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In addition to his work on nutrition, Dr. Price conducted extensive research into the destructive effects of root canals, detailed in his two-volume work Dental Infections Oral & Systemic and Dental Infections & the Degenerative Diseases. His conclusions, ignored by the orthodox dental establishment for over 50 years, are gaining renewed acceptance as holistic practitioners are discovering that the first step to recovery from degenerative disease often involves removal of all root canals in the patient’s mouth. The principles of holistic dentistry, based on the research of Weston Price, are as follows:

  • Eat nutrient-dense whole foods, properly grown and prepared.
  • Avoid root canals. If you have root canals and suspect that they are causing trouble, have them removed by a knowledgeable dentist.
  • Avoid mercury (amalgam) fillings. If you have amalgam fillings, have them removed by a holistic dentist who specializes in mercury filling replacement.
  • Orthodontics should include measures to widen the palate.
  • When it is necessary to extract teeth, do so in such a way as to avoid leaving the jaw bone with cavitations, which can be focal points of infection.

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napd-samoan1 napd-samoan00

Caption: Good dental health begins with the diet of both parents. The Samoan boy on the left was born to parents who ate nutrient-rich native foods. The Samoan boy on the right was born to parents who had abandoned their traditional diet. He has crowded dental arches and will be more susceptible to dental decay and chronic illness.

Sally Fallon Morell is the founding president of the Weston A. Price Foundation and founder of A Campaign for Real Milk. She is the author of the best-selling cookbook, Nourishing Traditions (with Mary G. Enig, PhD) and the Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care (with Thomas S. Cowan, MD). She is also the author of Nourishing Broth (with Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD, CCN).

7 Responses to Guide to Holistic Dentistry

  1. Betsy05 says:

    I am looking for information on the how, what, and why of holistic dental health. I always had healthy teeth as a child, but now as an adult, after having 4 children my teeth are not doing well. A recent trip to the dentist left me with a long list of procedures they want me to do, the word Periodontal disease mentioned, (though no gingivitis, they said slight bone loss hens receding gums), places they want to fill on many teeth though not all cavities some types of surface loss that they want to fill…
    I left feeling surprised, confused, and disbelief, and sure I can do better! Even by my next appointment!
    Am I right? Can changes be made to improve these things before they become big problems? Can I reverse these things strictly with diet? How long does that take? How strict does the diet have to be?
    Is there an app for this? Lol? (Only partially kidding. Does WAP have a diet app?)

    Thanks for any help!!

    • Yes you can control the problem with a natural approach.

    • stevie says:

      You should look into Nadine Artemis’ book “Holistic Dentistry.” She’s a big proponent of vacating conventional dental hygiene products and going homemade. She really breaks it down when it comes to caring for your teeth and why that probably happened. (Most of what I’ve read is that during pregnancy/breastfeeding, if a mother is deficient, the nutrients come from her own body, the teeth being prime.

  2. Michelle Burton says:

    My 8 year old son needs a root canal on one of his molars and the dentist wants to put in a silver crown. Would it be ok if I had them extract the tooth instead since he will be getting in another set of molars and wisdom teeth? I just need some guidance. I am worried about putting any silver in his mouth.

    Thank you!

  3. Kimberly Miles Davis says:

    Please get a second opinion from a biological dentist. This web site has a list of them by state. I worked with Dr. Mike Margolis in Mesa Arizona. My health has been declining for the past 30 years. Dr. Margolis cleaned out my mouth. I had 4 cavitations were my wisdom teeth had been for starters. He removed two root canals as well. I have my life back again. All my health problems disappeared!!!!

    I am writing a book about my experiences.

    Please–don’t create a handicap for your son that isn’t necessary. Conventional dentistry creates problems over time.Well being is our birthright.

  4. My son, now 4 has several carries on the top due to prolonged nighttime nursing (we had some problems nursing so he got lots of the sugary foremilk and would sleep with it in his mouth). My hubby and I have been on a nutrient dense diet including cod liver oil and all the raw dairy products and liver, etc… My husband has notes in the margin of Price’s book, and we have been religious about a pure diet. My son’s straight teeth, wide dental arch and strong facial structure are all proof of that. My big concern is whether to treat the carries he does have or just let them go. A few of the carries are pretty big, on the side where he slept and the milk obviously pooled…. anyway, I don’t know if nitrous or general anesthesia or just leaving them be is the best course of action. I have all the books on curing tooth decay naturally, and we do all that stuff… What to do now? We finally decided on Micheal Margolis, a holistic dentist in Arizona… but he still wants to treat all the teeth. We liked that he wanted to use Nitrous over general anethesia, but now I’m not so sure I want any toxins in my son’s body. If we are on a great diet, can’t we just let it go? His teeth will eventually fall out and he’ll get his nice adult teeth in one day. I guess I don’t know if his affected baby teeth will last that long. What are your thoughts? He will need his affected teeth for up to 8 more years? What to do about that?

  5. If we do decide to have the treatment… Which of the following options do you think would be less toxic?

    1. 4-5 visits with Nitrous to sedate for each treatment?
    2. 1 visit with general anesthesia to treat all affected teeth?

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