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Diet for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers PDF Print E-mail
Written by Weston A. Price Foundation   
Saturday, 10 January 2004 17:52

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Cod Liver Oil to supply 20,000 IU vitamin A and 2000 IU vitamin D per day

1 quart (or 32 ounces) whole milk daily, preferably raw and from pasture-fed cows (learn more about raw milk on our website, A Campaign for Real Milk,

4 tablespoons butter daily, preferably from pasture-fed cows

2 or more eggs daily, preferably from pastured chickens

Additional egg yolks daily, added to smoothies, salad dressings, scrambled eggs, etc.

3-4 ounces fresh liver, once or twice per week (If you have been told to avoid liver for fear of getting "too much Vitamin A," be sure to read Vitamin A Saga)

Fresh seafood, 2-4 times per week, particularly wild salmon, shellfish and fish eggs

Fresh beef or lamb daily, always consumed with the fat

Oily fish or lard daily, for vitamin D

2 tablespoons coconut oil daily, used in cooking or smoothies, etc.

Lacto-fermented condiments and beverages

Bone broths used in soups, stews and sauces

Soaked whole grains

Fresh vegetables and fruits


  • Trans fatty acids (e.g., hydrogenated oils)
  • Junk foods
  • Commercial fried foods
  • Sugar
  • White flour
  • Soft drinks
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes
  • Drugs (even prescription drugs)

IMPORTANT WARNING: Cod liver oil contains substantial levels of omega-3 EPA, which can cause numerous health problems, such as hemorrhaging during the birth process, if not balanced by arachidonic acid (ARA), an omega-6 fatty acid found in liver, egg yolks and meat fats.  Please do not add cod liver oil to a diet that is deficient in these important animal foods. It is important to follow our diet for pregnant mothers in its entirety, not just selected parts of it.

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written by brittany, Apr 10 2014
What about pate while pregnant? I know it's good because it Contains liver and animal fat, but by American standards says to avoid pate. Just wondering about anyone's thoughts on the topic. Thanks!
Nursing toddler with dairy allergy and trying to conceive
written by Becky, Apr 09 2014
Unfortunately I can't have raw dairy. What should I increase to try to replace this?
healthy weight gain?
written by joyce wang, Apr 07 2014
i was getting ready to get pregnant with second baby and have been eating this diet for several months and now 6 weeks pregnant. i have no problems eating this way and feel great but i am gaining a lot of weight, i am gaining much much much faster than my first pregnancy, is that even healthy? i don't eat any processed foods or sugary or starchy foods, just lots of good fats, meat, seafood and dairy. but i am worried about my weight gain! what should i do?
written by Misty, Mar 06 2014
I know this is very old, but thought maybe someone could helop me anyway does anyone knoe how many calories this diet would hold daily? and if not where can I find out?
Do you still need all the butter if you take butter oil?
written by Ginny, Mar 04 2014
I have nothing against consuming all these wonderful foods, but I know this would be hard to get in every day. I love butter, but 4 Tbsp a day is a lot even for me. Is it necessary to eat half a stick of butter a day in addition to butter oil, or can you get away with less if you're also taking butter oil?
written by NB, Feb 11 2014
Is it possible to overdo liver? I love liver and am very happy eating more than the recommended amount in this post. Can there be any danger in eating one pound or slightly more if Bison liver per week? I also plan to add Bison heart to my diet. Can one overdo organ meats? Similarly, can one overdo it on salmon roe? Is 12 ounces/week of salmon roe too much?
@Laura in Alabama
written by Lindsey, Nov 01 2013
Laura, if you live near Auburn there is a food co-op you can join that orders raw dairy products from an Amish farm in Pennsylvania. You can find it by googling Miller Organic Farm or Auburn food co-op, I think. If you can't find it, email me at & I'll send the contact info (I don't have access to my computer at the moment).
Advice for increasing fertility
written by Jennifer S. , Oct 25 2013
My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a few months and I am in the process of incorporating the items listed above to hopefully increase fertility. I've read on a number if websites that too much protein can cause infertility. I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion on how many grams of protein I should aim for. My ratios of macronutrients are on average 55-60% fat, 25-30% carb and 15-20% protein. For protein I eat 2 eggs for breakfast and 3-4 ounces of some type of meat or fish for dinner with 3-4 cups of raw milk/day. I eat no meat at lunch and this averages 85-95 grams protein / day. Is this about right, or do you think I need to eat a small amount of protein for lunch as well?
written by Niki, Oct 20 2013
I am all for raw dairy, so don't get my scepticism wrong.
I live in Greece and I'm worried about the outbreaks of brucellosis allegedly caused from consumption of unpasteurised goat and sheep milk. Brucellocis, according to Wikipedia, is "a highly contagious zoonosis caused by ingestion of unsterilized milk or meat from infected animals or close contact with their secretions". The bacteria that causes it poses no threat to the animal itself.
Interestingly enough, most -if not all- of those animals were mostly gass-fed. Can you, please, comment on this? Brucellosis is perhaps the only argument against raw milk that I cannot disprove, so I am very interested to any research or insight you might have to offer.
Thank you in advance.
written by Laura, Oct 10 2013
Where are all of you finding raw milk?! It is IMPOSSIBLE to find where I live (Alabama) On it says that raw milk in my state is illegal to sell for human consumption and this is also the case in the next closest state to me (Georgia) I am so jealous that all of you are able to find it with such ease. I do have access to whole organic milk but it is ULTRA Pasteurized. Sometimes I can just find Pasteurized but that's if I travel an hour to an upscale grocery store. Bummer...
@Liz from July 2013
written by Melissa, Sep 22 2013
Silly Liz! The truth of the matter is listeria outbreaks occur, by far, more often from packaged foods. The US govt.'s own numbers indicate processed chicken and pork are the two highest, with dairy the lowest at .011% of all foodborne illnesses of 2011. That is a miniscule risk. Truth be told, raw milk has to pass far more cleanliness tests than pasteurized dairy before the larger batch from which the test milk was taken can even leave the farm on which it was produced. Having said that, sure, some people have gotten sick from drinking raw milk (though, we arent told what percentage of that .011% is raw dairy). That does not render the food dangerous per se. It does, however, show that no matter what you do, somewhere along the lines, our fallible bodies will succumb to illness. I would rather put a more nutrient dense, and healing food in my body, and that of my growing children, than the poor nutrient-bereft counterpart that is pasteurized dairy.
Reply to Kay
written by tjboyd, Sep 17 2013
You probably need about 10 capsules to be sure of getting the A & D we recommend
Blue Ice Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil Capsules
written by Kay, Sep 17 2013
I'm taking 2 capsules of Blue Ice Green Pasture's Fermented Cod Liver Oil a day (what they recommend) and I'm wondering if that is sufficent for the Vitamin A and D requirements that are listed for cod liver oil? They don't list it on the bottle and say their test results have been all over the place which is why they don't list it. Thanks!
amino acids while breastfeeding
written by cheyenne, Jul 30 2013
I was just introduced to WAPF and a real food diet this year, and I've been making steps to eating a complete real food diet. I just had a baby 4 weeks ago, and I am concerned about postpartum depression. I had my placenta encapsulate, and it is really helping my mood. Before I tried getting pregnant, I was on an SSRI. I weaned off of it a month before getting pregnant. I do not want to go back to that drug. I am curious about whey protein and other amino acids to help my mood. Are these safe to try while nursing?
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Allergy to eggs?
written by Shego4th, Jul 11 2013
What should a woman do if she is allergic to eggs (pregnant or not, and just trying to eat a traditional diet)? Are there supplements that she should take?
written by Megan, Jun 24 2013
What if we are unable to access raw milk? Here in North Carolina, raw milk is illegal to purchase and consume. What can I do instead if I do not have any access to raw dairy? I've been taking Carlson's fish oil for Omega 3's and was told it was very good quality. Should I take cod liver oil with this as well? We raise our own chickens so we get plenty of fresh, organic eggs. Thanks!
dairy while breastfeeding
written by Catherine, Jun 19 2013
I tried raw milk and liked it before pregnancy but my midwife scared me off. I would like to resume drinking it when my little one is born, but from what I hear, dairy is the biggest allergen in infants. Should I hold off for a while?
What is the suggestion?
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..., Low-rated comment [Show]
Please Folks
written by Melissa, May 17 2013
The quantity of food mentioned here is not that much if you look at this list as ingredients. If you are using these things in your cooking anyway, these amounts are not extravagant. Not to mention the author doesn't give amounts for some of the foods, but says to eat them daily, or often. Again just incorporate the item as an ingredient into what you eat. Example might be, for breakfast I drink 16 oz. raw milk, eat two eggs with two additional yolks, and a piece of toast with a healthy slathering of butter. That's several things from the list, and it's just breakfast. NOTE: pregnancy and nursing are not times for mothers to be dieting, UNLESS you mean from boxed MSG laden foods from the standard american diet. By all means cut those foods out, and eat these instead.

