FAQ-Diet in Pregnancy

  • Prenatal vitamins
  • Kombucha during pregnancy
  • Fermented foods/raw fish during pregnancy
  • Liver during pregnancy/liver for children

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Q. Is it okay to consume a food based prenatal vitamin during pregnancy while adhering to the Weston A Price pregnancy diet? (I am thinking particularly of the first trimester when morning sickness can drastically cut down on how much and what one is willing to eat.)

A. I’d have to see the prenatal. We do not recommend pre natal vitamins because they contain synthetic vitamin A and the synthetic can cause birth defects. Better to continue with the cod liver oil. Eat lots of leafy greens for folic acid. Click here for our diet for pregnant women. By the way, raw milk is great for morning sickness.

Q. Can I drink kombucha during pregnancy?

A. If you are used to drinking kombucha, you can drink it while pregnant. It would be a good thing to drink 4 to 6 ounces with meals. However, if you have not drunk kombucha before, don’t start while you are pregnant because occasionally someone has an adverse reaction and we don’t want that to happen while you are pregnant. Don’t let kombucha be a substitute for your one quart of raw milk per day.

Q. I was told not to consume fermented foods and drinks or raw fish while pregnant.

A. Kefir is very safe for pregnant women, as is raw milk–we recommend 1 qt per day of raw milk for pregnant women.

As for kombucha, what I tell pregnant women is that if you have been drinking kombucha with no problem, it is fine and very healthy to drink it while pregnant. Occasionally someone has a bad reaction to kombucha and you would not want that to happen while pregnant, but if you have been drinking it all along, fine if you are pregnant.

As for sushi, that I would steer clear of while pregnant, because of the threat of parasites. But lacto-fermented fish would be fine.

See this link for diet for pregnant women.

The establishment also tells pregnant women that cod liver oil and liver are dangerous–yet these are very important to consume while pregnant.

Q. Is it okay to take a pea-sized frozen piece of cow’s liver a day while pregnant? What is the age that one can start children on this?

A. This is a GREAT idea–even more than a pea-sized. An ounce or more a day is fine. One can start at age 4-6 months with children. Raw grated liver should be one of baby’s first foods. But better to give the liver as food to children rather than pea sized bites as these might be difficult to swallow.

Q. What to do for a young pregnant woman who wants to eat well but is having a lot of vomiting and aversion to the important foods?

A. The best thing we have found for morning sickness (which is probably what is making you so sensitive to smells and tastes) is raw milk sipped throughout the day (just sips, no gulps).  Do you have access to raw cow’s milk?  That might have a better taste for her. You could warm up the milk with a little maple syrup and cinnamon, for example.

Swedish bitters, 1/2 tsp in water, morning and evening, might help with the aversion to fat.  Even a little vinegar in water might help.

Broth-based soups with lots of vegetables would be good–you could cut meat up very finely into the soup, even a little liver cut up very finely.  The glycine in the broth will compensate for the generally low protein diet.

How is cheese?  That would be an excellent food for her.

Regarding eggs, the yolks are more important than the whites.  So, for example, if eating scrambled eggs, add an additional yolk.  You might also try making custard with egg yolks and cream. . . sweetened with maple syrup, for example. It is important to get egg yolks into the diet, in whatever way possible.

Q. Do you have a suggestion regarding pre-natal vitamins?  My doctor recommends me taking them; do I need to take them?
A. Rather than synthetic vitamins, we recommend getting the vitamins you need with a nutrient-dense diet, one that includes cod liver oil for vitamins A and D (cod liver oil is a food).  For our recommended diet, see http://www.westonaprice.org/childrens-health/diet-for-pregnant-and-nursing-mothers

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