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Sale ends April 4, 2012
Note: The DVDs will be shipped on their official release date – April 17, 2012.
Together, let’s make this film a bestselling documentary while showing our support and appreciation for the family farmers who provide us with nutrient-dense food using sustainable practices.
The film features the work of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund with interviews with board members Pete Kennedy, Esq., Sally Fallon Morell, Judith McGeary, Esq., and General Counsel, Gary Cox, Esq.
Check out the trailer –
“Many of you have seen Food Inc. and Fresh. Now it’s time for the next level: Farmageddon. Everyone should see this documentary because it takes up where previous documentaries have ended by answering the question: Why is local food pricey and hard to find?
You deserve an answer, and this hard hitting video delivers. I can’t recommend it heartily enough. Who owns your body? What kind of terror do America’s food police inflict on heritage food providers? This is strong language, but we live in disturbing times. You owe it to your children to empower yourself with the truth about food safety and food choice.”   – Joel Salatin
Check out the FTCLDF’s Farm Raid page, the inspiration for the movie.
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With this purchase you are also helping the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund!
FTCLDF is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization made up of farmers and consumers joining together and pooling resources to protect the constitutional rights of the nation’s family farms and the consumers who patronize them. Annual membership is $50 for Consumers, $125 for farmers, and communities such as buyer’s clubs, farmer’s markets, CSAs and food-co-ops can join for $5/member.
Visit  or call 703-208-3276

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