@Melly This list only contains too many calories for people who sit all day. Don't tell people to lower their healthy calories. Please instead encourage them to be active. Americans are FAR too sedentary.
written by Nadia, May 17 2013
Hi, I think it is important to add Kale to the list. If you can incorporate it in smoothies, one serving contains about 700% the daily dose of Vit A!! And so does carrot juice.
written by Melly, Apr 03 2013
I love the list of things to avoid while pregnant/breasfeeding and I believe those things are great to avoid ALL the time. However, I think that the list of "sacred foods" is too calorie-laden for today's modern lifestyle. Unless you are living in the non-westernized cultures that were studied by WAP, then you are probably don't need (and can't process) this many calories. Just an observation about the quantity recommended, not the actual list of foods.
Everybody is different!
written by April, Mar 28 2013
There is no way I could consume all of this, even if all the veggies I consumed were in the form of fresh juice. I think I am getting constipated just thinking about eating this much protein and fat, lol. Not to mention the havoc it would cause on my digestions and in turn energy levels. I definitely think that many of these items are valuable during pregnancy, especially raw fermented milk and cod liver oil, but I have to note as a health educator, that everybody is different! Some people can process a higher meat/protein diet while others would fair well on a raw food diet. Switch those 2 diets and problems will occur. We must listen to our bodies first and foremost. However, one thing remains the same. Our diets, pregnant or not should consist of fresh, clean, whole foods and definitely lots of fermented foods. Blessings to all you moms!!
written by heidi, Feb 28 2013
Here on this website, I typed cod liver oil recommendations in the search bar. It said 20,000 iu vitamin A from cod liver oil daily, for pregnant women.
need a little help
written by Barbara, Feb 26 2013
My husband and I recenty went paleo with a little WAP by adding raw dairy. Just started drinking raw milk and love it! I just have some questions. We are going to be trying to get pregnant this year. I want us to start taking the FCLO/Butter oil Blend but can't find dosages on your site for adults and pregnant women for this. I've found dosages for just the FCLO. Could you advise me on the dose we should be talking for the FCLO/butter oil Blend? Also this diet won't be hard for me to eat. I love fish, but should I be worried about the mercury in fish? Also regarding the lard and oily fish daily for Vitamin D, We have a lot of sunny weather here in California. Could I just sit outside in the sun for a little while each day to get the extra Vit. D? I look forward to your response smilies/smiley.gif
MORNING SICKNESS - Response to "Morel", Low-rated comment [Show]
24,000IU Vit A (some as synthetic) - is this safe???
written by Morel, Dec 27 2012
I am 13 weeks pregnant and was following these guidelines religiously (pre-conception, too) until morning sickness struck at 6 weeks. I suddenly found I could not stomach FCLO and almost all fats and animal products. We run a small cow share program and I even found I couldn't stomach raw milk or any dairy products. Since I was basically surviving on fruits and carbs, I had to start taking prenatal vitamins. The morning sickness continues to linger, but is slightly better. I would like to be able to start taking FCLO again, but am still not able to eat many foods and, therefore, think I should continue the prenatal vitamins, as well. My prenatal contains 4000IU Vit A as Palmitate and Beta Carotene. I'm not worried about the 20,000IU of Vit A in the FCLO, but am worried about adding 4000IU of synthetic Vit A to that. Any advice on if/how I can take both the FCLO and my prenatal vitamin??? Thanks for reading and I greatly appreciate your help! Morel
Difficulty eating this much food!
written by Sarai, Dec 18 2012
Hi! I'm just wondering if any other pregnant gals out there have trouble eating this much food? I've about to enter my 3rd trimester, and since I was hampered by severe nausea for most of my pregnancy until now (just in survival mode for several months), I want to get really serious about nutrient dense foods while I still have time left to grow this baby smilies/wink.gif. However, my stomach feels like it has shrunk as the baby has gotten bigger. I can only eat very small meals at a time before getting uncomfortable full, and I don't really feel hungry most of the time. I'm trying to snack and eat small meals several times a day to ensure I'm getting enough calories for the little one, but I do work full time and it's hard to sneak off to eat every couple hours.

