Journal, Spring 2004, Statin Dangers

Wise Traditions, Volume 5, Number 1



President’s Message: Turning Healthy People into Patients

by Sally Fallon

This issue delves into the subject of cholesterol-lowering measures and the dangers of modern cholesterol-lowering drugs, called statins. Under the guise of preventing heart disease, and using an invented disease called “hypercholesterolemia,” the medical establishment has been able to pull more and more people into the medical system. Fear of cholesterol has turned millions of healthy people into patients, and the statin drugs they are ordered to take then transforms these healthy individuals into people who are really sick.

At the same time, orthodox dietary advice turns the public against traditional whole foods, especially traditional animal fats, resulting in increased consumption of the very foods that are causing the epidemic of heart disease in the first place: processed foods loaded with trans fats and refined carbohydrates. The might of orthodoxy silences all voices of reason as the western world rushes forward to the cliff–the combination of dangerous drugs and awful diet that has created a health crisis of enormous proportions.

Fortunately, as President Lincoln said, “You can’t fool all of the people, all of the time.” More people are resisting lifetime medication and sales of statins have actually not lived up to expectations, in spite of massive publicity campaigns by the pharmaceutical industry. Likewise, more people are returning to traditional foods. Butter and egg consumption are going up, a fact that has the processing industry panicked. Interest in raw milk is growing by leaps and bounds and the public is waking up to the dangers of soy. Small changes in consumer habits can cause big changes in the economy. If just 5 percent of the population embraced our way of eating, the food industry–burdened by debt and dependent on constant growth to stay alive–would collapse.

We’ll be discussing the problems with our food supply–and what you can do about them–at Wise Traditions 2004, our 5th annual conference, October 1-3–see page 38 or our website for details. Conference flyers will be sent out this summer but now is the time to make plans to attend if you live outside the Washington, DC area. If you are new to our organization, this is a wonderful way to arm yourself with knowledge, meet like-minded people, sample delicious traditional foods and have a great time. Many local chapters are organizing vans or even buses to bring a group to the conference. Janna Weil is organizing work-scholarships, ride-share and room-share so contact her at (717) 291-5741 or jgweil (at) if you are interested. I look forward to seeing you there!

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