Letters, Summer 2015


It is important to be honest and accurate when we describe what is happening today as we vaccinate our children for any and all diseases, even diseases that strike only small sections of the adult population, injecting a cocktail of toxins into their bloodstreams. There is but one way to describe this: the murder of the innocents.

Only they are usually not killed right away. When a vaccination goes wrong, which is happening with greater and greater frequency, what ensues is a kind of living death, which affects not only the victim but his or her entire family, and for many years. These children need constant care and constitute a hidden population of sufferers, most of whose parents are too traumatized and too busy to take any active role in opposing the forces that damaged their child. Suffering, poverty, isolation, divorce, despair—these are some of the consequences of vaccinations gone wrong, as parents spoon-feed and change the diapers of their twenty-year-olds.

Biblical tradition describes three instances of murder of the innocents—at the birth of Abraham, the birth of Moses, and the birth of Jesus. Each of these signaled a new dispensation, characterized by a steep change in the development of the independent personality, a leap forward, so to speak, in spiritual awareness and growth. And this modern murder of the innocents will be no different, because it will eventually force everyone to learn to distrust authority, to question the establishment, to think critically about everything that issues from the mouth of government and modern institutions. Those who continue to trust will lose their children; those who are wary, who think critically and who are strong enough to refuse vaccinations will be blessed with healthy children and grandchildren.

It is a frightening proposition for many people to think for themselves, but this is what the vaccination wars are forcing people to do.
Beth Verity
Sacramento, California


In the early 1920s, the esoteric philosopher Rudolf Steiner warned that in the future, vaccines would be designed as make it impossible for individuals to have a spiritual life—that people who got vaccines would be unable to recognize or understand the existence of a supersensible world and the role it plays in our lives, and only accept as real the physical world they can see, touch and hear.

There is an actual scientific explanation for this effect: the mercury and aluminum in vaccines have adverse effects on the pineal gland. The pineal gland is said to be the “seat of the soul,” and Steiner said that the pineal gland would gradually evolve to become a “third eye” that would allow us, as fully developed individuals, to see into and receive enlightenment from the spiritual worlds. Thus, the practice of vaccination disrupts this process of evolution, one that human beings long for, one that Steiner claimed is actually necessary for our happiness and survival.
Bob Stewart
Rockville, Maryland


I have been wondering about the differences and similarities between vaccinations and allergy shots. The experts say vaccines make your body react a certain way to a pathogen, but they use allergy shots to make your body not react a certain way to an allergen.

According to an article I read recently, the early vaccine developers recognized the fact that the injection of various substances directly into the bloodstream would cause allergies. The article listed the most common allergens and documented how they are used in vaccines. So that suggests there is a direct link between all those common vaccinations and allergies. It makes sense to me. It’s not normal for substances that are otherwise used as food to be injected directly into the bloodstream. It seems like it would be similar to “leaky gut syndrome,” where undigested substances reach the bloodstream without passing through all the normal channels first.

Since I have been paying attention to the health of my gut flora (trying to keep the “good guys” healthy so I don’t have to restrict my diet), my greatest concern about vaccinations has been the heavy metal preservatives that stay in your system, continuing to kill “germs”—that is, our beneficial bacteria. Then, of course, there’s the prevalence of glyphosate, originally patented as an antibiotic and chelator! Avoiding foods tainted with glyphosate is hard to do.

I have been able to avoid flu shots for more than ten years now, but I did have to fend off my child’s pediatrician when he brought up the Gardasil shot the last time we were in. He started talking about it while he was looking at the chart, then paused and looked at me. I was trying to keep a poker face, but I guess my antagonism showed in my face. I didn’t say anything, but he quickly dropped the subject.

I agree with your recent press release that people who are injected with vaccinations actually end up as carriers of those pathogens, but their system just doesn’t mount a defense. Vaccinated people don’t present the symptoms of fighting an infection, so we are told that they’re “immune” to the pathogen. And isn’t that the same result doctors are seeking when they give allergy shots? They just want your system not to react to the presence of the allergens, right?

I’m beginning to wonder whether the “package” (combination of pathogens, preservatives, culturing medium, and other adjuvants) they use for vaccinations doesn’t just kill off the “first responders” of the immune system, and then the body labels everything that was in that package as a threatening intruder, and that’s why the allergic response is triggered later.

