Fermented Cod Liver Oil Available from Chapter Leaders and Members

Finding a high quality source of cod liver oil is very important (see our cod liver oil basics and recommendations page). To help you find a source near you and minimize shipping costs, we are providing this list of Weston A. Price Foundation local chapter leaders and members who sell recommended brands of fermented cod liver oil or arrange for group buys at a discount.

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United States











  • None at this time




New Mexico

New York

North Carolina





South Carolina


  • Chattanooga: Michele Reneau,










British Columbia

Nova Scotia


  • Be Naturally Prepared, Wholesalers from Oshawa, Ontario. Carry FCLO, FSLO, BO, and Blue Ice Royal BO / FCLO Blend and can order any Green Pasture product.

New Zealand

15 Responses to Fermented Cod Liver Oil Available from Chapter Leaders and Members

  1. Mary Myers says:

    looking for cod liver oil, thanks

  2. candace Hart says:

    Please send me list of local chapter leaders to get cod liver oil.

  3. Anne says:

    Health Topics Cod Liver Oil
    I live in the UK (Scotland) and have a copy of Dr Price’s original book. It is logical and makes sense to me. I have started reading the nourishing traditions cook book and it too makes sense to me. I work in the health service, & I suffer from chronic fatigue, and fatty liver. I have tried supplements and modifying my diet. I am still prone to burn out and spend my life trying to avoid stress and difficult situations. I end up eating sugary foods because I feel so low (addiction???) I still get exhausted when walking briskly or with small loads if covering more than a miles distance. A natural nutritionist told me I had mild thyroid depletion. I would love to restore energy levels and start feeling like a 49 year old instead of what I see some in 70 year olds. I have managed to hang on to my job by going part time, but still struggle with the tiredness. It is my intention to study this book and then to start eating traditional food. Beef wont be a problem and I can easily access good quality oils in Glasgow. I will need support with this, as far as being able to find some of the supplies of good quality foods, such as the cod liver oil. and stuff for fermenting food and drink. I would be interested to know if you have someone working from Scotland (a member or chapter leader) to help, or if you can advise me of suppliers, so I can get myself healed. I do hope that I can prove to myself that this will work. I am afraid, that out of ignorance I have abused my body with the ‘foods’ I have been feeding it, thinking that they were healthy. I also have been having difficulty getting weight off, and am between 3 to 3 & 1/2 stones overweight. When I was younger I was slim with no effort and felt really happy and energetic compared to now. Thanks Anne

  4. Amanda says:

    Hi Ann,
    I’ve been trying to follow Weston Price’s guidelines for about a year now, after developing gluten intolerance. My email is . I dont think there are any chapters in Scotland, just England, as you know we cant buy raw milk here but can buy butter cheese and yoghurt made from raw milk. If you give me an email i can give you some info on the things i’ve been eating.

  5. Corey ringrose says:

    Hey I’m from new Zealand is there any were I can purchase high vitamin fermented cod liver oil

  6. Nell says:

    Where can I find fermented cod liver oil and/or butter oil in Switzerland?

  7. Lorna says:

    cod liver oil in Switzerland?
    Help… where can I find fermented cod liver oil in Switzerland?

  8. Joe in Missouri says:

    How to form a chapter in Missouri?
    I see you have no chapters in MO. I am in Springfield and would like to form a chapter. Especially for group buys of cod liver oil.

    Joe in Missouri

  9. Samira says:

    Does anyone know where I can get a kosher certified cod liver oil? Thanks!

  10. Glenn says:

    In the Toronto area there seems to be no distributors of Blue Ice.
    I have raised the issue with my community of friends to see if we can change that. How can you assist me in determining the parameters of successful distribution in the Toronto area?
    I love the immense amount of dedication and work that David Wetzel has put in to the traditional production techniques. I think that is a huge selling point, as he so clearly states in his updates.
    Thank you so much for your time as well. This is truely a public service well worth supporting.
    Thanks again for time.

  11. Anne says:

    Can the cod liver Oil be found in Pensacola, Florida?

  12. Susan says:

    fermented cod liver oil in Toronto
    Glenn, Both the Big Carrot and Supplements Plus carry Green Pasture Blue Ice products. The Big Carrot has a bigger selection.

  13. Elena says:

    Can I find fermented cod liver oil in Russia?

  14. Ionela says:

    No Europe!? 🙁

  15. Rick says:

    How about buying cod from the least polluted waters possible and fermenting the liver ourselves?

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