Right now, this is the diet I aim for every day (and it is hard to make sure I eat it all!): for breakfast, I eat two eggs cooked with grassfed butter in a cast iron skillet, two small slices of sprouted whole grain bread toasted with grass fed butter, and either a glass of raw milk with cocoa & cinnamon or a smoothie with raw milk, spinach, blueberries, banana, & ginger (it takes me until 11am to eat all this food). For lunch, I eat a small bowl of soup that I made over the weekend from homemade bone broth (from either pastured chicken or beef bones and organs), some grassfed beef or sausage, veggies, spices, cheese, and sometimes rice, pasta, or potatoes (depending on what kind of soup it is). For snacks, I eat carrots dipped in plain, full fat yogurt, homemade crackers or muffins (with coconut oil), fruit, or popcorn popped in coconut oil. For dinner in the winter, we usually have an easy dish with some kind of pastured meat, wild caught fish, or beans, more bone broth, and potatoes or root vegetables. If I'm not too full, I drink another glass of raw milk before bed to prevent leg cramps at night. I also take Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil daily.

My midwife says I need to be taking in at least 80g of protein a day at this point, and an extra 450 calories a day in the 3rd trimester. I've only gained 5 lbs the entire pregnancy. I have no idea how much protein or how many calories are in bone broth or raw milk or any of the foods I consume regularly. Is there an easy way to tell? I want to make up for the months of just sipping tea and soup and crackers!
No access to raw milk
written by Jessi L, Dec 13 2012
I'm just wondering what else I should drink if I do not have access to raw milk? I know in the "Eat Fat Lose Fat" book, Sally suggests Coconut Milk Tonic made with dolomite powder. Can I drink that instead? Is dolomite powder a safe substitute for calcium from milk in pregnancy? Thank you. smilies/smiley.gif
Fish oil
written by nursing mom, Nov 12 2012
Not all sups are the same! Fish oil can have concentrated toxins in them. Be sure to find a pure source, and one that is fermented for better digestion. My suggestion is green pastures. I have used this and other brands - no comparison. Check out why: Stick it in a shake and my toddler and I never even know it's there!
Reply to Amy
written by nursing mom, Nov 12 2012
Hi Amy,

that's awesome you are breastfeeding, which offers so many IRREPLACEABLE benefits to your child, and will continue to do so for as long as you breastfeed her (1 yr, 2, 3yrs...).

You mentioned several issues, and I hope this helps in some way - You say you are breastfeeding a 10 mo old, but you did not mention what foods she was eating. Her solid foods diet becomes increasingly important from about 6 months on. Perhaps this is the issue behind her weight loss. Without knowing her complete diet, its hard to say. However, breast milk is itself a nutrient dense food and should be continued. Its fat content, easily assimilated protein, and broad immunity components are worthwhile. If breastfed child has gas/allergic reaction after nursing, most common culprit in mom's diet IS milk (and dairy), as well as raw onions, large quantities of citrus, cabbage, and broccoli. Eliminating these might resolve issue. Also, I have often wondered if part of child's or adult's reaction/allergy to certain foods was related to toxins in non-organic foods. This is my opinion, that going organic, especially on all animal products and the top offenders (can google most important foods to eat organic) helps an overwhelmed body. Sorry if I am preaching to the choir here!

It sounds like your body got exhausted, and I can personally understand that. Breastfeeding requires about 500 ADDITIONAL calories a day for momma! Hard to keep up sometimes. But below I have a few suggestions.