I’ve never been a rabid anti-vaxxer, but it really does seem like these vaccinations are getting out of hand. My poor sister is at risk in her job. They practically dragged her in bodily for a flu shot a few years ago, even though she had filed the proper paperwork for an exemption. While she was being “violated” (her words), she did hear them discussing how they were going to get all the hundreds of other employees to get their shot. So it sounds like noncompliance is rather a big problem, even in a hospital setting! Maybe that’s why I keep hearing pro-vaccination stories in the news so often these days.

I’m curious about how the biome influences the immune system. It seems like it is a sort of mediator between pathogens and allergens and the immune response. Now that we are seeing more and more articles and books about how important our microbiome is, and how the good bacteria are threatened from so many directions, I would love to see a definitive article from WAPF about it. You guys are so good at making complicated issues understandable!
Laura Davis
Stillwater, Oklahoma


I received a call from a very distressed young mother about three weeks ago. She took her seven-month-old son in to see the pediatrician for a lingering cough. As soon as the doctor saw that the baby was “overdue” for his second DTaP, she began pressuring the mother to allow the vaccine to be given right away. Mind you, the child had a cough. The mother explained that her son had experienced severe eczema right after receiving the DTaP at four months of age and so she had decided to delay the second booster until she better understood why he reacted. She also explained that she had an appointment six days later to see an allergist to discuss her concerns.

This didn’t stop the pediatrician from hassling the mother. She finally told her she really needed at least to give her son the tetanus shot “because he’s a boy.” Seriously. The doctor went on to explain that because he was a boy he could be crawling on the living room carpet and come upon a rusty nail, end up with a puncture wound and contract tetanus. Mind you, this family lives in the suburbs, not in the outback or on a farm. The doctor reminded her that she had studied about tetanus and vaccines in medical school and knew far more than Barbara Loe Fisher. My client had not a clue who Ms. Fisher was. Up until then, this mother knew no one who didn’t vaccinate their children except one friend, and she was only beginning to educate herself. The mother agreed to allow the doctor to give her son the tetanus-only vaccine.

Later that evening the mother noticed that her son was no longer saying “mama” or “dada.” Nor was he cooing. He woke a few hours after going to bed with a fever, a high-pitched scream, horrific eczema outbreak and flapping hands. The following morning the pediatrician’s office confirmed that the culture relating to his cough was negative. When the mother explained that he had screamed all night and had fever along with flapping and eczema covering his back, she was told by the nurse that this had nothing to do with his shot, and by the way “he was given the full DTaP, not the tetanus only,” and that he was “just reacting due to his cold.” I am not making this up. It’s hard to believe that the doctor would blatantly go against the mother’s very clearly expressed wishes but this really happened.

A couple of days later the baby experienced two seizures and was taken to Children’s Hospital where they stayed for two days. Never would the hospital physicians admit his reactions were due to the DTaP. Their only response was that he was having an allergic reaction to something, but they didn’t have an allergist on staff to determine what he was allergic to. The baby sharing the room with them had had the same reactions just after receiving his second DTaP. At one point the child’s hospital room was filled with sixteen hospital personnel, all equipped with clipboards but no answers. Both parents felt the staff were attempting to intimidate them.

One member of the hospital staff privately told the mother that he sees at least two children a day with the same type of reactions, and the hospital doctors always have the same response. She was told by the staff member, “This place is worthless. Nothing is ever done — no cause ever admitted.” Finally they left the hospital, refusing to sign papers, and headed home to care for their son.

He is receiving remedies and supplemental support, so fortunately is slowly improving. His speech is beginning to return and hopefully he will recover fully. The parents have firmly resolved that they will not willingly give any more vaccines to their three children. Let’s just hope that they can maintain the hugely important right to decide what is best for their own. We must defeat California SB277!
Kim Schuette, CN
San Diego, California


I think what you are doing with your anti-vaccination memes on Facebook is good strategy. I think what the National Rifle Association (NRA) did and continues to do is instructive. There was a wave of anti-gun political activism so the NRA published story after story after story about how concealed carriers or armed homeowners foiled would-be ruffians. I think that you should do the same thing with all the children who have died or have been maimed by vaccines—and all the parents who have been plunged into unfathomable grief because of vaccine injury. Every single day, people should see one suspicious SIDS death after another, one autism case after another, one hopelessly grieving parent after another—who have been recklessly victimized by the medical establishment. This is not really an argument here. You can argue about measles until the cows come home, but the opposition are simply not responsive to logic. They are all about calling you a denier. They are all about putting up billboards that say: “Vaccines Save Lives—Get the Facts.” So it should be. I think you should deluge them with fact after fact after fact.

