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Russ Bianchi was born in San Francisco, California and currently resides in Northern California.

As a global food, beverage, cosmetic, confectionery, function and dietary supplement, as well as pharmaceutical and drug developer and formulator, Russ has been the Managing Director & CEO of Adept Solutions, Inc., a global creation, conversion, and stabilization product development laboratory for over two decades, with clients on five continents, and has traveled extensively throughout the world, in his career.

Russ is a major contributor to several ground breaking books and best sellers on the subject of sweeteners, and their metabolic as well as social effects, in the western food and beverage chain.

Asked once by the CEO of a major multinational food conglomerate, in a large supermarket, what brands Russ had developed, or been involved with?  Bianchi blankly responded:”It would be easier and save time to point out the ones I have not done, or been around.”

Russ is responsible for a major market shift away from traditional hydrogenated fat laden granola bars and refined sweetener breakfast cereals, as well as confectionery and candy bars, to many successful and functional and energy bar brands.

In 2001, Russ was an Honoree of The R&D Magazine 2001 Top 100 Innovations In America, for work on a unique and all natural humectant product, the first such patentable food ingredient to have received an award in almost a decade, from these prestigious “Oscars Of Innovation”.

Russ is a professional member of the Institute Of Food Technologists, the American Association of Candy Technologists, the American Association of Cereal Chemists, the International Society Of Pharmaceutical Engineering and the American Association Of Pharmaceutical Scientists.

Russ has recently completed work as formulator, on an under utilized World Health Organization botanical named moringa oleifera, into a successfully and fully bioavailable oral pharmaceutical grade product that is enzymatically alive and standardized in potency and dosage, under dietary supplement law, in a direct medical referral model, providing significant nutrient delivery, to a stripped and highly processed western food and beverage chain, endorsed by John Hopkins School Of Medicine as well as the National Institutes Of Health & Medicine.

Russ will be publishing a three volume treatise on global formulating in 2013.

LeslieBradshawLeslie (Bradshaw) Manookian (Writer / Producer) was a successful Wall Street business executive and is now a documentary film producer and activist. Bradshaw chose to leave Wall Street at the height of her career in order to pursue a more meaningful path of social and environmental justice. Originally from Idaho , her career in finance took her from New York to London with Goldman Sachs. She later became Director of Alliance Capital in London running their European Growth Portfolio Management business with assets of $4 billion. She learned of the vaccine debate while living and working in London and determined that one day she would make a documentary exploring the issue. She has been featured in a cover article in Barron’sas well as in numerous other financial publications. She has served on the board, managed or consulted for many organizations in her community and successfully led the charge to defeat a proposed coal plant in her state and helped secure legislation protecting consumer access to raw milk. She holds an MBA from the  University of Chicago and a BA from Middlebury College . She is also a WAPF Chapter Leader in Sun Valley , Idaho !

brunettiJerry Brunetti, BS, is managing director of Agri-Dynamics, a 23-year-old company engaged in ecological systems approaches to livestock, crop and horticultural programs. Jerry is also co-founder of Earthworks, a company engaged since 1991 in instituting biological practices in the golf course and landscape industries. Jerry was an animal science major at North Carolina State University. He currently serves on the steering committees of the Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the Weston Price Foundation, the Lower Mt. Bethel Environmental Advisory Council, and The Foodshed Alliance of the Ridge Valley. Jerry is a regular speaker at numerous sustainable agriculture and health conferences throughout the USA.


natashacampbellmcbrideNatasha Campbell-McBride, MD, holds two postgraduate degrees in neurology and human nutrition. She lives in Cambridge UK, where she holds her clinic. She is the creator of the term GAPS or Gut And Psychology Syndrome and Gut And Physiology Syndrome, which establishes a connection between functioning of the digestive system and functioning of the rest of the body. She has written two books: “Gut And Psychology Syndrome. Natural treatment of autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, depression and schizophrenia“, and “Put your heart in your mouth. What really causes heart disease and what we can do to prevent and even reverse it“. Dr Campbell-McBride has a large following around he world with patients and health practitioners adopting her GAPS Nutritional Protocol for treating disease. See the website www.gaps.me


monicacorradoMonica Corrado, MA, CNC is a whole food chef and holistic nutrition educator, teaching Real Food cooking classes throughout the US. A leading activist for real, fresh, local, sustainable food, Monica was a founding member of one of the first CSA’s in the DC metro area in 1998, which provided biodynamic food and milk to families.  From 2000 to 2005, Monica owned and operated the only organic catering company (The Basic Feast) in the DC metro area that offered nourishing, traditional food from local, organic and sustainable farms. Monica catered some of the first Wise Traditions conferences. In addition to teaching, Monica currently has a private practice in Takoma Park, Maryland and is a member of the Honorary Board of the Weston A. Price Foundation.  She has been featured in the Washington Post as an expert in traditional fermentation techniques and is currently involved in the White House Chefs Move! to Schools Initiative and the Food and Farm Freedom movement. Monica is an Honorary Board Member of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Look for her upcoming cookbook in the fall of 2011, “With Love from Grandmother’s Kitchen.”

tomcowanThomas Cowan, MD discovered the work of the two men who would have the most influence on his career while teaching gardening as a Peace Corps volunteer in Swaziland, South Africa. He read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston Price, and a fellow volunteer explained the arcane principles of Rudolf Steiner’s™ biodynamic agriculture. These events inspired him to pursue a medical degree. Tom graduated from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine in 1984. After his residency in Family Practice at Johnson City Hospital in Johnson City, New York, he set up an anthroposophical medical practice in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Dr. Cowan relocated to San Francisco in 2003.

Dr. Cowan has served as vice president of the Physicians Association for Anthroposophical Medicine and is a founding board member of the Weston A. Price Foundation. He is the principal author of the book, The Fourfold Path to Healing, which was published in 2004 by New Trends Publishing. He writes the “Ask the Doctor” column in Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts, the Foundation’s™ quarterly magazine, and has lectured throughout the United States and Canada. He has three grown children and currently practices medicine in San Francisco where he resides with his wife, Lynda Smith Cowan.

Dr. Cowan sees patients at his office in San Francisco, does long-distance consults by telephone, and is accepting new patients. He also gives lectures and presentations across the country
(public appearances).

