating Cinchona bark can create symptoms of Malaria symptoms and potentised Cinchona bark can cure Malaria. Well done! Then Cinchona bark or potentised Cinchona bark should act as HP for malaria. Right? Same way, eating various homeopathic sugar pills on daily basis make the humans immortal. Not far from now, Dr Benveniste will prepare a remedy from a deadman and digitize the same. He will make dead people to comeback to life by sending the digitized remedy through email. Only condition is, dead person need to open the email and read it. Idiots and insane people criticize the well proven science and advanced medical practices.

    • Leanne Kelley says:

      Wow. I am amazed by the vitriole that comes from people touting the majority line that pharmaceuticals are superior to traditional forms of medicine. It makes me wonder if some of the angry pro-vaxxers who are so defensive about being right, are actually paid by pharmaceutical companies to troll all other forms of discussion about health choices??!!
      I have used both modern and traditional forms of medicine.
      It seems obvious that we are all exposed to a lot more environmental toxins than ever before and so maybe we need to use more gentle methods of supporting our immune systems rather than attacking them so aggressively.

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