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President’s Message

by Sally Fallon Morell

This issue is devoted to the subject of vaccinations—not the major focus of WAPF (which is nutrition), but a subject that fits well into our mission statement of nontoxic therapies.

We are hearing some strong words about the current “vaccination warsˮ—the push to make vaccinations mandatory in many states. One critic called vaccinations “biochemical warfare against a largely unsuspecting public, particularly children, disguised as disease prevention by means of Mickey Mouse science.ˮ

Said another observer: “We are struggling against one of the most dangerous, diabolical and powerful cults in the U.S.; that is, ‘science-based’ and ‘evidence-based medicine’ within the Church of Scientism. Undoubtedly when future historians scour what remains of the news, computer files and texts from the early 21st century’s Vaccine Age (assuming anything of humanity remains), they will identify a delusional global dictator (Bill Gates) and the cult’s preeminent false prophet (Paul Offit) as the principal harbingers of vaccine barbarism. Certainly by then a new paradigm, which fully comprehends the advances in epigenetics and the functions of the epigenome, biological systems theories and biophysics will have informed our future ancestors that vaccination, as practiced during the primitive 20th and 21st centuries, was a medical abomination.ˮ

More strong words: “From its inception vaccination has been fraught with no science, fraud, corruption, and big government money. Injecting cow belly pus and horse hoof pus into babies to keep them from getting sick? Roll forward to today’s ingredients. How can this possibly be believed to be benign and ̔for the good of the whole?̓ Sinister indeed.ˮ

We agree with the critics that vaccination as practiced today is a two hundred-year-old mistake. We hope that the selection of articles in the current edition will justify these harsh words, but also give our readers the tools they need to protect themselves from both the vaccinations themselves and from the infectious diseases against which these vaccinations are supposed to provide protection. And meanwhile we will continue sending action alerts to various states where bills requiring mandatory vaccination are up for consideration in the legislatures.

On a happier note, our annual conference is not far off, and we are looking forward to seeing many of you there. For more information on Wise Traditions 2015, see pages 18-21. As always, we have a great lineup of speakers, a wonderful array of exhibitors and will be serving delicious, nutritious meals. Both newcomers and conference veterans will come away enlightened and inspired.

3 Responses to Journal, Summer 2015, Vaccination Issue

  1. Heather W. says:

    Thank you. I love you guys, and you need to consider holding one of your WAPF conferences in Florida, we have lovely weather here in South West Florida in the Fall and Winter.

  2. b says:

    I work for a major hospital, requiring flu shot documentation, for the 6th year now. I pay cash, get a receipt in hand, and then submit that. I dare not elaborate, but supervisor is satisfied as long as there is paperwork.

  3. Sandy Lunoe says:

    Vaccines are not tested for adverse effects of injected mercury, nor for injected aluminium in connection with brain damage and autoimmune conditions, nor for risk of infertility and brain damage due to injected polysorbate, nor for potential dangerous health consequences of injected foreign DNA, nor for carcinogenic properties, nor for longterm side effects, nor for dangerous interactions between ingredients – especially when several vaccines are administered within a short period of time, nor for …. – but vaccines are safe?

    As pharmaceutical products go vaccines are inferior because there are so many unanswered questions. Until these are all appropriately addressed there should be a moratorium on vaccination.

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