Read more about Tom Cowan’s background in the introduction to his recent book, The Fourfold Path to Healing, written with co-authors Sally Fallon and Jaimen McMillan.

kaayladKaayla T. Daniel, PhD, CCN is The Naughty NutritionistTM because of her ability to outrageously and humorously debunk nutritional myths. She earned her PhD in Nutritional Sciences and Anti-Aging Therapies from the Union Institute and University in Cincinnati , is certified as a clinical nutritionist (CCN) by the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists in Dallas , and serves on the Boards of Directors of the Weston A. Price Foundation and Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund. In 2005, Dr. Daniel received the Weston A. Price Foundation’s Integrity in Science Award. She is the author of The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America ‘s Favorite Health Food, which has been endorsed by leading health experts, including Drs Russell Blaylock, Larry Dossey, Joseph Mercola, Kilmer McCully, Doris J. Rapp, Jonathan Wright and many others. Based in Albuquerque, NM, Dr. Daniel is a nutritionist in private practice and works with clients all over the country. She is the mother of two children adopted from Korea and Vietnam, performs Bach organ recitals, and enjoys ballroom dancing, firewalking, hiking and yoga.

robertdisneyRobert Disney, Robert Disney works as an environmental scientist for a state regulatory agency. He deals specifically with waste issues. How to dispose of something is often a challenge and sometimes detonation is the choice and is his favorite method!

He was introduced to the Weston Price Foundation in 1999 by June Varner while both were in attendance at an environmental conference in Minnesota. He finally had the opportunity to attend a weekend conference, conducted by Sally, in South Dakota last year and was captivated by the traditions of our ancestors. He is honored and humbled to be invited to speak at this conference with such like-minded people.

Robert will bring his understanding of the chemical environment and its impact on us to the conference. Specifically he will address mercury and waste water contaminants.

fallonmorell (2)Sally Fallon Morell, MA, is founding president of the Weston A Price Foundation and founder of A Campaign for Real Milk, Mrs. Fallon Morell lectures extensively around the world on issues of health and nutrition. She is a prolific writer of numerous articles and books and serves as editor of Wise Traditions, the quarterly journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation. In 1996, Mrs. Fallon Morell published the best-selling Nourishing Traditions (with Mary G. Enig, PhD), the cookbook that launched her career in alternative health. Visit her website at www.newtrendspublishing.com.



jacquesgouletJacques Goulet agr. Ph.D. A tenured professor at Laval University’s Food Science and Nutrition Department, Jacques Goulet is also a founding member of Laval University’s Dairy Science and Technology research group. Dr. Goulet is the author of authoritative technical reports and scientific papers on milk technology, and acts as scientific counsel to several companies in the food industry. He also sits on numerous scientific committees in the biotechnology, agriculture and food sectors.  He received the Order of Quebec Agronomists’ Medal of Distinction.

A specialist in food microbiology, Jacques Goulet has also published many papers on the subjects of fermentation, disinfection and probiotics. He is a well-known scientific authority who has served on Agriculture Canada’s expert committee on dairy products and biotechnology committee, as well as on evaluation committees for NSERC (Natural Science and Engineering Research Council), evaluation committees for CDAQ (Conseil des Denrées Alimentaires du Québec) , a scientific evaluation committee for the Dairy Producers of Canada, an organizing committee for the Carrefour des biotechnologies and a committee on sustainable agriculture for the Quebec Order of Agronomists.

In addition to Jacques Goulet’s many contributions to technological innovation in the science and technology of foods, he has taught at University Laval for 35 years. During that time, he has guided some fifty students towards their masters or doctorates, as well as overseeing the research of many graduate students. These are among his proudest accomplishments.

Kimberly Hartke, Moderator, Publicist, Weston A. Price Foundation. Her Hartkeisonline.com blog covers a wide range of Weston Price issues, and concentrates on the politics of food. In the past year, nearly 300,000 visitors have discovered her blog. She will share pointers on Facebook, Twitter and how to find your blog niche.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAChristy Hemenway  What did bees do before beekeepers? Unable to find logical answers to what seemed a simple question, Christy Hemenway launched an investigation of her own into what, or more likely who, might be behind the growing problems with honeybees. She came to the conclusion that with bees, less is more, as in: less human interference equals more health for the honeybee.

In 2007, Christy founded Gold Star Honeybees to advance a beekeeping system known as the “top bar” hive – the original movable-comb, managed beehive. The most important feature of a top bar hive is that it lets bees make their own beeswax honeycomb in a natural, chemical free way. This means beeswax made BY bees, FOR bees!

Working to build the top bar beekeeping community, Christy Hemenway offers classes and workshops nationally to aspiring beekeepers, the concerned public, and farmers and gardeners. She particularly enjoys teaching Top Bar Beekeeping 101 – a Weekend Intensive class where students not only learn the how-to’s of stewarding their bees, but also come to understand the connection between bees, and our food system, and our own well being. The importance of bees to human health, the health of the planet and to all of nature becomes quite clear!

Christy has been published in The Northeast Organic Farmers Association periodical, The Natural Farmer, with the essay entitled Shifting the Paradigm – Towards More Natural Beekeeping. She also writes a beekeeping blog for Mother Earth News magazine.

Christy encourages people to think outside the box and reminds us, in the words of John Muir, that “when one tugs at a single thing in nature, one finds it attached to the rest of the world.”

Gold Star Honeybees maintains membership in the Green Business Network, the Maine Organic Farming and Gardening Association (MOFGA), Maine Businesses for Sustainability (MBS), and the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) as well as many local and regional beekeeping associations.

brianhickeyDr. Brian Hickey, Certified Professional Applied Kinesiologist
Dr. Hickey earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX.  In addition, he also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Anatomy.  Dr. Hickey received his Bachelor of Science undergraduate degree in Biology and Psychology from Siena College in New York.    He is currently awaiting examination for certification by the International College of Applied Kinesiology as a Diplomate.  Dr. Hickey is also studying for his Specialty Certification as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist.    Dr. Hickey has lectured to businesses, doctors and other health care professionals on functional medicine.  Dr. Hickey is owner/operator of Arlington Natural Wellness Center in Arlington, Texas for the last 10 years. He cares for individuals with digestive disorders as well as those who suffer with musculoskeletal, endocrine, emotional and immune disorders.  Dr. Hickey is also co-owner of Monticello Diagnostic Imaging in Fort Worth, Texas.

petehilgartnerDr. Pete Hilgartner graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon in 1996.  He has been practicing in Leesburg, Virginia with his wife, Dr. Lolin Hilgartner (who is a chiropractor and a Certified Nutrition Specialist), since 1997.  Together, they run a busy practice that combines chiropractic, functional neurology, functional medicine, nutrition, and functional endocrinology.  The Hilgartners dedicate a lot of their time and effort to teaching classes on nutrition, exercise, life-style and self-improvement in order to empower their community with the tools and information to reduce their dependence upon the medical system.  They started the Leesburg, VA WAPF chapter and helped organize a number of food co-ops.  They are strong supporters of local organic farmers in their community and have facilitated a strong network of local providers to fill their patients’ food needs.  Their stated mission is to “Teach, lead and empower people so they can express their full potential for health and happiness.”