Also, 10 months is when your breast milk is it's "weakest" (breast milk is live and changes through out different times of day, with changes in weather, and also with your child's age). Also, many children are increasing activity around this time, crawling more and even standing/trying to walk. Your child's energy needs for solid food are increasing. Most important times for her to nurse are in the morning (more concentrated milk) and also to continue on one breast for hopefully at least 15-20 minutes, longer is ok. (10 minutes on each side habit can create a problem!) The "hind" milk or more concentrated/fatty milk is accessible as the child nurses and uses up the "fore" milk which is less concentrated. Thus, the child receives a more balanced and satisfying "meal" or supplement. Nursing as long as possible on one side before offering other breast may assist child's weight, along with quality solid foods.
As for you, Green Pastures FERMENTED cod liver oil (digests more easily than unfermented). Also, GHEE! It's like butter but pure in that it is fat without milk solids, so I'm guessing no reaction there. I use Ancient Organics, or you can make your own. Again, I suggest organic! Strauss family farms has some of the best butter to start with, and this is what Anceint Organics uses to make their ghee. Both are pricey but can last. Lastly, bone broth! The Nourishing gourmet website http://www.thenourishinggourme...broth.html introduced me to broths and this may alleviate and start to heal the issues you mentioned.
Best of luck, my friend!
One more thought - when I was really run down I found a high quality supplement for nursing moms! INNATE Baby & Me Trimester III & Post whole food vits and mins supplement. It helped turn things around. Expensive but quality, with an immune blend and enzymes. Never seen a supp like it.
written by Lash, Nov 08 2012
I am mainly vegetarian but eat a lot of eggs and butter, and occasionally fish. I am 10 weeks pregnant and just started taking the FCLO (blend was not available). Is this dangerous?
Reply to Amy from Sally
written by tjboyd, Sep 27 2012
Your baby needs additional nourishment in addition to breastfeeding. I would start her on pureed meats, liver and mashed banana. You can continue breastfeeding but in your exhausted state, it is not going to be enough for her. In any event, all babies need solid food by about six months.

As for your diet, you will need to avoid eggs and dairy, but should be eating plenty of meat, especially liver, seafood and bone broths. You can use ghee instead of butter.
Baby allergic to milk
written by Amy Sims, Sep 26 2012
I have a ten month old who has a known milk and egg allergy. When I eat these she has severe eczema. She also has significantly dropped weight since her last well check. What do you recommend for me to do since I am still nursing her and am committed to nursing her well past one year? I am trying my best to incorporate this diet? I have had all kinds of health issues since being pregnant with her. She was my third baby in five years. My body is exhausted. Would love feedback on things to do to keep up my (and her) nutrition with these allergy limitations.
written by Michaela, Sep 01 2012
I am from europe and basicall follow yours recomendation. I jut want to ask we have very good sources of sheep milk( they are on alpien pasture) me and my daughter love it cause it is more thick and creamy, we make raw kefir and eat it like yogurt cause it is really thick it. Can I eat 25-30 OZ of this raw sheep kefir? I do eat organic fresh salmon 2-3times a week and FCLO butter oil blend (2tsp) as your reccomendation. Isńt it too much of omega 3? I eat 2-3tb or raw butter daily, and raw sheep cheeses like roquefort(3-4 oz) daily, which is really fatty cheese. I have problem with meat so I eat it only once a week (lamb)and can not taste liver so I eat 2tsp fclo butter oil for vitamin A. Please can you write me what I can improve on my diet to boost my fertility I want to become pregnant again. Thank you so much I appreciate your answer
written by J, Aug 23 2012
Hi there, I have been trying the Weston price diet for a while now, for great health benefits, I am worried about what to do if I decide to have a baby, as everyone says not to have raw milk and eggs while pregnant or to overdose on cod liver oil, yet I see here that this is the opposite. How safe is it for a pregnant mother and where can you go for any supervision while on the diet?
Re: Katichka
written by DePaw, Aug 17 2012
Egg yolks are rich in cholesterol, DHA, AA, choline, and many other nutrients, egg whites are rich in protein. Most people are only allergic to the egg white, so try preparing eggs as per the 'egg yolk for baby' recipe on the site, basically boil the egg until the white is solid but yolk still runny, and remove the egg white. This ensures you remove all the egg white which isn't done if you just separate a raw egg.

If you are allergic to the yolks too, then eat as much animal fats as you can (cholesterol, AA), plenty of beef liver (choline), and seafood (DHA). Try fish eggs too.

If you're eating plenty of animal fats then cod liver oil is not dangerous but really good for you. Focus on eating the nutrient-rich animal foods and you'll be fine. The warning is mostly for those thinking they can add cod liver oil to a normal high carb diet. Try the cod liver oil with butter oil if you're still worried.
written by Katichka, Aug 13 2012
Hi from Australia! Just wondering if you have any suggestions about what to substitute eggs and egg yolks with during pregnancy if you allergic to them. I'm keen to implement the diet and was a little alarmed about the warning regarding cod liver oil at the bottom of this page - how do I make sure I get enough of the same nutrients? Thanks smilies/smiley.gif
Re: Orielwen
written by DePaw, Aug 12 2012
Just try your best.

The cod liver oil, organs, egg yolks, and fats are the highest priority as they're richest in the fat-soluble vitamins. Try raw milk cheese instead of liquid cheese for less bulk. Focus on protein and fat over the grains and fruit/veg as they're more nutrient dense.

