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DON’T DELAY! We need your help to get attention on critical issues for our food supply! The competition for the “Top 10 Ideas for Change in America” ends this
THURSDAY, January 15, at 5 pm ET. The Top 10 ideas, based on online voting, will be presented at an event at the National Press Club the following day, and (a private organization) has committed to continued publicity and support for the Top 10 ideas.

Legalizing raw milk and stopping NAIS are both in the top 20, but several thousand votes short of the Top 10. We need your help!! Please go vote at the links below.
If you’ve already voted, please forward this email to all of your friends and network to spread the word.


Step 1: If you are not already signed up for the site, register at:

Step 2: Go to to vote to stop NAIS. Be sure to click the box labeled “vote!” to the left of “Protect Our Food Supply —
Stop NAIS!”

Leaving a comment does not count as a vote. After you vote, the “vote” box should change color and read “voted.” If it doesn’t, then wait a moment, shift your mouse slightly, and click again until your vote registers.

Step 3: Go to to vote for raw milk. Be sure to click the box labeled “vote!” to the left of “Legalize Milk.” Leaving a comment does not count as a vote.

Step 4: Email all your friends, and ask them to vote also.

You can vote for up to 10 ideas. But remember that all of the ideas are competing against each other to be in the Top 10, and that only the Top 10 will be publicized at the National Press Club event.

One of the ideas currently in the Top 10 is Health Freedom, which covers a wide range of issues and briefly mentions both raw milk and microchipping. You can vote for it at

This is a very quick, easy way to help us raise awareness about raw milk and NAIS
and potentially get significant new resources for this fight! Please go to and to vote now!

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