Dr. Pete Hilgartner is the author of the self-published book, The Secrets of How to Feel Twenty Years Younger in 90 Days or Less.  He and his wife have produced a number of DVD’s and CD’s on various health topics.  He is currently working on his next book, The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Young Athlete.

pauljaminetPaul Jaminet, PhD After a career as an astrophysicist at MIT, Berkeley, and Harvard, Paul became a software entrepreneur and then, after developing a chronic disease, devoted his energies to learning about health. Paul and his wife Shou-Ching, a research scientist at Harvard Medical School, began studying diet and nutrition in hopes of finding help for his illness. After years of work, this proved successful – diet, nutrition, and antibiotics cured his disease. Paul and Shou-Ching proceeded to write a book, Perfect Health Diet: Four Steps to Renewed Health, Youthful Vitality, and Long Life, that explains the dietary tactics that optimize health and prevent disease, and blog at www.perfecthealthdiet.com. Although Paul and Shou-Ching developed the Perfect Health Diet through study of the scientific literature, they found that their ideal diet is almost identical to traditional diets of the Pacific region – diets noted for producing long life and good health. Paul and Shou-Ching believe that diet and nutrition will prove to be the most effective therapies for most diseases, and that traditional diets have much to teach us.

sharonkaneSharon A. Kane is the author of The Art of Gluten-Free Sourdough Baking. After mastering old fashioned 7-day Rye sourdough bread she learned she was gluten-intolerant. Trying to find a commercial bread that was made within the Weston A. Price parameters proved difficult. She wanted bread that used whole grain flours without commercial yeast, chemical leaveners, gums or sugars. She became determined to create gluten-free bread that was prepared and fermented according to Weston A. Price principles. After one year of much trial and error she succeeded with her first loaf. Five years later she has written this book and developed a video course to share her work. (http://artofgluten-freesourdoughbaking.com) Her articles have been published in Wise Traditions and Spirit of Change. Sharon is a piano teacher at an alternative school, a hands-on energy healer and teaches Gluten-Free Sourdough Baking Classes and Allergen-Friendly Traditional Cooking. She and her husband, Allen, have an organic garden in Eastern Massachusetts. They use overwinter cold frames and begin eating out of their garden in mid March. Sharon ferments anything from the garden at least once and has succeeded in fermenting vegetable parts that usually end up in the compost. Her other book, Lacto-Fermentation Through The Seasons, features 21 recipes that start with Spring Rhubarb, move through Summer Daylily Buds and on to the much-loved old standards of late summer and fall, cucumbers and sauerkraut. Visit her website at www.food-medicine.com


julesklapperJules Klapper is President of the Cutting Edge Catalog, which he founded in 1991. He has lectured at events and appeared on TV and radio all over the country, speaking about keeping the immune system fit by reducing environmental stressors. He has devoted many years to studying how various environmental factors can affect the body and how to protect yourself from them. His website is www.cutcat.com


kathykramerKathy Kramer, (née O’Brien) CN, has been happily working with the Weston A. Price Foundation since 2003.  She is a licensed nutritionist offering classes and consultations. She has encouraged healthy eating in lectures to all ages, in published articles and in radio interviews.



lizllipskiLiz Lipski, PhD, CCN, CHN, is board certified in Clinical Nutrition & Holistic Nutrition.  She has been working in the field of nutrition, holistic health, herbology, lifestyle management, and relaxation and visualization techniques, and for over 30 years.  She is the Director of Doctoral Studies, and Educational Director at Hawthorn University.  Liz is also on faculty at Saybrook University, the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), and the Autism Research Institute. She is a member of the Nutrition Advisory Board for the Institute for IFM, and special advisor to the board of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP). Liz offers mentoring groups for health professionals on Clinical & Functional Nutrition. She’s in private practice in Asheville, NC, providing on-site and telephone consultations.  www.innovativehealing.com


hughlovel2Hugh Lovel-Clearly the best nutrition comes from empowering farmers to be well-informed and self-reliant and getting nitrogen from our atmospheric abundance as complex amino acids the way nature designed. Hugh Lovel recommends what is needed for best outcomes and gives detailed explanations using practical examples to develop a better understanding of how to tell nutritionally dense food and how to identify those growers who know how to grow it. Founder of the first CSA farm in Georgia, Lovel encourages a direct connection between farms and consumers, as finding growers who grow nutritionally dense foods is hugely rewarding and the growers themselves, rather than the middle men, should be well rewarded.

To date, Hugh has spent 36 years of his life in agriculture. University trained in maths, physics, soil biology and biochemistry, Hugh is dedicated to producing food of the highest quality while regenerating soil fertility and environmental health. Author of A Biodynamic Farm, he farmed Biodynamically for 30 years in Georgia before migrating to Australia as a farm consultant to transitioning growers of all types from horticulturists to graziers. Along with understanding the functions of sulphur, boron and silicon based on what he calls the Biochemical Sequence and Comprehensive Testing, he has pioneered the application of quantum physics and chaos theory to agriculture with his use of radionics and field broadcasting.

