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Written by Sally Fallon   
Saturday, 01 January 2000 02:05

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In addition to his work on nutrition, Dr. Price conducted extensive research into the destructive effects of root canals, detailed in his two-volume work Dental Infections Oral & Systemic and Dental Infections & the Degenerative Diseases. His conclusions, ignored by the orthodox dental establishment for over 50 years, are gaining renewed acceptance as holistic practitioners are discovering that the first step to recovery from degenerative disease often involves removal of all root canals in the patient's mouth. The principles of holistic dentistry, based on the research of Weston Price, are as follows:

  • Eat nutrient-dense whole foods, properly grown and prepared.
  • Avoid root canals. If you have root canals and suspect that they are causing trouble, have them removed by a knowledgeable dentist.
  • Avoid mercury (amalgam) fillings. If you have amalgam fillings, have them removed by a holistic dentist who specializes in mercury filling replacement.
  • Orthodontics should include measures to widen the palate.
  • When it is necessary to extract teeth, do so in such a way as to avoid leaving the jaw bone with cavitations, which can be focal points of infection.

Find Mercury-Free and Biological Dentists here!

Samoan boy of parents who ate traditional food Samoan boy of parents who abandoned traditional food

Caption: Good dental health begins with the diet of both parents. The Samoan boy on the left was born to parents who ate nutrient-rich native foods. The Samoan boy on the right was born to parents who had abandoned their traditional diet. He has crowded dental arches and will be more susceptible to dental decay and chronic illness.


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redoing root canal?
written by jc mcmullen, Feb 03 2014
I have a hurting root canal. An endodontist says he is sure he can fix it. Is this possible if the x ray shows bone degeneration? also do you have any recommended dentists near southern oregon?
5yr old son hit tooth and is now dead - What to do?
written by P.H., Jan 21 2014
My 5yr old son hit his front top tooth 3 wks ago and tooth turned to gray color. Took to dentist for teeth cleaning, and they show via x-ray that the tooth is dead. Dentist suggested to pull the dead tooth out and the other top tooth as well (which is healthy) in order for the two adult top front teeth to grow in nicely.

I don't know if I should listen, or I have other options? Please help and advise holistically. Much Appreciated and Thank You!
Q about other materials being harmful
written by Jill, Dec 21 2013
Above, Andy said he learned that other materials are just as bad as amalgam. Anyone have more info than that?
written by Amber Holmertz, Jul 31 2013

Is the book, "Cure Tooth Decay" a valid dental source to look to?

Thank you,
Safe material?
written by Andy Weig, Jun 14 2013
There are plenty of sources to site saying amalgam fillings are harmful and I am in process of removing them. However I found upon some research that some other replacement materials can be just as harmful or even worse! How can I find a safe material to use as a replacement? Also money is a concern but I will not settle for a harmful material.
Reply to Oscar
written by tjboyd, Mar 04 2013
Root canal (endodoncia) is not the same as filling (relleno). The porcelain fillings might be OK. Mercury is not good but can be replaced with something better. Root canals go very deep, all the way to the root and kill the tooth. You might need to have the root canal tooth pulled if it is making you sick.
written by Oscar Valles, Mar 01 2013
Me hicieron una endodoncia y parece que no quedo bien. Ademas tengo muchos dientes empastados y si les quito el relleno que va a pasar? Me quedare sin dientes? o debo mejor dejar el relleno y conservar los dientes?

Cual es la diferencia de un relleno a un diente y una endodoncia a una muela?
written by Oscar Valles, Mar 01 2013
What is the difference on Root Canal and a teeth that are filled or repaired?

Is it the same thing? or both terms refers to a Root Canal?

Because I have to many teeth refilled with porcelain and one with mercury.

Should I remove the filling? and if I do, what is going to happen? I can not remove them because I would be without teeth.

