Journal, Winter 2011, New Choices in Dental Implants

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President’s Message

by Sally Fallon Morell

Dr. Weston Price carried out his monumental nutrition study by looking at teeth. When he found a population group with excellent dental health, that is, freedom from dental decay and absence of dental deformities, he felt safe in assuming that the overall health of the population was also excellent.

To borrow a phrase from Sandrine Hahn’s Nourishing Our Children campaign, “The teeth tell the tale.” Well formed dentition is a sign that the nutrition during the formative years was excellent, and that the whole body is likely to be sturdy and well-proportioned, with strong resistence to disease.

Dental caries and infections are not only a sign of poor nutrition, they are also a cause of health problems in other parts of the body; to make matters worse, dental materials such as mercury-based amalgam fillings and titanium implants create additional problems, from outgassing of mercury in the mouth to energy-sapping galvanic currents.

This issue is devoted to solving some of the knottier dental problems, starting with some encouraging letters from our readers. Their experience confirms that the first step in addressing poor dental health is a nutrient-dense diet. Such a diet really can help stop infection and even heal tooth decay—something conventional dentistry says is impossible.Then we focus on fixing the problems that ensue from inappropriate dental materials or poorly done dental surgery that leaves cavitations in the jaw. We learn about new zirconium implants and the best techniques for cavitation surgery. And we follow a case study in which careful removal of amalgam fillings was key to the steady recovery from numerous health problems.

For those who attended Wise Traditions 2011, thank you for being there! And for those who could not attend, we missed you! Recordings of all the conference presentations are available from Fleetwood Recordings, through a link on the home page of We will reproduce the plenary presentations in the next issue of Wise Traditions. Suffice it to say, our 12th annual conference was a learning experience for all, not to mention a great way to network and see old friends.

As the year draws to a close, I wish especially to thank the wonderful staff at the Weston A. Price Foundation—who keep the phones answered, mailings timely and books balanced; who do research and write articles; and who present a cheerful and well-informed face to a public hungry for reliable information. Staff members join me in wishing all of our members a wonderful holiday and a new year filled with prosperity and good health.

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  1. M. Mott says:

    Office Assistant
    I work in a Chiropractors office and found some copies of the Wise Traditions from a few years back. I very much enjoy reading them, and they are so informative for our patients.

  2. Maia Dobson says:

    Urgent Dental Care
    This dentist is a genius! I am so impressed by his advocacy about implementing good oral hygiene. I think I’ll go to his clinic once I need an urgent dental care.

  3. The process of getting dental implants is long and engaged. Subsequently, you will go through a period of inflammation and some blood loss. That’s frequent. Once you get through that, you’re ready to continue eating frequent foods and get frequent again. Looking after your dental implants is as easy as your own tooth.

  4. Ralph Gomez says:

    Great Care
    Three weeks from now is the schedule of my dental implants with the dentist in phoenix dental clinic. I am excited and at the same time I can’t deny the fact that I am a little worried as well. Thinking about that the dentist will do a surgery is killing me. Just saying though.

  5. Crystal says:

    I tried to download this issue as a pdf, but it downloads the Spring 2011 edition instead. Please help.

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