Nowhere has agriculture lost the plot so badly as with the use of nitrogen fertilisers, which consume soil carbon and water down the amino acid chemistry of plants and those who eat them. Since nitrogen is by far the most sensitive element in the periodic table it is the basis of sensation and desire—and thus consciousness and intelligence—in our body chemistry. Agriculture based on crude nitrogen fertilisation has led us to a social consciousness of instant gratification that fails to satisfy and is distinctly lacking in integrity and interconnectedness with our biosphere and the universe around us.

chrismasterjohn2011Chris Masterjohn is creator and maintainer of Cholesterol-And-Health.Com, a web site dedicated to extolling the benefits of traditional, nutrient-dense, cholesterol-rich foods and to elucidating the many fascinating roles that cholesterol plays within the body.  Cholesterol-And-Health.Com is home to his blog, The Daily Lipid.  Chris is a frequent contributor to Wise Traditions, the quarterly journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation, is a perennial speaker at the annual Wise Traditions conference, and writes a second blog on the foundation’s web site, Mother Nature Obeyed.  Chris is a doctoral candidate in Nutritional Sciences at the University of Connecticut.  He has authored three peer-reviewed publications including a hypothesis on the molecular mechanism of vitamin D toxicity published in Medical Hypotheses, a letter to the editor published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology challenging the conclusions of a widely publicized study claiming to show adverse effects of eating coconut oil, and a letter to the editor published in The American Heart Journal arguing that drugs used to raise HDL-cholesterol should not be considered safe until their potential adverse effects on vitamin E metabolism have been studied.  He has also recently authored a human study on the effects of vitamin E on sugar metabolism that has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, and a review on nonalcoholic fatty liver disease accepted for publication in Nutrition Reviews.  Chris plans on graduating with his doctorate in the summer.

richardmaurerRichard Maurer, ND earned his Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1994.  Dr. Maurer specializes in the physiologic basis of disease.  Through effective diagnosis and treatment he addresses obesity, thyroid problems, anemia, diabetes, digestive diseases and food allergies.  He applies traditional dietary principles, authored under “FatBackDiet.com”, for these and most childhood developmental conditions.


markmcafeeMark McAfee is internationally recognized as an expert in raw milk safety and production and has spoken in multiple times in 24 states and 3 countries on the subject. He has been a guest lecturer and spoken at Rutgers and Stanford University Medical Schools and has been an expert witness in Raw Milk legislative and judicial proceedings across America.  He pioneered the first “dietary supplements” made from fresh raw colostrum, and secured their retail certification from the FDA and DHS. Mark developed and published the first  international raw milk production and safety standards at www.rawusa.org <http://www.rawusa.org>.   Along with internationally respected doctors and researchers, Mark co-developed RAMP, the first ever  Food Safety “Risk Analysis Management Program” program for raw milk. He has been interviewed by countless TV, print and radio programs and authored numerous Raw Milk and food related articles. Mark has worked closely with University researchers to gather much needed data from raw milk consumers related to Lactose Intolerance. Mark is the CEO and founder of Organic Pastures Dairy Company near Fresno California where the company produces and serves 50,000 consumers from 400 retail stores with State of CA inspected, retail approved and tested raw dairy products. He is a political activist and pledges to change America from the Grass-Roots-Up through “teaching raw milk and dollar voting”…. one glass of immune system healing, safe, delicious raw milk at a time. Mark has pioneered a new theory of Pasteurization Intolerance that lays outside the clinical definition of True Lactose Intolerance and has gathered the data to support this concept which will now be proven in future University studies.  In addition, he worked for sixteen years as an EMS paramedic, and served as marketing director and operations manager for a $30 million dollar EMS company. Mark taught paramedic medicine at the Fresno County Health Department EMS division and was a preceptor and medical quality assurance evaluator for field paramedics. He is pre-med trained, and is an experienced medical educator. Having flown since turning 16, Mark is an active Mission pilot for the Fresno Flying Doctors of Mercy-LIGA serving clinics in Mexico and is a husband and grandfather. Mark was born and raised on the family farms near Fresno California with his four brothers and milked cows at 13 years old. In 2011, Mark founded the Raw Milk Institute. This start-up non profit is dedicated to the establishment of standards for raw milk and the education of farmers and consumers from all over the world. Mark says that “There is a desperate need for well developed safety and production standards for raw milk. The CAFO Pasteurized Milk Industry rejoices at the scattered disarray of confusion in the raw milk market. This is going to change, Raw Milk is Rising.”

judithmcgearyJudith McGeary, Esq. is an attorney, farmer, activist, and founder of the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance.  She has a B.S. in Biology from Stanford University and her J.D. from the University of Texas at Austin.  Following a clerkship with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, she practiced as an attorney doing a combination of administrative law, litigation, and appeals.  After seeing how government regulations benefit industrial agriculture at the expense of family farms, she left her legal practice to form FARFA in 2006.  Since then, Judith has spearheaded national coalitions fighting to stop the National Animal Identification System and to protect local foods, and was recently appointed to the USDA Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Animal Health.

JoeMercolaDr. Joseph Mercola trained as board certified as a family medicine physician and was in private practice for 20 years before founding Mercola.com in 1997. His site, Mercola.com is the third most visited health site in the world, approaching two million subscribers to his free online newsletter and 30 million visits every month.  Dr. Mercola has written two NY Times bestselling books and has been on the Today Show, CNN, ABC World News Tonight, The Dr. Oz Show, and The Doctors. He has also been in Time, Business Week ,and Forbes magazines and is committed to changing the existing health model in the US.


kristenmichaelisKristen Michaelis is a wife, mother, nutrition educator, and passionate advocate for real food. She is the author of two books specifically created to teach children about Real Food Nutrition — a book for younger kids featuring coloring pages and activities (including a coloring page of Weston A Price!), and a book for teens. She also blogs online at Food Renegade, a website featuring Real Food recipes, nutrition & health articles, and the latest in sustainable agriculture, food politics & philosophy.


denisemingerDenise Minger is a Portland-based writer, teacher, and nutrition blogger currently working on her first book, “Death by Food Pyramid.” Her website, RawFoodSOS.com, aims to dispel nutrition myths and reexamine conventional beliefs about food. In 2010, Minger’s reanalysis of China Study data received widespread publicity in the health community and sparked a public debate with T. Colin Campbell, author of “The China Study.”


PenttiNupponenPentti J. Nupponen, DMD, MAGD, FIND, AIAOMT is a full time holistic & cosmetic dentist, writer, researcher and national/international public speaker. He is a 1974 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine (DMD). In the year 2000, Dr. Nupponen achieved the status of Master Dentist in the Academy of General Dentistry (MAGD). In 2007 he became an accredited member of the International Academy of Oral medicine and Toxicology. In 2008 he became a nutritional counselor (CNC) certified by the American Association of Nutritional Consultants. In 2009 Dr. Nupponen completed rigorous research into a scientific literature review on clay, earning himself a Fellowship in the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (FIAOMT). In 2010 he completed all the requirements to become central Pennsylvania’s only Board-Certified Biological Dentist by International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine. He is also a graduate of the Las Vegas Institute (LVI), an institution that teaches the finer points of cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Nupponen is immediate past President of the Holistic Dental Association and a Chairman of the International Committee of the International Academy or Oral medicine and Toxicology IAOMT). He is also a member in National Speakers Association (NSA), a professional organization for professional speakers.