For breakfast try eggs, lunch liver or seafood, dinner meat. Cook everything with plenty of fat. Have a glass of milk with each meal. Use broth to make gravy for the meat, or make a stew. Have a bit of sauerkraut with each meal. Then if you have room eat some vegetables or grains.
written by Orielwen, Jun 24 2012
Oops, two pints of milk, not four. But it's still far too much food in total.
I can't eat that much!
written by Orielwen, Jun 23 2012
Honestly? Four pints of milk, plus beef or lamb, plus multiple eggs, plus butter, plus coconut oil, plus liver or seafood, plus fish, plus fermented food (sauerkraut?), plus stock, plus grains, plus fruit and vegetables, all every day? I'll burst! How do recommend I cut this down to a normal level of intake?
Pastured Meats, Poultry and Eggs
written by Stephanie, May 23 2012
If you live in Michigan and need a trusted source of pastured, organically fed wholesome meats, poultry and eggs, check out For years i have had a hard time sourcing nourishing food, so my husband and I started a farm raising animals the way we believe for what we believe to be a human diet.
Reply to Jennifer
written by tjboyd, May 16 2012
Here is what our recommendation page says ( Pregnant and nursing women: 2 teaspoons or 20 capsules
written by Jennifer, May 16 2012
At 500 mg each, how many FCLO caps (Green Pasture) should a pregnant woman take?
written by Kristen, May 06 2012
Are you familiar with Juice Plus (see my website above). Would you recommend it to pregnant/nursing mothers? How about for children?
written by JPlum, May 01 2012
I'm not going to lie I really really love bread. It's something that I had cut out of my diet completely until I discovered sprouted grain bread. Still, I don't trust my own judgement as I would eat a ton of bread if it were up to me. If I'm trying to follow the diet for nursing mothers, how many servings of whole grains are recommended per week or per day? BTW my baby is doing really really great since I have been following this diet. He is growing like a weed and is very happy all the time. I can't tell you how many times people have commented on how happy and healthy he is.
Prenatal vitamin necessary?
written by Nicole, Apr 26 2012
Is it necessary to take a prenatal vitamin if following this diet?
Reply to Becky B from Sally
written by tjboyd, Apr 19 2012
This is not the kind of question we can answer; suggest you consult a holistic practitioner. Consult your nearest local chapter for one near you. Also, Kaayla Daniel and Tom Cowan work over the telephone (their ads are in the journal Wise Traditions.)
fibroids in pregnancy
written by Becky B, Apr 18 2012
Hello, I am 10 weeks pregnant, and my OB has found that my uterus is measuring 18 weeks possibly because of several fibroids that were found. What natural cures can I take during pregnancy to reduce these fibroids, and how much FCLO can I take?
Thanks for your help?
written by Natasha, Mar 24 2012
I am a diagnosed celiac and also sensitive to casein and therefore have to be creative with my pregnancy diet. I eat an equivalent of about 5 pieces of gluten-free bread a day (brown rice, from Food-for-Life, whole-grain & seed crackers, etc.), at least 100 grams organic butter, several Omega-3 eggs or raw yolks, grass-fed meats & organs daily (lamb, bison and beef, including raw meats, home-made broths and organs on a regular basis), salmon caviar, shrimps, oysters or lox several times a week, and I also throw there a piece of fruit (usually an orange or a grapefruit) and several veggies (tomatoes, carrots, etc.). I feel fantastic!
Misconceptions concerning animal products and health, Low-rated comment [Show]
Almost vegan
written by Vanessa, Dec 01 2011
I have just became a almost vegan about 3 months ago. I have a 9 month old baby that I breastfeed and give baby food. I eat tuna, salmond and telapia every once in a while. When I eat at family members houses, I foods with cheese and eggs. The baby has recenly had hard stools. It is sometimes painful for him. I want to make sure he is getting enough nutrition from my breast milk. Please help, I don't want to become ill or cause any problems for my child. I also take omega 3s and mulitivitamins. Reputable and Medical refferences are appriciated.
how much FCLO blend?
written by Mel G, Aug 08 2011
I'm newly pregnant and am trying to figure out how many of the Green Pastures FCLO and Butter oil blend capsules I should be taking daily. Can anyone help with this? Thanks!
Pregnant - prenatals?
written by Sarah, Jul 23 2011
I am 6 weeks pregnant and am 100% raw diet. I cannot afford all grassfed meat so I have supplemented with Carlson's fish oil (3g/day). I also take 400mg folic acid, iodine, a B complex, 400 mg magnesium citrate (was 1200mg before pregnant), and just started taking FCLO today.
My questions:
1. Do I stop taking Carlson's fish oil since there are omega 3's in the FCLO? I do eat wild fish 2-3x/week as well.
2. When I looked at the vitamins/minerals in pre-natal vitamins I realized I take most all of it already and in greater doses. I feel like there is no need to take them. Am I correct on that thinking? I also eat tons of veggies and meat everyday. Do I need to change any of my current doses or brands?
3. Do I need to watch my protein intake? I eat probably 4-6 oz per meal, having 3-4 meals/day.

I'm so stoked about eating way healthier not only for myself but for all the benefits that my baby will get from it and want to know exactly what I need to do. Thank you!!!!!
Grass fed liver?
written by Ashley, Jul 01 2011
I noticed someone asked below if the liver had to be grassfed, and I never saw a response to that. I'm curious as well since it's in low supply here. I will probably only be able to get regular liver. Is this still acceptable? thank you.
@ Gretchen
written by Dr. Tom, Jun 21 2011

If you are worried about consuming polluted fish, then you probably shouldn't be consuming the fish you catch. River and lake fish tend to be much more polluted than wild-caught ocean fish.