Dr. Paul K. Hubbard
Poquoson, Virginia
Former WAPF
Virginia Peninsula Chapter Leader


Our vaccination story is interesting in the WAPF context as one of the main symptoms that appeared after vaccinating my eleven-year-old for middle school was tooth decay. Having had no cavities before, within two months one tooth decayed so badly that it had to be removed. A few months later another one followed. It seemed like it became almost irrelevant to pay attention to the diet as the body was unable to assimilate the nutrients.

There were other symptoms, such as sleep disturbances and major trouble with digestion. Nothing provided relief; the GAPS diet helped a little bit initially but then there was a relapse.

What set things straight in the end was homeopathy. It took a little while and we are still working on it four years later, but we are finally on the right track. It took a lot of resources, studying and soul searching to get to this point, and it is a shame that every day a new group of innocent, naive people are thrown into the same situation.
Name Withheld


While the measles may have lasting side effects, the people who contract the measles will probably have lasting immunity. Those who choose to vaccinate may or may not have lasting immunity, but may risk having neurological side effects or even death. Has this question been researched? I believe people should be able to choose to vaccinate or not. I choose not.

When I was a child, everyone got the measles. We missed school for three or ten days as a function of the type of measles. No one had adverse effects. To have adverse effects was the exception. To contract measles was a rite of passage.
Tina Boyd, LCSW-C
Davidsonville, Maryland


My wife and I are members of the Weston A. Price Foundation. We attended last week’s rally against SB277 which is pending in the California legislature. At the hearing of the Senate Health Committee, we joined in the line-up of hundreds of people speaking out against the intended removal of personal exemptions from the vaccination requirements for attending public schools.

A main reason for our being involved is the experience of our granddaughter who lives in California. She experienced a severe adverse reaction to an MMR vaccination earlier this year. This adverse reaction has been documented and reported to the CDC by our granddaughter’s pediatrician.

We also followed the April 15th hearing of the California Senate Education Committee on SB277 via livestream and were gratified that several of the hundreds of persons speaking up against the proposed bill mentioned their association with the Weston A. Price
Hans Diessel
Davidson, North Carolina


I’m struggling to see how vaccines are that different from food that’s altered through genetic modification. The intent may be different, but the final result is similar. If a GMO is the result of genes from the DNA of one species artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal, how far is this from the process of vaccination in humans?

Vaccines contain the DNA of pathogenic viruses grown on cell cultures of humans, chickens, monkeys and cows. This DNA and foreign cells are injected directly into the blood stream of the vaccine recipient, bypassing any innate protection the body has. Logic tells me that is very similar to how GMOs are created. And just as in GMO food, the blood has never before been exposed to this DNA in the natural environment.

From what I’ve seen there are more people aware of the dangers of GMOs than the dangers of vaccines. At a recent march against GMOs, I talked to participants who were pro-vaccine and completely unaware that many vaccines are actually genetically modified. (Since 1991, the Hep B shot, given within twenty-four hours of birth, is genetically modified—the Hep B virus is combined with yeast).

Scientists at the University of Geneva (1971) discovered that biological substances entering directly into the blood stream can become a part of us and even a part of our genetic material. “The Geneva scientists are convinced that normal animal and plant cells also shed DNA and that this DNA is also taken up by other cells in the organism. If they are right, the consequences to virtually every aspect of a cell’s metabolism would be considerable. The growth and development, diseases, and even the evolution of an organism would be affected” (vaccinechoicecanada.com/doctors-speak/vaccines-and-geneticmutation/).

Verschaeve, L., and others (Environmental Research, “Genetic Damage Induced by Occupationally Low Mercury Exposure,” 12:306) found a “significant correlation between the amount of mercury in the body and the number of DNA aberrations.” This also supports the idea in my mind that vaccines cause humans to be GMOs as genes are being modified by at least one of the preservatives used in vaccines. The process is a bit different, but the end result is unnatural changes to the genome.