Dr. Nupponen lectures worldwide and presents hands-on seminars to other practitioners, writes consumer & professional articles, presents professional and consumer seminars in leadership, nutrition, holistic dentistry, cosmetic and high-tech dentistry and detoxification. He has appeared several times on local television health news and radio shows and radio round table discussions featuring high tech dentistry, holistic dentistry and autism.

On December 15, 2010, Dr. Nupponen testified at the FDA hearing dealing with “Mercury Amalgam Safety and Risks to Vulnerable US peoples including children and pregnant mothers.” The entire 4 minute testimony can be found at his website www.halifaxdentistry.com

Dr. Nupponen is Founder and President of DermaClay, LLC (www.dermaclay.com), a company that offers many different healing and detoxification products, many of them based on Calcium Bentonite Clay.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERASally Pacholok, R.N., B.S.N., an emergency room nurse with 24 years of experience, received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.  Prior to entering the field of nursing, she received an Associate’s Degree of Applied Science with magna cum laude honors. She was also an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (A-EMT), and worked as a paramedic prior to and during nursing school. She has worked in health care for a total of 32 years, and has cared for thousands of patients. In addition, she is an Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) provider, and has assisted instructors at a local community college in training paramedics in ACLS. She is a Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) Provider, an Emergency Nurse Pediatric Course (ENPC) Provider and a member of the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA).
In 1985, Pacholok diagnosed herself with vitamin B12 deficiency, after her doctors had failed to identify her condition. As a result, she is passionate about the need to educate the public about the dangerous consequences of this hidden and all-too-common disease.

In 2009, Pacholok and her co-author, Jeffrey J. Stuart, started B12 Awareness, an organization to educate the health-care community and the public to the dangers of B12 deficiency. B12 Awareness has declared the last week in September to be B12 Awareness Week and are working to get legislation passed to officially recognize B12 Awareness Week annually. Visit B12 Awareness on the Web at B12Awareness.org.
Pacholok is a passionate crusader in the cause of educating the public, health-care professionals and health-care policy leaders about vitamin B12 deficiency and treatment. Says Pacholok, “We cannot rest until this disorder gets the attention it deserves and we stop needless injury, suffering and poor outcomes. The only way to solve this epidemic is to educate others to what is going on behind closed doors. There is a simple solution: Education, Awareness, Advocacy, Responsibility and Prevention.”

sarahpopeSarah Pope is an Honors graduate in Economics from Furman University. She also holds a Masters Degree in Public Financial Management from the University of Pennsylvania. Sarah worked for over 10 years in the field of Information Technology designing Financial Systems for corporate and governmental clients.  Sarah and her husband Richard are currently raising 3 young children and she has been the Weston A. Price Chapter Leader for Tampa/St. Pete, FL since 2002.  In addition to her Chapter Leader duties, Sarah writes The Healthy Home Economist blog.  This is Sarah’s third speaking appearance at the Wise Traditions Conference.


benprattBen Pratt
has more than 15 years of experience in the health, fitness and nutrition industry. He has authored many nationally recognised qualifications and courses that are delivered across the UK by private training providers and colleges. Ben has presented at some of the world’s leading fitness conventions, trained and qualified hundreds of fitness professionals and worked alongside globally recognised fitness and nutrition experts. Ben is the author of Nutrition’s Playground, It’s all about food in a roundabout way. He has been a chapter leader in the UK for 5 years and runs the UK’s WAP friendly food sourcing website www.naturalfoodfinder.co.uk


jessicaprenticeJessica Prentice is a professional chef, author, local foods activist, and social entrepreneur. Her first book, Full Moon Feast: Food and the Hunger for Connection, was released by Chelsea Green Publishing in 2006.  Prentice is a co-creator of the Local Foods Wheel, and coined the word “locavore.” Jessica is also a co-founder of Three Stone Hearth (www.threestonehearth.com), a Community Supported Kitchen in Berkeley that uses local, sustainable ingredients to prepare nutrient-dense, traditional foods on a community scale.  She lives, works, and writes in the San Francisco Bay Area.



tararayburnTara Rayburn is the Healthy Habit Coach.  She is a speaker, author, Weston A. Price Chapter Leader in Las Vegas, REAL food blogger, creator of Nourishing Your Family, wife and a Mom-on-a-Mission. Her lifelong health journey started in childhood and accelerated after her two children were born with severe food & environmental allergies. She began using Weston A. Price principles in 2002 to help her family heal through nutrition and natural methods. By merging old world wisdom with modern day challenges, Tara inspires each individual to make just one change. She illustrates how just one change creates a healthy ripple spreading not only within your family, but throughout the world.

Tara is releasing a new book “Essential Gluten-Free Recipes – Simple*Nutrient Rich*Essential Oil Infused” this year through Life Science Publishing. For more information about Tara visit www.NourishingYourFamily.com or www.theHealthyHabitCoach.com

AprilReneeApril Renée is the Keynote Speaker for Vaccine Information Coalition (VIC) and former President of The Autism Autoimmunity Project (TAAP). She presents worldwide in honor of her 4-year old autistic angel, who passed away on June 13th, 1999. April realized Casi was vaccine injured, before she received the “label” of autism. Autism is 1 in 67 children today and it’s impossible to have a genetic epidemic! ADD, ADHD, diabetes, cancer (and rising number of other dis-ease “labels”) are more prevalent than ever-the evidence points to vaccinations as the cause. She has dedicated the rest of her life to doing WHATEVER is necessary to help these innocent victims and the children-yet-to-be from the autism epidemic!
She is available for presentations, which is based on over 20 years of research and is all scientifically documented. April has written many articles in Chiropractic and Health magazines. She has been interviewed on radio shows such as RBN (Republic Broadcasting Network), “The Power Hour”, “Radio Liberty”, “We the People”, “Liberty Works Radio Network”, “Liberation Wellness Hour” “The Edge”, and many more. She was interviewed by WSVN FOX News and has been on “WYKE Christian Television”, in Florida. April travels the world presenting regularly at churches, chiropractic schools, health food stores, birthing centers, holistic groups, healing centers and chiropractic organizations. She has presented for Sherman Chiropractic College, Hallelujah Acres, Keiser University, Florida Chiropractic Society, Heritage Institute, Hippocrates Healing Institute, Whole Foods Market, Palmer Chiropractic College, Nutrition Smart, Rotary Club, New Medicine Expo, Expo of Heart, Southern Chiropractic Association, Missouri Chiropractic Association, Shores Good Health Club and many more.
Visit our website @ www.vacinfo.org for an upcoming list of her free presentations and call 800-939-8227 to schedule one in your area. She will send you a flyer and you promote the event! “Please learn from our mistake and educate BEFORE you vaccinate”.