Thanks for the infromation.
So just pull 'em?
written by Dan, Oct 15 2012
The only alternative I see here to a root canal is extraction. That's going to cause your teeth to shift and palate to contrort and narrow. Is this natural dentistry? 22 teeth pulled in one hours:
written by Natasha Sandoval , Jun 27 2012
I was just informed that I need a root canal. From what I Am reading, that is not a good idea, however, I cannot find any information about what to do instead! Please help. I do not want a root canal.
written by Victors Deloach, Jun 20 2012
There are many dental clinic florence south carolina that practice holistic dentistry. It's high time that the medical practitioners practice this because of other serious health concerns in the practice especially with the use of mercury as fillings.
written by maria, Mar 22 2012
is it ok to use baking soda for toothpaste
To Vlahov, who has no complaints or illnesses due to his root canal...
written by Serpil, Feb 15 2012
I was like you. I had no complaints after I had root canal treatment UNTIL I got pregnant and gave birth. Then, illnesses came one after another, and now I am stuck with HYPOTHYROIDISM for the rest of my life. My mother, on the other hand, has strong teeth even now she is over 60 years old thanks to growing up on a farm, eating and drinking fresh food she and her parents produced. She had given birth to 5 children and had none of the problems I had after giving birth.

Your immune system is strong now, that's why it can keep the mercury and the malicious bacteria growth under control. But once the immune system weakens due to flu, accident, pregnancy, breastfeeding, then your body will have difficulty fighting against the "enemy" and you'll start experiencing the dangerous side effects of the "safe and sterilized" root canal treatment.

Thanks to Weston A Price we can get a clue of what is going on in our bodies without the manipulations of the profit-obsessed healthcare system.
Amalgam removal and tooth repair
written by Carl, Dec 29 2011
Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of a holistic dentists in the Dallas area so I can get some fillings removed. Also I was reading an article about naturally healing cavities with diet and taking Butter oil and fermented cod liver oil daily. I know that the combination of the two is definitely good for you but I wanted to get some more feed back on the the use of them for naturally repairing you teeth.
where to find a wholistic dentist
written by carrie fay, Nov 24 2011
hi i am looking for a wholistic dentist in my area of jersey city/new york city area. i want to have some fillings removed that may have mercury in them. if anyone has any knowledge of wholistic dentists in the area i would greatly appreciate it. thank you
carrie fay
written by Nancy, Oct 24 2011
Where does one go to have RCT teeth removed and cavitations properly cleaned? Wouldn't an implant in the socket continue to be a problem for focal infection?
I heat C. Silver
written by Eric, Oct 24 2011
I had a molar break a few years ago while living on a sailboat and traveling. I did not have the resources to do anything about it and the infection became very severe. A fellow traveler recommended that I take colloidal silver and it would help some. I took it and within 24 hours the infection was 100% gone, all discoloration, swelling, and blistering vanished completely. It has been over ten years now and I still have not been to a dentist. Every once and awhile it will become inflamed and soar, but as soon as it starts I take some silver and it clears up.

(silver is a must have for anyone that needs a strong anti-biotic IN MY OPINION)
3 1/2 year old's weak enamel and cavity teeth
written by bernadette, Aug 29 2011
I took my 3 1/2 year old to the dentist because she had two small cavities in her side front teeth. After examination they found cavities in all her molars and saw the enamel on her teeth did not form properly and is very weak. I found out this was due to all the breathing treatments she had since she was 9 months (for asthma) and never being informed I needed to rinse her mouth after every time...until the detist told me!. They said she will need crowns on her molars. i do not want to put my daughter through this so I am looking for any and all natural things to help "rebuild" her teeth and strengthen the enamel. Can you please help me?? (right now i am doing cod liver oil and milk twice a day and a a homepaths bone/spleen tonic). thank you in advance!
written by Kathryn, Apr 30 2011
In response to Sarah - pulpotomy

Hi Sarah, we recently struggled with a decision to take our 18month old to theatre. His front top four teeth were damaged by juice - caries on the front and the backs eroded. We stopped the juice. Took away most of the bread. 1tsp cod liver oil (Scotts Emulsion flavours it nicely with orange) a day. Kerrygold butter (irish, grassfed) 2tsp a day on toast/bread/crackers. Buy a juicer - add half a capsule of K2 - MK-7 from natto to a cup of juice made of 2 red apples, a handful of broccoli + (variously: an orange, pear, carrot). I serve juice 2x a day. If you can get hold of Xylitol sugar, add a spoonful to a glass of water at his bedside at night. Brush 3x a day (I use Spry kids gel) and floss at night. Teach your child to rinse with water and keep sweet treats to once a day - brush soon after if you can. Drinks = water.
My son's teeth are remineralising. The sticky black on the caries have dissapeared. A layer of glossy white starting to form over the holes, now dents. Where juice had eaten thru to the pulp at the back v the teeth - I can only hope, but the dark yellow brown is now lighter.
That said, my daughter had a pulpotomy on both front teeth at 2.5 years. The fillings have fallen out numerous times and been replaced. She is 4.5yrs now and is fine - teeth look great. But I wouldnt do it again.
I feel we are doing the right thing for my son. And it seems to be working. We are into month 2 of nutrition changes. Only week 3 in terms of cod liver oil and juice. Good luck.

