Healthy Nation Coalition Details Persistent Failures of Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Washington, D.C.–December 12, 2014–[GlobeNewswire] In an open letter to government officials, the Healthy Nation Coalition describes the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) as a failed policy. The letter from concerned scientists, nutrition professionals and consumers is addressed to the Secretaries of the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services. The letter asserts that these recommendations contribute to worsening health outcomes for the nation and should be replaced with guidance focused on essential nutrition (see full text and downloadable pdf at

On December 15th the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which reviews the DGA, finishes deliberations. The committee is expected to issue guidelines perpetuating 35 years of advising consumers to reduce their intake of eggs, meat and full-fat dairy. While the consumption of these foods has decreased in past decades, rates of obesity have doubled and rates of diabetes have tripled.

Critics maintain the DGA, which directs all federal nutrition activities, are not sufficiently grounded in science, not compatible with adequate essential nutrition, and do not respect the diversity of food traditions in America. The narrow focus on plant-based nutrition ignores unique dietary needs of growing children, older adults, athletes, and ethnic minorities. Furthermore, this focus has prevented federally-funded research into dietary approaches not in line with the DGA, including the use of low-carbohydrate diets to treat diabetes.

More than 70 clinicians and academics have joined farmers and ranchers as part of the 600 signatories to the letter. These include several notable voices on nutrition: Robert Lustig, MD, of the University of California; Paul Jaminet, PhD, author of The Perfect Health Diet; Mark Sisson, blogger and author of numerous books on fitness and health; Richard Feinman, PhD of SUNY Downstate Medical Center; Sean Lucan, MD, of Albert Einstein College of Medicine and co-author of textbooks on nutrition and public health; and Sally Fallon Morell, founder of the nutrition education nonprofit, The Weston A. Price Foundation.

Spokesperson for the coalition is Adele Hite, a registered dietitian, PhD student at North Carolina State University, and former health educator at Duke Lifestyle Medicine Clinic. “Our way forward doesn’t have to emphasize dietary extremes,” she explains. “We propose recommendations that provide clear, concise, food-based guidance that helps Americans meet essential nutrition needs according to their own food traditions. We cannot justify guidelines that restrict nutritious whole foods like meat, eggs and butter, discriminate against farmers who produce them, and confound efforts of Americans who recognize their health benefits.”

The Healthy Nation Coalition was originally formed in 2011, shortly after the 2010 dietary guidelines were issued. Congress requires that the guidelines be updated every 5 years. For more details or to join the Coalition, visit their website,

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Kimberly Hartke, publicist

Kimberly Hartke is the publicist for the Weston A. Price Foundation. Her public relations company, Hartke Communications specializes in health and wellness clients. To book a nutrition education expert, contact Kimberly via,

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  1. Chef Jem says:

    Thank you Kimberly and all!

    I’ve devoted a whole entire blog top this issue.
    “The Rise & Fall of the Standard Amercian Diet”:

    There is a potential mighty force of real goodness within every local
    chapter of this foundation that can most directly pertain to these
    “Persistent Failures” and that I wish to inspire and encourage now. My
    emphasis on our “grass roots forces” are not intended to deny the need to
    better inform Congress and its agencies however the need to be more fully
    informed is truly greater on the side of the people now. We are the ones
    who have the last word as to whether or not legislation applies to us and
    in order to speak the truth about that requires that we each personally do
    our own “due diligence” so that we can firstly more fully inform ourselves
    as to the proprietary basis for government’s jurisdiction! This opens a
    relatively new dimension in our relationship to government and one that
    government does not, will not and can not encourage. It is really up to us
    my friends. We actually can not rely on attorneys to do our “due
    diligence” for us!

  2. Elizabeth D. Thares says:

    Thank you Healthy Nation Coalition,

    I am a Certified NES Practioner, A Weston

    Thank you, Healthy nation Coalition:

    I am an RN, a Certified NES practioner, and a Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter Leader. For the last 5 and 1/2 years I have been caring for my now 99 and 1/2 Y.O. mom using My NES (NutraEnergetics Systems)bioenergetics healing energy and information system (since 6/2010) as well as a Weston Price tradional diet, particularly since 2/2011. My mom is weak and debilitated and is presently on hospice. However, Mom is on no prescription drugs and just got over, without meds, the heavy cold/flu that is sweeping the country with bronchial and sinus issues. We consume lots of small farm products, including the following: raw, whole milk and cream from pastured cows; a liberal amount of farms fresh eggs from chickens not fed soy; liver patte and fried liver from pastured animals; bacon and bacon fat; home-rendered lard from pastured pigs; some pastured meat, almost daily; fermented cod liver oil with high vitamin butter oil; butter and cheese from pastured cows, etc. The scoliosis of my 17 Y.O. son has disappeared and my mom is weak but hardy. I have never had as much energy as I consistently have now.

    My A1C Hemaglobin has gone from 62 to 57. All other labs are good.

    Please do not let our diet and lifestyle be condemned. Government should not have this power.

    Thank you,

    Elizabeth Thares


  3. Mary Sue Laing says:

    I followed the lowfat, high carb diet for many years. My hypoglycemia increased. I had difficulty with digestion, creeping weight gain, and I acquired many food allergies. I nearly died. I attended conferences of the Weston A. Price foundation and discovered a better way to eat. Now, at 73 years old, I’m thin and healthy. I’m earning a living eight years beyond retirement, and I take no medication. I hope that the lowfat, high carb, plant food diet that makes people weak and sick and gives them brain fog stops being recommended. It’s an abomination.

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