mortonsatinMorton Satin is the Vice President of Science and Research for the Salt Institute.  A molecular biologist by training, he is an internationally-known food industry and United Nations executive and author with extensive experience in all aspects of the food industry.  For 16 years, he served as the chief food industry executive at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome where he directed the Global Food and Agro-Industry program.  He received numerous awards for his work on new food and beverage processes including wheatless bread and shelf-stable coconut water and received the only patents ever awarded to the United Nations System.   Satin was heavily involved with the Codex Alimentarius Commission and served as Scientific Secretary to the WHO/FAO/IAEA International Consultative Group on Food Irradiation.  In 1989, while at FAO, Morton Satin was formally nominated for the World Food Prize by the World Food Council.

Prior to joining FAO, Satin was a senior executive for a number of multinational companies and was responsible for the first successful high fiber breads in North America as well as the first large-scale supplementation of food products with folic acid in 1977 – two decades before it became mandatory in the USA.  Morton Satin has several technology patents to his name and has published over 400 articles on a wide range of food science, nutrition, technology, international trade and agribusiness topics.  He is currently Chairman of the Food Safety Program Review Committee of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna and is a senior international fellow of the Tokyo-based Asian Productivity Organization, where he has lectured extensively on food safety and technology.  He has authored seven text books in English and Spanish on the subjects of Food Safety, Food Poisoning and Irradiation as well as his most recent book entitled Coffee Talk – all available on Amazon.

michaelschmidtMichael Schmidt was born in Germany and came to Canada 28 years ago. As a bio-dynamic farmer with passion he challenged through education and lectures from day one the current industrial farming system which more and more destroys the cultural identity of rural North America. He introduced Spelt to the North American market and founded Ontar-Bio which then became Organic Meadow Co-operative, the largest organic dairy processor in Canada. In 1992 he started the first Cow Share program for raw milk in Canada. In 1995 he founded Symphony in the Barn and conducted symphonies, operas and concertos with world renowned artists.

In 2006 his farm was raided by 25 armed officers, after being arrested he was charged with 19 offences for breaking the current health and milk laws. In 2010 after defending himself without a lawyer against an army of Government lawyers he was acquitted of all charges. As a free man he is now spearheading Cow Share Canada. Her keeps challenging the entire public food politics of government and policy makers in regards to raw milk.

pamschoenfeldPam Schoenfeld, RD is a holistically-oriented registered dietitian who utilizes the principles of healing traditional diets in her private nutrition practice in Morristown, New Jersey.  She is also a co-director of the Healthy Nation Coalition (www.healthynationcoalition.org) whose mission it is to correct the erroneous, non-scientific nutritional guidance promulgated by the USDA in its Dietary Guidelines and My Pyramid, for the benefit of the health of all Americans..  She works first hand with individuals that have been harmed by the low-fat, low-cholesterol dietary dogma that demonize foods containing critically important nutrients, including vitamin B6 and choline.  She recently spoke at the Weston A. Price Foundation’s Press Conference announcing its Dietary Guidelines, exposing that the USDA is knowingly depriving Americans of choline because of their unfounded bias against the consumption of whole eggs, which they claim are a source of dangerous solid fats in the diet.

stephanieseneffStephanie Seneff, PhD received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a minor in Food and Nutrition in 1968 from MIT.  She received her Master’s and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 1979 and 1985, respectively, also from MIT. Since then, she has been a researcher at MIT, where she is currently a Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and a Principal Investigator in the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Throughout her career, Dr. Seneff has conducted research in diverse areas including human auditory modeling, spoken dialogue systems, natural language processing, human language acquisition, information retrieval and summarization, computational biology, and marine mammal socialization.  She has published over 150 refereed articles on these subjects, and has been invited to give keynote speeches at several international conferences. She has also supervised numerous Master’s and PhD theses at MIT.  She has recently become interested in the effect of drugs and diet on health and nutrition, and she has written several essays on the web articulating her view on these topics. She is the first author of two recently published nutrition-related journal papers, one on  the metabolic syndrome and one on Alzheimer’s disease.  Two papers on theories related to cholesterol sulfate are currently under review. 

ritchieshoemakerRitchie Shoemaker, M. D., is a recognized leader in patient care, research and education pioneer in the field of biotoxin related illness.  While illness acquired following exposure to the interior environment of water-damaged buildings (WDB) comprises the bulk of Shoemaker’s daily practice, other illnesses caused by exposure to biologically produced toxins are quite similar in their “final common pathway.”  What this means is that while the illness might begin acutely with exposure to fungi, spirochetes, apicomplexans, dinoflagellates and cyanobacteria, for example, in its chronic form, each of these illnesses has similar symptoms, lab findings and Visual Contrast Sensitivity findings.  Taken together the inflammatory illness from each of these diverse sources is known as a Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.

The few sentences above might make one think that the path of discovery of the complex abnormalities of innate immune physiology now confirmed to be present was simple.  Frankly, none of the “players,” as one might call C4a, TGF beta-1 and MMP9 or the genetic susceptibility from the immune response genes HLA DR, was known in 1997, the first year of Shoemaker’s odyssey into the world of unusual diseases.  Beginning with Pfiesteria, a dinoflagellate that killed fish and sickened over 300 people along the estuaries of the Chesapeake Bay from 1997-2001, Shoemaker has looked at multisystem, multisymptom illness with an environmental source as his “Holy Grail.”  Indeed, finding the answers to countless questions raised by biotoxin illnesses has provided help, and for some, cure, with illnesses defined by symptoms alone such as fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Shoemaker says, “I suspect that the next textbook of autoimmunity and rheumatology will be one dedicated to treating high TGF beta-1 and restoring control of T-regulatory cells.  Similarly, no one will be seen for neurological deficits and pulmonary problems without consideration of nerves and lungs as targets of innate immune responses gone haywire.  As it is now we see unusual cases of multiple sclerosis, idiopathic juvenile arthritis, interstitial lung disease and many others unveiled as treatable conditions where the therapeutic target is lack of regulation of innate immune inflammation.