When GMO crops were introduced, we were told they would reduce the need for pesticides. In 2009, however, the Organic Center revealed “GE [genetically engineered] crops have increased overall pesticide use by 318.4 million pounds over the first thirteen years of commercial use” (livinghistoryfarm.org/farminginthe70s/pests_08.html). In the same way, vaccines were introduced under the guise of reducing the need for medical care because the recipients wouldn’t get the diseases the shots alleged to prevent. As the years go by, we have more and more chronic childhood illness and adult autoimmune disorders requiring more and more treatment.

This is a critical time; our right to control what is and isn’t injected into our bodies is at great risk. To maintain that right, we must enlist support from everyone. I see how passionate the anti-GMO activists are at marches and other gatherings. It is my hope that once they see that they, too, have been genetically modified through vaccination, we can all join together to take on this very dangerous myth of vaccine safety.
Lisa A. Middlecamp-Lowder, PhD
Chapter Leader, Muskegon, Michigan


I live in New Jersey and while all my children have been vaccinated, I do not want to continue. My son would like to do an EMT course this summer and he would need to get a flu shot in order to take the class. If the state gets rid of the religious exemption, I will not allow him to take this course.

I did not know anything about the anti-vaccine side of the argument because I was getting all my information from the New York Times, WNYC and NPR, until it became very clear that those media outlets were not giving me all the information. I finally found Dr. Suzanne Humphries and have been listening to her lectures online and reading her articles and book.

Given what I already knew from Dr. Price’s teachings, the anti-vaccination position makes complete sense. Healthy organisms, whether they are plants, animals or humans, are naturally free of disease, and when they do become ill, are able to fight off infection. These occasional infections are necessary to exercise our innate immune system. In the meantime, with all these vaccines, we are losing maternal immunity and babies are becoming more vulnerable. It’s really outrageous how the media spin everything. I had to re-educate myself completely.

The flu shot that is required for my son to take the EMT course would make him five or six times more susceptible to all other respiratory infections due to a phenomenon called original antigenic sin. This same phenomenon is responsible for the failure of the pertussis vaccine, which is why we are seeing so many more whooping cough infections in fully vaccinated populations. The vaccine is actually why there are so many more infections, because people who are vaccinated walk around asymptomatic but carry the virus in their airways. Of course the media continue to blame the unvaccinated.

As Suzanne Humphries writes in reference to an experiment with baboons, “Baboons that were previously vaccinated and immune vaccine-style became colonized upon later exposure for a longer time than native baboons: forty-two days. However unvaccinated baboons that recovered naturally and were later exposed to the bacteria did not become colonized at all: zero days.” So it seems that the naturally convalesced provide better herd immunity. And we don’t need to be afraid of naturally acquired whooping cough. Dr. Humphries has written a great article about treating whooping cough with lipospheric vitamin C, even for babies. It worked great for me.

Interestingly, Dr. Humphries writes “I’ve personally seen, in unvaccinated families, one child have clinical whooping cough, and the other children did not get sick. When those children had their blood antibodies measured to see if they were going to be a risk to their schoolmates, they were measured as having had experience with pertussis by IgG and IgM. In retrospect, some mothers could recall a cold-like illness, and others could not. I mention the fact that they were unvaccinated, not because I believe that is the reason they were infected, but because I believe that is the reason the children had subclinical infections that went unrecognized, and they developed immunity.”

Immunizations disrupt the colonization of beneficial microflora in the baby’s gut, triggering type 1 diabetes, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, etc. I was reading an op-ed called “Who has the guts for gluten” by Moises Velasquez-Manoff in The New York Times. In it, the author mostly focuses on the absence of beneficial gut bacteria and different studies done in different populations. What was most striking to me was a quote from Dr. Bana Jabri, director of research at the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center. She notes that “immune disturbances [vaccines?] change the microbial ecosystem. Rodent experiments show that intestinal inflammation can select for unfriendly bacteria that further inflame.” Suddenly the work of Andrew Wakefield and the claims of parents of autistic children with irritable bowel syndrome made complete sense.
Tami Berman
Upper Saddle River, New Jersey


In the spring of 1989 there was a burst of information about getting second MMRs for your kids. At the time, I was working at the University of Utah Student Health Center as a receptionist. I took my two teenage children, a boy and a girl, to this clinic to receive their second MMR. Within a day both of them became ill with fever and swollen glands similar to mumps, a reaction neither of them had suffered from prior vaccines.