As far as fish oil vs Flax oil...I ONLY tell my patients to use Fermented Cod Liver Oil. Any thing else is very low quality...even Carlson's is highly processed and nutrient-poor. Take the Fermented Cod Liver Oil with High Vitamin Butter Oil from for the best results. I can speak from personal experience about the amazing results from taking those two together.

If you are getting your goat milk from a trusted pasture-raised, organic, humanely treated, you shouldn't worry about the ultra minute chance of contracting an illness from the milk. Raw milk has a strong protective mechanism to keep pathogenic micro-organisms at bay. If you make it into kefir, that protective mechanism is even stronger. The risk far outweighs the benefit in regards to raw long as the source is a good one.

The best of luck with your pregnancy. A Weston Price baby is a happy, healthy baby!
written by Gretchen , Apr 15 2011
I stopped consuming ocean fish or fish products due to pollution and over fishing. I only eat local fish, mostly that I catch myself out of nearby lakes. I used to take cod liver pills regularly but switched over to flax seed oil to get my omega 3's. Is flax as effective as cod liver oil?

My family has been drinking raw cow and goat milk for the last year, and I just found out I am pregnant. I read on one website that goat milk can carry toxoplasmosis. Is that true? And I am a little nervous about drinking raw milk, but really can't bear to switch back to commercial milk. Does anyone know the actual odds of getting listeria? I read on one website that it was less than .01%.
Can I drink beet kavass during pregnancy?
written by Amber, Apr 08 2011
I was told by a friend not to drink the beet kavass during my pregnancy as part of the WAP diet. Is this true and is it safe for a lacto-fermented beverage?
written by Kristina, Mar 24 2011
I'm breastfeeding my 14 month old and am interested in losing weight. I can't get raw milk where I live, so should I still drink 1 qt of pasteurized milk a day, or should I try to get it in raw cheese which I can get?
Lose Weigth Safely
written by Chasidy, Feb 25 2011
Sometimes it's difficult trying to stick to a plan that's right for you.I will try this diet along with my other plan because its good to Lose Weight While Pregnant.This diet along with my program should help a lot.Thanks for the Info.
How can I eat all that
written by Merrie Caruana, Feb 11 2011
I have only recently really started to change my diet after reading Nourishing Traditions and Eat Fat Loose Fat. I have had two previous vegetarian pregnancies that resulted in healthy children but unfortunately my own health has been going down hill. I am increasing the nutrient dense foods in my diet and eating plenty of fish, butter, coconut oil and chicken broth but all the food on that list overwhelms me. Beef EVERY DAY, along with all the butter and coconut oil and fish and liver. How do I fit it all in?
written by Erwin Alber , Jan 29 2011
Thanks for the great info!

I also highly recommend these two books:

- the classic 'Nutrition Physical Degeneration' by Weston Price
This is available for viewing and downloading as a free e-book on scribd

- 'Healing Our Children' by Ramiel Nagel
Sacred Wisdom for Preconception, Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting

Also, (at any time, but especially during pregnancy) absolutely avoid all vaccinations!

'Vaccination Information Network' (VINE) on Facebook
written by DrTom, Jan 26 2011
@ Cassi should definitely consume more FCLO if you are both pregnant and breastfeeding as both of these things take a tremendous toll on your body all by themselves, let alone together! You should be taking at least 5ml of FCLO...Of course, I always recommend consuming the high vitamin butter oil with your FCLO.

I highly recommend against using any kind of omega3 oil that isn't Fermented Cod Liver Oil. I don't care what brand it is, it is likely extremely highly processed, rancid gunk...whereas FCLO is Raw, Unprocessed, fermented, and all of its fragile nutrients retain their integrity.
amounts while pregnant
written by Cassi, Jan 09 2011
I was curious if a woman was both pregnant and breastfeeding if amounts of cod liver oil should be higher? or if I should seek out the butter/cod liver oil combination?

This is my second pregnancy using a WAPF diet, but the first time I have accessed fermented cod liver oil.

I know it is unusual to lactate during pregnancy, but even during my first pregnancy I lactated from month 4 on, and my milk has never dried up. Though I'm only nursing 2-3x a day, I have noticed that it is important for me to consume enough to keep my body strong. Just was curious how this would affect vit A & D levels especially since I live in New England.