Dr. Shoemaker has dedicated his life and career to uncovering the link between the toxic stew found in many of our buildings and homes, and the vast amount of misdiagnosed and catch-all ailments physicians often assign patients for whom they cannot offer any real treatment. By uncovering the real science behind these illnesses, and attacking the problem with clinical studies and sound research techniques, Dr. Shoemaker leads the way in not only identifying the true cause of these afflictions, but also in curing those whom the medical community deemed incurable.  He truly feels it is imperative patients educate themselves, and has committed his time and resources to providing them with the tools they need for their survival.
Dr. Shoemaker graduated from Duke University where he received honors in undergraduate and medical degrees. He is a practicing physician in Pocomoke City, MD, and conducts research with collaborators on an international basis. His dedication to his patients and his advancement of medicine through research has been recognized often, including receipt of the Maryland Academy of Family Practice Physician of the Year 2000 award, which was followed by an award as a finalist in the National competition for 2002. Shoemaker is asked to lecture to academic and lay audiences alike, with addresses to the US House of Representative and Senate.

Dr. Shoemaker has published eight books, the newest being Surviving Mold, and has numerous publications in scientific research journals, on audio and video tapes and in newspapers. He has made many presentations at scientific meetings, and has frequently appeared on television.  Look for his upcoming show on Mystery Diagnosis in 2011.  Dr. Shoemaker was the lead committee member of the July 2010 Policy Holders of America position paper – “Research Committee Report on Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome Caused by Exposure to the Interior Environment of Water Damaged Buildings.”  This treatise is widely noted to be the most through, rigorous and transparent of all the discussions of illness from WDB.

Dr. Shoemaker’s lectures are known for their enthusiastic presentation of thought provoking ideas. Whether his speech is educational or motivational, he is an entertaining speaker with a stimulating approach to thinking that will challenge the listener.

Shoemaker is at home when he is in the wooded wetlands of his beloved Eastern Shore of Maryland.  Whether he is building Nature Trails, creating non-tidal wetlands or a demonstration tidal wetland garden for the Town of Pocomoke City, Maryland, he is fond of a hammer and a shovel.

Shoemaker is married to JoAnn Jasinski, his bride of nearly thirty years, a long-time pre-school educator.  Their daughter, Sally, is following her own path in life as a teacher in environmental sciences.

mattstoneMatt Stone is an author and independent health researcher specializing in the connection between cellular energy production and metabolic rate with common health conditions such as heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer, digestive illness, infertility, autoimmune disease, and more.  He is best known for a simple nutrition and lifestyle-based program known as “Rehabilitative Rest and Aggressive Re-Feeding (RRARF)” that raises body temperature very effectively – what he feels is often the best exterior indicator of optimal cellular metabolic rate.  More about Matt can be found at www.180degreehealth.com


KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAJeffrey J. Stuart, D.O. is a board-certified emergency medicine physician who has practiced for 18 years. Stuart is also certified in Advanced Trauma Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Advanced Pediatric Life Support and Neonatal Resuscitation. Stuart received his Doctor of Osteopathy degree from the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine. His training includes field amputation and hazardous materials decontamination, and he has also participated in training sessions with the Detroit Metropolitan Airport SWAT team. Dr. Stuart participated in visual brain research at the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland, in 1987, and was involved in cholesterol metabolism research at the Rockefeller University Hospital in New York City in 1985. He is a member of the American Osteopathic Association, the American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians, the Macomb County Osteopathic Medical Association and the Michigan Osteopathic Association.

Stuart joined Pacholok to promote public awareness of B12 deficiency after Pacholok correctly diagnosed his mother’s B12 deficiency that had been misdiagnosed by two board-certified neurologists. For over 10 years, Stuart has tested all of his patients for B12 deficiency when they present with appropriate signs, symptoms or risk factors, and as a result has diagnosed hundreds of patients with B12 deficiency that would have otherwise be undetected. Stuart notes that such regular testing for B12 deficiency is not the current standard of care in the United States, and that potentially millions of cases of B12 deficiency are missed every year.

jilltiemanDr. Jill Tieman is a Clinical Nutritionist and Chiropractor practicing in Suffolk County, New York. She specializes in SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) and GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome). She is also the co-Chapter Leader of the Great South Bay Chapter of the Weston Price Foundation. After seeing the Food Activism Panel presentation at the 2010 WAPF Conference, she realized that a blog would be a perfect forum for sharing her expertise in applying the WAPF principles to the needs of people with digestive and other conditions. Real Food Forager was born on out of a desire to share critical information about problems in the food supply and their effects on the health of the American people. As a Clinical Nutritionist offering alternatives to conventional medicine, she realized that the benefits of a real food diet would be far greater than that of supplementation or mainstream nutrition advice.

harveyusseryHarvey Ussery and his wife Ellen are activists in the local foods movement. They produce all their own dressed poultry and eggs, and most of their own vegetable produce, year-round, on three good acres in northern Virginia–and further reduce dependence on the supermarket by purchasing most of the remainder of their food face to face from local producers within a radius of ten miles or so. Harvey has for five years contributed frequently to Mother Earth News, Backyard Poultry, and Countryside & Small Stock Journal. His book, The Small-Scale Poultry Flock, to be published by Chelsea Green in September, sets a new standard for holistic poultry husbandry.


howardvliegerHoward Vlieger is the president and co-founder of Verity Farms. Howard began the journey of a lifetime in 1989. That is when he humbly became a student of the soil and Howard began using alternative farming practices on the family farm near Maurice, Iowa.
It is an amazing opportunity to be a care taker of the soil. The Good Lord made an amazing creation when He created the soil. It is a true joy to continue the never ending learning experience of working with all of the biological and elemental components of the soil to produce clean, high quality, nutritious food for all deserving families to eat. It is an even greater pleasure to work with family farmers to help them gain a better understanding of the soil and to produce premium quality food.
Verity Farms currently has the privilege of working with family farmers in 7 states, family farmers raising crops and livestock. Verity Farms has a successful biological crop production program, working with biological farmers, organic farmers & conventional farmers, who are all looking for answers to problems they are experiencing. Verity also has a grain division to market non-GMO biologically produced grain, a feed division focusing on natural livestock production and a natural meat division marketing premium quality natural meats. The mission of Verity Farms is the reestablishment and prosperity of the “Family Farmer”.  The family farmer is the only one capable of having the intimate relationship with the soil and the animals to raise a quality food product.
Howard began studying GMO crops in 1994 and is fortunate to work with some of the lead scientists in the world on research projects involving GMO crops. The real life experience that he has from being a farmer and working with farmers all across the US gives him a unique perspective on GMOs.  Howard has been giving presentations to educate people about GMOs for more than 6 years in 13 states.
Howard serves on the board of directors for the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA) and the Food Freedom Foundation.