A few weeks later, my son began complaining of severe leg pains and constant thirst. He had been rehearsing that summer for a community play. Around midnight one night he was in such pain that we took him to an emergency room because he could barely walk. After a couple of hours, the room became full of doctors who wanted to see someone who could walk into an emergency room with a blood sugar level off the charts. At first they thought he had MS. Then they realized it was type I diabetes. They put him in the hospital for two days. He insisted on leaving early so he could be in the play. The doctors and nurses asked us if he had been ill with a virus within the last six weeks. We said that he had been ill from an MMR shot. They said the shot was probably what triggered the diabetes! They also said that my daughter, who also had been ill from the shot, could possibly come down with diabetes anytime within the next seven years. Eight years later my daughter also developed type I Diabetes. We had no prior diabetes in our family. They have both been on insulin ever since.
Bev Terry
Salt Lake City, Utah


I am writing to say how impressed I am with the Foundation’s stance on vaccination, particularly being brave enough to say right out: “Childhood diseases are either mild or non-existent when parents practice the kind of good nutrition that we advocate. Diets rich in vitamins A and C can protect children against disease much better than vaccinations, and with side effects that are good, never harmful.”

Your March 3 press release, “Public Health Officials Know: Recently Vaccinated Individuals Spread Disease” is a very good resource which I am circulating.
Jayne Donegan
London, UK

Our press release is posted at westonaprice.org/press/public-health-officials-know-recently-vaccinated-individuals-spread-disease/.


We are chapter leaders in Albany, California and the parents of Gregorio, who will be four in August. Our family is experiencing first-hand the threat of SB 277, California’s mandatory vaccine bill, to exacerbate social injustice and economic inequality. Our preschooler has medical problems resulting from chronic heavy metal toxicity. After he inexplicably became quite ill as a baby, we ran genetic tests and found out that he has impairments in his detoxification pathways. Although his pediatrician recommended that we not vaccinate him due to his condition, we have been unable to obtain a medical exemption. Doctors have their licenses, reputations and professional networks to maintain.

Despite his genetic condition, Gregorio lives a fairly normal life as a result of the precautions we take to reduce his exposure to heavy metals. We launder his clothing in special detergent to remove the antimony that is sprayed on it during the manufacturing process; we prepare all his food from scratch from fresh organic ingredients in pots and pans that are safe for him; we do not store any of his food in aluminum; and we use a high-quality filter for all the water he consumes in order to remove the heavy metals present in our municipal water supply.

As parents, we feel obligated to look out for our son’s health and welfare, and we cannot agree to any medical procedure that carries such a risk to his health. The bill has been amended to allow non-vaccinated and incompletely vaccinated children to be home-schooled, and we know a number of parents who have decided to quit their jobs and put their careers on hold in order to home-school a child who has already had one or more adverse vaccine reactions, in order to protect the child’s future health. These families are making enormous sacrifices to protect their children’s health and their own values.

Our situation is different, because even with our two incomes, we are barely able to make ends meet. Although we are both highly educated, we both hold PhDs in a field that lost prestige and marketability after the economic crisis of 2008, and work hard for a living that barely allows us to pay for basic living expenses in spite of our parsimonious habits. Families like ours have been ridiculed both in the media as being unscientific and acting contrary to the public good.

We have decided to leave California and return to our roots in rural Italy, where we still have some family and friends, and fulfill our long-time dream of bringing the WAPF to Italy. As part of this project, we are translating key WAPF materials into Italian and plan to teach workshops on proper food preparation techniques. We would be grateful for any contributions from our fellow WAPFers to support our project.
Sara Russell and Marco Prina
Albany/El Cerrito, California
Chapter Leaders


I am alarmed by the callous disregard shown by some in the media and the general public toward parents who choose to opt out of vaccines. A few years ago, on behalf of the Weston A. Price Foundation, I attended a Canary Party conference and met numerous parents of vaccine-injured children. It was a very eye-opening experience.

Compelling evidence was presented at the conference of the link between vaccine injury and the onset of autism by Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted. These two researchers, one with an autistic child, have also discovered the role that pesticides are playing in the ill health of our nation’s children (see ageofautism.com).

My husband and I have no children. Yet, meeting these parents who saw their children literally descend into autism after receiving their shots, put me firmly in the camp of the vaccine-wary. I support wholeheartedly any parent’s or adult’s decision to shun vaccines and seek other ways to build immunity.

