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President’s Message

by Sally Fallon Morell

The past few months have seen several tragic mass shootings, several of them in schools. As a society, we are collectively seeking answers to the reasons for such senseless violence. Yet, the media are strangely silent about the nutritional causes of violent behavior, some of which are well known.

In this issue we attempt to answer this question with an in-depth look at the nutritional causes of unstable and violent behavior, starting with two interesting letters in the Letters section, and moving on to analyses by Sylvia Onusic (page 19) and Chris Masterjohn (page 37).

One thing is certain: the modern diet of processed food, void of healthy fats and low in virtually every nutrient, is a potent witch’s brew that breeds unhappiness, depression, anger and lack of impulse control. No amount of regulation, control, medication or armed protection can halt the downward slide of a population that routinely, even exclusively, consumes processed foods. Truly, we are paying the price for decades of agenda-driven dietary advice and for abandoning our culinary traditions.

The Weston A. Price Foundation diet, rich in nutrient-dense foods including traditional fats from grass-fed animals, and including glycine-rich bone broth and healthy biofilm-building lacto-fermented beverages and condiments, is the solution to out-of-control behavior. But, of course, very few have embraced this solution, at least not yet. With your support, however, we can get this message out to thousands. Indeed, our membership is growing by leaps and bounds. Introduce the WAPF message to just one other person or family and you can be part of the solution to a society spiraling out of control.

We are pleased to announce a new column in this issue: Technology as Servant by John Moody, our Louisville co-chapter leader (along with Chris Hughes). In this issue, John explores the disadvantages and dangers of the new CFL compact fluorescent light bulb (see page 69). Future issues will discuss LED lightbulbs, rocket stoves and sun ovens.

It’s been a hard flu season this year. See Tom Cowan’s Ask the Doctor column on holistic treatments for the flu on page 50.

We are very much looking forward to our conferences this year. In addition to our yearly international conference, held this year in Atlanta, Georgia, November 8-11, we will have two regional conferences: March 23-24 in Detroit, Michigan and September 21-22 in Portland, Oregon. The regionals are smaller, less elaborate conferences than the yearly Wise Traditions, and feature popular speakers on basic subjects, plus local speakers, farmers and artisans. See page 16 for details or visit

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