davidwetzelDavid Wetzel and his family started Green Pasture Products about 10 years ago.  We make the fermented cod liver oil as it was made throughout history.






louisawilliamsLouisa Williams, ND initially studied psychology at the University of Texas in her hometown of Austin, as well as at Stephens College where she made the Dean’s List. After graduating with a Bachelor’s from UT, and later with a Master’s degree from Purdue University, she worked for West Oaks psychiatric hospital and the World of Work in Houston, helping learning disabled young adults socially and vocationally. She also worked in private practice counseling clients.

It was at Purdue that Dr. Williams first became interested in the field of holistic medicine while receiving treatment by a chiropractic physician specializing in Applied Kinesiology (AK). After working with other kinesiologists, she enrolled at Texas Chiropractic College where she graduated cum laude in 1984. She then moved to the Northwest where she established the Seattle Health Clinic, specializing in environmental medicine and detoxification. A few years later, after consistently recognizing the value of constitutional homeopathy, Dr. Williams attended Bastyr University and graduated in 1990 as a naturopathic physician.

Throughout her years in practice, Dr. Williams has extensively researched and practiced numerous diagnostic and therapeutic testing methods, including Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT), Directional Non-Force Technique (DNFT), Toftness, Auriculomedicine, Applied Kinesiology (AK) and Clinical Kinesiology (CK). In 1993, she and Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, co-developed a new muscle testing technique known as Neural Kinesiology (NK). Klinghardt and Williams taught that kinesiology directly measures the state of health of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) through various diagnostic assessments including the blocked regulation test (Beardall/Klinghardt/Williams), the ischemic therapy localization test (Klinghardt/Goodheart) and the initial patient presentation of sympathicotonia or parasympathicotonia (Klinghardt/Williams). NK testing centers on diagnosing and treating the seven most common factors that block healthy regulation (normal functioning or homeostasis), including dominant foci (dental and tonsil focal infections and scar interference fields), toxic metals and chemicals (amalgam fillings, nickel-gold crowns, petroleum-laden shampoos and soaps, etc.), major food allergies (primarily wheat and dairy), and viscerosomatic psychological issues (chronic emotionally-based organ-structural contraction patterns). Doctors’ Klinghardt and Williams also specialized in teaching neural therapy – the treatment of chronic focal infections and scars, their disturbed fields and neighboring autonomic nerve ganglia, with and without needles.

Dr. Williams taught the NK method for many years in the US, as well as abroad in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. However, in 1998, after several years of clinical research, she introduced a new diagnostic testing termed Matrix Reflex Testing, or MRT. MRT measures the state of the connective tissue, or matrix tissue, in the body, and is an even more sensitive diagnostic tool than kinesiology for determining the most effective therapeutic interventions in patients. In addition to the aforementioned diagnostic assessments measured in NK, MRT also includes testing for the need for drainage remedies (from Belgium), auriculotherapy (from France) and constitutional homeopathy (from India). In regard to the latter, Dr. Williams first became aware of Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s incredible method for determining a patient’s deepest constitutional homeopathic remedy when it became a complete and viable system in 2003. She has been intensively studying this truly miraculous new “Sankaran System” in depth ever since, and now uses it extensively in her practice.

Radical Medicine, published in 2007, is the first book that Dr. Williams has written, but not the first publication. In her career she has authored over twenty teaching manuals, as well as several research articles published in both English and German. She has also authored an Ebook, The Negative Side of Positive Thinking (www.radicalmedicine.com). She serves on the board of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (IABDM), and is a member of the International Academy of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK), and both the American and California Associations of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP, CNDA). Currently she practices in Marin County, California.

williamwinterWilliam G. Winter, DVM, purveyor of all things holistic, received a doctorate in veterinary medicine from Kansas State University in 1975. He also received a degree in Animal Husbandry and completed post-graduate studies and conducted research in veterinary toxicology. After graduating he moved to Minnesota, specializing in surgical referrals and opened an emergency clinic. In 1980 he created the Uptown Veterinarian,  one of the largest and most successful holistic veterinary practices in the United States.

In 1983 he co-founded  the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. He writes for several veterinary and agricultural journals and web sites and has served as the veterinary advisor to the International Alliance of Sustainable Agriculture since 1984. He is the author of THE HOLISTIC VETERINARY HANDBOOK and manufactures and markets Rescue Animal Products as well being Director of Nutrition for Raw Bistro Pet Food, Inc.

In 1999 he sold his practice and the Sojourner Farms Pet Food Company to become a free-lance journalist and lecturer, teaching about holistic veterinary livestock issues, sustainable agriculture and traditional  nutrition. He has recently founded the American Holistic Livestock Association. He is the chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation for Minneapolis-St. Paul, distributes farm-fresh dairy products and farm food in the Twin Cities area, and moderates several web discussion groups. In 2008 he founded Traditional Foods MN. He works as a holistic herd heath consultant for grass-based livestock producers including Artisan Beef Genetics.  He is now a livestock and forage consultant with Jerry Brunetti at Agri-Dynamics. A life-long devotee of the Great Plains of America, he hangs his hat in Minnesota.

alanyegerlehnerAlan and Mary Yegerlehner live just northeast of Clay City, Indiana. They have 3 grown children: Kate, who lives on the home farm and is actively involved in the dairy grazing operation; Luke and his wife Lauren, who live in Indianapolis, Indiana; and Jess, who lives in Maryland. Alan and Mary have been operating the home farm full time since 1976. Alan has had a passion for stewarding the land in a sustainable way and to market products on a local basis. Since they started the The Swiss Connection LLC in 2000 and began on-farm processing and direct marketing, their daily work and life schedule has taken a dramatic turn. They have found it very challenging, but rewarding to develop relationships with their customers.

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