Some may choose to slow down the vaccine schedule or be more selective among vaccine choices. We must respect the patient’s wishes.

I have since learned that even some adult vaccines have toxins and dangerous ingredients like mercury, and I will read the package inserts in the future.

The derision of “anti-vaxxers” shows incredible insensitivity on the part of those hurling the insults. Many such parents have already experienced an adverse reaction to shots and have good reason to resist further harm. We are a nation where a baby who falls in a well creates a national uproar and garners our collective kindness until the child is rescued and safe. Yet, in the case of vaccines, we are saddling some families with unbelievable sorrows for the “greater good” and then insulting anyone smart enough not to submit blindly.
Kimberly Hartke, Publicist
The Weston A. Price Foundation
Reston, Virginia


Thank you so very much for bringing serious attention to the issue of vaccine safety and choice. Despite the fact that over 95 percent of children in America are vaccinated, the mainstream media (sponsored by Big Pharma) continue to barrage people with the lie that our herd immunity is at risk and that all non-medical vaccine exemptions should be removed from every square inch of our country.

I think that course of action is a terrifying mistake, because the truth is that vaccine injury is real, medical exemptions are extremely hard or impossible to obtain, and many people do have bona fide and sincerely held religious beliefs that prohibit the injection of toxins, bovine and porcine cells and the fragmented DNA remains of aborted human fetal tissue into themselves and their children.

Those rights must be respected in order to meet any definition of the word free. To be able to control our bodies at the most basic level of deciding what is injected into them is truly the most fundamental of liberties. Whatever a person’s stance on vaccination, we should all fear a government that is empowered to inject us with anything without our consent.

Depending on who is doing the polling, somewhere between 70 and 84 percent of Americans are against compulsory vaccination. That is the truth of the matter—that the vast majority of our citizens believe that medical decisions should be made by people acting in conjunction with their medical care provider, not some politician sitting in his office with the money from big Pharma lining the coffers of his reelection campaign.

It is we, the citizens, who will live with the consequences and under the constraints of these short-sighted laws and side effects of unwanted medical procedures forced on ourselves and our children. Please keep up your efforts to bring light to the truth of this issue.
Megan Montgomery
Silver Spring, Maryland



Mothers across America carefully read food labels, avoiding non-food ingredients, pesticide-laden foods, and genetically-modified foods. They are returning to glass baby bottles to avoid toxic plastic ones, and they are learning to shun items laced with poisonous flame retardants. However, many have yet to learn about the dangers lurking in the seventy or so doses of vaccines they are allowing to be injected into their children, more if they allow vaccines while pregnant (in essence, beginning the vaccination process in utero for their child).

Mothers must be warned about and advised against the health-and-development-damaging ingredients in vaccines. It is up to those of us who know the disturbing and disgusting facts about vaccines to continue to expose the truth to help stop the poisoning of children.

What mother willingly poisons her own child? Only one who has been lied to. When a mother allows a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist to vaccinate her child, she is allowing that person to poison her child. Think that’s too strong a statement? Think I’m exaggerating?

What mother would allow lead to be injected into her child? Answer: none. They know it would cause brain damage. However, millions of mothers across America are allowing doctors to inject mercury and aluminum into their children, both of which are severely neurotoxic (mercury many more times so than lead…and yes, mercury is still in vaccines given to infants and children, in addition to those given to pregnant women). To make matters worse, mercury and aluminum are synergistically neurotoxic, meaning that when they are given together, as is often done during vaccination, their individual toxicity is made far worse by the presence of the other, many times worse. Interestingly, we are seeing record numbers of children with brain damage in our country. Coincidence?

What mother would allow something that could cause cancer, say asbestos, to be injected into her child? Answer: none. They know that cancer is often akin to a death sentence, if not the first go-round, then the times that often follow. However, millions of mothers across America are allowing doctors to inject formaldehyde, phenol and MSG into their children, all of which are known carcinogens. It’s no wonder pharmaceutical companies don’t test to see whether or not their vaccine products cause cancer; they already know the answer. Instead, they simply write “not tested for carcinogenicity” on their package inserts, and our unethical government regulators let them get away with that. Interestingly, we are seeing record numbers of children with leukemia and other cancers in our country. Coincidence?