written by Elliecan, Dec 22 2010
have you any thoughts on a vegetarian variation of this diet? I certanly have increased my intake of eggs and butter during my recent pregnancy, but I have been vegetarian all of my life and I am not inclined to eat meat. although I do take fish oil in omega 3,6,9. thanks
written by Michelle, Nov 23 2010
Why is butter oil not included in this list if it helps the cod liver oil to be more effective?
grass fed chicken liver recipes
written by Jessica Rodriquez, Oct 31 2010
Here are 2 awesome recipes for organic chicken livers. One is for pate and the other is fried. They are both incredible and all of my unsuspecting children love it! It is found at windymeadowsfamilyfarm .com
Fish oil question
written by Jackie, Oct 31 2010
I'm in the 5th week of my first pregnancy. I don't understand the difference between the fish oil and cod liver fish oil supplements. I'm looking for a midwife, but the first OBGYN I saw said I need to take a prenatal vitamin with DHA. The Rainbow Light prenatal vitamins I bought don't have DHA so I'm wondering if I need to take fish oil or cod liver oil, and also if it's necessary if I already eat enough fish every week. Thanks!
i lost my first pregnancy and the doc said it was blight ovum.
written by Harriet Rene, Oct 07 2010
i lost my first pregnancy and the doctor said it was an abnormality called blight ovum.During the fifth month,my stomach was still flat.i later on started bleeding at the sixth month and lost the baby.the echography result had confirmed that there was no baby in my womb while the pregnancy test was positive.
when i become pregnant again what can i do to remedy the situation.i guest trusting in God
written by Charlotte, Sep 23 2010
I really appreciate getting some feedback on this issue because you know as a mother I just want the best for my children and I can understand why any mother would question the safety of any food. From my research I feel like the benefits of raw milk outweigh the risks, and you know, every time we eat anything we are taking a risk. I am kind of wondering why the preference here is for chicken eggs. I am allergic to chicken eggs so I have been eating duck eggs every day. I compared them and with every vitamin/mineral they are more nutritious. I compared quail eggs which are supposed to help with food allergies and they are the least nutritious. Quail meat itself though appears to be highly nutritious and I wouldn't mind trying some out.
written by Kieran, Sep 23 2010
In response to Charlotte, yes, switching to raw dairy in the middle of pregnancy is safe. This diet for pregnant and nursing mothers is not merely for those who have been consuming these foods prior to pregnancy, it is recommended for all. Despite what proponents of pasteurized milk say, raw milk is not to be feared at all, even during pregnancy. The good bacteria found in raw milk (which is not present in pasteurized milk) protects us from any potentially harmful bacteria that might be present. If you experience any form of detoxing, that is good. I, too, began drinking raw milk during pregnancy and had no problems whatsoever. The earache you experienced after drinking raw milk is not surprising- when one goes from eating "dead" foods to "live" or raw foods, such symptoms of detox are to be expected. The congestion that I experience when eating pasteurized dairy is gone now that I am eating raw dairy. It protects from allergies as well because you're consuming the same grass that the cows ate and predigested for you, thus giving you a "vaccine" of sorts. Raw kefir is wonderful for you if you feel that you do not digest the raw milk particularly well. The more, the better, if your immune system is weak. Eating live foods will strengthen your immune system and reverse disease. Cooked foods are what we should be wary of.
I recommend the book "We Want To Live" by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. It is all about raw foods (mainly animal products) and how they heal us, and quite frankly, it will blow your mind. He has helped so many ill people get better, and attests to curing his own cancer and autism as well.
May you and your family enjoy your raw dairy and the health it brings!
written by Charlotte, Sep 22 2010
I have an important question and am requesting that a knowledgeable person e-mail me. I never knew anything about the raw milk vs. pasteurized milk debate and always assumed pasteurized milk was better. I just learned about this during my second trimester of pregnancy and was very concerned because my first child has autism and an intolerance to any form of dairy, and for that reason I feel very obligated to feed him raw dairy and to drink raw cow's milk during pregnancy to prevent my second child from having these issues.

My question is, is this safe considering that I have never drank raw milk prior, and considering I have been doing it now for about a month (at the most) with no significant issues? I did get an earache immediately after my first few cups but it is gone already and I am not completely sure it was caused by the milk or if it was a coincidence. My son is only doing one small cup per day and sometimes not at all, it depends on whether he wants it. He was fussy for the first few days and now that has resolved, again, it could be a coincidence, I don't know. He has autism with a speech delay so he can't really tell me what is bothering him.

So again, my question, is this safe considering I am new to raw dairy? I am particularly worried about the third trimester when my immune system will be weaker. Should I go in smaller amounts or switch to raw kefir during the third trimester?

I am buying my milk from a cooperative in a city about 30 minutes west of here, I found that they are Grade A and are listed on the website.

Breastfed infants with constipation
written by Melissa, Sep 16 2010
Make sure you're drinking enough water! This can greatly impact how often your baby has bowel movements, and your fluid requirement while nursing will be quite high.
written by Evelyn, Aug 27 2010
I have a 6 1/2 month old who is nursing. since birth she has been constipated, going only one/twice a week at first then sometimes a couple more times as she got a little bigger. When I first started solids, she seemed to pass more food but now seems very constipated. She just passed very hard stool yesterday since several days ago. Could NUTS in my diet be doing this? I have been trying to eat no flour/sugar in diet so nuts have been a snacking staple. She started solids around 5 1/2 months, veggies,fruits and cereals. I switched her to barley. Although it is only 1-2 TPBS, I am thinking of stopping this altogether. Any suggestions would be helpful. THANKS!
Borage Oil?
written by megan, Aug 09 2010
I am ten weeks pregnant and took borage oil daily before I conceived. Is it safe to continue taking it daily? Thanks!
written by Hannah Roberts, Jun 28 2010
Is it still not advisable to eat soft cheeses, even if they are raw?
written by Hannah Roberts, Jun 28 2010
Is it still advisable to avoid soft cheese during pregnancy?