Gum Surgery?
written by Emily, Apr 25 2011

I recently visited a periodontist who told me that I have lost bone around two of my teeth as a result of teeth clenching/grinding. He wants to do perform surgery to remove some gum to tighten up the area so it is easy to clean. I've been trying to figure out if this is necessary or if I can maintain my dental health through personal practice. I've also read many places that once bone is gone, there is nothing that can be done to reverse it.

I have Ramah's book which is very interesting but mainly deals with teeth issues, not gum and bone. Any advice or suggestions for sources would be greatly appreciated.
written by Vlahov, Apr 18 2011
I have teeth with root canal therapy, and they all are perfect! I have no complaints or illnesses whatsoever. I eat nutrient rich traditional diet with lots of fat and less carbs, and I exercise regularly. I was never healthier as I am today! Don't fear root canals - a proper RCT is enough to save your teeth for a lifetime. Today's chemical agents to chemically theat the root canal dissolve all living tissue, including microorganisms in the microcanal system.
The dentist wants to give my 4 year old a pulpotomy!
written by Sarah, Apr 14 2011
Help! I just took my son to the dentist, and they want to not only do a pulpotomy on one of his front teeth, but also drill a small cavity on the other front tooth, and put CROWNS on them both! And, they also want to do "preventative" fillings on some other "between-the teeth" cavities that have not yet gone through the enamel.

I do NOT want to have these things done, but don't know what my options are. of course, they wanted to put amalgam fillings in the between-the-teeth cavities, and I told them to kick rocks, but I don't know how to help my son's teeth right now. He's 4 1/2 years old, and won't lose his front teeth for at least another year or so. Also, the cavity in his front tooth has not reached the root.

What can I do to help his teeth get better, or at the very least, not get worse?
written by Stephanie Black, Apr 06 2011
For those who are interested in curing tooth decay with nutrition:
or look up "Cure Tooth Decay: heal and prevent cavities with nutrition" by Ramiel Nagel on Amazon.
This has helped me immesurably.
Root canals
written by Carol Ferguson, Dec 17 2010
Root canals are dangerous because they trap bacteria
in the dentinal tublules. The bacteria become more
virulent under these conditions and can cause systemic
Never ,never have a root canal! A dental hygienist.
Periodontal disease/dental carries/prevention.
written by Carol Ferguson, Dec 17 2010
To those of you who wish to be dentally self sufficient
be sure to read Dr. Nara's work, How to become Dentally
Self Sufficient, Money by the Mouthful. Dr Nara lost his dental license for practicing preventive dentistry in
Periodontal disease is totally reversable as are
some caries with a combination of dietary improvements,
brushing, flossing. Most of us know these things but
how many people know that in order to kill acid
causing bacteria you must also flush pockets around the teeth
with salt water or anti microbial solutions such as
Theresol. If you skip this step the bacteria will
flourish indefinately. Dental prophylaxis does not
stop the disease process.

I practiced dental hygiene for many years, my husband
practiced dentistry for 37 years. Subgingival irrigators with
narrow cannulas that reach into the pockets were not
available when we both practiced our profession.
Sadly our patients suffered recurrent caries and periodontal
disease. We have even personally experienced dental disease
in our own mouths.

In my quest for the truth about dental caries and perio
disease i was fortunate to have found and read the Weston
Price book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. Dr
Keyes has a web site devoted to the non surgical
treatment of periodontal disease. Dr. Naras books mentioned
above are available for purchase.
Oratec carries hand held irrigators, viajets, and
Thera sol anti microbial rinses.

You can reverse the disease process ,READ,
take action with your diet and hygiene procedures.
Sadly you will not be able to count on your dentist
or hygienist for this information.

You are on the right track with your diet if
you have read any of Weston Prices work or
Sally Fallons Nourishing Traditions! Good luck!