What mother would allow something that could cause life-threatening auto-immune diseases, something like aluminum, to be injected into her child? Answer: none. They know that auto-immune diseases are progressive and lead to premature death. However, millions of mothers across America are allowing doctors to inject not only aluminum, but also mercury, polysorbate 80, retroviruses from pigs, mice, monkeys and other animals, DNA fragments from other humans, specifically from aborted fetuses, and from various animals, and laboratory-created live and killed viruses and retroviruses from both humans and animals, all of which are known to cause auto-immune diseases. Interestingly, we are seeing record numbers of children with Type 1 diabetes, asthma, Crohn’s disease, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, demyelination, ulcerative colitis and many more auto-immune diseases in our country. Coincidence?

What mother would allow something that could cause life-altering and life-threatening asthma and allergies to be injected into her child? Answer: none. They know that both asthma and allergies severely restrict a child’s life in many ways and that both can result in death. However, millions of mothers across America are allowing doctors to inject food proteins (which the blood is incapable of breaking down into amino acids, resulting in inflammation), antibiotics such as neomycin and streptomycin, and toxic chemicals at the same time as adjuvants (e.g., aluminum), which are designed to overstimulate the immune system artificially, resulting in the chronic and sometimes fatal conditions of asthma and allergies. Interestingly, we are seeing record numbers of children with asthma, life-threatening peanut allergies, numerous types of food allergies and food intolerances, and numerous types of environmental allergies. Coincidence?

What mother would allow something that could cause infertility, such as nonstick chemicals and solvents, to be injected into her child? Answer: none. They know that they would never want to destroy their child’s future reproductive capabilities. However, millions of mothers across America are allowing doctors to inject their children with polysorbate 80, known to affect fertility adversely. And who knows what ethylene glycol (antifreeze), Triton X100 (detergent), aluminum, mercury, foreign DNA fragments, and the myriad other vaccine ingredients do to one’s future reproductive ability? It’s no wonder pharmaceutical companies don’t test to see whether or not their products cause infertility; they already know the answer. Instead, they simply write “not tested for impairment of fertility” on their package inserts, and our unethical government regulators let them get away with that. Interestingly, we are seeing record numbers of couples struggling with infertility issues. Coincidence?

What mother would allow something that could kill her baby to be injected into her otherwise healthy child? Answer: none. Mothers would lay down their lives for their children; they don’t purposely put them in harm’s way. However, millions of mothers across America are allowing doctors to inject their children with more and more vaccines, not knowing that each and every one carries the risk of death, and more so when combined, as they most often are. Interestingly, we are seeing record numbers of babies who are dying before their first birthday in the U.S., including many of “SIDS” (the label that unethical doctors and medical examiners use for vaccine-induced deaths instead of calling them what they are…i.e., vaccine-induced deaths). Coincidence?

So then, what mother willingly poisons her child with the vaccines recommended by our nation’s CDC, which are then mandated by the state in which she lives? Only the uninformed mother, the one who doesn’t yet know she has been lied to by many whom she trusts: the FDA, the CDC, the AMA, the AAP, the vaccine manufacturers, her doctor(s), and mainstream media.

Please help inform these mothers, who have no idea they are allowing the poisoning of their own children.

Please help inform legislators, who are mandating that mothers allow their children to be poisoned at the hands of those who are “first, to do no harm,” so that their child may attend daycare or school.

Please help stop this vaccine madness, this vaccine holocaust against our children. (The definition of a holocaust is destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, which is exactly the effect that our nation’s vaccine program is having.)

Please help restore the health and development of our nation’s children, and thus, of our nation itself, as our children are the future.


Fight to eliminate vaccine mandates.

Fight to repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which shields pharmaceutical companies and those who administer vaccines from liability for vaccine injuries and deaths.

Educate everyone you know about the dangers, inefficacies and lack of need for vaccines, and teach them natural and risk-free ways of protecting, maintaining and enhancing the health of their children and themselves.
Thank you.
Laura Hayes
Laura Hayes is the mother of a severely vaccine-injured child who is now twenty-one years old and permanently disabled as a result of his “routine” childhood vaccinations. His vaccines were administered without any informed consent, and they have left him dependent on others for the remainder of his life. His childhood, adulthood, independence and lifetime opportunities have been decimated by vaccines. He was born a very healthy baby. Vaccines destroyed his health, development, and ability to lead a full and independent life.

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