many thanks.
written by Natasha, Jun 01 2010
Is this diet also appropriate for women trying to conceive? How long before a pregnancy should a woman begin to follow this diet? Thanks!
losing weight?
written by Emily, May 27 2010
I have a friend who is overweight and just got pregnant. in only 6 weeks she has already gained a lot of weight. Would it be safe for her to eat this diet, but just less? Any tips on how to lose weight safely during pregnancy on this diet? Thanks!!
written by Rachel, May 23 2010
For those of you who would like to get in more veggies without actually eating them-try a green smoothy. A couple handfuls of leafy greens, a banana, frozen berries, yogurt, a little bit of coconut milk and some honey or stevia for sweetener smilies/smiley.gif Delicious!
written by Kari Hutchins, May 14 2010
How much veg should pregnant mamas eat per day? I try to force down at least a salad, but nothing sounds good to me with this pregnancy...and I find anything oily revolting. Help! This was definitely not the case with my last child. smilies/smiley.gif
Bone broth basics
written by Karnajo, May 11 2010
When you make bone broth, first roast the bones to take the fat off. Reserve the fat. Then soak the beef shank and knuckle bones in water that has a dash of apple cider vinegar. This draws minerals into the water from the bones during the overnight soak. Then boil, skim, and simmer those bones for as long as 12 hours. The resulting stock will have the minerals that make bone broth a cornerstone of healthy gut. smilies/wink.gif
Changing my ways
written by Maria, Apr 28 2010
I have a 6, 7 and 9 month old. During my last pregnancy I got sick and needed cat scans and antibiotics. I ate whatever and was quite depressed. My baby was sick when he was born but doing well now. I've been trying to breastfeed but did suppl. with formula which I now feel terrible about. I'm looking to start giving him raw goat milk diluted with water. I hate that I ate sweets and carbs and wonder if he will suffer in the future because of this? I'm working hard on learning and doing things differently. I want only the best nutrition and health for my kids now. I never realized before how foods affect the whole picture. I feel very achy and weak but still continue to breastfeed b/c I feel it's best for baby. I just need to concentrate on eating better and more and not worry about losing the weight right now. Thanks for all the input. If anyone can share more stories advice with me I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
Taking vitamins while pregnant
written by Mindy, Apr 18 2010
My sister is 7 weeks pregnant and was prescribed prenatal vitamins. She is going to start taking Blue Ice Cod Liver/Butter Oil when it comes in the mail. She drinks raw milk, eats eggs, yogurt, pastured meat, poutry, etc. She does not eat salads ever and they only veggies she likes are broccolli and cauliflower. Should she be supplementing with a natural vitamin to make sure she's getting the nutrients she would get from leafy greens? If so, which ones are the best? Thank you! -Mindy
Raw milk cheese?
written by Lara, Apr 14 2010
Hi, I am trying my best to follow this diet also, but am concerned about the safety of raw milk cheese while pregnant. I use organic valley raw milk cheese which is aged 8 months. Is that safe for the fetus? Also, how long is cod liver oil good for if it has been stored in the fridge?
Thanks, Lara
written by Christina, Mar 29 2010
I was just wondering if these diet recommendations provide enough folic acid, or should one take a suuplement as well? Thanks!
Too much milk?
written by Bri, Mar 27 2010
I know that really pushes raw milk and I love to drink it. However, I've noticed after my 2nd child (and I am still nursing) that my joints are really stiff/achy. I was told that it could be from all the milk I drink. Should I cut back or eliminate my raw milk consumption? Or, should I continue to get 4 cups a day because I am nursing?
written by bonni philips, Mar 25 2010
do the livers have to be grassfed? Is there a better animal liver than the next? Any recipes for good tasting liver to mask it? I really don't like it.
written by Kate, Mar 23 2010

It's NEVER too late to start this! There are several recipes on my blog. I didn't eat this way in my first pregnancy and started doing it more and more, doing it mostly in my second pregnancy and almost entirely now. I manage the "avoid" list almost all the time but don't always manage to eat all the other stuff everyday. 6 tbsp. of saturated fat is a lot! Though I cook with it every chance I get. I make eggs in bacon grease for breakfast everyday, I used to do smoothies when pregnant (with lots of coconut oil), raw milk cheese with lunch, lots of soup with homemade stock, grass-fed beef, salads with fresh salsa or homemade dressing (or just olive oil, sea salt and fresh crushed garlic), sprouted grain waffles with real butter and raw honey.... Lots of ideas! And it WILL make a difference for your baby and how you feel.
written by Katherine Kegg, Mar 22 2010
I am 12 weeks pregnant and wonder if it is worthwhile to start following these suggestions now, even though I didnt do it through the 1st trimester? I craved sugary foods throughout the beginning of my pregnancy and especially things with wheat flour. Im willing to change but I need some really basic recipes that have ingredients I can find in grocery stores.
prenatal vitamins
written by Mindy Spradlin, Mar 09 2010
I am currently 12 weeks pregnant and wonder if I follow this, do I need to take prenatal vitamins? I am afraid I'll end up with too much of certain vitamins if I do both prenatal and a high nutrient diet. However, I really don't like fish (especially with this pregnancy) so I doubt I'll be eating a lot of that, but I will be taking the BLUE ICE Royal™ Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend. Thanks for you help!
written by Roxy, Feb 02 2010
Hi Angie, there are plenty of ways of getting calcium. Many of the healthy communities that Weston A Price studied did not have any dairy in their diets at all. Good sources include properly made bone stock, tinned fish (the bones are soft enough to eat), green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds. There's a book called Calciyum. It's written for vegans, which does go against WAP's findings, but it lists lots of dairy free sources of calcium. Just make sure you have a good sized serving of something rich in calcium every day. And remember the old saying "Where do you think the cow got the calcium from?"
written by Angie, Jan 29 2010
I have been following the WAPF diet for the past two years. I just found out I am pregnant, but I also found out I am allergic to dairy. (Delayed sensitivity - IgG) What is the best way to get my calcium while pregnant, or should I just drink the milk anyway? I am worried that since I have a sensitivity to milk, it might compromise my (and my baby's) health if I continue drinking it.

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