I am a dentist., Low-rated comment [Show]
to the dental hygenist
written by bonni, Aug 18 2010
I think it is because the body is constantly trying to rid the foreign and dead tooth which can cause an underlying and chronic infection.
written by Tessa Gentile, Jul 31 2010
Is there a particular brand of toothpaste that you reccomend, or a recipe for toothpaste? I purchased a tooth powder containing salt, baking soda, ash bark, and pepperment. My teeth seem to have become sensitive and they are turning grey.
Thank you!
written by Mary Scully, Jul 06 2010
I have two root canals. One is 4o years old and I have had 4 surgeries for infection. I now think they have to be removed. You say avoid extraction that would cause cavitation in the jaw bone. I wouldn't be in this trouble if I could trust dentists. I need to know exactly what that means so that I can prevent it. I believe my only recourse is to have them removed. Is the dietary route a real possibility?
Confused what are the treatments?
written by R Dean, Jun 16 2010
I am confused I agree with the info re root canals and the after effect and infections.
However cant seem to find the alternative solutions here. What does one do if there is infection in the root ? I had a tooth removed to prevent root canal and now 2 years later the infection has moved from the molar (orignal tooth that was removed) to the adjacent pre molar.

I removed the molar as the risk of teeth shifting etc was minimal , but now Im confused about what to do now with the pre molar.

Any guidance to point me in the right direction? Or a practitioner here in the UK?

Kind regards,

No more root canals for me.
written by Candace Adams, May 18 2010
I also had a problem root canal. About a year after having the procedure, I was still having pain in the area. An x-ray revealed an infection, so bad, that I had to have some of my jaw bone replaced after the extraction of the tooth. A few thousand dollars later, I was left with no tooth and alot of pain. I wish I had known about Dr. Price's research much sooner.
Root Canals dangerous, from personel experience I say yes.
written by Jeff Cox, Apr 21 2010
I had a root canal performed about three years ago, prior to realizing the potential danger that they might cause. Shortly after having the Root Canal performed I started experiencing all kinds of joint pain which only got worse as time went on. Recently I came across some information addressing the potential dangers of root canals and the infections they can cause on your entire body. I decided just last week to have mine removed. I will tell you that the first thing I noticed upon extraction was the terrible odor that came from that tooth, it filled the whole room. It was truly the worst smell I have ever had the pleasure of inhaling. Since removal I have fought off an infection caused by the toxicity of the extraction site, fortunately antibiotics is fighting that off. The positive result so far is a significant reduction in the joint pain I was experiencing, it is truly remarkable. The pungent smell alone is enough to let you know that Root Canals are a flawed practice, feeling less pain in my joints is a sign that I made the right decision. My recommendation would be for tooth extraction and an implant rather than ever subjecting yourself to a root canal.
Removal of root canals
written by M'delia Britton, Mar 01 2010
I agree with the dental technician who wrote above that this article needs much clarification. I ascribe to nearly all of the principles and recommendations of the Price F.
but do not understand how one can have a root canal removed?
Also, may I request that you publish more information on gum health and periodontal care. For instance alternatives to scaling and what to do about bone loss and gum separation.
written by A.B., Feb 23 2010
Dr. Price discovered that the dentin is not solid, but made up of tiny tubules. The bacteria from the infected tooth can infect these tubules. If the tooth is filled, it cannot be completely filled, not only due to the tubules, but because all materials used for filling a tooth must shrink, however minimally, when they dry. This leaves more room for bacteria, and since the tooth is now dead, the body cannot send it any white blood cells to fight these bacteria.

Here is a website that describes a book by George Meinig, DDS, titled "Root Canal Cover-up":
Dental Hygienist
written by B. W., Feb 21 2010
I am curious about a statement that is noted about root canals. You advise to "Avoid root canals. If you have a root canal and suspect it is causing trouble, have it removed by a knowledgeable dentist." I have been a dental hygienist for over 11 years and have great concern with this statement. I respect and agree with much of the information you have researched and provided on living healthier, particularly through eating nutrient-dense foods. However, I would like to know exactly where the information regarding having "root canals removed" derives. Now when a root canal is performed, the nerve chamber is filled with a material called gutta percha. This is a neoprene-type substance and causes no biological harm. If your concern is the placement of metal "pins" from old root canal therapy and having this removed, I feel this should be stated clearly. When many read this advise, I think it is misleading to have people asking to have the "root canal removed", introducing the patient into needing possible extractions and placement of implants. Please clarify.

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